A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 60

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 60

060. sheep (1)

“You mean the police?”

Pieta motioned and pulled back the sedan.

There were only the three of us left in the vacant lot.

“Aren’t you as surprised as you think?”

“It’s what Evan said. Once you get it out of your mouth, it means you’ve got all your plans in mind.”

I put the revolver back into the box I had placed nearby and looked at Pieta and said,

“Inducing riots by inviting the police to the meeting point.”

“In what way?”

“Did you bring what I asked for?”

“Oh, wait a minute.”

She pulled out a tape, a playback device, and a file folder with dozens of photos from her bag and handed it to me.

“It’s a transcript. All the old ones are discarded quarterly, so only the most recent ones remain, and I have the employees take pictures of all the insides of the factories where transactions have been made.”

“Thank you.”

When the tape was turned on, the voices of two men came out with a slight rustling of clothes.

“Long time no see. Bama-sama.”

“… He says he doesn’t need to say hello. I’ll tell you. I’m not giving you the conditions right away. In the future, we will reduce the delivery unit price by 10% for heavy equipment. These days, monsters appear more often on the outskirts, so we can’t transport logistics at the same cost as before.”

“We are aware of that, but the figure of 10 percent at a time… .”

continued to listen.

“The next contract is on August 15th. Area 53. 2pm. The specific location will be notified again.”

“All right. Bama-sama.”

I stopped playing the tape at that point.

“Cut this part off and send it to the police.”

“Can’t you think of it as a joke tip?”

“All the voices of members of the gang members above candidates are registered in the police database. We will make sure that the recording is real and we will definitely respond.”

“indeed… . okay. We have limited information so we don’t have to worry about our identity being exposed.”

Pieta, who had been thinking for a moment, spoke immediately.

“But there are prerequisites. You need to be able to tell the police in advance exactly which factory the contract will be made at. There are over 100 closed factories in District 53. You can’t have the police stationed all over the place. No matter how big the organization is, even if it’s to catch an executive. However, it would be too late to report after being notified of the location. The police will also need to analyze the recording and dispatch troops, and the contract usually ends within an hour.”

She was right.

There is a way to report directly and then follow the police, but we could not use it because there is a risk of our identity being exposed.

“It is not impossible to predict the factory.”

I shook off the file and scattered the photos in the air.

The photos wrapped in dark blue mana lined up in the air as they were.

I quickly scanned the photos.

At the top of the photo was the date with the district number.

‘I would not have chosen any factory or contract site. He’s a guy with a rather delicate corner.’

The boss and executives of Blue Serpent are all characters I set myself.


the basis of desire.

Growth environment and complex.

The way of fighting and the purpose of life.

All stored in my head.

These factors may have influenced the guy’s choices unconsciously, and they would have been exposed.

For example, the guy hides his skin and face and always communicates through an agent.

Looking through the photos, I noticed one thing in common.

‘Also. You don’t deviate much from your expectations.’

The afternoon sun was shining through the windows in all the places where the tables were placed.

To be precise, it was the direction Bama was facing the sunlight.

“… I think he knows his tastes. There is still time until the tangent, so I will arrive at Area 53 in advance and find a factory that meets the conditions.”

“Can you tell by looking at the picture?”

When I explained it, Pieta burst out in admiration.

“exactly… I heard it and saw it. Up until now, I had gone out with my sunglasses on and didn’t even notice. We can narrow down the expected location a lot.”

“And to the meeting point, I go alone.”

“yes? Are you saying that you will go out on my behalf, not as an escort?”

“Wait. That’s the first I’ve heard of it, isn’t it?”

Pieta’s eyes widened, and Estelle stood up.

“Literally. Pieta and Estelle. All do not need to go to the tangent place. Let them wait a little further away from the factory.”

Estelle said with a dissatisfied face.

“I understand that you are going to use the police to induce a melee and kill Bama in the meantime. But what about you? You can’t be caught by the police either.”

“Pieta, ask the escorts. Even if they die, they have no blemishes. Give me the money and I’ll be able to get the thugs out of the back alley.”

“No, you’re not taking me as an escort, are you?”

I made eye contact with her.

“… Estelle. It’s not because I don’t trust you that I won’t take you. It’s a matter of efficiency. I have a lot of time to prepare this time, and I can create enough situations where I can get out of it if I am alone. The more people there are, the harder it is to get out.”

“I have nothing to say, but… . I see. You are giving orders.”

“I will follow Evan’s opinion. If you need any support, please let me know.”

I explained the finished picture in my head, and they nodded as they listened to the story.

“Then I’ll see you in Area 53 on the same day.”

Pieta got back into the car to work and disappeared.

“Are we going to leave right away?”

“I do. There is nothing more to see here.”

We called a passerby and asked the Pyro to say hello, and we got into the car too.

And immediately hit the accelerator.

From District 62 to District 53.

It wasn’t a short distance, but the closer I got to the capital, the more I was able to arrive at the 53rd district in the late evening due to the flow between the districts.

We got a hotel and stayed overnight, and from the next day we started walking around the abandoned factories throughout the district.

