A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 75

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 75

075. fight club (2)


With an intermittent drive, Enix arrived first and picked up a rifle.

He immediately pulled the trigger and fired at the opponent.

It was a familiar movement, knowing that the magazine was already full.

Doo doo doo-!

Kaldike was not left where the shooting was over.

He jumped high in the air and was descending with the tip of the spear he had just picked up pointing down.


Enix rolled over and narrowly avoided the attack.

He picked up the sword from the cradle and responded to the attack that followed immediately.

Through the speaker, the sound of weapons clashing constantly and the sound of rough breathing has been transmitted.


The amount of money spent on both fighters was printed on the electronic display that continued from the ceiling in the center of the stadium.

“Million, ten million, billion… ? 200 million shillings for just one person?”

The amount staked on both sides was equal.

Besides, since it was still just the beginning of the game, the number printed out continued to soar in real time.

“If I don’t eat or drink anything for 10 years, the amount I can save is 50 million shillings… .”

She made a somewhat shocked face.

All the people entering and leaving this place were people who could use it in a funny way, ranging from as little as ten million units to as many as billions.

The amount of money that an ordinary person cannot touch for the rest of her life moves, so the shock she received was natural to some extent.


Then, with a knock, an employee pulled in a cart.

All kinds of high-quality alcoholic beverages and snacks were loaded.

“Room service. It is provided free of charge, so please enjoy it as much as you like. If there is a meal or drink you are looking for, please let us know and we will deliver it to the kitchen and prepare it.”

Her gaze shifted to the mainstream.

“You can drink it if you want. It’s something you can’t easily find anywhere else.”

“no… . it’s okay. People are fighting for their lives, and it feels a little strange to drink in front of them.”

She shook her head with a bitter expression.

When I beckoned, the staff nodded and left the room.

It didn’t take long for the match to end.

Both sides were mana users, and their skills themselves were equal, but the difference in actual experience was revealed.

In less than ten minutes, Kaldike’s neck was neatly cut and rolled on the floor.

“After we have some maintenance time, we will start the second match.”

Staff covered in cleaning clothes from toe to head came out and cleaned the stadium.

The total amount, number of people, and dividends on both sides were counted on the billboard.

The combined amount of both sides is about 420 million shillings. The number of participants is 32.

It was clearly a large amount from an objective point of view, but considering the specificity of the place, it was not a large amount.

Because the real game hasn’t even started yet.

In addition, the number of spectators participating in one session was usually around 100.

If this is also a small number of people, considering that the arena is not the only one here, it was not a very small number.

“I’m going to look outside for a moment.”

“I will go with you.”

“no. rest Right now, the purpose is to explore, so I have no intention of doing anything dangerous.”

It seemed that the shock she had received in many ways was not yet over.

I left her with a complicated expression behind and left the room.


The hallway was quiet.

The soft lights were on, and the staff walked around cautiously, giving off a drowsy atmosphere.

I walked along the hallway, followed the stairs that appeared at the end and went downstairs.

‘Exactly as Cain remembered. The end will go down to the 5th basement floor.’

I kept walking, paying attention to the number of guards, the movement, and the interior structure.

From the first basement floor to the third floor, there were guest rooms, as well as a fixtures room and laundry room to maintain the guest rooms.

“If you get lost, I will guide you.”

3rd floor basement.

As I stopped in the hallway, a passerby approached me and asked politely.

When I beckoned him to be okay, he bowed his head and walked away.

‘I can’t go further down now.’

My gaze was directed to the elevator that went down to the 4th and 5th basement floors located at the end of the hallway.

There were guards guarding the front, so only the manager could board.

I turned around and headed back upstairs.

The 4th basement floor was a space to keep the monsters captured from all over the world.

And the 5th basement floor was the space where the fighters lived.

I knew that those brought in in debt or captive were treated like prisoners, but some who came in voluntarily were treated quite generously.

‘You can’t think of the security and security level of the spaces you’ve broken through so far.’

I reviewed various situations and variables in my head and outlined possible options.

First, the frontal breakthrough was unreasonable.

Although it is the most primitive and simple option, the staff assigned to the arena are all elite.

Even the staff pulling the cart must have passed the circuit level 2 stage.

No matter how you go through the gatekeeper and go down to the 5th floor, there is no guarantee that you will be able to reach the ground safely.

‘If you disguise yourself as a manager, or find another passage and infiltrate down.’

Not a bad option.

But there are many things to consider.

Who will you disguise as?

How to forge the card required to open and close the prison door.

What will be the title of the fighter to go to the ground?

‘I’ll have to arrange a blueprint for the arena just in case. Or if it causes a commotion that has no choice but to remove the number of people as before.’

As I was walking in thought, I came across a huge door.

It is a place where people can gather and watch the game together, but the inside has not been checked yet.

When I grabbed the handle and pushed it, the door moved smoothly, unlike the image given by its size.

The door opened and appeared to be a hall.

Tables were set up everywhere under the lights, and on the wall there was a space and a bar where you could eat while watching the chef cook.

It was like a party hall.

