A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 29

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 29

029 episode. train (2)

“I think my luggage has disappeared, can you take a look?”

“Yes? Jim?”

At that time, there were no passengers in the aisle.

I lured the crew to the luggage compartment. Confused, while he looked at Jim, he approached behind his back and slapped his hand on the neck.

“It is right that you put your bag here… !”

He cast the “sleep” magic on him who had passed out.

It was not effective enough to put the awake to sleep, but it was a magic that was quite effective against the unconscious opponent.

‘I won’t be able to wake up until evening at least.’

I took off my uniform and changed.

After putting the original clothes into the bag, he took out a pistol and a medicine bottle and hid it in his arms.

‘No one will come this far.’

He picked up the crew and laid them in the luggage compartment, in an inconspicuous place, along with their bags.

After adjusting his clothes, he went out of the compartment and grabbed the handle of the cart. There was still no one in the aisle.

I glanced open the tray of food.

High-end foods, such as roast turkey and steak, were steamed up.

He took out the bottle and sprayed the medicine.

colorless and odorless.

Even if Leica had a lion’s sense of smell, I could be sure she wouldn’t notice.

Closing the tray, she finally changed her appearance by covering her face with her palm. After taking a deep breath, he pushed the cart away.

Kick- Cheok Kung-

The sound of trains and wagon wheels resonated throughout the room.

“We brought the meal that the person who made the reservation ordered.”

He changed the tone of his voice and opened his mouth.

The flight attendant who was blocking the door glanced at me and turned to open the way.


After knocking, the door opened after a while.

“It was late. Come in.”

The interior is reminiscent of a luxury room in a hotel.

Several men in suits. There weren’t many of them.

They were all Laika’s subordinates in their memories.

‘Is Leica the next square?’

The cart was pulled out following the men who opened the door.

After passing through the connecting passage once again, we arrived in front of the door of the next compartment.


“Laika. Meal has arrived. May I come in?”

—Come in.


It was also a luxurious private room.

In the middle, Leica was sitting with classical music playing and reading a book.

He was three times the size of an adult male.

A grayish-white mane wrapped around the neck.

Fangs and claws sticking out.

Just being there was a great feeling of intimidation.

“Ugh… .”

A moan was heard from one corner of the room.

One of his men was lying on the floor with blood spitting from his mouth.

‘Did you get slapped? You must have offended Leica.’

It happened often.

Because Leica wasn’t called a tyrant for nothing.

I pushed the cart and arrived in front of the table. They started putting trays on top one by one.

At the same time, with a squint, I entered the structure of the room in my head.

“I told him to feed him first.”

“It has been Worrying about miscellaneous tricks is something only cowards do.”

Leica answered with a heavy voice. was reading a book.

「About the forest that existed on the continent」

On one side of the table were several other books related to ‘forest’, ‘trees’, and ‘soil’.

After the invasion of demons hundreds of years ago, the continent became a devastated land where vegetation could not grow properly.

The actual facts are different, but the externally known history is the same.

And all the beasts (獸人) originally lived in the forest, not in the city.

restoration of the forest.

That was Leica’s goal.

no matter how much money

Even if you’ve never actually seen the forest.

The nostalgia for the forest is deeply engraved in our instincts.

All dishes were placed on the table.

After nodding his head, he pulled the cart and headed towards the door.

“Wait there.”

Leica called me.

When she did, she took out the pistol and turned around slowly, preparing to shoot.

“It’s a tip.”

Leica flipped the coin with her finger. The coin went right into my front pocket.

“… thank you.”

I relaxed and turned my back.

Along with the rattling of dishes, the subordinate’s voice was heard.

“The scheduled schedule is at 15:00 in the canteen of the 21st restaurant. I will tell you again in 10 minutes.”

“i get it.”

Kick- Tak.

They exited the special rooms one after another.

I opened the door of the connecting passage and pushed the wagon out of the train to get rid of it.

After that, I returned to the luggage compartment and changed back to my original clothes.

The face was also changed to the previous one so that Zervia could recognize it.

‘I’ll have to look around the front of the train for the rest of the time. Even where the 21st dining room is.’

As I walked, I remembered the medicine I had put in my food.

The opponent is a strong person within a few fingers of the world view, so it will not take effect immediately after eating.

About an hour after it is absorbed into the body, it will begin to restrict the use of mana.

So secretly and so slowly that the ingestion did not notice.

‘And the number of subordinates is roughly 10.’

There were 3 rooms in total.

There was a Leica in the middle compartment, and there were five people in the front row.

If the same number of people were assigned to the back row, the calculation would be the same.

Clap- Clap-

In the middle, a dining room appeared, but no 21 was missing.

By calculation, the location was a little halfway ahead of the train.

“… … .”

As I was about to return to the original cann and sit down, I could feel a single gaze clinging to my body.


She was sitting not far away.

He was wearing a hood and bowed his head, but the eyes revealed below were clearly looking at him.

‘You must have known my place by looking at the bag on the shelf.’

didn’t really care

I took the bag off the shelf and hung it over my shoulder.

Anyway, what I was going to do was decided.

Attract Zerbia to the transaction site to induce conflict.

And, taking advantage of the opportunity in the chaotic situation, he kills Leica.

I headed to the next car in front of the train.

As she was about to close the passage door, Zervia, who got up from her seat, was seen through the gap in the door.

‘I don’t see any suspicious passengers in the front either.’

While reaching the car right in front of the engine room, I entered the train and the structure of each car into my head.

Then I turned around and arrived at the restaurant car 21 at the middle of the train again.

