A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 225

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 225

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The faces of people in astonishment.

Chaos and disorder filled the room.

Time feels slow

As if moving alone in a still world.

-G… what… ! I… !

As if submerged in deep water, the sounds of the world are heard in silence.

I can’t make any mistakes.

It’s a situation I’ve already pictured hundreds of times in my head.

The body reacts before consciousness.

my heart is beating like crazy

The head, on the other hand, cools down.

The mana in the body responds to the will and turns into a phenomenon.


Two ice picks created in the air rip through the air and fly.


Piercing the hearts of two kneeling targets.


They absorb the mana they have accumulated over their lifetime into their hands.

at the same time

Reach out your palms towards the Emperor.


The moment when a sad lightning strike is sent.


Time flows back to normal.

The sound begins to take its proper shape.

supportive! supportive!

“dare! How dare you make fun of me!”

At the same time as the emperor recovered the mana field, he spread his protection to block Cain’s lightning strike.

Gripping support!

He immediately fired a lightning bolt and began to push Cain’s lightning away.

The enormous thickness of white and blue currents collided in the air, and sparks were non-stop.

“Dare me!”

White mana fluttered all over his body.

The eyes gave off a ghastly glare.

A loud voice filled with mana resounded through the banquet hall.

“No one else, dare me!”


Understanding the situation was intuitive.

The person who gave you deep trust committed betrayal at the decisive moment.


They weren’t allies to begin with, and there’s a good chance they’ve been playing in his hands all along.

I can’t be sure, but it’s because he revealed his true identity as ‘Cain’.


okay. somehow I can understand

Humans are such creatures.


But what I can’t understand.


The point was that the opponent was not pushed at all by himself.

“how… ! No matter how much mana the two people absorbed… !”

“… … .”

Cain didn’t answer.

There was no need to reply that I reached a level similar to yours by absorbing mana from the underground tank.


clench it

Use the entire circuit’s mana beyond the limit.

I am prepared to suffer the aftermath of never being able to use magic again.

“Protect His Majesty the Emperor!”

The swords of the Imperial Knights, which were horribly filled with mana, rushed towards Cain.

Emperor and Cain.

Both were completely focused on each other, completely defenseless.


Just before the sword reached Cain.

A red fireball flew in and placed restrictions on the knights’ movements.



Two swords flew in afterward, each piercing the knight’s sword path.

visor! Chachaeng!

knocked them all out at once.

“Stand back!”

“I’ll take care of the back!”

Zervia in a dress.

And it was Estelle, who was waiting outside the banquet hall.

“Put down all the rebels! Protecting His Majesty is our top priority!”

visor! visor!

A sharp metallic sound resounded through the banquet hall without stopping.

bang! Kwagwang!

Explosions continued to be heard from the outside walls.

“Wow, it’s collapsing! The walls are falling!”


“Hey, save me! I don’t want to die in a place like this!”

Even though he was just released from the mana field and was close to dying.

People somehow tried to run away from the banquet hall.

There were some who tried to help the knights attack Cain, but they were overpowered by Professor Ellen’s magic and could not approach the unit.

At the end of Professor Ellen’s view, the figure of the 2nd Princess was seen running through the hole in the outer wall.

She arrived in front of the wall, glanced towards the banquet hall, then turned her head again and disappeared out of the hole.

at that time.


A sword rushed towards Professor Ellen, who had been looking away for a moment.

“… … !”

Professor Ellen hurriedly rolled over.


I felt a burning pain in my back.

When I turned my head, I saw the first prince, who was closing the distance in an instant toward Dan.

1st Prince Abel.

His mana-laden feet slammed the chair and the table as hard as he could.

It flew through the air close to ten meters at a time and struck down the sword.


The subject was Zerbia.

Her body shook violently as she received Abel’s sword.

“Jabir, Chief of Police! You were one with Cain too!”

visor! Chachaeng!

A continuous sword attack.

Follow the swinging sword.

Her thoughts were also shaken.

‘What am I now—.’

Cain said that he would naturally know what to do when a situation arises.

That was understandable.

The moment he saw the Imperial Knights rushing at Cain, his body jumped out without him knowing.

I was able to draw the outline of the situation.

Conversations with people in the banquet hall.

The ‘ark’ mentioned by the emperor himself.

Combining the rumors floating around in the capital.

The continent will soon perish, and only those aboard the ark will be able to survive and reach the New World.

But Cain’s actions were incomprehensible.


Did you mean to kill the emperor?

It is said that the emperor’s favor and prosperity in the new world are promised.


“Where is your morality in colluding with criminals! Xavir Kalta! Drop your sword!”


Those words pierced the depths of Zervia’s unconscious.

Like an awl on fire, intense pain arose.

Also, as someone who has lived within the boundaries of the empire all his life, the situation of ‘the emperor’s assassination’ was causing great resistance.

‘I. I am now-.’

That was then.


Cain, who had completely settled the mana of Lightino and Viper in the circuit, increased the magic output, and the emperor’s white current was gradually being pushed back.

