A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 197

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 197

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─Avoid it! Fly!

─Here is the wounded! medic! Where’s the medic!


Explosive noises and screams poured out through the hole in the wall.

But such a commotion could not turn T’s nerves now.

“Ka, your name is Cain? you?”

Because of the words spoken by the man right in front of him.

“It’s called Cain. Cain. Are you really Cain?”

My heart was pounding like crazy.

My stomach churned.

In fact, the answer was already intuitive.

overbearing speech.

An intelligent and cold-hearted appearance.

Magic of overwhelming skill.

After a long ‘research’ on Cain, there was no way that he could not recognize the real thing.

thrill and excitement. excitement and confusion.

I was filled with various emotions and my voice could not come out properly.

“You are Cain… .”

The moment T reaches out his hand.

Bullets stuffed in the air changed direction and fired.


A thin blood gushed from T’s cheek, which had been struck by the bullet.

Soon after, Cain waved his hand, and T was slammed into the wall by a spark.



Blood trickled down his lips.

T’s body remained attached to the wall without slipping.

Cain approached and took off his helmet.

An ordinary man’s face appeared.

“Who are you? Why did you use my name?”

Even though his life was in the hands of his opponent, T was not afraid.

Rather, he was crying and smiling.

“I wanted to see you. Mr Cain. I really wanted to see you.”

“Who are you? Quickly explain what your purpose is. Because I don’t have much free time.”

T nodded madly.

and opened his mouth.

“Cain will not remember me. I was just the end of a nameless organization.”

To sum up the story that followed, it was simple.

T saved his life thanks to Cain during the war between the giants.

Since then, Cain has been the object of envy and has been trying to become like him.

‘You saved my life thanks to me. I guess we didn’t meet face-to-face on the spot. When you see your face and voice you can’t remember.’

He said that the helmet was rolling around in an equipment shop that was part of the battlefield at the time.

The ‘Eyes of Truth’ talent was activated, and T’s words all turned out to be true.

“I tried to know everything about Cain-sama. I tried to emulate everything. I wanted to see you again.”

“So, did you join the Resistance and climb to the top? To get my attention?”

“Yes. It was the only way I could take. Rumors ceased after the war in District 47. I went looking for it myself, but I couldn’t find any clues.”

Immediately after the war in Area 47.

It was a time when the identity of ‘Cain’ was completely erased.

‘It’s useful. Looking at the fact that I even found out that I had applied for the Resistance.’

The eyes of Cain were young.

It was not something that could be done simply by willpower.

Cain decided to keep T alive.

Ability and loyalty have been tested.

There was no reason not to make it his subordinate, since he had already taken control of the Resistance and held it in his hand.

“What is your name?”

“Shee, this is Sheldon! Sheldon!”

T, no, Sheldon exclaimed in a thrilling voice.

“Listen to me. From now on, the Resistance will focus on breaking through the imperial siege and escaping the canyon.”

“Yes! yes! All right!”

Sheldon nodded eagerly without questioning the circumstances.

Cain looked like a fanatic who even made him a god.

“Estelle. Change your face once again. Help the Resistance out of the canyon.”

“I know.”

Estelle also nodded.

Anyway, Cain would explain everything about the situation later.

“I pierce the bow.”

Cain said as he slowly put on his helmet.

In the dark eye socket, his eyes gleamed coldly.


Cain floated high in the air and watched the battlefield.

─Annihilate the rebels that threaten the future of the empire!

Collapsed buildings and smoke rising.

Unstoppable roars and gunshots.

—Die! You filthy imperial bastards!

Imperial armored vehicles and soldiers rushing through the buildings.

Resistance soldiers fighting against them.

Cain’s gaze turned away.

Dozens of small tanks were blocking the entrance to the canyon.

I could feel the will of the Imperial Army to make sure no one escaped.

‘Abel is nowhere to be seen. Are you planning to join later? Or are you waiting outside the canyon?’

Cain recalled his conversation with Abel.

It was when Estelle was away to pick up Lowtactic’s car.

“We have found escaped prisoners.”

“Is that really true?”

“I have a proposal. Maybe we can use them to find our stronghold.”

When Abel heard the plan, he thought about it calmly and said,

“Let’s do it. I think there is a sufficient chance of success.”

Cain arrived here with a locator attached to his body.

After that, the Imperial Army followed the tracker’s signal and departed at a time lag.

‘We arrived earlier than expected, but there is no problem with the plan.’

Cain’s first goal was firm.

Finding the Resistance and stopping the activity.

Resistance was a valuable chess piece that would play a huge role in the fight against the Empire in the near future.

It shouldn’t have fallen under the table and broken before it was used properly.

The second goal is to inflict maximum losses on the Imperial forces’ power.

At present, it was impossible.

Officially, he has the status of an ‘advisor’ who has received the emperor’s special assignment.

But now he’s wearing a helmet.

If it was the resistance T, anything was possible.

Since T was already rumored to be Cain, there was little chance that he would be suspicious even if he used magic.

What was important was the timing of his appearance on the battlefield when he changed his form from ‘T’ to ‘John’.

“Looks like it’s time to start.”

Elements began to oscillate around Cain.


“It seems that victory or defeat is almost decided.”

