After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me
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After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me

Read full chapter After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me, Light Novel After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me english, LN After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me, After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me Online, read After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me at Noble Machine translations.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me

I possessed Pong Pong, who had been clinging to the heroines while getting into debt:
“Why did I give away all these good things to others?”
From now on, I solely focus on my own growth.
However, after I stopped acting like a black sheep,
the heroines’ reactions are strange.

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  1. Bread Pan Bread Pan says:

    Is chapter 285 the end? Damn wtf autor-san did to that end, I didn’t understand at all… And who was the non virgin fmc? Geez…

  2. I wanna read this but can anyone tell me that are the og heroines are in mc harem

  3. amogustimestwo says:

    Final Chapter (1)
    Final Chapter (33)

  4. Luis says:

    *Spoiler* leí el último capítulo y parece que fue Emilia quien empujó al protagonista del techo pero no se si era virgen o no, ni con quien se “acostó”, si alguien lo sabe y leyó la novela completa que dejé un comentario por favor, gracias.

    1. Daver55 says:

      The maso heroine I guess? Anyway, what a pile of shet of an excuse, gj author lmao

    2. Iopwh says:

      Is that the saint or the merchant girl and what chapter was it revealed?

  5. Zelphire says:

    Who the hell is the non virgin heroine lol?

    1. She has same name as one of the rezero character.
      Also can someone tell me where it was revealed like like chapter. I think I cant comment any more. Also who was the chad who took it

      1. Please help bro I can’t read this cuz I have read many similar novel. I just want to see the ntr chapter and when mc get to know it and if he forgives her for some sob story or just you know abandon her

  6. milky violet says:

    Tch, I had an idea I was cooking last night in my dreams and I can’t remember it!!!! Ahhhh all I know is that it was something like big sister and time

  7. Luis says:

    ¿Quién era la heroína no virgen?

    1. Cero says:

      No se, ya casi que termina la novela y creo que el autor se olvido de esa madre 🤨

  8. Yorghuul says:

    Good novel until it starts getting into the lewd territory.
    MC is clever, plot is good, situations are intriguing and all about interacting with others to reclaim his honor while avoiding the worst situation, the highlight for me was the Blood Witch, damn that girl is hot, I’ve rarely seen a description being that good in novels, I want her, more of her … But she doesn’t show up again? What? It almost feels like the story is written by someone else when the MC get in heat, dropped.

  9. rob z rob z says:

    D@mnit, I’ve read the first 30-40 chapters of this like 3 times now (basically every time it has gotten updated). Anyone have a cheat sheet of characters / basic plot so I don’t have to do it again to try and remember and then catch up?

  10. Noah Lambert says:

    Hello, Can someone tell me who the non virgin heroine was? and a brief summary of the abandoned heroines.
    My guess was Emilia. It can be his friend, that Saintess but I have no idea. Dont wanna read each chapter from the scratch. Anyways, Thank you~

    1. Noah Lambert says:

      I believe the name of the guessed girl is wrong XD

      1. Noah Lambert says:

        wtf?! Why Aria? and who did she do it with? Can you share the circumstances in short? I don’t particularly hate this story but it isn’t my cup of tea, so I don’t wanna read 200+ chapters to just satiate my curiosity.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          Ditto – or at least if someone can point me to the chapter(s) where its revealed.

  11. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:

    Amazing novel. I enjoyed it very much.

  12. IME says:

    yooo thanks for the update

  13. Luis says:

    *Spoiler* Me pareció un poco forzado que el MC tenga que estar en “celo” para que se acostará con las waifus, le falto “amor” o más desarrollo

    1. Cero says:

      Yo lo senti como un rellenazo

  14. Tu CACHERO says:

    Gracias por la actualización cap 179🥵🥵

  15. D1Grandmaster says:

    This is trash, the heroines are trash and Mc lets everyone shlt on him 🤮

  16. IME says:

    shtt, im sorry for spoiling it, but im in h000rny state after i read chapter 175 lmaooo

  17. IME says:

    i know you all who read untill chapter 175 are with me.




