A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 90

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 90

090. Rumors (1)


Two men in black suits spread out folding chairs and laid them on the floor.

Again, men in the same outfit whimpered and carried an iron tabletop that had been lying around.

thud! Snap!

Pieces of glass scattered on the floor were trampled on by the legs of the tabletop and shattered.

said Belfort.

“Sit down.”

I sat on the chair.

I faced him with a desk in between.

For a moment, I looked around.

It was dark.

Bullets and sword marks all over the wall.

Collapsed ceilings and exterior walls.

All sorts of debris on the floor.

They alone were proof of the war that had been waged here last night.

“The weather is not bad.”

I said looking at my desk.

The sunlight shining through the cracks in the broken wall was shining on the center of the desk.

“Yes. It’s hard to believe that it rained so hard last night. First of all, I apologize once again for having to schedule this schedule without even having time to rest properly.”

“Time doesn’t matter.”

I fell asleep late in the morning, disbanding the mercenaries last night and doing some follow-up.

However, with just a few hours of deep sleep, his physical strength and mental strength were sufficiently recovered.

Except for a few wounds and the aftereffects of the catalyst.

“Actually, I don’t really feel it. That such a monstrous person died. Of course, I believed that Evan-sama would do it.”

His gaze flickered backwards.

A huge hole opened its mouth on the floor.

The hole continued to the lower floor and to the lower floor in a straight line.

“I heard there was lightning. It’s like a lightning bolt from an angry god. It is said that the movement of mana was similar to that of magic… .”

He frowned and looked at my fingertips.

In general, it is impossible for a single wizard to create a lightning bolt of that size alone.

So he is asking.

Do you feel that the rumors are a bit inflated?


“Do you want to check it out yourself?”

“Oh, no. Ha ha ha, is that possible?”

He flinched at the faint blue current flowing through his hand.

He quickly changed the topic in a cold sweat.

“Anyway, the victory in this war is all thanks to Evan-sama. As soon as the news that Parterre was dead, all the enemies were pulled out of their tails.”

The death of the king who ruled the area.

The heavy and harsh telegram quickly spread throughout the entire area last night.

By the informants of the friendly and enemy camps who were watching the war.

“Did you say that the fighting continued in areas other than Area 47?”

“Yes. The various sub-organizations attached to the Blue Serpent. He must have sensed defeat to some extent. It was because all the Blue Serpent members who were serving as commanders were repatriated to the base.”

There was only one action the enemy could take.

Either give up the weapon and surrender, or escape and get caught and die.

“For now, let’s get right to the point.”

Belfort blinked.

The staff laid out some briefcases on the desk and unfolded them.


It was full of thick papers.

“This is a document related to the facilities operated by Parter in all areas except Area 47. It includes everything like the period of operation, current owners, and income history.”

“Seeing the sheep, it must have been quite difficult to secure them.”

“Haha, as soon as the enemy was gone, I went around the whole district office.”

Some of the papers were stained with blood.

“Sometimes there are back alley sheepdogs who risked their lives to hide in an empty office to see if there was anything to pick up and eat.”

He looked shrugged.

Then he put his elbows on the table and spoke in a very serious voice.

“We intend to sell all the captured buildings and land.”

It was somewhat expected.

“I think the police will investigate.”

“Yes, that’s right. The war in District 47 was too large. I didn’t even think about borrowing a hand in the first place, but it’s far beyond what the local police can cover. As the investigation proceeds, those involved in the war will be entwined one after another.”

Before an investigator is dispatched, he sells out everything that could be an asset and leaves the scene.

It wasn’t a bad option out of what we could do in the current situation.

“All land that can be used for farmland will be transferred to Hexa Medical.”

“Yes. To avoid suspicion, we will also go through the form of purchases.”

“What are you planning to grow?”

“Of course, aren’t these medicinal plants necessary for the New Testament?”

“A cure for horse disease.”

“Thanks to Evan. You have contributed to something significant. Even a few years after the cure is distributed, there will be no one suffering from horse disease.”

Without noticing my cold eyes, he continued to open his mouth.

‘… Exposure that the treatment is fake is possible at any time. But to do that, you’ll need evidence first.’

Discarded experimental results.

Or those who participated in the experiment at the time.

You don’t necessarily have to disclose.

However, at the same time as the revelation, there were situations in which I could benefit.

‘If it explodes, after securing the evidence, at the point where you can get the maximum benefit.’

At that time, this disgusting feeling that I am feeling now will be relieved to some extent.

“Anyway, we will close our contract soon.”

Just right.

When I snapped my finger, the mercenaries waiting downstairs came up with briefcases.


I put it on my desk and lined it up behind me.

Belfort immediately flinched at the sight of being armed with a suit and gun.

“I’ve heard rumors, but I think the police or even the imperial soldiers would believe it.”

With his voice mixed with admiration and surprise, I pressed the button on the bag.


A pile of papers appeared, stacked one after the other, like the other bags next to it.

“It’s all about the facilities in Area 47. The tavern, the arena, the gun dealer, the auction house, all the documents necessary for the acquisition of the farm.”

As it was the place where the main headquarters of Parter were located, the types and number of facilities were also significantly higher than in other areas.

“I was thinking that I would have to search all of this building, but you got everything in advance. Thank you for your consideration.”

He couldn’t hide his laughter.

He quickly looked through the documents.

“And as for Puttyland. We have accomplished our purpose, so we plan to dismantle it when all facilities are sold.”

It was a reasonable decision.

It was good not to leave any tail that could be trampled on.

Since it was a group of wandering mercenaries in the first place, the backlash would not have been too severe.

Except for those who fought in Area 47.

“We want to continue working under Evan-sama.”

The dawn when the mercenaries were disbanded.

They hesitated to return to their home.

