A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 194

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 194

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The boy’s body jumped out towards the gun.

It was a fast movement that even a bare-bones body could not imagine.

a fleeting moment.

The boy grabbed the gun and rolled it while pointing the gun at the grate.


It was a pretty rare gun.

Although the operation method was slightly different from that of a regular pistol, the boy’s grip and reload was not unreasonable.


Cain saw that and smiled.

The trigger was pulled.


The bullet passed exactly between the grates.

It flew next to Cain’s face and pierced the ear of the guard behind him.


A scream filled with pain echoed through the basement.

Blood dripped down between the fingers of the jailer’s hands, which grabbed his right ear.

“Ugh-! Whoa-!”

The guard took a rough breath.

Not knowing what to do, I exhaled hard.

“Ugh, first aid ha ha ha, I’ll come, I’ll come!”

The guard disappeared to the other side of the hallway.

Cain’s gaze turned to the boy again.

“It’s pretty good.”

The words were sincere.

Knowing how to handle rare firearms.

He also shot the guard in the back with a quick judgment of the situation.

The fact that the gun is pointed straight back this way.

“You thought I couldn’t shoot because I was a kid, didn’t you?”

“Little girl.”

Cain tilted his head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Right now, I can only see a decent soldier in front of me.”

On the contrary, it was the boy’s side that flinched.

“Certainly, the Imperial Army seems to be underestimating the Resistance. To keep prisoners in such a poor place.”

Cain looked around once.

It was a prison with no CCTV or many guards.

The boundaries of the ground were not strict.

If a detailed plan was made, it was not impossible to break into the troops or, conversely, to escape.

Cain analyzed that the reason was because the troops were ‘inside the wall’.

To think that the Resistance will never cross the wall and enter the inside.

‘From the point of view of the Imperial Army, the resistance would be nothing more than a thorough prey.’

Confidence and carelessness.

And it was arrogance.

Only those who have lived inside the wall all their lives can have it.

But within a few days, that arrogance would be completely destroyed.

“Even a bar like this.”

Cain reached for the grate.

The boy was startled and pulled the trigger.

Kirik. widely.

The gun did not fire.

The bullet was one shot from the start.

Cain’s hand gripped the grate in the corner.

“You look so weak. To the extent that if you apply force, it might break as it is.”

Cain boiled a fire element with his palm.

The high heat was applied, and the entire grid of the line was dyed red.

When the hand was released, the grate slowly returned to its original color.

Cain did the same with a few rows of grates.

“Even a jailer is arrogant. Leaving keys everywhere like this.”

Cain took a few keys from his pocket and tossed them into the grate.

The source was a bundle of keys hung from the jailer’s waist.

And the gun in the boy’s hand was sucked into Cain’s hand by Cain’s spark.

“What are you doing now… .”

“Are you confident in your memory?”


“I wish I could.”

Cain quickly recited the geography of the entire unit and the duty and shift times of the guards.

“northeastward. Coordinates 125. 21. It seems that you can use the terrain to cross the wall.”

“What are you? What are we going to do now?”

The boy said in a bewildered voice.

Once I got the key, I hid it in the empty space under the floor tiles.

“Let’s say you’re one of those people who want the wall to fall.”

At that moment, footsteps were heard from afar, and soon the jailer appeared.

His ears were bandaged.

“It looks like you weren’t seriously hurt.”

“Joe, it’s a little squishy and torn. Well, if you do something like that… .”

The guard suppressed his anger.

It was because he knew that Cain was a distinguished guest invited to the army.

Even at that moment, his gaze was on Cain’s nails.

“sorry. I couldn’t hold back my curiosity for a moment.”

Cain raised his gun and announced that the weapon had been retrieved.

Then he took out a small sapphire and put it in the jailer’s hand.

“I think this would be enough for the cost of treatment.”

The guard’s eyes gleamed with surprise.

He nodded his head continuously, and took it in his arms.

“Oh, hey. Chu, that’s enough! I, that guy, I, I will definitely give you the Lord, my attention!”

The guard looked at the boy and said.

But the next moment, when he heard what Cain said, he trembled.

“I think it would be better for the prisoners to leave them alone for a while. Apparently, Abel-sama prefers to execute the prisoners himself, so it would be difficult to even die before that.”

“Go, thank you. Well, I forgot about that. The more, the more you touch, the more you may die… .”

Cain had a few more conversations with the jailer about the prison.

It’s like asking a boy to listen.

“Well then, look, if you’ve seen everything you want to see… .”

“Yes. Before facing the Resistance, I wanted to meet him in person. I think this should suffice. Let’s go.”

The guard headed the way he had come.

Cain followed the guard and saw his waist.


A bundle of keys that sway with your steps.

There were so many keys, the sound did not stop with every step.

The guard wouldn’t know.

The fact that some keys were missing from the package.

The fact that sapphire implies freedom and equality and is also used as a symbol of resistance.


the next morning.

