A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 217

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 217

216. Contest (4)

The reactions of the people in the intestine were divided into two main categories.

The high-ranking nobles were interested in the way Cain took over the challenger and took control of the atmosphere.

The relatively low-ranking nobility added the name Johann Kirif to the top of the list of absolutely not to be made.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

amidst turmoil and confusion.

Someone burst out laughing.

Those who identified the source of the noise quickly shut their mouths, and soon only the sound of laughter remained in the hall.

The emperor stopped laughing.

Then, with a satisfied smile, he got up and said:

“We need to break the old mold. Even if you use a rough method, or at someone’s expense. That’s right. That’s right.”

change and innovation.

These were the two words that the emperor had used as his ideology and banner in his daily life.

It has served as a compass to not be shaken in any situation, and will continue to do so in the future.

He had big dreams.

In the distant past, due to the irreparable mistake of our ancestors, the continent became a barren land where even a single grass did not grow properly.

‘It was overkill. With a moment’s arrogance and greed, the future promised prosperity was blown away. tt.’

correcting the mistakes of our ancestors.

So returning the continent to the promised land of abundance.

It could be said that it was the ultimate goal of the emperor’s life.

However, it was not because of a sense of duty for the world or a sense of debt as a descendant for the mistakes of our ancestors.

Rather, it was a matter of personal greed and efficiency.

The land inside the wall can be said to be relatively rich, but it is less than 1% of the entire continent.

In other words, the remaining 99% of the land was wasted.

Because of the impossibility of use due to the poor soil.

The emperor’s gaze was directed towards Cain.

‘It’s fun. My values would be so similar.’

rough way. someone’s sacrifice.

Those words captured the Emperor’s heart.

It was too far off to hope that the spirit of the continental soil would be restored naturally.

Of course, it may return to normal levels over time.

But after a ‘very long’ time.

What good is it if the essence of the soil returns after you die?

For this reason, the emperor planned the ‘New World Project’ from the time of the Crown Prince before ascending to the throne.

The only way to raise the essence of the soil from normal levels to ‘fertility’ levels at once.

All living things on the continent will disappear as soon as the project is executed.

All but the chosen few who boarded the ark.

By nature, inferiors exist for the sake of superiors, so it could be called a glorious sacrifice.

And now.

A person who was more qualified than anyone else as a resident of the new world was right in front of him.

Values and bar abilities.

Neither part fell off.

“Bassel! What are the basic provisions of the contest!”

As they walked out to the dungeon with their backs on their backs, the emperor shouted in a loud voice.

Everywhere he passed, people hurriedly bowed their heads.

The referee who was asked the question also bowed his head in disappointment and answered.

“Yes, yes! Use magic to subdue your opponent! Participants agree that they may injure each other in the process!”

“Are there any restrictions on the magic you can use!”

“Oh, no! Not at all!”

The emperor, who arrived in the center of the dungeon, looked back at the crowd and said:

“Did you all hear it! There are no specific restrictions on the type of magic and its use! But how can you say that you are dissatisfied with the game because you are caught up in a custom that is nothing more than an old antique!”

White mana gushed out of the emperor’s body along with the scream.

The concentration of elements in the atmosphere increased rapidly regardless of the type, and those who could feel even a little of mana became paler.

“Everyone should be ashamed!”

The second roar followed.



People who were on their knees or gasping for breath due to difficulty breathing began to appear one after another.

The emperor turned his gaze.

Cain kept his head down.

With a calm look, as if the current chaos had nothing to do with him.

“It was interesting. It was unexpected to have Yulia participate in the contest, but it was unexpected to show this kind of fighting style once more.”

“I am glad to hear that your Majesty was entertained.”

“There were times when I realized and admired it. I, too, had a stereotype about the contest because I was drenched in inertia. But you broke it.”

The emperor looked at Cain with a benevolent face and turned towards the crowd.

“Go back first. I’ve seen the most interesting match, so I don’t think I need to watch the rest. Let’s all enjoy our seats and go back.”

Then he walked out of the dungeon.

Arriving at the table, saying something to the Marquis Viper, he got into the car and left the banquet hall.


Even after the emperor left, there was silence in the hall for a while.

“… … .”

“… … .”

In the rigid and awkward atmosphere, no one could easily open their mouths.

One person spit on each other’s eyes.

“Of course, it is Princess Julia’s victory. That, right?”

Starting with that, everyone changed their posture and added one word at a time.

“I thought so too from the beginning.”

“The real power to change the world is change. That’s a cool thing to say.”

It became ‘shameful’ for the emperor to officially acknowledge the outcome of the match, and to talk about ‘customs’ and ‘tradition’.

People consciously heated up conversations on ‘change’ and ‘innovation’ as if they were trying to hide their wealth.

As the band’s performance resumed, the awkward atmosphere somehow dissipated.

While the escorts are cleaning up the messed up dungeon.

“I can’t do this. It can’t be like this. Hmm!”

Serena sat down and cried.

Cain glanced at the table with the Marquis Viper.

‘The words the emperor left behind must have been quite meaningful.’

The Marquis Viper sat still in his chair, contemplating.

It looked like he wasn’t paying attention to his daughter.

“It can’t be. What?”

Julia, who was approaching me, said with a dissatisfied voice.

