After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 83

83 - I attempted a confessional attack on Yergina.

83 – I attempted a confessional attack on Yergina.

“Well, what did you say?”

Yergina was embarrassed and began to stutter in an uncharacteristic way.

It was the same for Ian.

‘What on earth was I talking about?’

Although it was a situation where quick wits were important to avoid the crisis that was right in front of her… She fell in love with Yergyna.

Even after I said it directly, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.


‘I don’t think I can pick it up.’

In this state, “Ahahahaha! It was a joke!” If I say things like that, I feel like my body will be torn apart not by powder but by molecule.

Of course, what big difference does it make whether it is powder or molecule?

‘You’re going to die anyway.’

I don’t want to die.

Therefore, a horse that has already been selected is a no-win. I had no choice but to believe that what I was saying was the truth and press on.

“Yes, I like Yergina. I was secretly in love with her.”

It was a bit stuttering, but it actually made me nervous and added to the sincerity.

Yergina was even more embarrassed.

It’s been so long since she confessed her sincere love in the backyard like this that her memory is fading. No. Has she ever confessed?

It was a completely different world for her as she traveled to and from the front lines every day.

Then Yergina suddenly realized something.

“We only saw each other for a split second, so how could we have developed feelings for each other in such a short period of time? That seems ridiculous.”

For a brief moment, her Ian’s head quickly turned.

She then came up with a plausible answer.

“I have always been interested in those who protect the border. I first came across Yergina in one of those magazines and my feelings for her grew…”

“In the middle of nowhere?”

“When I saw Yergina kicking in the door today, I realized once again that she also longed for that strength. So I rushed after her like this.”


Yergina let out her long sigh.

Yergina is embarrassed, perhaps embarrassed or embarrassed.

Looking at her like that, Ian suddenly felt something.

‘… I think this somehow shows Pongpong’s instincts.’

This is an ignorant confessional attack that can be used even on named people. It seems that the skill level of Pongpong’s confession attack is higher than expected.

While she was silent, thinking about such trivial things.

Yergina pursed her lips with difficulty.

“B-but aren’t you the princess’s plaything?”

“He is a man, not a plaything, and even that is not the kind of relationship that Yergina thinks.”


Pongpong’s instincts were telling him.

This person is pushing her away now, so she should cling to him even more persistently.

As far as confessional attacks are concerned, Pongpong’s authority is absolute.

Ian went with the flow.

“My feelings are firm.”

I flinch.

Yergina, who had never trembled in front of any enemy, lightly trembled on her shoulders.

Her red eyes narrowed like a cat on the defensive.

“Then tell me what you like about me.”

“Can I be honest with you?”

“No. I must tell only the truth.”

“It’s about appearance.”

“… Appearance?”

“I like strong women. To be even more honest, she looks thick and heavy, but once you look at her pure white thighs…”



“That’s enough.”

Yergina turned behind her with a sigh.

‘…Did I push myself too hard?’

I think I got too excited.

Yergina’s earlobes, which were starting to turn red, caught the eye of Ian, who was nervous.

She took a moment to catch her breath and muttered quietly in that position.

“In terms of strength, the third princess, who is a blood relative of the empire, would be stronger than me.”

It was a barely concocted answer to avoid rejection, but it was also the right thing to say. Even if he is not the emperor, Estrid’s lineage and the presence of the princess and the princes are not something that can be easily overcome.

This is the end of the political fight.

Ian decided to bet.

“That’s why I hope that Yergina will stand at the top of the family.”


She looked back with her serious eyes.

“Are you talking about Hermann?”

“It’s not difficult.”

“The conflict between me and Hermann is famous. You even bother bringing it up. I’m doubting the truth of what you’ve been saying.”

Yergina’s eyes burned red.

But Ian was rather confident.

“The target is not Hermann.”


“I’m talking higher up.”


The corners of Ian’s mouth went up.

“The Duke has to eat.”

The expression disappears from Yergina’s face.

That’s it for a moment.

— Paang!

The sound of air being broken was heard.

When she blinked, Yergina’s fist stopped right in front of her eyes.


The hair that floated in the wind returns to its proper place.

Ian looked blankly at her fist in front of her.

From noble mtl dot com

Did this guy just punch her?

But there was no sign or movement?

“Wow. He’s got a lot of guts. He can read the level of murder, is that it?”

… What are you reading?

Ian was embarrassed.

She didn’t even know she was about to throw out her fist, let alone read the killing intent.

I was trying to grit my teeth and pretend not to be surprised.

