A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 54

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 54

054. General Meeting of Shareholders (2)

“The smuggling business is an important part for us as well. Every time we renew a contract, we are always fully prepared.”

Experts stayed up all night to review the contract, and guards with proven skills were called out.

If you go to an abandoned factory or building in a remote place, there are tables and chairs that only the two of you can sit on.

“He always came first and waited. With a few gang members lined up in the back.”

“Is there anything unusual about it?”

“I do not know. To be honest, I was a little scared. I have to say it’s creepy, but it’s not just one or two of them.”

She pointed out a few peculiarities.

Regardless of the season, the whole body is covered in long clothes.

He covered his face with sunglasses, a mask, and a hat, and told the story only through his subordinates.

And whenever their eyes meet through the sunglasses, it feels like they’re dealing with something that isn’t human.

“He seemed like a very sensitive person when it comes to time appointments and work. There was a member of the gang who accidentally dropped a pen on that person’s shoulder. He put his gloved hand on his head and crushed it.”

As if remembering that time, Pieta trembled.

In addition, I inquired in detail about his behavioral habits and habits.

“When did you start participating in contract renewal?”

“It’s been about a year.”

one year.

This is much earlier than three months ago when I fell into this world.

First of all, the things Pieta talked about are not very different from the settings I made myself.

I thought of an assumption that had been running through my head for a long time.

Baek Jin-woo.

If he fell into this world with me and possessed someone.

The foundation of the family was that the ruins that were to be attacked in the latter part of the work were stolen outside of the 110th division.

Probabilistically, it is more likely that the butterfly effect is caused by the accumulation of my actions.

But for some reason, I couldn’t shake the assumption that he had entered this world.

No, I was hoping for it unconsciously.

I hope that assumption turns out to be true.

If that’s the case, we’ll be able to bring the revenge of reality a little earlier.

“When was the most recent contract you were involved in?”

“It was a month ago.”

It’s most likely not Bama.

I can’t be sure until I check it out myself, but according to her, I haven’t seen any behavior that deviated from the setting.

The Leica I met on the train too. Because Leica was Leica itself.

“I’m very curious about the real identities and goals of the two, but I won’t ask. It could be rude, and if you ask me anyway, he won’t tell you.”

Pieta sipped a few more cocktails and talked about the helper to come tomorrow.

“I will go up first. We also have to check our plans after entering Area 65.”

She disappeared with a gunshot.

Even though it was a non-alcoholic cocktail, for some reason it was like a drunken movement.

I turned to Estelle.

“I am sorry. I’m drinking while blocking my drinking.”

An empty glass towered in front of her.

Along the rim of the glass, her fingers moved wildly.

“You have to be patient. You can wake up quickly when you’re drunk, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Her love for alcohol was so special that she was demonstrating a high degree of self-control.

Her hand went into her shirt pocket and came out without holding anything.

Originally, it was a habitual movement to the place where the pack of cigarettes would be placed.

Ever since, when she had hope for life, she hadn’t smoked.

* * *

the next morning.

The mercenaries headed to the center of the district in groups of half of their men to replenish their supplies.

“Let the wizard rest. We will go through this.”

The mercenaries who saw me active in battle, or who had directly helped me, suddenly respected me.

“If something happens, I will tell you with the magic you cast. Because this one can talk at a greater distance than the telecommunication equipment.”

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, Estelle was with the mercenaries who went out to replenish supplies.


The door was closed and the rest of them brought chairs to the hall on the first floor and waited.

“Someone will come from headquarters.”

Everyone was inferring Pieta’s identity to some extent, and she wasn’t hiding much either.

Wongun coming from the head office.

Anticipation was in the eyes of the mercenaries.

However, the assistant did not appear until the scheduled time came.

Just as everyone was less talkative and there was a strange tension in the air, someone knocked on the entrance door.

It was a knock different from the sign the supplies team was supposed to make.


Pieta got up from her chair and opened the door.

Then a middle-aged man in a black overcoat and hat appeared.

“miss! I’m so glad you’re alive!”

The man grabbed Pieta’s hand tightly.

“It’s been a while, secretary. You’ve become very emaciated while I haven’t seen you.”

“Don’t talk. My heart sank when I heard that the young lady had a bowel movement… .”

“The assassins have come. I didn’t even get my belongings properly because I was running away in a hurry.”

“Anyway, I’m happy. I am very happy.”

Tears welled up in the corners of the eyes of the man who was called the secretary.

“But these people… .”

“These are the mercenaries I hired. He helped me get from 78 to 68 here.”

“Ah, I overheard the conversation last time. My name is Alfred, the chief secretary at headquarters. Thank you so much for helping our lady.”

He bowed his back.

Contrary to the image of a high-ranking official that is usually emerging, it was a polite attitude.

He followed Pieta’s guidance to the drawing room.

Seeing me following, he gave Pieta a suspicious look.

“It’s Evan who helped me the most. We are going to discuss the operation together.”

He glanced at me up and down, and with a gentle smile, asked for a handshake.

“Take good care of me. Evan.”

I nodded my head slightly and shook my hand.

They entered the living room and sat down at a table with three people.

“In the meantime, the secretary is the one who has brought news from the head office. My father and I have been close friends for a very long time, and he has taken care of me since I was very young.”

Pieta added a brief introduction, and he looked at me and said.

“The three remaining siblings are all in the same family. Once we got rid of Lady Pieta, we colluded. After sending the assassin to your house, they even tried to recruit me.”

