A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 30

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 30

030 episode. train (3)

The fighting continued and the casualties continued.

“I will kill you all! Bugs!”

The appearance of Laika, who ran wildly and swung her claws, was a beast itself.


The window was broken and the table and the room collapsed.

Obviously, the medicinal effect is limited, and the mana operation is restricted.

There are times when the movement stops in the middle.

But even with that in mind, it was terrifying.

‘At this speed… . The situation will end in 15 minutes, or maybe 20 minutes.’

He turned his gaze to Zervia.

If Leica was one of the attacks that neglected the defense, Zervia was flowing out all the attacks smoothly and subduing the enemy one by one.

I cautiously got up from my seat and walked out of the dining room.

The passengers were nowhere to be seen as they all evacuated after hearing the commotion.

He took out his pistol and aimed it at the ceiling.

Assuming various situations, even the same magic engraving is divided into several types.

Containment bullets produced in large quantities by lowering the mana consumption.

And a shot that infuses the maximum mana it can do to inflict a critical hit.

Now it was in between.


There was a hole in the ceiling with the explosion. I used the seat as a stepping stone and climbed onto the train.

Clap- Clap-

A bitter wind blew past his face. The scenery moved backwards in an instant.

It was clear what would happen if it fell. No matter how much magic protects the body.

Strengthen the legs and hold the center.

If the fight got shorter, it was clear what I had to do.

to keep the train running.

The moment you stop, the criminals who were waiting after finishing the battle will run away from the train.

The train had to run.

At least until the next stop, where the police will be waiting.

looked forward.

In the distance, I saw two of Leica’s men running on the train.

It was a bit difficult to catch up.

Judgment and execution were quick.

I immediately sat down on the floor with one knee bent.

Then I took out the sniper rifle from the bag and assembled it.

Clap- Clap-

The train slanted non-stop, but there was no hesitation in assembling it.

The rifle was completed in less than 15 seconds.

Lie face down on the floor, close your body, and put your eyes on the scope.

impact. aiming.

and launch.


He strengthened his eyesight with magic and minimized the shaking of his body.

The bullet hit the target and exploded. The man who was hit fell out of the train with his body on fire.

The guy who lost his teammate turned to me.

Torn apart, as I gestured to reload the next shot, it started running towards this side.


one foot.


And one more step.

Surely he was conscious of this, so all the bullets missed.

The guy who narrowed the distance in an instant came wielding a knife.

The output of the strengthening magic hanging on the body was increased to the maximum.


The sniper rifle used for defense was broken.

I threw it aside as it was, and went out to deal with the guy with my bare hands and wielding the bag again.

In such close combat, it was right to invest mana in strengthening the body rather than using clumsy protection magic.

‘It would have been dangerous if there were more than two guys.’

The workshop was a whirlwind.

It was a situation in which the difference in abilities that were lacking was covered only by the innate sense of combat.

The knife tore the collar and blood spattered.

While the dangerous situation was being staged several times, the pad attached to the neck fell off in the wind.

He had not put any magic on to save mana, so the blue snake tattoo was revealed.

“… … !”

The boy’s eyes fluttered wildly.

Without losing sight of it, I removed the transformation magic that had been on my face.

“… you!”

A gap that was created in an instant.

I turned around and kicked him in the stomach.

The guy who fell out of the train was quickly pushed out of the landscape.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 291 / 372]

It was a pity that he could not absorb mana, but there was nothing.

After changing faces again, he turned and moved to the ceiling of the dining room.

There were holes all over the place where the Red Skull invaded, so you had to pay attention to your steps.

‘There is no other melee.’

Still, the fight was fierce.

On the side of Laika’s subordinates and on the side of the Red Skull, the corpses were also increasing.

“Bad trash!”

While observing the situation, Leica bent her knee.

In an instant, he leapt up onto the train, and I jumped into the other hole.

‘This is not the time to show up in front of him. Not yet.’


I landed safely indoors using “float”.

“Chase! We have an absolute advantage in numbers! Today is the day to cut the lion’s head!”

