A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 19

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 19

019 episode. beyond the wall (1)

“Professor. We will go in to clean up.”

The warehouse is far from other facilities, and there are few watchtowers in the middle, so a guard guard is attached.

He yawned and gestured as if he knew it.

“And do you know what time it is now?”

“… 8:06.”

“thank you.”

I nodded and entered the warehouse with the prisoners.

“I’ll be resting, so tell me when you’re done cleaning.”

“Yes, Cain.”

It wasn’t the same room, but most of the class A prisoners treated me with respect.

It is proof that the fight with Kiftel had a huge impact.

“… and.”

I handed the prisoners a lighter and a cigarette. The boys’ eyes widened.

“Hey, what is this?”

“After cleaning, let’s all smoke together.”

The prisoners look at me with a cigarette in disbelief. But the action to be taken is determined.

“Go, thank you! Hey, hey! what are you doing! Let’s start cleaning!”

Prisoners scattering with tools.

I watched the scene and headed towards the innermost part of the warehouse.

Soon, a wall abutting the outer wall appeared.

A generator that spins with a ticking sound.

Rubbish scattered all over the place.

piled up materials.

The warehouse is quite spacious.

If you don’t come in to a certain extent, you can’t see this side from the outside.

I started working without hesitation.


Pieces of wood of a suitable size were gathered and burned.

Black ash was pressed into the walls and floor to lead to human figures.


He immediately took out the catalyst bag and poured it into the palm of his hand.

Started casting of “Flame Explosion”.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 285 / 305]

Mana to be used is all except the minimum amount for “Protection” and “Float”.

‘To the maximum output I can.’

breakage. breakage.

Mana circulating in the circuit gathers in the palm of your hand.

The catalyst slowly breaks down one by one, and the mana that has gained power begins to run rampant.

It is the most time consuming and requires concentration.

If you make even the slightest mistake, the circuit will burst and you will become a vegetative person.

‘You can’t come all the way here.’

breakage. breakage.

The casting continues by counting the time in seconds.

He clenched his teeth and felt sweat running down his body like rain.

After a few minutes, I looked up and looked at the prisoners.

After cleaning up to some extent, they gathered to smoke a cigarette.

‘It’s the timing I expected.’

At the same time as continuing the casting of the existing magic, I cast “Spirit Dong”.


A groan came out of the prisoner’s mouth.

It was because the cigarette that had just been lit and had been thrown out of his mouth.

“Hey, if you spit out that precious cigarette like that.”

“Hey, I didn’t. Tobacco sucks… .”

The moment a bounced cigarette hits a nearby pile of crates.


I made a small flame in the box.

“uh? Hey, hey, turn it off! hurry! turn off!”

The prisoners took off their clothes and tried to put out the fire.

But since I kept igniting the fire, it had no effect at all.

“Kyo, shouldn’t you call the prison guard?”

“Are you going to be dragged into solitary confinement? Let’s turn it off by our own power!”

‘Now slowly… .’

Count the seconds in your mind.

It was time for Kiftel to arrive at the central building and climb to the top floor.

and not long after


A roar was heard from outside.

“What, what, f*ck!”

“Don’t worry about it, turn off the lights, you bastard! If you find out about this, you’ll be in solitary confinement for a few days!”

Even from above the roof, the urgent cry of the guards could be heard.

─It’s from the director’s office!

─Buu, the fire is soaring.

— radio reception. A first-class alarm condition occurred. Except for the minimum number of people at the front door, all are dispatched to the site. Hurry down!

tumbling tumbling.

The loud sound of footsteps echoing down the stairs.

It wasn’t long before darkness came.

“… … .”

thump thump.

All I could hear was the sound of fire in the warehouse growing bigger as it swallowed its prey.

He shook his head and looked towards the entrance.

All the prisoners had fled.

Count 5 seconds in your mind.


The last catalyst is broken.

‘… now.’

20 catalysts.

20 reinforcements.

The gathered mana shot out with a vicious force towards a point on the wall.

The moment when I thought I saw a small spark when the colorful elements came together.


