After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 229

229 - Osgar, the Crazy Young Man (1)

229 – Osgar, the Crazy Young Man (1)

Osgar is a madman.

There is no room for objection to this proposition.

Because it is a firm fact.

A brightly smiling face every day.

Pure white purity that can always be felt.

That all-got is madness that points in the right direction.

Mad people all make incomprehensible choices.

In the case of Osgar, he threatens me from within the Vatican. Or something like suddenly bringing up a story about ‘another world’.

The unexpectedness of the process is difficult for the criminal to understand.

‘That’s why he’s called a madman.’

Actually, in that sense, I am also a madman.

I can’t even remember the last time I made a proper, textbook-style choice.

In the first place, coming to the Vatican for a witch trial in order to obtain a [Title] Was not a sane choice.

‘Of course, if I hadn’t been possessed, I wouldn’t have done something this crazy.’

If you ask me, I am a madman created by my environment.

In order to overcome the scenario of this damn game, I also have no choice but to become a madman.

That’s why I like madmen.

A madman is obsessed with one purpose.

This is a clear disadvantage when we are enemies, but on the other hand, if our goals are the same, it is an invaluable help.

For example, even Osgar is so obsessed right now.

If I can somehow change my mind, I will become a faithful colleague… If not a person who can be useful here and there.

Osgar’s overwhelming ability.

I obviously want that.

He was born with the qualities to become a great chess piece.

… I can’t believe you’re thinking these things about that person even while your life is being threatened.

‘I guess I’m crazy after all.’

Well. I can’t help but go crazy. It is difficult to solve the remaining scenarios without going crazy. Because you will never be able to defeat the final boss, Shale Bridge, using normal methods.

That’s why I fall into the trap that Osgar said with a smile.

“A being from another world?”

Osgar smiled as if he was very happy at my question.

A much more handsome and prettier face.

I guess it’s so good for me to hang out with him.

He opened his mouth softly.

“Mano said.”

“Daeyeonga Mano?”

“Yes. It was the story of Saint Mano, a great Yeonga, a high priest, and our beautiful mother.”

Great Prophet Mano. A prophet who had a great influence on the Panta x Aka worldview. She speaks of the end of the world and is the mother of all who sacrificed herself to delay that end.

Osgar’s face became warm as if he was thinking of his mother.

“Mano said, ‘Whenever a person is born or dies, two shooting stars fall.’

Here, it takes 70 years for a person to be born and lose once. A meteor signifies a being from the outside world.

– Osgar added an explanation.

Of course, the contents are shocking.

It means that he was prophesying the existence of a possessed person.

How many people know this prophecy?

I secretly looked at Osgar.

“It’s not written in Mano’s prophecy.”

“Did you see that?”


“hahahaha. That’s amazing. Of course, this prophecy is known only to a very small portion of the Deus Church.”

“Very few?”

Osgar spread his two fingers.

“The Pope and the Inquisitor.”

I was relieved inside.

It is not good if many people are aware of the concept of a possessed person. Even I would look at it with suspicion if someone possessed the world I live in. Usually, we just don’t think about it because we don’t consider the concept of a possessed person.

‘Thank goodness.’

Of course, they are hiding it well, but it is true that it is unsettling.

I quickly changed the topic.

“Did the prophecy end there? It’s different from Mano’s style.”

It is a natural question.

For Mano’s prophecy style, the content is somewhat lacking.

Usually, it is impossible to predict the outcome.

“No. There are more specific details.”

“What was it?”

Osgar kept his two fingers spread out and blew on his drink.

“One is darkness and the other is light. One of the two will lead this world to destruction, and the other will save it.”

“It means one is a good person and the other is a bad person.”


Osgar finished his sentence and opened the door.

— Click!

He opened the door handle, bent down like a waiter guiding people to their seats, and pointed inside the door.

There is no reason to come this far and turn around.

I think I know what kind of room this is.

At least you won’t become a corpse here.

I asked as I walked into the room.

“A savior and a destroyer from another world. How do you plan to distinguish between the two?”

“That’s easy.”

“It’s easy?”

— Rumble!

Instead of answering, the door closed.

“Just kill them both.”


“The story is that if you kill both the savior and the destroyer from the outside, the status quo will be maintained in the end.”

Osgar, standing with his back to the door, was smiling brightly.

“Salvation is something we must hope for from Deus.”

Crazy guy.

It is a small room.

A room where the floor, walls, and ceiling are all made of rough stone bricks.

