After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 228

228 - Osgar's Deviation

228 – Osgar’s Deviation

I took a quick look at the atmosphere in the room.

‘I want to leave now.’

The battle with Evan, his performance during the assassination of the staff, and the use of magic that appears to be black magic.

The Pope asked me various questions.

I answered them all correctly.

If this level of explanation is given, the Pope will have no more questions.

Honestly, the attention I’ve received right now is just too much.

How many more people get this much attention from the Pope?

‘I don’t feel good.’

As usual, the interests of superiors are closely related to crisis or destruction.

I want to live as quietly as possible.

With that wish in mind, I secretly looked towards the exit.

The space where the emperor and the pope gather is dangerous in many ways. Since we have to have a close conversation, I wish they would kick me out quickly.

I don’t know why, but they didn’t let me out even during the meeting. Well, I guess they just thought it was a passing animal eavesdropping on people.

‘Should I just open the door and go out like this?’

– Thank you for the meeting! I hope you continue to work hard for the people! – I feel like I want to leave a thank you note and leave.

The moment I was slowly moving towards the door.

The Pope opened his mouth.


Unlike his friendly voice, his tone is a bit more serious. Instead of warmth, the proportion of harshness in his eyes increased.

“I thought it was related to the shale cult leader.”

Shale bridge.

A name that appears suddenly.

I probably would have been quite embarrassed if I didn’t have a title.

Luckily, extremely calm words came out of my mouth.

“You mean the shale bridge?”

“That’s right.”

“I have no connection to him. I’ve never even heard his name.”

The Pope stared at me as if questioning the truth.

Rather, the emperor muttered quietly.

“He is extremely hidden.”

For a moment, the emperor’s face looked aged.

Even if he is only a shell of himself, he is someone who once walked everywhere under his feet.

The weakness he showed resembled that of an old lion facing a difficult enemy. It’s a kind of helplessness where you just hope that the other person doesn’t touch you.

Of course, the weakness immediately disappeared from the emperor’s face, but it was a sufficient explanation for the Shaleam Bridge.

A being that can make even the emperor fear for a moment.

The Pope’s next words carry a heavy weight.

The Pope stared at me and opened his mouth.

“Your energy. Talent. Qualities. Everything resembles him.”

They say I resemble the leader of Shaleam.

I can’t clearly understand the meaning of those words, but

“… Everything?”

“No. I’ve never seen the cult leader, so I’m not sure. But I’ve seen his spirit.”

The Pope was silent for a moment.

Did he briefly visit his own world of imagination?

His gaze fell into the depths and then returned again.

How did he look into the soul of the Hwalam cult leader? I don’t know how, but it certainly wasn’t a good memory.

The Pope’s fist was clenched lightly.

“Your aura is similar to his. That relaxed attitude. Even the look in your eyes. It’s as if you have an understanding of everything.”

“I am like that…”

“Don’t deny that. I think that’s where most of your confidence comes from.”

The Pope cut off his words firmly and then opened his mouth.

“Of course, I only witnessed a part of your soul and the soul of the Shale Cult leader. What I felt may have just been an atmosphere. Still.”


“You resemble the Shale Clan leader.”

There was no room for objection in the Pope’s firmness. His confidence seemed closer to the realm of experience and judgment rather than the realm of his ability. Maybe he felt something from me that made him feel confident like that.

I have a strange feeling.

Of course, Lord Hwalam is the final villain and final boss of this worldview. Considering that he looks like him and that the speaker is the Pope, it is inevitable that it seems undesirable and meaningful.

“hahahahaha. That’s the end of the story. Your spirit is clean. I can’t say that all my judgments are right. Above all, since you have solved all your plans, can’t you be executed without permission?”

The Pope glanced at the Emperor.

“I cannot control the safety of the people of the empire as I please. I think we will respect each other a little more from today.”

It would be some kind of peace proposal.

The emperor nodded silently.

“Well then, I think we need to talk about a lot more things here, so you can go out.”

The Pope smiled kindly at me as I put my hand on the handle.

“You are the first person to walk away from the witch trials.”