A huge roar that was incomparable to anything I had heard from outside.

An explosion happened with him.

fight- dung-duk-

Debris flew over the blue membrane that wrapped around his body.

‘It’s a shame that the direction of the explosion was limited to the outside.’

I swallowed dry saliva.

The commotion stopped to some extent, and the body that had been withdrawn was spread out.

There was a huge, desolate hole in front of him.

“… … .”

Beyond that you can see the blue sky and sea.

Suddenly, something touched my heart.

However, there was no time to be immersed in emotion, so he immediately approached the hole.


Beneath the distant cliff, the blue sea flew over.

“… … .”

Once I had work to do.

I engraved with mana in the air.

It was a volatile text that could be easily identified by mana users.

After I finished writing, I took a deep breath.



Raising the remaining mana, he jumped without hesitation.

Behind him, the sound of a generator engulfed in flames was heard.

* * *

“Senior Warden. Personnel counting is complete. Eight injured and three dead.”

Zervia accepted the documents.

Two sudden explosions.

He was just about to put out the fire and catch his breath.

“… The chief is finally dead.”

“Yes. Priest Estelle tried, but eventually died.”

She had a headache.

Is this a sad feeling?

I do not know.

Although he was related to his father, he was the kind of person that he usually hated.

‘First of all, rectification of the situation… .’

yes, that comes first

I’m the supreme commander right now.

You have to keep your composure above all else.

“The second death was Kiftel.”

“Yes. A prisoner who was imprisoned in a psychiatric ward. He was also a person who had a ‘fight’ with Cain.”

“I know that. And I said that I was involved in an explosion with the warden.”

“Yes. He escaped from the ward and entered the central building. Considering the movement, it seems that the plan was to set fire to the power management room and immediately raid the director’s office.

“… Prioritize searches near the power management room. There must be tools that made the fire.”

As she continued to scan the papers, her forehead frowned.

“… Cain River, dead?”

“The explosion in warehouse A3 seems to have been caused by the smoking of the prisoners. Traces of burnt bodies remain at the scene, but it is presumed that they could not get out and were caught up in the explosion.”

“Are you sure it’s Cain?”

“Yes. First of all, in terms of the number of people, yes.”


Cain River is dead?

My stomach started to churn.

Although obviously nothing has ever happened.

“… I will listen to the rest of the report as I go.”

She flapped her cloak and headed for the warehouse. The guard followed.

I knew it in my head.

In such a situation, you need to keep your cool.

But the moment he heard the word ‘Cain’s death’, he could not keep his composure.

‘I’ll have to check it with my own eyes.’

The guards who were cleaning up the scene saluted her.

She gestured roughly, passing through the burnt materials and heading inward.

“… … .”

And when I saw the huge hole, I was speechless.

“I know that the outer wall is made of adamantium.”

“For more details, you should look for documents from the time of construction in the past, but the director’s office itself was burnt down… . First of all, the professional investigators say they will arrive the next day.”

“… … .”

Zervia looked around the hole.

As the guards said, there were burn marks left in the shape of a person.

“The prisoner who escaped through this hole?”

“As a result of the investigation, no one was found. Even if they escape, it is difficult to survive because the bottom is a cliff.”

She walked towards the hole.

the cliffs below.

It was a height that made me dizzy just looking at it.

“… Please do not enter the ammunition depot. The scattered and unexploded gunpowder could explode suddenly.”

“Yes. All right.”

Zervia was deep in thought.

same time zone.

Explosions in two places.

Surprisingly few deaths for their size.

There is nothing impossible to comprehend by force, but it is not a natural situation.

As if someone made it up.

‘For now, the investigators will try to cover up the case.’

as obvious as fire

The Empire has dealt with unsavory things that way.

It’s not perfect, but there is evidence to explain the situation.

A fugitive from a psychiatric ward.

Prisoners cigarettes.

But he couldn’t admit it.

It’s just a ‘continuation of accidents’.

That’s absurd.

Moreover, his intuition pointed to one possibility.

It was the intuition that made her like a forged blade in the field.

‘If Cain were alive. And what if he was the one who made it all up?’