It was a spacious space as if several cars were put together, and it was structured so that you could look down on the first floor from the second floor.

On the first floor there was a table where you could dine while looking at the window, and on the second floor there were rooms that were blocked from the outside in addition to the regular tables.

“Medium roast steak and lettuce stir-fry. No need for alcohol.”

I sat down in a corner and ordered food in moderation.

After all, a fixed trading place.

I was thinking of taking a seat and waiting.

It wasn’t long before Zervia followed in the dining room.

She pinned me down and settled down not far away.

“I heard that the church reduced the free ration this time.”

“Well, it has nothing to do with us.”

“The business case proposed by the imperial family this time… .”

“It was said that the tower was recruiting new recruits.”

I killed time listening to the conversations of the passengers. Most of them seemed to have some sort of identity.

The train stopped once in the middle.

And when the scheduled time came, a group of men appeared from the far opposite door.

The one in the middle was clearly recognizable.

A man in his 30s wearing sunglasses. It was Warwick.

The crowd left one gatekeeper at the door.

Then, after looking around the restaurant once, I went into the room on the second floor under the guidance of the staff.

The door closed, and the inside could not be seen.

‘The briefcase he was carrying is probably a drug that is a trade item.’

He glanced at Zervia’s eyes.

She also seemed a bit agitated, as if recognizing Warrek.

And soon after, the door on my side opened.

It was Leica and his men.

Likewise, carrying a briefcase, he left the gatekeeper and followed the waiter into the room.

When I saw Zervia again, she was using a communication channel to communicate somewhere.

I strengthened my hearing and listened at a glance. They were calling for reinforcements at the next stop.

‘Actually, Leica’s movements are not very secretive.’

A look that cannot be overlooked.

There, he himself has a personality far from being secretive.

Therefore, even the police can track Leica as many times as they want to.

However, what had not been able to catch Leica until now was that they had to put in too much manpower to catch him, and that they had to sacrifice that much.

Although he was clearly aware of it, it was Leica who did not actively try to arrest him.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t ignore the crime that’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Even if the witness was a Zerbia woman with a strong sense of justice.

‘Zervia. What choices will you make?’

The confusion of her peering through the hood had subsided.

The ideal option is obviously to join the reinforcements at the next station and subdue them all.

However, due to her strong acting power, there was a high possibility that she would take action first, such as examining the dynamics in the room.

The second hand of the dining room wall clock ticked, and there was a strange tension in the room.

He continued to watch Zervia.

As soon as I picked up the cup and brought the coffee to my mouth, I felt the mana gathering on the ceiling.

“… … !”

bang! Kwagwang!

It was almost the same time that the shells fell through the ceiling and I rolled over.


“Oh, my God, my God!”

A cloud of smoke rose.

Passengers fell down bleeding. The lucky ones who survived screamed and evacuated.

widely. tap.

A rope fell from the ceiling. Riding on it, monsters wearing red skull masks appeared.

Roughly 40, no more than 50.

Some had bazookas on their shoulders, others with daggers.

‘Red Skull.’

Like the Blue Serpent, it was one of the top organizations in the entire continent.

Although the individual members of the organization are not particularly strong, they were famous for fighting with their overwhelming numbers.

They were like a swarm of locusts, doing anything to make money, leaving nothing behind.

He kept his body close to the floor, observing the situation.

The guys with daggers rushed at the gatekeepers of each door that had their shields deployed.

visor! Fight!

The gatekeepers took out their weapons and responded, but they were pushed by the numbers and fell to the floor after not being able to hold out for a while.

Above it, several daggers flew violently and stabbed.


“It’s on the second floor! Securing medicine and money comes first!”

Following the instructions of the guy who seemed to be the head, the men rushed to the stairs.

And at that moment, something flashed and bounced off the table.


It was an explosive leap.

Draw your sword in the air.

Correct your posture.

After completing all movements in an instant, he slammed his sword towards the head and fell.


The sword and the sword collided.

“Dirty criminals! How dare you here!”

It was also quick to judge the situation.

It didn’t matter ‘why’ the criminals were here.

For her, the fact that criminals are here would be far more important.

‘Securing the safety of the train by subduing the criminals must be a priority.’

Her hood had already been removed.

The head was embarrassed and pushed back, but soon the servants clinged to him, and the workshop began to whistle.

‘Those guys don’t think they will last long against Zervia.’

He turned his gaze to the second floor.

Personnel in the room also came out and checked the situation.

“Warek. When I said that the amount I wanted was small, I dug this trap.”

“Oh no! I don’t even know! Why is the Red Skull here… Never hold hands or anything like that… !”

Laika swung her claws, and Warrek tore his body torn and fell to the floor. There was no more movement.

“Hey, what is this!”


Warrek’s men tried to respond, but Laika’s men moved faster than that.

The guns were pointed right at the foreheads of Warrek’s men.

“Shoot it.”

With Leica’s instructions, the muzzle blew out. Several corpses with holes in their foreheads fell to the floor.

“You two, go to the engine room and stop the train. In the meantime, I’ll be tidying up here. I go back with my medicine and money.”

“Yes. All right.”

Two men entered the room.

There was the sound of something leaping onto the pedestal and a sound similar to an explosion.

It looked like it was trying to move on the train, perhaps through the ceiling.

“You bastards.”

The other subordinates were fighting a battle with the Red Skull who had come close.

Leica looked at the scene and smoked her cigar.

And when the fire lit the tip of a cigarette, it ran into the battlefield with a wild roar.


And I thought.

Things seem to be going very well.

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