The scenario was cleared.


A deep sigh escaped me as soon as I left the room where the two powerful people were.

I feel like I’ve gone through a long tunnel.

If you turn your head to the left, you will see the emperor of the empire.

If you turn your head to the right, you will see the Pope of Deus.

It was truly a judge I never wanted to experience again.

‘In the end, peace was achieved.’

Having said these words, I feel like I have become some kind of apostle of peace… But rather, it is closer to laying the foundation for future scenarios.

At least you can play with your hands and feet tied together.

“But I don’t know if it’s possible to clear it.”

We are just preparing as much as we can.

Jeobbuk. Jeez.

I vaguely followed behind the paladin who guided me to the exit.

What should I say?

The atmosphere of the Vatican seemed more sacred than the imperial palace – and at the same time, strict.

The same goes for the angular attitudes of the Holy Knights.

They were carrying out the assigned tasks with great precision, as if they were connected by an invisible string.

‘Are these people united under an absolute being called God?’

They serve the Pope and at the same time serve God.

The priests’ unique morale is something that cannot be countered carelessly.

I’m glad I didn’t have to carry out Plan B, which I named ‘Emergency Escape’.

Walking like that.


I heard a voice that I really never wanted to hear again.

A voice that laughs in a very pure voice.


I looked at the voice with a short answer.

Osgar was still looking at me with a huge smile on his face.

“Ian, you look quite good-looking.”

“What’s going on? Your complexion is always the same, so I’m not sure.”


Osgar laughs as if he heard a very funny joke.

But why?

For now, his smile felt somewhat stiff.

It feels a bit pretentious.

Before I could think that something was harsh, he continued speaking.

“I have a place to go with you.”

“Where should I go?”

“Yes. There is something I would like to hear more about from Ian.”

He approached me with the corners of his mouth still raised.

I wanted to take a few steps back, but this is the Holy See.

It is said to be the territory of the Heretic Questioner.

“I resolve all doubts with the Pope…”

Osgar did not answer me.

Osgar turned to the paladin who was leading the way and opened his mouth to him.

“Thank you for your hard work, Sir Carmel. From now on, I will guide Ian.”

“Yes, I understand.”

… Hey, Paladin? Wait a minute.

Can you just hand me over so easily?

Anyway, guiding me is probably a mission given by the Pope, right?

“Please take care of me, Osgar.”

After politely saying hello, the paladin walked away from me.

As a result, it was Osgar who stood before me.

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No. He immediately turned around.

Then he stood behind me.

“I don’t know the geography of the Vatican, but I don’t think it’s in that direction.”


The feel of the waist.


It was clearly a scalpel.

“Is it okay to make threats like this in the Holy See? My blood will stain this white floor.”

“If it is the blood of pagans, it is an offering.”

Since I can’t look back, all I can hear is his voice.

But the laughter that was always abundant was not heard.

“Ian, you have two options: either yell here and ask someone for help, or follow me.”

“I think your metal object is touching my lungs.”

“You’re smart. Instead of yelling, you’ll make a flat sound.”

“The third option is…”

“Do you think Ian can beat me?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

Even if you defeat Osgar, what happens after that is the problem.

After thinking for a moment, I followed his instructions and walked obediently.

There was surprise in his voice along with the smile that returned.

“That’s surprising. I thought you would rebel.”

“You can’t do anything about me anyway.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because my life depends on peace.”

“You seem quite confident.”

“At least now, if I die in the Vatican, the emperor won’t be able to sit still. Therefore, you can’t kill me. Instead, you will want to test me. If you find something that is disturbing, you will be able to dig into it. So what kind of test do you want to test me? ?”

Osgar’s breathing stopped for a moment.

After a few footsteps, he opened his mouth.

“… You’re smart, after all.”

“Thank you. High praise.”

“.. Do you know that, Ian?”

The place where we stopped was in front of a small door with nothing written on it.

In front of him, he looked back at me.

“In the world we live in, there are people from another world. Usually there are two people.”

Osgar smiled brightly like never before.

“Witches also mean such people.”

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