Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game chapter 69

Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game 69

69 – vs Seong Yura (3)


Seong Yura’s mansion located in the middle of Hajungsan.

Using various abilities and items, we were able to conceal ourselves and approach Seong Yura’s mansion.

“Here it is.”

Beyond the rustling bushes, a postmodern structure took its place in my field of view.

Due to the abundance of CCTV cameras, guard dogs, and security personnel near the mansion, sneaking up to this point was not an easy task.

However, the number of security guards seemed to be much fewer than expected.

And there was a slightly unsettling feeling, as if something had happened inside the mansion.

“…But are you guys really going to enter together?”

Observing the situation inside the mansion through the monocle, I turned around and casually asked them.


“Of course.”

Ishiwoon and Roksanne nodded their heads as if it were a matter of course.

Both of them had the reaction of being determined to enter the mansion, even though it was not necessary to take such risks.

“I promise. Jinhyuk, at least, I won’t be a hindrance.”

Ishiwoon looked straight into my eyes and added in a low, determined voice.

Unlike his usual dry demeanor, there was a gaze filled with determination and resolve.

It seemed like he didn’t want to just wait passively in the situation where Soyeon had been kidnapped.

Probably because he didn’t want to be the guy who wasn’t the male protagonist.

Honestly, it’s kind of cool.

Risking danger for the sake of a girl he secretly admires.

“…But do you really have to stop us?”

I slyly wished luck to Ishiwoon’s subordinates, the security guards.

Upon hearing that, one of the middle-aged male security guards, armed with all sorts of state-of-the-art equipment, smiled gently and nodded vigorously.

“Yes. It’s almost unheard of for our Siwoon to go this far for a friend.”

The middle-aged man’s name was Sung Doha.

He had been guarding Siwoon since he was young and was a former top-ranking hero. Originally responsible for security within Siwoon’s mansion, he seemed to have taken on the role of a butler (?) lately, attending to Siwoon’s every whim.

From Siwoon’s perspective, who had been separated from his parents for a long time, Sung Doha might have felt like a surrogate guardian.

In fact, the family members of Siwoon in the estate setting seemed to trust Sung Doha considerably and indicated that Siwoon relied on him a lot.

“During the last bizarre stalker incident and now going this far for a friend, seeing Siwoon go to such lengths brings tears to my eyes. Hoho.”

“Oh, uh, really?”

The middle-aged man wiped away a tear with a wistful expression, looking into the air and pulling out a handkerchief.

He’s unexpectedly sentimental despite his appearance.

It’s almost like the way parents rejoice at their one and only child’s growth. Hmm, should I call it undue flattery? Well, I knew he had that kind of personality, though.

“Yes. Whether it’s true or not, from a young age, I’ve been worried that Siwoon couldn’t get along with others, but to go this far, I’m moved by it, Sung Doha.”


“Ah, Siwoon going to such lengths, how many times has he done that?”


“Of course, it’s a risky business. I know it’s somewhat illegal. When this matter reaches the chairman’s ears, it will be quite a headache in many ways.”


“But! Siwoon risking danger for a kidnapped friend. Yes, when young, one needs such experiences. Hoho. Indeed, in front of Siwoon’s first love, he’ll show his manly side…”

“Sir, I’m sorry, but could you please stop?”

Seeing Siwoon exhale deeply as if begging him to stop, Sung Doha finally realized and gently patted his back before bowing his head.

“I’m sorry, Siwoon. Was I too tactless?”


Siwoon didn’t respond, just gazed at Sung Doha with sharp eyes, making Sung Doha slightly scratch his neck and subtly avoid eye contact.

From a third person’s perspective, their interaction seemed somewhat comical, but it was clear they would be of great help in this matter.

“Nevertheless, it’s fortunate that several members of Siwoon’s security team are assisting. They all seem to have skills beyond active heroes. Huh, Siwoon seems to have quite the popularity, albeit discreetly.”

Their numbers weren’t many, but it was an appropriate team size to sneak into the mansion and act stealthily.

Anyway, an excessive number of people would make covert action impossible.

“With my abilities, I might be of help. So, please.”


This time, Roxanne slowly approached and floated her luck.

Despite everything, Roksanne’s abilities could be quite helpful.

Roksanne’s extraordinary ability lies in creating barriers.

Her unique power allows her to establish specific domains, imposing various laws and rules.

Given its versatility, this ability could prove beneficial in various situations.

However, Roksanne…

“Are you sure about this? It seems like other followers might resist. Was this discussed beforehand?”

I glanced sideways at the ten followers who had accompanied Roksanne.

These individuals, unwavering in their support for Roksanne, remained steadfast, unaffected by Saint Yura’s political maneuverings.

