After I Stopped Sponsoring, the Female Leads Began Obsessing Over Me chapter 85

85 - Come here, let's get a hit (2)

85 – Come here, let’s get a hit (2)

3 Seconds.

Tigelcic thought that 3 seconds would be enough to knock Ian out.

Look at that gisaeng oraebbi that looks so miserable.

‘I’ll give you a punch to the shins, a punch to the solar plexus, and a punch to that unlucky looking gap between the eyebrows.’

Your face seems a bit too dry, so let me make your hair plump properly. With that thought in mind, I took a stance.

‘He said he was a wizard.’

We already have some prior information that this guy is a Liechten cadet and a wizard. I don’t understand why this wizard would pick up a wooden sword, but it’s probably just a trick.

Tigelcic looked closely at Ian’s mouth and feet.

The mouth represents magical chanting, and the feet represent movement.

You can win if you approach before chanting.

‘No, you can win even if you chant.’


Just like that, Tigelsic was about to raise the corner of his mouth and take a stance.

— Faaat!

Ian disappeared before my eyes.


What is it?

Clearly there was no movement of the legs?

The moment Tigelsic turns his head in embarrassment.


It caught Tigelcic’s eyes.

Ian is smiling like the devil with the corners of his mouth raised.

And at the same time, a wooden sword shining silver was being swung.

Tigelcic felt something strange.

‘No. For a moment. Why is the wooden sword silver…… ?’

And what kind of wizard swings a sword that fast?

Can we stop this? ?

That thought didn’t last very long.

— Pooooo!

All the onlookers could not believe their ears for a moment. Does that sound usually make when a wooden sword hits an iron helmet?

Anyway, one thing was certain.

The center of the helmet is hollow.

— Pushushushushushushu shoot!

Blood spurted from both of Tigelcic’s noses.


Tigelsic’s eyes gathered in the center with a strange groan.

He suddenly stiffened upright and fell down.


A heavy collision sound spread throughout the training ground.

Seat next to Hermann Pierce.

Count Limkshu’s eyes trembled.

‘Did I see something wrong…? ?’

It literally happened in the blink of an eye.

When I closed my eyes once and opened them, I saw that the family knight, Tigelsic, had been crushed by Ian’s blow.

The sight of the middle of the helmet popping out and the sides sticking out was enough to give me goosebumps.

“It’s a victory for Ian Black Angus!”

The referee shouted.

Squires swarming in to carry the fallen Tigelsich.

You will probably be healed right away…….

‘Hey, that useless thing!’

Suddenly, a fire broke out.

I proudly declared to Prince Herman Pierce that I would immerse this and that child. How can the most skilled knight in the family be such an abomination?

‘Yes, if it’s Vans and Hanelcic, they’ll get away with it somehow.’

Count Linkshu is an ordinary person with no knowledge of fighting or combat. He did not have the ability to objectively grasp Ian’s strength.

“The author must have used some cunning trick.”

“Didn’t they attack you right away without even saying hello? It means they are a tribe without honor.”

“I was just blinded by victory. I was so blinded, tsk tsk.”

The surrounding nobles, who saw the expression on Count Linkshu’s face, moderately calmed him down.

Herman Pierce, who was sitting at the head of the table, blinked his eyes without saying a word.

‘… ‘What on earth is that step just now?’

Hermann couldn’t capture all of Ian’s movements.

It was because he wasn’t focused.

However, without even moving his feet, he moved largely to the blind spot of the opponent’s field of vision. And while the opponent was confused, he delivered a soulful blow from a blind spot.

That was Ian’s movement confirmed by Herman Pierce.

In fact, just by confirming those things, Hermann was different from most noble nobles.


The story was different when you consider that he was a talented player who reached late 4-star level. Even if you rank them in order of ability in the North, isn’t Herman bound to be in the top ten? So he missed the steps of that gisaeng brother?

Herman was in confusion.

‘… I’ve never witnessed or dealt with such a step.’

It is questionable whether that can be called a step in the first place.

Because there was no movement of the legs when passing through the blind spot of vision.

‘Either it wasn’t there, or it was so fast that it couldn’t be seen.’

At least it’s not the article’s method of footing.

As a wizard, I don’t really care about footwork, and it’s not a type of instantaneous movement that can be called magic. Because the movement itself was visible.

It is possible that he is an assassin or has learned Antigonus’ unique martial arts.

‘That can’t be possible.’

When swinging the wooden sword, it was extremely monotonous.

More than anything, the ability to instantly change the material of a wooden sword.

That is an earth type magic.

So, the most probable judgment is that an Earth-type wizard uses an unprecedented movement magic… It would be reasonable to say.