    1. IME says:

      make heroine’s mom and teacher become his harem is wild, man.

      danya changed MC after their first night lmaoooooooooooooooo

      now i can expect Violet teacher will be in his room soon.

  18. this is getting very good!

  19. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Honestly I thought this was bad a few months back but it was actually a nice read.

  20. Luis says:

    Cambiando el genero, el MC (Original) sería lo mismo a una chica que es amable con todos, piensas que eres “especial” pero solo eres uno más del montón, pensado así puedes entender los sentimientos de las heroínas originales, no las justifica pero tampoco son 100% culpables.

  21. Luis says:

    Me pueden dar algún spoiler?…*Spoiler*…¿Quién asesino al MC original y ella es una “no virgen” o acaso es un error en la traducción?

  22. Wikka says:

    been past a month already, is there no hope for this one to get an update?

    1. IME says:

      the good sht in this site is increasing, i can only hope, noble-sama still remember this one.

  23. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 95. These chapters have been mostly story progression. A few hints from the past chapters have accumulated and a large part of chapter 2(?) of the game has come to motion. The tournament defunct, attacked by the big bad and all absorbed into an inner world to be absorbed. Mc met one of the four girls mother and started a relationship with her.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      with her mother?

      1. Cill says:

        Hey do not mix story ,

        He will become her disciple

  24. Cero says:

    Thanks for the update 💓

  25. IME says:

    damnnn noble really updating this one frequently, thank you so much noble-nim, i love this story, can’t wait to read more.

  26. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    Copy paste of another similar novel on noble: I became the male lead who was clinging onto the female Lead.

    Story is nothing new, MC got transported into a game and became the so called stalker who tried to help the heroine in every way and make them stronger.
    He’ll start to be cold toward them and try to find the culprit who killed him.
    The you’ll get the usual girl, tsundere, cold, Yandere and so on, no personality just an embodiment of these characters.

    Nothing is very interesting, the story is hollow without too much highlights and the MC just feel to empty, it’s really boring, I’d rather read the other novel I’ve mentioned earlier than this.

    1. Layios _ Layios _ says:

      Edit: MC is like all other MC from these kind of story, doesn’t get the hint from girl, misunderstanding them EVERY Time and it’ll just create more and more useless drama. The MC in this story doesn’t see these girl as real person but still as a mean to help him survive and clear the game.
      I don’t see him having much feeling for them, only feeling for a tool. It’s just plain boring.

      1. IME says:

        i dissagree, this one has more tense than the other one. if academy story with drama is plain boring for you, how about generic cliche academy story?

        1. Layios _ Layios _ says:

          Tense? Tension? Do you mean about the mysterious culprit? Honestly it may be interesting at first but that’s all, the rest of the story complety overshadow this and make it plain uninteresting. Asking me to read clichee academy story tho this one isn’t one? I read til ch 76+ and still didn’t find anything worthy. This story is just a game where the player is the MC and the ncp are it’s native Inhabitant.

    2. Deathly says:

      Hmm, can’t really relate to this comment since this type of plot is new to me :P, I personally enjoyed it, caught up to chapter 85 and waiting for more, I wouldn’t really call MC empty, he’s just more calculative and rational, I’ve read different novels with similar MCs like Academy Undercover Professor & Those Murky Eyes. Plus this is an academy type of novel, expecting anything unique from side characters is kinda dum dum since academy novels tend to have similar tropes.

      I do agree that MC uses other characters as tools, but I don’t think he sees them as NPCs, considering his inner monologues when teasing Dayna and Sylvia. And I’m pretty sure tension isn’t only from the culprit, there’s also cults and peusdo religions, but then again this type of trope is overused, I agree with half of your take when it comes to plot, but because this type of stalker thing is new to me I kinda like it.