Kiftel who fought Cain.

The cleaning area where Cain went out.

She made an assumption.

If Cain is a mana user.

‘Then I can explain this situation to some extent. You can jump out of here and survive. But if that’s the case, I don’t know how they tricked my eyes… … . If he pretended to die to avoid being pursued.’

she bit her lip.

something was missing

A small link to fill in the gaps in the reasoning-.

“Senior Warden. These are additional items found at the site.”

The guard broke her thoughts and held out a plastic bag.

One decent lighter.

And pieces of broken and scorched lighters.

“One was found in a hallway a short distance from the office, and the other was confiscated by the prisoners responsible for cleaning the warehouse.”

“… … .”

“They said it was from the dead Cain. It was like someone who was about to leave soon had an uneasy expression on his face.”

“… … .”

Red feathers engraved on a black background.

The design is exactly the same.

And that which was confiscated by Cain.

‘… Cain.’

She accepted the lighter only after a long, dazed moment.

Priests often roam around the prison.

But lately, I’ve never seen anyone other than Cain use a lighter of this design.

“… … .”

The situation is too complicated to be considered a mere coincidence.

A prisoner in a psychiatric ward had a lighter.

“Bring the psychiatric entry and exit ledger. All data from the last half year.”

“Yes. All right.”

Watching the guards disappear, she shifted her gaze to the sea again.

And I thought carefully.

Maybe this is a message from Cain.


The lighters that were broken in their hands became fragments and flew down the cliff.

“… … !”

And when you lift your head and look a little upward.

She found a sentence.

The letters embroidered in the sky, sparkling wonderfully beautifully.

“I hope to see you again, Zervia. Somewhere other than here.”

it’s a bad pen

The writing was even wobbly, and if it were someone else, I wouldn’t have recognized it.

But she was different.

It was more familiar to my eyes than any other handwriting.

Because it was none other than Cain’s handwriting.

I couldn’t help but be amazed.

Besides the fact that Cain is alive, because of one other fact.

‘You know my name… ? How… .’

She stood there blankly for a long time.

* * *


I struggled to pull myself up over the shore I was aiming for.

Although the fall speed was offset to some extent by “float”, the impact on the body was not small because of the lack of mana.

I was on the verge of exhaustion because the mana, which was gradually restored, was also used to swim.

‘… Just past the rocky area in front of this was a wasteland.’

The map Estelle showed me.

Through it, the surrounding geography was completely memorized.

‘It is 1.6 km from the prison to this place.’

It’s not far, but there’s no need to rush.

The situation is still in the process of rectifying the situation inside.

There were dried up trees all around.

Luckily, I gathered branches that could be used as kindlings and sat on the floor.

‘Hounds are wandering around in the wasteland, so mana should be conserved as much as possible.’

good. good.

I pulled out a bunch of lighters from my pocket and tried to light them one by one.

It was wet and nothing was working properly.

Shake off the water, shake it around and dry it as much as possible with the wind.


Then, luckily, one caught fire.

The fire was lit, and soon a small bonfire was completed.

“… … .”

He got closer to him and raised his body temperature.

Soaked in the warmth, I thought about my future plans.

The overriding goal is revenge.

The Blue Serpent’s field of activity spans areas 30-50.

This is an area where you must have an ID for proper activities.

‘But you can’t use your existing identity as it is.’

The first thing you need is a fake ID.

And the second thing you need is tendon treatment.

If the output of “Strengthening” is reduced to the minimum, the degree of light movement can be maintained for several hours.

But when fighting an enemy, that’s unlikely to happen.

A significant portion of mana would have to be poured into enhancement magic, and then it would not be possible to fully demonstrate its skills.

‘Fake ID and high-level restoration surgery.’

Both of them cost a lot of money, so the first place you should head to is Area 102.

‘… And then.’

An area immediately came to mind.

A place where you can do two things at once.

‘After finding the money in Area 102, go straight there.’

When my mana was restored to some extent and my body temperature returned, I got up and rubbed the bonfire out.

and moved on

Slowly through twisted trees and dry rocks.

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