Except for the fact that the entrance and the opposite wall are all glass, and fighters are fighting in front of the rows of seats.

The number of people was not small.

They gathered from all over the place and chatted with laughter.

I entered the internal structure of the hall in my head and went through the crowd to the grandstand.

People were sitting sparsely.

He was watching the game while sipping wine with the lips exposed under the mask.

I sat in the seat farthest from people and looked forward.

I checked the watch.

11:56 p.m.

Quite a bit of time passed while I was wandering around.

After the third match, an unknown fighter, who had become a corpse, was being carried away by a cart.

‘The main match will start on time with no change.’

The names of the fighters participating in today’s match were confirmed as soon as they arrived here.

However, the name used for the midnight match that my men were known to play was not the name I knew.

I don’t know the exact reason, but it was highly likely that they were making me use a fake name.

Or the information that Bama delivered is fake.

I slowly laid down on the sofa.

Either way, we’d be able to confirm the facts in a few minutes.

“Are you here alone?”

Then someone sat down next to me.

It was a mask with a smiling face, similar to a traditional Korean mask in reality.

I stared at him.

Judging by the grayish hair color and the hoarse voice, I could tell that he was quite old.

“It’s rare for a young friend to come here like this.”

Even though I didn’t answer, the old man squeaked and continued talking.

“Usually, this is a place where people who have gone through prenatal care and have nothing to experience anymore come in search of new stimulation.”

“… … .”

It could have been set by me or a figure in Cain’s memory.

However, only his voice and age were revealed, and there were few clues to guess.

“… Age doesn’t matter to enjoy the game. We would appreciate it if you could move the seat to another location if it is not uncomfortable. It’s because I’m the type of person who enjoys watching games alone.”

“You are young! yes yes I thought so too when I was young. In the world, I live alone anyway, and I can do anything by myself. That was the way it was. Aren’t you very confident in yourself? I think I can do anything above average.”

I kept trying to ignore it, but the old man didn’t show any signs of falling off easily.

They could be kicked out more harshly, but unless you know the old man’s identity, hurting him could come back in danger.

Since it is a place where even a business card cannot be given out with any amount of wealth or power, there is a high possibility that the old man is also a big man.

‘It’s not good to get the attention of the staff.’

First, I wanted to respond to the conversation.

“It’s true that you have strong self-confidence, but I think the latter needs to be adjusted a little.”


“I can do anything at a near-best level.”

It wasn’t a show or bluff, it was just telling the truth.

In fact, Cain was like that, and I, who inherited his abilities, has been doing the same.

The old man was stunned for a moment, then burst out laughing.

“I am full of energy. It’s like seeing my younger foes.”

He stopped laughing and picked his breath.

“Huh, huh. okay. Would you like to make a bet with me?”

“You mean bet?”

“Yeah, I bet. A wager between people and people.”

“If it’s a bet, you can do it not with me, but with an unspecified number of people here.”

“I’ve done it a lot. I’m getting more and more tired of it. What’s the fun of just exchanging money over the hologram? It’s humane to do anything face-to-face like this.”

“… Let’s hear the details of the bet first.”

“It’s simple. All you have to do is bet on the next game and guess the winner.”

“It seems to be no different than the betting offered in the arena. And I don’t have any money loaded right now.”

“Don’t worry. You can use mine.”

As the old man manipulated the panel in front of the seat, a hologram was output.

C: 1,000,000,000

1 billion shillings.

The number of ordinary people was suffocating just by looking at it.

When I saw the money, I wasn’t too surprised, the old man looked a little disappointed.

“You seem to be carrying too much money for one night’s entertainment.”

“As I get older, the things I want to do decrease and the money naturally accumulates. You can bet with my money. If you succeed in predicting and win money, that’s up to you. I’ll give you an extra amount of money.”

“It’s a strange proposition. What if I lose?”

“You can only pay back what you lost. If you go to a place like this, do you have that much money? If you are afraid of losing, you can only bet a reasonable amount.”

It was a really strange proposal.

As an old man, there is nothing to gain from this bet.

Even if I fail the bet, it is worth it, and if I succeed, I lose as much as the dividend.

That means you either know how to win this bet or have something else to gain besides money.

“Well, if you don’t have the money to pay it back, you can pay it back with something else.”

The old man’s gaze turned downward.

“It’s your finger.”

“… … .”

It was a joke, but I could feel the bones in it.

But he didn’t seem to have a hobby like actually collecting fingers.

‘You want to see how I react to money.’

Sometimes there were.

Those who enjoy seeing their opponents get ruined by setting situations they can’t handle.

A billion shillings is not an amount that any rich man in and out of the arena would take lightly.

A young man who lacks worldly experience is enough to paralyze his reason.

Considering that it has not been one or two times to induce such a situation, given that they have naturally spoken to and offered bets.

‘It’s a bad taste.’

I opened my mouth.

“good. Instead, if I win, I’ll get something else instead of the extra money.”

“Are you giving up money? What do you mean?”

“It would be nice to have something like a teacher’s finger.”

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