      But just my opinion on the novel, I see why you would dislike it, although I don’t agree with some parts, I understand where your going with it 🫡.

  27. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Finally the mc has tapped into the boundless potential of simping and has now began viewing the proper and more effective ways of weaponized simping aka playboy flirt

  28. IME says:

    YO, thanks Noble, this one is so good

  29. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 85.
    These past 20 chapters have been pretty eventful. Mc Goes on a date, saves a princess, takes on a big mission, reconsiliaties with a heroine, and even makes a big confession xD. Mc also kicks some a$s. Pretty happy with this batch of updates.

  30. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 65. The story is going strong, Mc has finally passed his trial. Life looks good for now. Who knows what new obstacles the author will put on MCs path.

    1. Nightune says:

      Oh, Thanks for mentioning chapters the previous last chapters

      I don’t know what happened but all chapters have gone back to white for me, I was about to do some fortune telling and try my luck….

  31. IME says:

    thank you noble-sama

  32. TheDiir says:

    Who is non virgin Heroine?

    1. Is that really important? Doesn’t impact the story whatsoever.

      1. Daver55 says:

        God says MC is killed by a non virgin heroine
        This dude: “that doesn’t impact the story”

        Brah… take out your dishwashery way of thinking.

  33. Lfmao says:

    I’m only read and laugh my ass off to the comments in every novels lmao

  34. Daver55 says:

    Until I dont know who’s the non virgin heroine who killed him not going to read this, also because there are only 50 ch, also because its machine tl, also because I’m sober right now…

  35. Quite decent story… Read if u don’t have anything better to read. Power setting is almost non existent. And most of the characters are women.

  36. Hadinata Reynadi says:

    This one is pretty good lol

  37. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read until chapter 50, it’s a good story.

  38. Munu says:

    @rob z pliss update “i became a genius flashing mage” That novel have get ending in korean with 542 chapter, and that novel here not update after 3 month and i always check that novel everyday in here😭😭😭😭

  39. @rob z My Childhood Friends Who I thought Left Me Became Obssessed with Me. That one was decent Imo. I would read it if it got updated

  40. Munu says:

    Oh dude come on, when you will update i became a genius flashing mage, pliss update that novel😭😭😭

  41. Watcher says:

    I almost didn’t read it because the comments said it was poison, and in the end I enjoyed reading it. at least this is good reading to fill spare time.

  42. SenatorArmstrong says:

    @rob z
    Flashing Genius of the Magic Academy personally, all the others are already mentioned. 90% of the novels here are eh.

  43. Kaniya says:


  44. Feng says:

    Wow. That was surprisingly pretty damn good.

  45. Faker says:

    thought it was poison, turned out to be quite a good read.

  46. Rader says:

    It’s the story where Author or God created the world and let it flow automatically and show it as a game on Earth.

    In the story there was a simp going by the same name of MC. So MC was interested in him. Simp was high level one, meaning he gave up on his wealth to feed the heroines. But he got into a case where one of the heroine tried to kill him off by pushing him at a rooftop. But he survived as he was Earth elemental mage but got expelled, and later become a demon and attacked academy in later story.

    MC wrote paragraphs to the Author why this happened. And Author or God here also felt bad. He also asked why this happened. He didn’t plan all this for the character and he didn’t know the malice of heroines he crafted so meticulously. So he sent the MC to the game to see for himself the truth and try to change it as he can’t do it.

    It’s a game but there is no system or anything like that. MC has to learn things like other, read books and so on. He is against heroines, most favoured ones in the story and his goal is to get strong enough to survive the game and find out the truth on who pushed him and punish that heroine.

  47. Nah bro, they still haven’t fixed I Became a Villain in a Dark Fantasy. Bro it’s been 4 months 😡😡

  48. Yes. It was a good read. There’s also some mystery elements and heroines are not shallow characters. I’m looking for more chapters

  49. volt zone volt zone says:

    This is worth a read, pretty interesting. Not cliched, a bit more depth to MCs character and actions.