Just before the blue current engulfed the Emperor’s whole body.


The light from the emperor’s ring covered the banquet hall.

after a few seconds.

when the light is turned off.

The appearance of the emperor disappeared without a trace.

“Lung, Your Majesty?”

“Your Majesty is gone!”

ha. ha.

Cain let out a rough breath.

will be a relic.

A relic that automatically activates space movement magic when the wearer’s life reaches alarm.

It was unclear where the emperor had fled.

But there were no worries.

After all, he has only one place to go.


Cain used enhancement magic with maximum output.

The new model was blown away from the lawn towards the entrance to the Imperial Palace.


“dare! dare!”

The emperor gasped heavily.

His clothes were drenched with sweat, and his whole body was shaking.

Shelves on either side.

Plenty of food and water.

The Emperor was sent to a secret bunker located inside the Imperial Palace.

“How dare you betray me!”


The emperor, who could not win the minute, swung his arm, and the shelf shattered, and food and bottled water fell down.

thud! thud!

After repeating the same act a few more times, the emperor seemed to have calmed down a little.

“… … .”

The anger disappeared and the next emotion that came was fear.

still alive

A blue current approached right before my eyes.

Those eyes that looked as if they were not living creatures.

The emperor trembled.

For him, it was the first life-threatening feeling he had ever felt, and it was the feeling of ‘fear’ he had for the first time.

The unknown emotion of ‘fear’ brought the emperor of the empire down into a weak old man for a moment.

It was both scary and scary.

He couldn’t believe that there were people in the world who could harm him.

How on earth did he have such enormous power?

When I checked his circuit a while ago, it wasn’t at this level.

The emperor looked around and thought he was lucky.

The walls of the bunker were made of the same metal as the hull of the ark, so no one could break in from the outside.

It wasn’t a large space, but there was enough food and bottled water to last for years.

You will have to leave after some time has passed.

The Knights must have somehow killed him and cleared the situation.

“… … .”

no. Is that possible?

Can the knights kill that monster?

I don’t know if the Marquis Viper or Elder Raitino joined, but they were no longer of this world.

In the worst case, you could be out of the bunker forever.

I had goosebumps all over my body.

So that shouldn’t be the case.

How to kill a bastard.

Any way to kill him?

The Emperor, biting his nails, came up with an idea.

There was restoration magic.

Restoration magic is activated by pressing the ‘switch’ located in the cockpit of the ark.

All beings on the continent will automatically disappear and will be used as food for the construction of a new world.

“… … .”

Before that, the ark had to be lifted into the sky to get out of the magic range, but it wasn’t a big problem.

The ark already had crew members on board, essential for the operation of the ark.

In the worst case, he was also able to control the ark.

There will be no time to burn selected talent.

A story about the need to abandon everyone, including the prince and princesses.

It’s a pity, but it’s a much better choice than dying yourself.

There was no problem in building a new civilization in the New World because the crew members had an equal gender ratio.

It may be slower than planned due to lack of technicians.

Having made up his mind, the emperor activated the bunker’s door.

hey hey-

A thick door opens.

A dark hallway appeared.

As I continued walking through the hallway, my vision brightened and familiar places appeared.

fault. fault.

The emperor’s quick steps headed towards the elevator that allowed access to the underground communes.

The users felt strange for a moment at the sudden appearance of the emperor, but they did not dare to speak.

fault. fault. fault.

When passing through the hall inside the entrance to the Imperial Palace.

“your majesty! Forgive the rudeness! I have something to report to you!”

A messenger appeared from the entrance and ran towards the emperor.

“The news that the current border has been destroyed by the Resistance—”


Neither time nor mana was wasted.

The emperor did not stop walking, pulled a gun from his bosom and fired, and the herald fell to the floor, bleeding from his chest.

The users who witnessed the scene were astonished, but the emperor hurried his steps without looking back.

Finally we arrived at the corridor leading to the elevator.

It was a million blessings that the guy didn’t catch up up to this point.

Because the Knights Templar had all been placed in the banquet hall, there were no guards on either side of the corridor.


After completing the authentication by dripping drops of blood on the sensor, the emperor went inside through several entrances.

I got on the elevator located at the end and headed to the basement.

and ten seconds later.


I could hear the sensor working from outside.

The doors opened all at once, and a man came in and stopped in front of the elevator.

“… … .”

It was Cain.

As Cain saw the rapidly changing number of elevator floors, he realized that he had missed the Emperor by a short drive.

There is only one elevator.

There were other passages used by engineers, but it was far from the innermost of the Imperial Palace.

Cain distanced himself from the elevator door and stretched his palms forward.

Cheeky! Cheeky!

The wind blew with an eerie sound, and a small gust of wind formed in front of the palm.


A gust of wind fired with a leather popping sound blew up the elevator door without a trace.

He walked right in front of him and bowed his head.

Endless elevator passage.

Door fragments falling helplessly.

And the head of the elevator that appears as a small dot at the end.


Cain jumped without hesitation.

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