Commander of the 3rd Company, 1st Battalion, Outer Wall Guards, Imperial Army.

He said, who was on the armored car and was looking at the battlefield through binoculars.

The answer came from under the car.

It was the voice of another squadron commander.

“If you fight in an open land like this, the Resistance is no match for the Imperial Army. So far, we have only overcome the power gap by taking advantage of our topographical advantage.”

As they said, the war situation was overwhelmingly leaning towards the Imperial Army.

“Isn’t that great? Did you say that a man named John persuaded Abel at once?”

“you’re right. Release the prisoners and find their base. It was a method that was discussed several times during the meeting, but it was not adopted because of the high risk.”

The two company commanders burst into admiration for Johan, who had succeeded in gambling.

“Because I decided to enter the enemy camp on my own, my courage is great.”

“I heard that he was a good wizard. I’m sure he’s taking care of his body somewhere on the inside.”

A pleasant sound of laughter followed.

My heart fluttered at the thought of carrying the victory message to Commander-in-Chief Abel, who was waiting outside the canyon.


It was then that the scenery of the binoculars suddenly turned red.


The armored car overturned with a tremendous explosion.

The two company commanders went far away and rolled on the floor.

“Hey, what is this?”

He let out a sigh as he looked up at the burning armored car with the floor facing up.

Nettle juice-!

Fireballs the size of an adult male flew in one after another.

The two company commanders hurriedly raised their mana and surrounded the shield.

bang! Kwagwang!

It was bombing.

Fireballs flew in endlessly, and the scene became a chaos in an instant.

“Wow! stomach! T has appeared!”

At the sound of someone’s call, all eyes turned to the air.

A man wearing a helmet and a cloak of resistance floated leisurely in the air.

“The 1st and 2nd platoons in the front line come back and support the rear!”

There was an urgent radio call.

The gun barrels of the armored car located at the rear and the guns of the soldiers all aimed at a point in the air.

“Start shooting!”

“Start shelling!”

Cannonballs and bullets embroidered the air.

It hit T, causing countless explosions and noises.

bang! bang! Kwagwang! bang!

It was cruel enough to be called an offensive attacked on a single human.

However, the order to stop the attack was not issued for a while.

‘die. You monstrous bastard.’

Because T’s notoriety was already widespread among the commanders.

How much time was wasted by T’s ingenuity?

How many Imperial Army soldiers exploded with his magic?

‘If you see yourself appearing in the air, you’ll see if you’re confident. Let’s see how long we can hold out.’

bang! Kwagwang! bang!

He knew that T was a high-level wizard.

I have seen several times that he used a shield to block bullets or shells during a battle.

But that was the story of having a ‘topographical advantage’ on the canyon.

If there was a concentrated fire from the front like this, even T would have no choice but to do it.

As evidence of that, there was no counterattack from the opponent.

The shield had already been broken, and the body must have been shattered beyond recognition.

“Stop attacking!”

The company commanders smiled of conversion.

Watching the smoke being lifted, I looked forward to the void where nothing was left.

-Is it all over?

And I felt my spine stand up at the voice I heard.

Cain maintained his protection and checked the amount of mana used.

[ Circuit Level : 4 ]

[ Mana 13628 / 15762 ]

‘Excluding fire magic, the mana consumed by protection is about 1500.’

The current mana circuit level is 4.

I purposely received the bombardment and tested the circuit’s performance.

There was no big battle after the death of the two bosses, so there was no opportunity to check the force.

‘The quality of mana has significantly improved. Explosive enough.’

The results were beyond expectations.

With much less mana than before, it was possible to cast a much higher level of magic.

-All, start the bombardment again!

A voice came from the ground.

In case of emergency, the protection was not released, and the mana scattered in the atmosphere was moved.

The quality of mana has been tested.

Now it’s time to test your operational skills.

Nettle juice-!

Bullets and bullets split the air.

As soon as it got around Cain, it stopped.

To be precise, it was moving at infinitely close to zero speed.

It was because of the mana in the atmosphere that was all turned into ‘Spirit Dong’ due to Cain’s manipulation.

Cain’s hand shook the air.

Under command, all shells and bullets turned their heads in the opposite direction.

The moment the bombing started.

The nightmare of the Imperial Army had begun.


The situation was reversed in an instant.

A huge fireball was floating in the air at the center of the battlefield.

From there, flames like small arrowheads spewed out and covered the ground.


“Sa, save me!”

By targeting only the Imperial Army.

In the middle, he saw the soldiers trying to harass the residents of the Resistance, so Cain’s hands were even more relentless.

It is the carelessness that the certainty of victory evoked.

It must have been done with the acquiescence of the commanders.

There was no such thing as a rank in war.

There are only winners and losers, and the loser was always determined by the winner’s treatment.

‘I can’t say that Abel’s inclination is not at all to blame. The fact that even some of the troops showed this kind of face without hesitation.’

Cain saw that the last Resistance vehicle had escaped and created a new fireball behind his back.

Now it was time for the ‘T’ to disappear and ‘John’ to appear.

A fireball was fired towards Cain.

It engulfed Cain and burned wildly with a force that would never be extinguished.

From the point of view of the Imperial Army, it was like a scene where someone new appeared intercepting T.

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