At first glance, it seemed like a warehouse, but there were no items piled up or dust.

Just in the middle of the room.

There is a long, full-length mirror.

It doesn’t seem like anything special.

A mirror that is neither wide nor decorated with fancy decorations, just plain and somewhat sturdy.

“It is a mirror that shows your true appearance.”

Osgar went and stood in front of the mirror.

His appearance in the mirror was exactly as he looked.

“For example, things like this.”

He took out a small doll from his inner pocket.

A cute little doll that looks like it is made of straw.

However, I can vaguely feel the malice sleeping within.

Osgar held the doll in front of the mirror.


Inside the mirror, a monster with bloodshot eyes was glaring out of the mirror.

“It’s a high-risk species. After polymorphing, it hides in the city and bides its time. It’s a guy who blows up small towns. Of course, I sealed it like this. hahahaha.”

Osgar packed his doll into his inner pocket.

The devil disappearing from the mirror.

Then he gestured towards me.

“Please come this way, Ian.”

Originally, I would have swallowed my saliva.


But the title ‘The One Who Witnessed the Summit’ helps me maintain my composure. Even though my head is tense, it doesn’t show in my words or attitude.

“Come on.”

Of course, that doesn’t escape Osgar’s suspicion.

Since I’ve come this far, I should stand in front of that mirror.

And the moment you stand in front of it, you will be revealed.

Not Ian Black Angus.

The original me.

This is what Ian Kim, who was a player of Panta


Osgar smiling brightly in front of the mirror.

His eyes were full of confidence.

As if he knew my true self.

… If we drag on like this, our suspicions will only increase.

— Jerbeok

I took a step towards the mirror.

I worry about moving at the same time.

There are two options.

Persuade Osgar.

Or defeat him and subdue him.

‘Neither one of them is a good move.’

Persuading Osgar.

It is not that there is no way.

What kind of ‘purpose’ is Osgar so obsessed with? All you have to do is figure it out and join in that direction.

The problem is that I don’t know what it is.

It may be a ridiculous purpose.

But is it possible to subdue him…

‘It must be impossible.’

A strong man who would be second only to Holy Constantine through sheer force alone.

If you look at it numerically, if I can endure a few moves at most, I will have survived a lot.

It’s to the point where I feel like I’m overestimating myself.

Therefore, both methods are not good numbers.

Because persuasion is uncertain and fighting is unlikely.

“Stand this way.”

Osgar leads me to the mirror with confident eyes.

This person is a fool who is difficult to analyze.


I chose a different method.

Just before I was captured in the mirror image.

“Osgar. There’s something falling over there. It looks like that doll from before.”

At the same time as I distracted him, I spread ether throughout my body.

[ Mirror: True appearance ]

A mirror that reflects the essence of an object.

Combining the information I knew with the way Osgar uses mirrors, I realized.

If my appearance is not reflected directly, that is, even a little bit of my skin, that mirror cannot grasp my essence.


‘It is possible with ether.’

Wrap your entire body in transparent ether.

Osgar tilted his head as he gave me the thousand trillion gari that I had dropped.

“I don’t know when something like this came out, hahahaha. The place where the relics are stored needs a lot of cleaning. By the way, Ian, why don’t you come and stand in front?”

The mouth smiles, but the eyes stare intently at me and the mirror.

“I understand.”

I nodded and stood in front of the mirror.

An image formed in a mirror.


It was the body I was possessing, Ian Black Angus.

The corners of Osgar’s mouth tremble slightly.

“What is this…?”

He took turns looking at me and the mirror.

“No matter how much I look at it, it’s useless. This is me.”

“Ahahahaha that can’t be…”

A faint hint of embarrassment in his voice.

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Although its proportion was overwhelmingly low, it was special because it was Osgar who always split things apart.

That’s it.

If this continues, all doubts will be completely resolved.

Osgar won’t be obsessed anymore.

“This will be enough. I’m going.”

It was the moment when I was about to walk away from the mirror.

— Shooooo!

The fist is flying.

An attack aimed precisely at my head.

Complete murderous intent.

If things continue like this, I will definitely die.

I deployed ether to block the face.

— Cooooo!

In a room that shakes violently.

— Pusssssut!

Rock dust and dust poured down from the ceiling like a stream of water.

But above all.

“Nice to meet you, Ian.”

Osgar, smiling with one corner of his mouth raised, was the worst.

Beyond that, my appearance was reflected.

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