“More than 3 stories high. Four or more entrances. Can we just find a place with a window to the north and as much space as possible?”


There were not many places that met all conditions.

Three places were selected, and after removing two with marble or similar floors, only one remained.

It was a factory in the middle of an abandoned industrial complex.

The walls were full of graffiti using paint, and the inside was bleak with all the facilities removed.

‘If you calculate where the sunlight comes in, the table will be placed here.’

“It seems to be a fairly large complex. Seeing that there are dormitories and water towers nearby.”

I climbed the water tower with Estelle.

As it is about 15 stories high of a general building, it is possible to overlook the whole view of the complex.

“What if this is not the place Bama calls us?”

“no. definitely here If it were a guy I knew, there would be no other place I would choose.”

“… When I see you, sometimes I am amazed. How can you be so confident in your choices? It was as if he knew everything about the future.”

“It’s just a lot of thinking.”

I simply shifted my gaze to various parts of the world, imagining the situation that was going to happen that day, and my path in response to it.

‘If the police release the undercover and enter, the timing is after confirming that both contractors have completely entered the factory. The expected route is… .’


I purified the elements in a way that did not put any strain on my body and engraved magic on the bottom of the water tower.

More than a third of the mana ran out in an instant.

Every few hours, whenever the mana was full, I walked around the factory building and all over the complex, repeating the same thing over and over again.

Meanwhile, Estelle stayed by my side.

“Did you say space movement magic? Like a portal in the capital city, you can move between districts and districts at once.”

“It is much smaller than that, but the principle is the same.”

space movement.

As a higher-grade magic than “Blink”, it had the advantage that everyone on the activation coordinates could move together.

However, with my current amount of mana, I was able to move only within a relatively short distance, so I was installing camps at short intervals of about 30 meters.

In order to achieve the same effect as long-distance movement by activating the Jin one after another.

It was a method that could not be used unless there was a special case where there was enough time for preparation like now.

After a few days of work going back and forth between the dormitory and the factory complex, the date of the meeting finally came.

I sat on the terrace of the promised cafe and drank coffee while reading the newspaper.

Around him, six escorts assigned by Pieta were also sitting at the table in pairs.

He looked fine in a suit, but his gangsters were wandering around the back alleys.

They didn’t know exactly what the deal was today.

I just know that I can get a lot of money if I escort a client in a certain contract.

‘… Now slowly.’

I glanced around through the newspaper and checked my watch.

The moment the hour and minute hands point to exactly 1:30.


A black sedan stopped in front of the terrace and a man in a suit got out.

He came over here, checked the blue handkerchief in the front pocket of my jacket, and said.

“Are you from Low Tactics?”

The moment I pulled down my sunglasses and checked his face, I couldn’t help but raise the corners of my mouth.

‘Undoubtedly Bama’s subordinate.’

He was a figure in Cain’s memory.

At the thought of starting a full-fledged approach to the target of revenge, a little excitement and euphoria arose.


“I came to meet you. Let’s go.”

I followed his guidance and boarded the back seat of the sedan with one of my escorts.

The rest of the escorts boarded the other sedans that arrived one after another.

“… … .”

There was no conversation in the car.

The four sedans drove quietly.

The height of the buildings outside the window decreased as they moved away from the city center.

Then the wilderness appeared, and the industrial complex that had been in and out of the past several days could be seen in the distance.

Breaking the silence, I asked a question.

“Is it true that a man named Bama came out with his clothes covered?”

“… I’m giving you advice as it’s the first time you’ve been to a contract position, but you shouldn’t comment on your appearance or clothes in front of Bama-sama. It’s best not to make eye contact as much as possible.”

“Try. I don’t know if I can.”

I burst into laughter, and the escort next to me made a face with something to point out, and asked in a shaky voice, ‘Is that what you mean?’

I looked out the window without answering anything.

The car was now just driving in.

‘Certainly, the skill of hiding seems to be lacking.’

The police cut off only the back part of the transcript and mailed it anonymously.

An employee planted by Pieta had been monitoring the plant complex for several days, and received information from him that yesterday morning a group of police officers had arrived and scattered all over the complex.

The number of people is roughly 100 people.

It was a number that could not be easily dealt with, no matter how bad it was.

‘Estelle is just waiting on the outskirts. I’m ready.’


The sedan just stopped in front of the factory in the middle.

The driver got off first and opened the door, and I slowly got out of the car.

“Come in. Bama-sama is waiting for you.”

Two of Bama’s men, who were waiting, opened the factory doors wide from both sides.

The escorts were agitated for a moment at the words of Barmara, but they also knew that it was wrong to get out of here.

jerk. jerk.

I went through the door and went inside.

The sound of several shoes echoed through the silent factory.

In the middle of the factory, even on this hot summer day, a man, covered in a thick coat, hat and sunglasses, was sitting in front of a large iron table.

With about 10 subordinates lined up with their backs on their backs.

I narrowed the distance in front of the table at once.

As I took off my sunglasses, a smile of mixed emotions appeared on my face.

‘Long time no see, Bama.’

I reached out and asked for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you. Mr Bama. My name is Evan, the head of planning at Low Tactic.”

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