‘… ‘I can’t believe it.’

Hermann frowned.

No matter what, the number of people cheering for Ian has increased.


“It’s cool!”

… A sight you cannot believe even with your own eyes.

No. Did you really not see it clearly?

The furrow between Hermann’s eyebrows deepened.

“Wow. Are you too strong?”

As he walked down from the training ground, Ian shook his wrists.

I was planning to just faint the opponent, but it took more force than I expected.

‘It’s not easy to control because there’s a lot of mana in the body.’

Accurately, would you say that your ability to manipulate mana has grown?

Even if the same technique is used, the intensity is stronger than before.

This is the result of lowering the head of the 3-second villain by strengthening the body more than expected.

Anyway, I felt relieved because I had dealt with one of the three knight villains.

Ian returned to his seat feeling relieved.

“You were amazing.”

“Looks like you’re fighting a bit more than expected?”

“I heard you are the princess’s man. Where did you learn these skills at the imperial palace?”

Participants who were not interested before going up pretend to know.

Because of the villains in the article, I thought he was a real ‘gisaeng brother’, but after seeing him active in Dalian, I became interested in him.


In the first place, all the participants were crazy about power, so it was just like them to do this. To put it bluntly, this sudden interest was no different from a high praise for Ian’s own ability, which they thought was great.

Answering appropriately, Ian escaped to the outskirts of the training ground.


I can’t believe I was sighing like that.


Danya suddenly approached her and stuck her face out in front of her eyes.

“It was truly amazing!”

“Thank you.”

“Especially that move at the beginning! Isn’t that what you did during the grade measurement ceremony?”

Ian quietly nodded.

An explosive movement technique that was newly learned during the grade measurement ceremony.

It was transformed into a more optimized mobile device.

Instead of reducing the speed compared to the existing method, the casting time became faster and stable movement became possible.

The name I gave to my newly learned mobility was [Leap].

‘We must avoid exposing our abilities to Herman Pierce as much as possible…….’

Since I was planning to use this [Leap] As a basic mobility device anyway, I decided that it would be better to gain practical experience.

Rather, seeing this could complicate the mind of mid-boss Herman Pierce.

No. He’s a very suspicious guy, so he’ll definitely be like that.

“Yes. I changed it to be a little weaker.”

“Hey, it’s just that I’m weak.”

Suddenly Danya looked serious.

“I want to try it too.”

— Shashashak!

Suddenly it moved to the side with a crab gait.


“Why, why are you laughing!”

“hahahahaha! Did I move like that?”


Danya’s face turns red and her cheeks fill with air.

“Anyway, it was great, you idiot!”

After hitting it like that, heng! Danya snorted and left.

No, I thought it was floating.

“Why do you come back?”


Then he put something on Ian’s head and he stomped back to the bleachers.

It was a magic with a healing effect, “Snow Flower.”

The second match was an easy opponent that could be dealt with only with a wooden sword and body strengthening.

The result was a simple victory.

The full-scale tournament started from the next match.

“The youngest of our three brothers. I will avenge Tigelcic!”

By coincidence, I met one of the two remaining knight villains again.

If this continues, we will meet a low-kick knight villain in the semi-finals, so will we actually meet all knight villains?


Ian answered seriously.

“Ah… Is it really true that the youngest is dead?”

“He’s not dead!”

“But why are you calling me an enemy? Anyway, I’m glad it’s a stone head that will be fine even if it gets hit.”

“It’s fortunate that I only need to recuperate for about a month… No, it’s fortunate! You didn’t do that!”

“You can get hurt while sparring. And since you fight with a wooden sword in the first place, it takes strength to wear iron armor.”


“Anyway, for a month, it will be two brothers instead of three.”

“… This one!”

He was a stern guy from the way he spoke.

Ian gently scratched him with some part of his hand.

The goal in the first place was not to punish these people, but to appeal to Yergina by achieving good results in the sparring competition.

If there is an easy way to win, it is right to go easy.

“Tigelsic is our sworn brother even if something goes wrong…”

While that guy was talking endlessly, I slowly narrowed the distance.

At a glance, it looks like he is wary of a wooden sword flying from the side.


Ian went straight into the center of the guy.

“You guy…!”

While the guy raised his wooden sword above his head to block the blow coming straight from above his head.



Ian’s strengthened fist struck the guy’s jaw.


He spun around like some kind of cartoon character and fell to the floor.

— “Oooooh!”

— “The winner was decided after just one sum!”

— “Ian! Ian!”

Cheers filled the training hall.

The number of people calling him by name instead of ‘the princess’s man’ began to increase.

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