After waking up early, the guard went around the prison as usual.

“… … !”

Seeing all the empty prison cells, I froze in place.

He hurriedly went around the prison, but the figure of the child soldiers was nowhere to be seen.

close. close.

I was battling my teeth out of fear.

could feel it

this is a death sentence

No excuses.

‘Daddy, when did you escape?’

Considering the interval between patrols during which he wakes up in the middle, it was calculated that it was up to two hours ago.

However, if the unit is still quiet, the story is that the child soldiers have successfully escaped the unit.

Or hiding quietly without being seen by anyone.

The guard made a report to the superior, wishing for the latter possibility.

The matter was the matter.

The report jumped several steps in the chain of command and reached Abel in an instant.

“Did you say jailbreak?”

Abel’s face, who had already woken up to work, was wrinkled.

The pen he was holding in his hand broke at once.

He wasn’t angry otherwise.

It was because the ‘gourmet’ that was ripening disappeared.

“All soldiers search the unit as of the current time and capture five prisoners who escaped.”

An emergency sounded throughout the unit, and the soldiers began to search in pairs.

The news also reached Cain, who was at the dormitory.

‘The timing is earlier than expected.’

It was said that the determination of the child soldier leader was beyond expectations.

Estelle asked.

“Will the children succeed in escaping?”

“With high probability. But it doesn’t matter if you fail. It is one of many plans, and it is something that needs to be flexibly moved according to the situation.”

Track down the child soldiers and find clues about the Resistance’s stronghold.

That was Cain’s plan.

A search was conducted for quite some time, but the boy soldiers were never found.

Instead, it was found that the barbed wire surrounding the northeast wall had been broken.

“Here are the footprints. All five pairs!”

The small footprints under it were proof of the story of the boy soldiers.

The search escalated straight out of the unit.

“What do you think, John?”

In front of the northeast wall.

Looking at the footprints below, Abel asked.

“They are very clever people. If you see that you have never been caught on your way here.”

“Still, I wouldn’t have been able to get far out of the battalion. It takes quite a while to walk to the nearby city because it’s all wilderness. It is only a matter of time before they are caught as the soldiers dragged the vehicle out.”

Abel glanced at Cain and added.

“By the way, it is very strange that something like this happened the day after John visited the prison.”

He knew that the inference that John was involved in the commotion was absurd.

Because he was a person recommended by the emperor himself and not by anyone else.

But the reason for thinking about his reaction was his intuition as a commander who had been through various battlefields.

“Now that I think about it, there were some suspicious parts about the guard’s behavior.”

Cain was not agitated.

He was fully aware that Abel was suspicious of this.

However, all the circumstances revealed would point to one fact, which would release the charges against him.

Soon a soldier hurried up and saluted.

“You can put your hands down.”

“Yes. We have completed a search of the entire prison, including the jailer’s office, as directed.”

The soldier handed the file.

The evidence found in the prison was packed full of evidence.

Scorched and shattered grates.

Torture firearms found in the equipment room.

An emerald found on the ceiling of an office.

And a bird’s eye view of the hand-drawn troops.

The last one was hidden by Cain in the jailer’s office.

“… … .”

Abel thought.

Cain knew the reasoning to be completed in his head.

The guard is a spy of the Resistance.

The information about the facilities in the unit was held in the hands of the child soldiers and they escaped.

There are some uncertainties, but it is the most reasonable reasoning that can be made in the current situation.

Suddenly, a soft, angry word escaped from Abel’s mouth.

“… Dare to be humble.”

Abel instructed the soldier to seek a new torture engineer.

At that moment, the jailer’s future was confirmed.

You will enter the torture chamber.

But this time, the roles have changed.

“Then I will go on a search with the soldiers. John can wait inside the unit.”

It was a gaze that did not completely let go of doubts about the opponent.

Cain didn’t care.

rather welcomed.

When dealing with someone who thought he was smart, it was helpful to have the proper suspicion.

‘It’s because once you get out of the dragon’s line, you can greatly increase your credibility. Rather than maintaining complete innocence.’

“I will also go on a separate search. Having some field experience will help.”

“I will not refuse. Then we will go first.”

Abel disappeared in the commander’s vehicle brought by a soldier.

The wilderness beyond the wall.

I will search the whole northeast area.

But all of that will be in vain.

‘Abel. You must not have noticed that the footprints were artificially imprinted.’

Cain’s gaze returned.

Another trail was leading in a different direction.

It was a very faint barefoot mark.

to a degree that is indistinguishable to the naked eye.

‘It’s pretty good to roll your head for your age.’

The leader boy wrote a bucket.

He chose the method of turning the eyes of the Imperial Army toward the northeast and escaping in the other direction.


A car stopped in front of Cain.

The window went down and Estelle’s face appeared.

“Are you going to leave?”

“Go right away.”

The vehicle left the unit.

An endless wilderness unfolded.

The vehicle sped in the direction the child soldiers were moving.

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