“me too. I could fight better if I had a good teacher. It wouldn’t have been this easy. How can a princess who has just learned magic defeat me? I only have magic—only magic— Hmm!”

Julia’s eyes grew cold.

If there had been a good teacher, the results would have been different.

He admitted that John’s teaching was special.

Without him, far from winning the contest, he would not have been able to use even simple magic in his lifetime.

‘But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try. I tried with all my might to die. How much sweat did you sweat in the gym?’

Julia gave her strength again and grabbed the dagger.

“I said I was going to cut my hair. I will cut it now.”

“Hmm! I wish I had a good teacher, I wish I had a better teacher—!”

Julia used telekinesis to lift Serena’s hair into the air.

“Get into the habit of acknowledging it. In my mind, I want to push them all away, but they treat me like a single haircut.

And the moment the dagger draws a line in the air.


The dagger could not reach the hair and stopped in the middle.

Cain’s hand was holding the blade.

“hand! hand! ah… It’s okay.”

Julia’s heart sank, but she was relieved to see the mana wrapped around Cain’s hand.

Serena, who had been crying uncontrollably, only then realized the situation and opened her eyes in surprise.

“Leave this. I need to cut his hair. I mean, I bet.”

Julia’s body trembled.

He did his best to pull out the dagger, but Cain’s hand didn’t even move.

“Not a good choice.”

“It is my right. Are you planning to steal it?”

“There are many eyes to see.”

“does not matter. Everyone who knows my personality knows it.”

Cain, who was looking at Yulia, slowly narrowed the distance and brought her face closer.

“Well, what is it?”

He whispered in Yulia’s ear, who was bewildered.

“Beyond the wall, you will face more uncomfortable and unpleasant situations. Are you going to be swayed by emotions just like this?”

“… … .”

It was a cold word.

Cain felt that the strength in Julia’s hand was getting weaker.

He pulled out the dagger and put it into the subspace.

“I am hungry. I want to go get something to eat.”

Julia said that in a voice with excitement and disappeared towards the table.

Cain turned and reached out to Serena, who still had a blank face.

“Get up. Serena did her best.”

Cain had an intuition that an exchange with the Marquis of Viper would begin in the future.

It was the reason that blocked Julia’s actions.

There’s nothing wrong with making a good impression on the daughter of the marquis.

“Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Serena-sama is also talented enough, so you don’t have to worry too much about the outcome of the match.”

Serena just stared at Cain’s face.

In fact, the content of the words was not heard at all.

Now, in her head, only the scene where the opponent blocked her from the dagger of the heinous villain was playing.

“… … .”

Nodding her head as if possessed, she slowly reached out and took Cain’s hand.

My heart was pounding.

It was probably because the tension in the battle was less relaxed.

clearly. no, maybe maybe.

… maybe?


“Come on! I was waiting for you!”

“Thank you for inviting me like this.”

Cain took off his hat and nodded and looked around the mansion.

It was a mansion worthy of the reputation of the Marquis Viper.

“I took a few out of the collection just because wine has a taste. Go inside.”

“Yes. I have heard that the Marquis has a knack for wine. It is an honor to be seated together.”

Cain found Serena sticking out from the back of the stairs.

As soon as their eyes met, she blushed and hid.

“Selena-sama was there too. I know you are not often in the mansion because you are socially active.”

“After the contest is over, he stays in his room and doesn’t come out. The users say they wrote and deleted hundreds of letters, but I don’t know.”

The Marquis let out a wide laugh.

“Children of that age do not know where their thoughts and actions are going. Rather, come this way. There are many stories I want to share.”

widely. widely.

The Marquis couldn’t hide his excitement from his steps.

In fact, the biggest purpose of today’s meeting was to give John a voice about the ‘New World Project’.

“We only need to talk about the project’s execution date and the ark. To show the ark, I have to call John to the palace and do it myself.”

There was no doubt about John’s qualities as the emperor himself selected him.

Although this is our second meeting, so was his impression of John.

‘Even so, I think we need to talk about it carefully. Because I don’t want to be scared and run away. First of all, let’s relax the atmosphere slowly with a story about magic engineering… .’

magic engineering.

Just thinking about it made my whole body tingle.

In a nutshell, if there was someone I could agree with, I was confident that the story would blossom for three days and three nights.

“Magic Engineering? father. Who learns that these days? You only have to touch the machine in the room. It’s rustic. I am not beautiful.”

“… … .”

“And when he talks about his interests, he talks too much. Excessive. How can you hold on to the user and talk to them for 7 hours? So, when the users see only my father, they avoid it.”

There was a history of failure to raise a daughter as a magician.

‘Hmm. Young kids these days… .’

But John was different.

He showed deep interest as well as extensive knowledge about magic engineering.

The Marquis, who glanced at Cain with a happy gaze, arrived at the study and opened the door.

“Come on, here you go.”


On the left wall are books related to magic engineering.

The wall on the right was a study decorated with a wine cellar.

Dozens of wine bottles and glasses of each type were already prepared on the table with a heavy impression in the middle.

“It’s a wonderful study. The Marquis seems to have reflected his taste well.”

“Fufu. is it.”

Watching Cain walking through the library.

Kick- Tak.

shut the door and locked it

So that the hard-to-find partner, no, the resident candidate of Shinsegae, does not run away.

The marquise’s eyes gleamed with greed.

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