Though their numbers were not significant, their unwavering faith, trust, and anticipation in Roksanne were staggering, enough to withstand Saint Yura’s threats and persuasion.

Moreover, Roksanne was a candidate for saintship.

It’s doubtful whether someone in such a position would willingly enter a perilous place.

If it were me, I would certainly object.

“We are fine.”

“Excuse me?”

“If Roksanne has decided to do it, we have no choice but to believe. hahahaha.”

“Oh, I see. Well, then.”

What can I say?

It’s truly a faithful response, isn’t it?

While it was undoubtedly a good thing that they agreed with a refreshing smile, their unshakable and solid trust felt a bit intimidating.

Because these people would follow Roksanne even if she turned into a villain. Their belief in Roksanne was too intense.

It feels reassuring when they’re allies, but it’s a bit frightening when they could turn hostile.

Almost like fanatics.

“As for matters related to Saint Yura… I can’t afford to stay out of it. Please understand.”

“Um, sure. Fine.”

Since Saint Yura despises Roksanne, it should be alright.

Maybe Saint Yura will attempt a mental attack using Roksanne.

“Jinhyuk, are you ready? It’s getting late.”

“Ah, Yuseolhyun.”

“By the way, both Ishiwoon and Roksanne are heading dangerously into the mansion. Why don’t you just wait outside like me?”

Yuseolhyun sighed and shook her head disapprovingly.

“Why do people go through unnecessary hardships like that, seriously.”

“Are you the only one doing it?”

Honestly, the person who suffered the most today was Yoo Seolhyun.

Though Yoo Seolhyun had been constantly uttering negative words like “it’s risky,” “it’s burdensome,” “there’s a lot of responsibility,” she had been running around frantically to solve numerous issues in this short time.

Persuading her own faction members, presenting rewards and achievements, preparing countermeasures in case things went wrong, aligning with prosecutors and police, coordinating with the media through her connections, and so on.

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, Yoo Seolhyun might have to take considerable responsibility, but she was more actively helping than I had expected.

Is it because I firmly believe in my ability to foresee the future?

“Seolhyun, thanks. You managed to gather a lot of people in this short time.”

“Whether the job succeeds or fails, in the end, I’ll have to deal with a lot, but if it really fails, you won’t stay quiet.”

Looking at the transparently lecturing Yoo Seolhyun, I scratched my chin and nodded.

“Got it, got it.”

“The secret ledger and various pieces of evidence come first. Understand?”


“Until they’re secured, my forces can’t move. Remember that.”

With Yoo Seolhyun’s warning, I could now find the approximate location of the secret passage through the holographic display.

Alright, let’s start heading there little by little.

To rescue Soyeon.


Jin Soyeon slowly opened her eyes.

Her consciousness was still a bit hazy, as if the anesthesia hadn’t completely worn off. Jin Soyeon only twisted her head, feeling a bit disoriented.

Ah, why is my head so foggy?

Did I not sleep well last night?

“Hello, are you Jin Soyeon?”


Beyond her blurry vision, a unfamiliar face appeared.

A cute girl with short brown hair was smiling brightly. Who is this girl?

Jin Soyeon felt a moment of confusion. She couldn’t understand why there was a brown-haired girl in her room.

Could this not be her house?

Maybe she dozed off a bit at the academy and woke up here.

Wait a minute.

Jin Soyeon discreetly scanned her surroundings.

It wasn’t the academy. This place, filled with expensive-looking items, begged the question of whose room it could possibly be.

A perplexing emotion, unfamiliar to Mu, surfaced on the surface.

Why, why was Jin Soyeon in a room she had never seen before in her life?

“First, let’s figure out where this is… Ah, what’s this?”

Now that she noticed, she was tied up.

Bound tightly to the chair, she couldn’t move an inch.

Jin Soyeon opened her eyes wide.

Tied up? Why?

From Noble mtl dot com

“It’s better to stay still. I won’t harm you. At least, not for now.”


“Me? I’m Sung Yura, Sung Yura. Haven’t heard of me before? Lately, I haven’t been going to the academy much.”

“Sung Yura, from Class 3?”

Sung Yura nodded playfully, giving a sly smile.

“Yeah, that’s right. The same class as Roxanne.”

“Why am I here?”

“Oh, come on, don’t you remember? Are you still half-asleep? Well, fine. I’ll give you a brief explanation.”

Sung Yura said with a cheerful tone.

“You’ve been kidnapped by me.”


It came back to her.

Last night, someone broke in, subdued Jin Soyeon, and used a drug to make her lose consciousness.

And then, she was taken somewhere…

“Kidnapped? Me? And even involving people?”


Sung Yura.

What on earth was this woman thinking?

A Hero Academy student kidnapping…!

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