After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 230

230 - Osgar, the Crazy Young Man (2)

230 – Osgar, the Crazy Young Man (2)

Osgar Javert.

Crazy boy.

That word perfectly sums up Osgar.

A clear smile that seems friendly at first glance.

And the madness that lies behind it.

More than anything.

Overwhelming brute force talent.

If ‘magic’ is a fantastic ability created by the human brain.

He manifests such abilities with only physical talent.

Therefore, dealing with this guy is quite difficult.

——「Osgar Javert Pattern Summary」——

Often observed… So, there are patterns that can be seen before death.

1. Punching: Literally punching. Uppercut, right, left, hook. It seems to be diverse. Anyway, the fist came in with a puff. Then the game is over.

2. Rush: A pattern that can be seen when something like war occurs. In the distance, there will be something charging like a bull with a sand wind, and that is Osgar. Just think of life as flying around and crossing the highway alone. You can avoid it without realizing it.

3. Slam: Sometimes there is a pattern of grabbing a nearby weapon and striking it. Even your bare fists are too strong, so you picked up a weapon? It’s actually nice to be able to go cleanly.

How to attack: If it starts chasing you, it’s quicker to just kill it and raise a new one.

*Feature: You must check your feet. By the time you see hand movement, it is already too late.


— Crackle!

His fist stopped right in front of my face.

When you blink, the distance is such that your eyelashes touch.

If it weren’t for the ether, my face would have turned to stone by now.

‘I’m glad I’m looking at my feet.’

The moment when Osgar puts his center of gravity on the stepping foot.

I gathered all the ether that had spread throughout my body and blocked it.

If it wasn’t for a strategy that was half-written as a joke, it could have turned into a real piece of meat.

He was looking at me with eyes that seemed quite amused.

“Wow. You’re better at blocking than I thought.”

I blocked it, but can I say I blocked it well?

The inside of my arm is already tattered, and my internal organs feel like they have been shaken by the shock wave.

I took a few steps back to relieve the shock, but the stone floor was so bad that it started to crumble.

This guy’s power control was so exquisite that if I hadn’t blocked it with all my might, his head would have been blown off.

Osgar grinned.

An expression that looks infinitely relaxed.

In fact, he wasn’t even shedding a drop of sweat.

It is an overwhelming power gap.

Still, no good sound came out of my mouth.

“What are we going to do now?”

“I want to see you.”


“Ian’s true face.”

With those words, Osgar’s eyes curve like a crescent moon.

A mirror placed beyond the smiling person.

It was in there.

This is the image of a man blocking Osgar’s fist, wearing training clothes that do not fit the fantasy background at all.

Osgar’s head turns towards the mirror behind him.

“hahahahaha. I guess that’s how it used to look.”

At this point, honestly, I just want everything to happen.

“Are you laughing at my face just now?”

“No, you’re quite handsome.”

Even if you say that with a smile, it will only make you more upset.

Of course, with the title passive, my heart was as peaceful as a very wide sea.

In fact, if it weren’t for the calming effect, I would have been quite confused.

The fact that I was possessed was discovered by the worst, most unpredictable person.

“Nice to meet you, Ian.”

It wasn’t until I met Osgar that I realized that there are many different types of laughter.

The smile he’s making right now is, well, okay.

The smile of a father seeing his baby just come out of the womb will not be as bright as that.

No matter how handsome a boy is, it is natural to feel bad when seeing a man smile like that.

But what is more important is…

‘I die.’

The truth is that if you stay like this, you will die.


He achieved his goal of finding out my identity.

After revealing my identity, the chances of him saving me are extremely close to zero.

Osgar declared from the beginning.

If it were a being from another world, I would kill it regardless of whether it was good or evil.

— Hood!

The stone wall behind me collapsed.

This may be the result of accumulated damage caused by the shock wave of Osgar’s fist.

You have to fight this guy.

But can we beat this guy…?

‘There is no coat, no shield, and no Lunar.’

The only equipment I have is ether.

Moreover, the location is the Vatican. For the Heresy Inquisitors, this is their headquarters and home.