Veterans with extensive field experience knew that Putilland would be disbanded when the situation was over.

And the prediction became a rumor and spread among other inexperienced mercenaries.

“please. Please take us away.”

“Please take it.”

“Please lead us.”

Overlapping and overlapping voices echoed through the rain.

A total of 250 people survived.

Numbers not including casualties.

Taking that into account, more than 70% of the first personnel survived.

It was the best strategy for the situation, and it was the result of focusing on minimizing casualties as much as possible rather than on the efficiency of front-line advances.

“As you know, the majority of mercenaries do not have professional training. If you need troops to continuously operate, it is better to recruit them separately… .”

Milsian said so.

But I had already made up my mind.

“Everyone must have lived in their own way of fighting. It may take quite a while to fix your hardened thinking and behavior patterns. But when we can fix it all, the result will not be too bad.”

The fear of not knowing when you will die.

As a mercenary who lives with numerous requests, it is an inevitability that he cannot help but feel.

I can’t help but wish unconsciously.

May someone be a compass and an unshakable key to guide your life.

“There must be a guy with a bigger calculation that he will be able to live more safely than when he was a wanderer. But it doesn’t matter. Loyalty is an emotion that grows out of the benefits originally given to you.”

We needed an army that we could use right away.

They were already accustomed to my command after going through the battlefield together, and I had the confidence to transform them into a more usable group through in-depth education.

“Don’t you need someone to take care of the farm?”

“I plan to hire all of them. It is possible that unforeseen circumstances may arise when the investigation is conducted. And the personal property of Parterre found underground.”

He looked at the back hole again.

At the bottom of the line of sight, the piles of money and the mercenaries standing at the guard looked small.

There were so many sheep that they had not yet been able to move them all to their homes.

“It is something that is not clearly stated in the contract. We had meetings all night.”

He paused for a moment.

“It has been decided to hand over everything to Evan.”

“… … .”

He spoke as if he were sympathetic, but knew that it was an inevitable decision.

“I had a very strong opinion, haha. He is the main character in this war, so it is imperative that we continue our relationship.”

The entire facility and farmland that fell under the terms of the contract were handed over with certainty.

However, loot acquired along the way is not included in this condition.

You wouldn’t have expected that the secret space where you stored your money would be discovered during the war.

‘The mercenaries have not been disbanded yet, probably considering that.’

The command is still with me.

You don’t know what you’ll do if you’re wrong, so giving up is definitely giving up.

Anyway, it was a reasonable decision as they were the people who run the company.

Some numbers I prepared for just in case did not need to be used.

After checking all the documents in Area 47, he closed the cover and pulled the bag towards him.

“I think it would be better to move all the money to the nearest bank branch first. Before the investigator came… ?”

The bag was wrapped in black mana and stuck in place.

He looked up at me with bewildered eyes.

“I think it will be yours, not me, who is moving the money. All facilities in District 47, except farmland, I purchase. With the money under your feet, underground.”

* * *


“Come in.”

With my permission, the door opened and a man with a mustache entered.

He nodded towards me and set the pile of papers on the desk where I was sitting.

“The number and organization chart of nightlife facilities on Street 17-2, and financial indicators for Street Gunners on Streets 3-5.”


It wasn’t ‘tuk’ or ‘tuk’, it was ‘kung’.

On the desk were piles of papers besides what had just been put down.

“Assembly is quick. Good job.”

“I just want to thank you for your valuable writing.”

He nodded again and left the room.


The door closed and silence entered the room again.

The takeover took place quickly.

“Are you planning to run all the facilities yourself?”

“Leave the two and change the one that needs to be replaced.”

He didn’t like the fact that I was staying in Area 47, but he swallowed dry saliva when he saw my offer, which was much higher than the advertised amount.

“The word that the mercenaries will be taken over without disbanding them… .”

“To operate the facility, we need people to protect it. Of course, I have no intention of keeping the name of Puttyland.”

“Even so… .”

“No mercenaries know that Hexa Medical was behind them.”

“… … .”

“Because I was also the mastermind of the war, I am not in a position to speak to the police. Rather, we will close the mercenaries and cover them up thoroughly.”

“… … .”

“I am very scared. Aren’t you thinking of getting rid of all the evidence? No, he may have already finished the work.”

He pondered for a long time.

He must have been thoroughly calculating the pros and cons of his choices as if he were measuring with a ruler.

Then he finally opened his mouth.

“good. I will accept the deal.”

and that morning.

Several vehicles loaded with money and disappeared into the darkness.

I immediately hired a worker the next day and started restoring the facility.

Including the arena building where my temporary office now resides.

“Am I really going to be able to continue working for Evan-sama?”

The mercenaries also participated enthusiastically in the restoration, and it didn’t take long for the facility to take its original shape to some extent.

All non-combat personnel involved in facility operation were absorbed as they were.

Since they are experts in their field and have been working there for a long time, there was no need to fill the position with new personnel.

After all, they consisted only of contractual relationships, but were not deeply involved in the organization.

‘There is no end.’

And now I was processing papers from all over Area 47.

Without going through a middle manager, we grasped the operation flow of each facility and checked all changes directly.

‘The fact that the report is raised in several stages means that it is good to decorate the duke behind it.’

It was not difficult to find a few missing accounting statements, and all those who stole the funds were taken to the hands of the mercenaries and went on an eternal vacation.

There were many other things to deal with.

Transfer of ownership of buildings and land, disposal of newly captured funds, temporary suspension of operation or selection of facilities to continue operations, and settlement of remuneration for surviving mercenaries.


When I put the pen down for a moment and buried myself in the chair, I heard a sound from the door.

straight-. smart. smart-.

It was a knock with an unusual tempo.

It was not difficult to guess who the owner of the knock was.

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