Once he accepted the offer, he said he was acting like a spy for Pieta.

Although it does not have a wide range of activity to avoid suspicion.

“Third Master, no, I am reluctant to use the title of Master now. Anyway, I heard that Jude Law went out into the wilderness. To harm her.”

“Actually it was. I met you.”

“Seeing you here like this, you must have been well offended.”

“Rather than bullying me, I made him not come back. Right, Evan-sama?”

It took a while for Alfred to understand what he meant, and he gave a bewildered expression on his face.

Flicking his watch, he said.

“Relief… no see. Well done. If I had had a vicious plan to kill my relatives, I should have thought of getting it back. You did very well. However, I heard that the number of mercenaries that Jude Law hired are not small. .”

Pieta blinked at me.

He looked at me and nodded.

“You said that you were a great help, and you met a precious relationship. You seem to be a very talented person.”

Anyway, he kept telling me what was going on at headquarters.

“The general meeting of shareholders will be held on the scheduled date and time. The location is a multi-purpose hall on the 17th floor, which is the middle location among the 35th floor of the headquarters. There will be more guards up and down than usual, and outsiders will be strictly prohibited from entering the entire building during the General Assembly.”

“We will arrive in Area 65 on the day of the general assembly as scheduled. If you rush in, you only increase the chances of being caught by your older sisters and older brothers.”

“Yes. I also think that one is better. As a shareholder participating in the general meeting, I have decorated my ID and documents, and if you accompany me, there will be no problem entering the headquarters building.”

“How many ID cards do you have ready?”

“In addition to the one lady, I prepared an extra one.”

two total.

“Is additional production possible now?”

“It is difficult. Recently, there have been a lot of surveillance eyes in the headquarters, so it was not easy to forge these two.”

And the president said he would not attend the general meeting due to health problems.

After the announcement of the business strategy, at the end of the general meeting, the representative will read the statement on behalf of the verified handwriting.

“Again, the plan to announce that the young lady has committed suicide has been modified. Being admitted to a psychiatric hospital for depression. It is inevitable that the stock price will drop as soon as the young lady disappears from public places, but I think she decided that it was better than suicide.”

Pieta snorted.

“It’s a mental illness. Who is really mentally ill?”

“Anyway, don’t worry too much. I am on the side of the former president and the young lady.”

He fiddled with his watch once more, and I watched the action carefully.

After talking a few more, I got up.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the exit on the western outskirts. Nominally, I’m on a business trip, so even if I don’t go in right away, headquarters won’t suspect me.”

Departure is tomorrow morning.

The plan was to take a break in Districts 67 and 66 in the middle and arrive at the headquarters in District 65 on the morning of the assembly day.

“Thank you, secretary. Thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome. It is morally natural to follow the will of the former president. Even from my personal opinion, I think the former lady is the best fit for the position of president.”

A small smile spread across Pieta’s somewhat tired face.

As I went out of the drawing room to see him off, I ran into a team of supplies that had just arrived.

“Thank you for helping Ms.”

He asked to shake hands with each of the mercenaries on the way to the door.

Estelle avoided the handshake and came to me and whispered.

“It seems to be the helper I was talking about.”

“okay. Departure is tomorrow morning. Did anything happen outside?”

“Except for the fact that someone accidentally threw a work comment and knocked it down once. I bought all the ammunition and fuel so I didn’t run out.”

Alfred was holding the doorknob of the doorway after saying goodbye to Pieta.

I approached him and called him.

“Secretary. You said you were on Pieta’s side. It is reassuring to know that such a talented person is an ally.”

He smiled softly.

“Yes. I’m always on her side. I am also reassured to have such a talented mercenary with me.”

He fiddled with his watch.

Then he bowed his head, put on his hat, and disappeared out of the dormitory.

I turned my back and looked at Estelle.

“Now obviously… .”

As expected to some extent, she was shocked and unable to keep her mouth shut.

* * *

again the next morning.

Mercenaries’ cars and sports cars ran on the road.

Several sedans surrounded it as if escorting it.

Halfway through, I arrived at the next area and took a break, and there was no restraint or interruption until I arrived at the basement parking lot of the headquarters in Area 65.

“From here on, only those who have been identified can enter.”

Alfred said in front of the elevator going to the ground floor.

Prepare two IDs.

None of the mercenaries objected that I should be the one to accompany Pieta.

“We will be waiting here. If something happens, give me a signal right away.”

I nodded.

Soon the elevator door closed and the mercenaries and Estelle disappeared.

When Alfred pressed the button on the 17th floor and brought his ID card to the panel, a mechanical sound came out.

─ Chief Secretary Alfred, 1 person.

─ General meeting participants, 2 persons.

─ Confirmed.


I heard nothing but the sound of the elevator going up.

The air felt tight.

“Aren’t you nervous, lady?”

“A little.”

“When you get off the 17th floor, the guard will check your identity once again at the entrance to the hall. You don’t have to take off your mask and sunglasses, because I’m the person you hired.”

The elevator moved slowly but calmly.


There was no one in the middle.


Gradually we got closer to the target floor.


And the moment the number 16 was printed on the panel.

I wrapped my arms around Alfred’s neck and pulled him back.

At the same time, he made a blade made of lightning and aimed it at his neck.

“Big, huh! Gee, what is this now!”

“Evan? What are you doing all of a sudden?”

I reached out and turned off the light on the 17th floor button and pressed the 18th floor.

and said

“The meeting place is on the 18th floor, not the 17th. Isn’t it? Secretary?”

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