— Kugung.

The tree behind Ian fell.

“He’s a fun guy. I’ll admit that.”


“But, baby, there’s something between us. I don’t think there’s any reason for me to have this conversation with you. I’ll come back when you’re older.”

Yergina judges her opponents by force.

The condition for her to be able to talk to her is that you must be at least 4 stars. It is a status that is far from what Ian can reach.

‘I thought I would take advantage of the confusion caused by the confession attack and quietly bury it.’

As expected, the trick doesn’t work for a named player like Yergina.

Of course, this does not mean that there is no solution.

‘Even if her Aspect is not mid-4, she can prove that her abilities are at that level.’

She is confident in that.

The sparring event starts tomorrow.

Because you can use that.

“What if I take first place in the sparring competition?”

“No. 1?”

“Yes. I will try to win in a place where the most famous late exponents from the North and the entire continent participate.”

“You don’t look like you are at that level.”

“I’ll try it. Then, please acknowledge my feelings then.”

Yergina looked at her Ian in shock.

“… Even if it’s not my heart, I’ll at least listen to your story.”

The confession attack was a success.

The next day dawned.

As Danya walked towards the demilitarized zone, her Ian recalled what had happened with Yergina.

‘The confession attack was more effective than I expected.’

It was a way to embarrass the opponent and take what he wanted in the meantime.

More than anything, since Pongpong has confession attack experience engraved on his body, he can naturally put pressure on the opponent like flowing water.

‘If the situation arises in the future, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try using it with Named.’

The unarmed man arrived before we knew it.

Ian glanced around.

In this worldview, wherever you go, half of the people are women.

This also means that there are always half of the targets to which confession attacks can be applied.


I couldn’t help but laugh.

Danya, who was walking next to me, asks me with a worried face.



“You sure you haven’t gone back to the way you were before?”


“No. Well, it’s a lot of hard work. Cheer up.”

Pat pat.

Danya patted her shoulder while raising her tiptoes and headed towards the unarmed outskirts.

One by one, the nobles take their seats in the prepared chairs.


Many nobles gathered unarmed.

I was filled with anticipation for the sparring competition that would begin soon.

The ‘sparring meeting’ is an event where nobles from all over the continent who have been invited by the Northern Grand Duke, in addition to promising nobles from the northern region, gather to compete.

Although there were many people who participated in the sparring in person, there were a significant number of people who came to the banquet and gathered around to watch.

‘There are many faces I saw at the banquet yesterday.’

If you think about the uproar that Yergina caused at the banquet, these are truly bold nobles.

‘After all, they are nobles from the North.’

They are not so cowardly that they are scared just because someone has died.


“Hey. I enjoyed Chu Shin’s dance with Lady Sharon yesterday. How did you dance so powerfully and so well?”

“Thank you.”

“So, can you give me a hug like that just once?”

“As much as you want.”


What was so fun about it was that there were several young ladies who asked to take the ending pose with them.

It was a bit burdensome, but it was also an opportunity to solidify his image as the princess’s man.

“Oh my, look at this forearm. You’ve been hiding this well. Can I touch it?”

“Of course.”

Hmm. But why do I feel the stinging gaze of a prisoner from afar?

Of course, there were those who glared at Danya in a different way.

Especially men wearing plates.

The envious gaze of those who appeared to be knights was considerable.

“The princess’s man? Tsk tsk, what’s the point in making such a fuss about a gisaeng brother like that?”

“I see that you will appear in sparring, but if you meet me, I will give you my best.”

“Huh, why are you going all the way to Sir Jade? Look at those delicate legs. One low kick would break them, right?”

Ian was somewhat dumbfounded.

Just looking at the fact that he brought plate armor to the sparring event, which was an extension of the banquet, it was like that.

‘At best, I don’t think it’ll even be a review article.’

If you consider that they are usually in the low to mid 3 stars… I honestly think they are a shame.

Of course, Ian ignored them.

There was no reason to fight over something like this.

He just smiles leisurely.

It was a while before I worked so hard to pretend to be the princess’s man.

Someone muttered.

“Okay, I’m about to start. Hey, Hermann is coming.”

Herman Pierce, looking somewhat haggard, stood on the podium. You must have been having a hard time cleaning up what happened yesterday.

However, his expression was confident.

After looking around, he bowed his head in a dignified manner.

Then he shouted loudly in a deep voice worthy of his sacred position.

“Let the Dalian Exchange Meeting begin!”

The surrounding heat became hot.

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