After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 84

84 - Come here, let's get a hit (1)

84 – Come here, let’s get a hit (1)

A warehouse located deep inside the mansion.

Sharon opened one of her eyes.

— Cheokkeong Cheokkeong

The shackles tied to my wrists and ankles rattled.

She blinked again.

One eye cannot be opened.

This is probably the area where Hermann hit.


A handful of blood that had accumulated in her mouth came out.

This all seemed normal.

“Thank goodness…”

Even if you receive healing magic, it takes time for it to grow back. Compared to other bones that break or crack, they have to grow whole. In this case, it becomes a major hindrance to training. If possible, it is more efficient and convenient to avoid injury in other parts of the body.

— Cheekeng

They will probably be released in an hour or two.

Yesterday’s banquet was ruined in many ways, so it was natural for Herman to be angry. Whenever he was in a bad mood, his hands became rough like this.

Despite this, Sharon has never once broken down. She conformed to the family. She didn’t blame anyone. She takes it as her own fault and just tries to become stronger. She thought it was cool and the right way to go.

… She thought that was it.

“Are you saying I’m overly self-conscious?”

Even in this situation, why do I think of that guy Ian’s words first?

Thanks to the anger that erupted whenever I thought of that guy, I felt like I knew one thing for sure. That this anger is not just directed at that guy.

“The level of participants at this Dalian exchange meeting certainly appears to be high.”

“Isn’t this all because Prince Hermann personally hosted it? hehehe.”

Herman Pierce at the head of the audience. The nobles sitting on either side of him were busy praising the sparring meeting. Yesterday’s banquet was practically ruined because of Yergina, so it was a flattery to lighten Hermann’s mood.

“Wow. Some rarely seen talented people have come out.”

Of course, it was true that the level of participants was high.

The reason why nobles from all over the continent, beyond the North, come to this distant place is because they want to identify talented late-stage players in advance. It was rare to have the opportunity to check out young prospects from multiple families at once.

“By the way, Lord Hermann, who from the Pierce family will compete this time?”

From the semifinals of the sparring competition, one of the members of the Pierce family will participate. It was the concept of the so-called Northern Grand Duke’s teachings. A young noble nearby opened his mouth without notice.

“You must be Princess Sharon Pierce, right?”

“Hey. Miss Sharon… That…”

An older nobleman grabbed him and muttered something in his ear.

The story is that Sharon is the only half-child among the four children of the Grand Duke of the North. The story goes that even the mother was no different from a commoner and died. Hermann smiled as the young nobleman’s complexion became increasingly pale.

“You don’t have to worry too much. Even if you come from different backgrounds, you are my younger brother.”

“Oh, as expected, Prince Hermann’s heart is truly broad.”

“No. It’s so obvious. Anyway.”


“I will participate in this sparring competition myself.”


Hermann, the eldest son, is competing in person.

Of course, it does not mean that the finals of the sparring competition cannot be played when receiving ‘teachings’ from the Pierce family.

“This is the first family event we’re hosting, so I’m going to pay more attention…”

While Hermann’s explanation continued.

— Waaa!

The shouts that erupted from the unarmed camp drowned out his words.

While the names of the participants were being called, Ian Black Angus’s name seemed to be called.

Hermann paused and frowned.

Without missing a beat, the greasy nobleman sitting to his right rattled off, followed by the rest.

From noble mtl dot com

“Don’t worry too much. Our children of the Limkshu family will bow down cleanly to such a clown.”

“You can trust Rimkushu. What’s the point of the princess? Don’t reporters like people like that, gisaeng brothers?”

“That’s right. They are a bunch of people who flock around whenever they have something to gossip about.”


Reporter Schwab of the Empire Ilbo, who was listening to their story from the very front of the audience, smiled.

‘How can they be so tactless? I, too, came here after receiving an invitation from the Grand Duke of the North. There are no eyes to see. Ian, that guy’s talent is such that he can pull that heavy cast iron train with just magic. It’ll be quite a sight to see the faces later.’

The sparring was about to begin.

Schwab stopped eavesdropping and picked up his camera.

Ian, who was standing alone and expressionless in the distance, was captured through the magic engineering lens.

‘Well put together.’

Expectations naturally rose.

What kind of performance will Ian and I show this time?

And, not only today but also in the future.

— Kwaang!


The winning participant raises a wooden sword and shouts.

The public affairs go to the ‘high-ranking person’ who is watching from the stands in the distance.

– “hahahahaha! As expected from the Anior family, my son is well-versed in swords.”

-“What, what? The Gram family’s son was also amazing.”

Looking at the situation, the people sitting around Hermann are in high spirits.

‘It seems like it’s almost like a nobleman’s game.’

Ian realized the situation and nodded his head.