The guys who were fighting with Leica chased after Leica using the surrounding objects as a stepping stone.

“It’s here! I have been here too!”

Some who were fighting Leica’s men turned and ran towards me. He seemed to have reacted to the tattoo on his neck.

bang! Kwagwang!

Bullets were scattered The guys jumped over the explosion.

All kinds of cutlery started beating the shield.

‘It was annoying. … No, maybe it’s an opportunity to increase mana.’

out of the dining room.

The guys followed.

Passage. coach. Passage. carriage again.

We took advantage of the small space to subdue them one by one.

Throw away the guns that ran out of durability, reducing the weight of the body, and absorbing the mana of the fallen guys.

Disguised as a retreat, they arrived at the cargo hold. Among the cargo was my bike.


I started the engine and turned the bike’s head toward the entrance.

And the moment they entered, I pulled the throttle.


“uh? uh? backwards! backwards!”

The front wheel was raised and the body was covered with protective magic.

They retreated quickly, but the connecting passage was narrow and there was no way out.

There were two options.

“f*ck! run!”

Break the window in the passage and throw yourself.


or crushed by a bike.

I ran without slowing down.

Passage. coach. Passage. carriage again.

The destination was the dining room.

It was calculated that by now any camp would have exhausted its stamina.


He broke the door and entered the restaurant.

Everyone’s eyes in the midst of a melee fell on me for a moment.

I reached the center of the restaurant and turned the throttle all the way to the right.

Good profit-!

The bike started drawing a circle.

He used mana to control the throttle and fixed the body to the bike.

Put one leg on the seat to take a shooting position, and take out two submachine guns and hold them in both hands.

And pulled the trigger.

Doo doo doo-!

In that moment, which was actually less than ten seconds, it felt as if time passed infinitely slowly.



「Enhance your eyesight」

「Flame Dong」

「Improvement of speed」

While simultaneously deploying 5 types of magic, the output was fine-tuned in seconds.

There, the firing angle of the bullet and the timing of the explosion were controlled.

Blood rushes to your head.

Mathematical calculations are done like crazy.

Mana runs through the body with momentum to burst the circuit.

The veins in his eyes burst out.

bang! bang! bang!

Magic bullets engraved with “Flame Explosion” explode. scream breaks out The bodies of the guys caught in the explosion explode.

There are guys who jump over the explosion and run, but they are only oxidized by subsequent shots or crushed by bikes.

Meanwhile, the Zerbia side fired damage.

‘Because it’s still worth using. At least until I get my complete revenge.’

An attack of this magnitude will be avoided or defended on its own.

However, it was not necessary to include it in the attack range.

I stopped the bike when I had poured more than half of the bullets I had.

My head was pounding and my vision was dizzy from the circuit operation that went beyond the limit.

‘Still, if the result is like this.’

The whole area was scorched.

Most of them were dead or incapacitated in battle and moaning.


As he quietly stretched his palm upward, the mana of the dead was sucked in.

The circuit that sounded the danger signal seemed to calm down a bit.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 212 / 485]

Mana consumed was high, and the mana available was still low.

However, the maximum increase was slightly above 100. It was truly an explosive rise.

“It was you too. Cain.”

Zervia approached and stopped at some distance. It was the face that his reasoning was correct.

He still changed his face with the transformation magic, but he must have recognized the location of the tattoo.

Other than that, there were clues that allowed her to recognize my identity.

Things like how to operate the bike or how to shoot.

“I will go to Seo and hear the situation before and after. Once arrested… .”


A red skull fell behind Zervia.

Just like the way he was about to hit the club.

A bullet pierced my forehead.

“… It’s not a prison, so there’s no need to be respectful. You are still fighting, Zervia.”

Her eyebrows twitched.

He probably reacted to the name.

A real name known only to a few.

She glared at me with eyes that felt alive and looked around.

The surviving ones were gathering themselves up and preparing to run again.

There were some guys who heard the commotion and came over from another room.

“And there must be something to deal with before me.”

I blinked towards the ceiling.