  50. CringeDestroyer says:

    I usually lurk here but holy quack this novel defied my expectations I instantly assumed it was poison and boy am i glad i was wrong. I NEED MOAAAAAARRRRRRRR

  51. Hell knight says:

    I enjoyed first few chapters

  52. Man, if there were more unique novel like my alter ego is becoming a giant (one of the best novels in this site) then i would’ve liked this website more.

  53. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Ah, I was a bit too lazy to write the full name of the novel and end up calling it Mango Stick but since this is suppose to be a recommendation, it is quite useless if you don’t know which novel it is before actually reading it huh? It is the I became the Villain the Hero is Obsessed With.

  54. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    @rob z Personally, I want Romantic Phantom Thief, Flashing Genius, and I Killed the Academy Player updated. As for what I consider good novels, other than the one I already mentioned it includes How to Survive at the Academy, Surviving the Cruel Fairy Tail, Mango Stick, Grand Duchess is Defeated Again Today and the recently updated Demon-limited Hunter.

  55. Luiz Felipe says:

    But if I had to recommend novels based on my experience I would recommend “Possessed As the Butler of a Defeated Heroine” “I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga” “The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away” “Became an Extra in a Youth JRPG Game” These are my favorite novels on the site purely based on my opinion so if you don’t like it, it’s okay as there are several other novels that may fit your taste

  56. Luiz Felipe says:

    I recommend that you explore the site well until you find a novel compatible with your taste.

  57. Luiz Felipe says:

    Honestly good novels depends from person to person but I really like the romance novels on the site I also like “became an extra in a jrpg”,

  58. Xjaksoxa Xjaksoxa says:

    You can read I became the villans hero pretty good and completed

  59. rob z rob z says:

    Since a couple people made this comment in this thread, just wanted to check – what do people consider the “good” novels that they want updated? Just want to make sure there aren’t any really good titles I missed.

  60. Luiz Felipe says:

    Please noble we can’t take this poison anymore update the good novels 😭

  61. Danoc Danoc says:

    At least for me good novel until now, a bit of spoler the mc posses the body, and one of the heroins try to kill him and inculprit hil but we dont know who and our is trying to survive so good novel

  62. Sephir says:

    Ur average academy thing stopped at ch10

  63. Sephir says:

    Nevermind 5 chaps the teacher trope or smth bruh.

    So the culprit isn’t the 5 star girl too strong for that, lina seems too hungry to kill him.

    We’re left with 2 culprits, the culprit hidded her intentions behind a cute letter so she’s probably a girl, with a cute persona.

  64. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    F*ck i can’t read it every damn sentence is pompong,
    Pompong f*ckin pompong

  65. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    For the shake of pfp, i will read it

  66. Sephir says:

    2 chaps in unexpectedly pretty decent, been a while since a mtled novel made me interested.

    Could only be the start or my mood so dont expect a masterpiece, i could be wrong.

  67. Sephir says:

    The mc’s name is literally an elditch horror name ?? Black angus von heratch something

  68. Ice_Wallow_Come says:

    Yooo After bla bla,the heroines were obsessed with me
    Who made request like this?
    I can smell poison from latest obsession novel

  69. Sephir says:

    He knew what he were doing when he putted this cover

  70. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    Seriously, can’t the older novels get updated than this!?

    1. IME says:

      nah man, you should read this, this is FIRE

  71. Man, i had enough with this female leads began obsessing over the mc 😵

  72. PT says:

    This one is kinda? different from the rest, coz there is a slight murder mystery e;ement.

  73. Big Blackclock says:

    Class topper:Don’t copy my answer in the exact same way. Write something different
    Also them:-

  74. Insufferable says:


  75. Kaniya says:

    Three same Tittle sh!t

  76. Big Blackclock says:

    First :>

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