“Oh. Are you planning on resisting once?”

Have you noticed that my muscles are twitching in preparation for battle? Osgar leisurely widened the distance and looked at me.

“Well, if you just let me go, I won’t have anything to resist.”

“Ahahahahaha! That can’t be possible. There is a being from another world right in front of me!”

The guy was laughing like a crazy person, as if he had just heard a funny joke.

“Even if I die, I won’t just leave.”

“It’s rather good.”

Very confident.

No, maybe there is no emotion called ‘worry’ in the brain. The guy looks like he’s smiling even if one of his arms is blown off.

Even while collecting the ether, the guy smiled without wavering.

“How did you notice that I had something wrapped around my body?”

“I didn’t realize it at first, but there was something strange about the image in the mirror.”

“It’s strange?”

“Yes. A few strands of hair were floating as if they were caught on something.”

… You crazy guy.

Is even the vision great?

I was curious to what extent this guy’s body had stretched.

“Enough of the conversation.”

Osgar gently tilted his head from side to side.

His beautiful hands making a clanging sound.

“Now shall we finish this?”

“Just a moment.”

I quickly raised my hand.

He tilts his head.

“Is there anything left to say? As you know, I cannot be cajoled or persuaded. I only have eyes for Deus. Only God can save us.”

Osgar with a gentle and firm smile.

When I saw that smile, I became certain of one thing.

I wonder if I can be even crazier than this crazy young man.

“I am God.”

Those words came out of my mouth.

My face was clearly smiling.


Osgar clenched his fists.

I instinctively tried to swing it, but barely managed to stop it.

Instead, he stared at the young man in front of him.

A young man with black hair and eyes as dark as the void, who seems to be closer to darkness than light.

Ian Black Angus.

“Calling God is the most severely punishable sin.”

The voice came out at him as if it were being crushed.

Osgar found himself gritting his teeth.

The crime of impersonating God.

It is a grave sin among the most serious sins, blasphemy.

I wanted to crush that person right now.


“This is a crime that requires you to be punished right now, Ian.”

No matter how hard I try to swing my fist, for some reason it doesn’t work.


“We have to catch you now and hold another trial. You will be burned at the stake for 30 days, 300 days, and you must be purified as slowly as possible so this land will not be polluted.”

It was meant to put pressure on him.

But Ian, the man pretending to be God, only raised his eyebrows even more.

It is truly a gorgeous yet dark laugh.

To Osgar, Ian was already the devil.

He opened his devilish mouth.

“Why did you hold back?”


Osgar could not answer.

It was true that his own instincts were being suppressed.

The reason is… I didn’t want to admit it.

He was trying hard to look away.

But Ian did not leave him alone.

“I’m asking why I endured a crime that needed to be severely punished. Even now, I’m still patiently enduring it.”


“It must be because he felt something from me.”


Osgar closed his mouth.

It was true.

Clearly, there is something about Ian Black Angus.

It was because of the energy he felt from him.

Colorless and odorless, it does not belong to any attribute and is not a sacred power. Such energy.

The energy is surprising.

He resembles the person he longs for.

‘No. That can’t be possible.’

Osgar shook his head.

And then I glared at Ian.

“You must be a cult. Just looking at you makes me start to have ridiculous thoughts.”

“Probably not?”

“That’s right. It’s just an illusion that I feel like you’re unique. You can’t be that person…”

Ian raised his hand instead of answering.

An infinitely transparent energy flowed from the tips of Ian’s fingers, so he could not see it but could only feel it.

It is warm and strict at the same time.

If you feel the mother’s energy in the saints, this is the father’s energy.

Osgar stared blankly at the mere ray of energy that flowed from Ian’s fingertips.

The energy he had been pursuing his entire short life.

Ian opened his mouth.

“Mano would have said that one of those from outside will save the world.”


“And you said that only Deus-sama can save the world.”

Osgar wanted to cover his ears.

It was clear that what Ian would say next would greatly confuse his values.

No, another way would be to break Ian’s mouth so that he cannot open it.

But it was too late.

Ian was already opening his mouth without hesitation.

“I am the one who saves this world.”

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