While there are some who came with the goal of growth through ‘sparring’ in line with the purpose of the sparring meeting, there are also those who participated for the sake of their family’s prestige.

Looking at the nobles who were fussing at Hermann. The driver next to me spoke up.

“Are you also participating in the sparring?”


“I’m looking forward to competing with the princess’s man. It doesn’t look like he lived just to show off.”

Ian glanced at him.

Age: late twenties to early thirties.

Articles are usually completed in the late thirties, so it can be said that he is still a promising age, but at the same time, he has a lot of experience and has a lot of experience to show.

“Thank you for your kind words.”

“Thank you. That’s too much humility.”

‘… ‘What is this person?’

A tone of voice that makes it seem as if he can see through your skills.

He looked at the bracket calmly, considering he had said such a thing.

“Huh. Unfortunately, I will have to meet you in the finals.”

“Are you worried?”

“hahahaha. You’re not worried. But I have to compete with someone from the Pierce family in the semifinals. Who will show up? Tsk.”

The knight clicked his tongue and walked to the other side of the training hall.

‘… ‘He’s an unusual person.’

I’ll have to wait and see if that’s just a genius concept, or if he has the talent to see through his opponent’s abilities.

When I was thinking like that.

“It’s not even funny. Old gisaengs like you don’t even know my topic, right?”

Guys dressed in plates were approaching.

I remembered that before the sparring began, they were the ones who sarcastically said that they could break a leg with a low kick when they were receiving attention from the ladies.

Ian wasn’t so broad-minded that he would quickly forget about the dispute.

“Hey gisaeng old lady. Isn’t it too early to think about going to the finals? It seems like it will be over in 3 seconds.”

“Who would think that the championship was left up to you?”

“It takes a few low kicks to come to your senses.”

These guys keep saying whatever they want, as if they had practiced in advance.

Ian glanced at the bleachers.

The nobleman sitting next to Hermann was pointing his finger in this direction and whispering something to Hermann.

‘It looks like it’s a spy over there.’

I could roughly understand why they appeared like this.

The corners of Ian’s mouth went up.

“Are you so jealous of me talking to ladies?”


“When I was talking to the ladies, he kept glancing at them.”

“What is this now!”

“If your stomach hurts so much, can I at least introduce you to someone? You seem to be very lonely. But, if you’re a man, just try coming in. That’s popular.”


“Ah, you didn’t know because you were knights and only dated swords. That’s right. If you’re a knight, you should only focus on your sword. But if you’re hungry for a woman, I’ll tell you something. There’s a method I developed recently called a confession attack… “

The three’s faces turned bright red as they listened to Ian’s teachings, which they answered with a simple smile.

“Hey, you bastard!”

“You insult our honor—!”

Attention is focused on loud sounds.

Among them, there was also attention from female participants.

Their shoulders twitched at the same time.

“You, just try to climb on top of this bastard!”

They walked away, saying cliched lines.

Ian chuckled as he looked at their backs.

‘It’s a flag that says I’m not afraid of the guy we’ll see.’

For the first time in a while, it is a piece of cake that is favorable to oneself.

It was satisfactory.

“The next order is Ian Black Angus, who participated as a proxy for the third princess. The opponent is a knight of the Limkshu family —”


The audience’s enthusiastic cheers erupted immediately.

Isn’t it an illusion that the women’s shouts seem particularly loud?

Ian climbed the stairs of the training hall.

In the meantime, an electric sound is heard.

[Now that everyone’s attention is focused, let’s take a look inside the mansion. ]


Ian, who lightly clenched her fist, entered the training hall.

“I guess you’re a little nervous now, gisaeng brother.”

A man wearing a plate looking down at me with a fishy face.

This is one of the knights who were arguing.

‘He’s not a low kick villain.’

Instead, he is a 3-second villain who said he would give up anything if he ate 3 seconds.

Ian picked up the wooden sword lying on one side of the training hall.

“Looking at the way he holds his sword, it’s really quite funny. This knight of the Limkshu family, Krimhild Richelsic…”

“Wait a minute.”

Ian raised his hand towards the referee as he cut off his self-introduction.

“What is it?”

The referee asked.

“Can I wear a plate when I fight with a wooden sword? Isn’t it against the law?”

“It’s okay. As long as you don’t harm the other person’s life, you are free to use any equipment. That means carrying a wooden sword instead of a sword.”

“Then is it okay to use magic?”

“Of course. I hope you think that the wooden sword is just symbolic.”

Ian bowed his head to the referee and turned to see T. Kelsich.

“I’m sorry. That’s right. I thought it was foul again.”


The corners of Ian’s mouth rise with a smirk.

Tikelsic’s eyes rolled over.

“I won’t leave you alone!”

“Is that so?”

The referee’s call announcing the start.

At the same time.


Ian disappeared from Tikelsic’s sight.

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