There were sounds of falling, bumping, and hitting something.

“Leica is running rampant. There is a possibility that passengers in other compartments will get involved. good. I’ll take over here.”

She pursed her lips and looked at me.

He didn’t show it off, but he could see confusion.

It was clear that he was making various inferences and guesses in his head.

‘The answer must be decided anyway.’

“… Better not to think about running away. After all, reinforcements are waiting for you at the next station.”

She stepped on the objects around her and disappeared onto the train in an instant.

“Kill! Run at the same time!”

Soon after, the remnants of the Red Skull rushed in.

It was not visible whether all of Laika’s men had been subdued, or whether they were fighting in another square.


battle continued.

The opponent itself was not difficult.

However, as the number of enemies was large, physical and mental fatigue accumulated in an instant.

When things were settled to some extent, his clothes were tattered and the ripped areas were full of small wounds.

I felt like I wanted to collapse right away and rest, but I couldn’t.

I leaned the bike to one side and climbed onto the train.

“It’s good! How can a young police officer who vomited after seeing a corpse grow like this over the years!”

“Shut up! I have no intention of arguing with criminals!”

gang! gang!

Nails covered with mana and the sword collided.

A fierce battle was taking place not far away.

Leica and Zerbia.

Both were showing movements that were incomparable to when they were facing the Red Skull.

They were doing their best for each other, and it was a precarious and fierce situation where a single mistake could lead to fatal injuries.

‘… The movement was faster than the first. Have you already finished the medicinal effect?’

Leica. He had more incredible physical abilities than expected.

‘But obviously both sides are rapidly depleting stamina.’

If you were aiming for a gap, there was no better time than now.

He pulled out his rifle and fitted a magazine and sight. He immediately bent his knees and took a shooting position.

It was a bullet that dramatically increased the strength by magic.

“Wind Blade” was engraved into it at the maximum possible output.

He would have been able to pass through any protective shield funnyly.


Magic bullets ripped through the air and flew.

And a moment that could be said to be almost simultaneous.

Leica turned to this side and drew her nails in the air.


Three mana stalks condensed in a straight line split the magic bullet.

It didn’t stop there and rushed towards me.

“… … !”

I reflexively rolled around.

The moment he fell out of the train, he managed to avoid the fall by grabbing the protrusion at the top.

‘… The reaction speed is absurd.’

Hanging on the protrusion, he thought for a moment.

Among the magic bullets that were produced, there was no one more specialized in killing one person than the one I just made.

Waiting for more stamina to drop could put Zervia at risk.

‘I’ll need another way.’

We entered the second floor of the dining room through the window.

As I looked around, I noticed a black briefcase.

‘The room where Warrek and Leica were dealing with.’

Suddenly, a possibility flashed through my head.


I removed the lock and opened the bag. Plastic packs of white powder were stacked on top of each other.

One of the dogs was opened and examined for texture and smell.


A super expensive hallucinogenic substance popular among the aristocracy.

Almost the same ingredients as those used to make explosives were used, but with just one difference in the formulation, it became a powerful drug.

However, due to its strong flammability and explosiveness, it requires careful handling, and due to the risk of accidents, it is difficult to manufacture it easily unless you are an expert.

This plastic pack was also highly likely to be a special pack with fire resistance.

‘If it’s this amount… .’

I looked out the window. The train was running over the cliff with the sea side to its side.

I made a plan in my head and decided it was worth trying.

I closed my briefcase and climbed back onto the train.

The fight was going on.

Laika and Zerbia, both of them, had wounds all over their bodies.


He collected mana and strengthened his strength to the maximum.

And I threw the briefcase as hard as I could. It was above their heads, towards the air.

‘I hope this will be your last. Leica.’


The first bullet is in the wrong direction.


The second bullet is towards the bag.

Leica swings her claws towards the first bullet.

The moment just before the second bullet hits the bag.

– run Zervia.

I used magic to whisper a voice into Zervia’s ear.

And immediately jumped into the sea.


A huge explosion sounded behind me.

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