Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game
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Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game

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여성향 게임 속 히로인과 헤어짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game

I became the only male NPC in a reverse harem game.

…But if we’re going to break up anyway, it wouldn’t matter if we broke up now, right?

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  1. Hakdog34 says:

    Honestly, what a waste of time. The early chapters were good but quickly goes downhill later on. MC can be likeable but most of the time insufferable with his contradictory statements and mindset. There are lines that are non-sensical and illogical.
    He claims he’s mastered the game and yet doesn’t fully utilize his knowledge most of the time. It’s like for every 1 chapter there’s gonna be 3 bad chapters. The misunderstandings are mostly excessive to the point of frustration. Really, what a waste.

  2. Enter says:

    This is quite good.

  3. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:


  4. IME says:

    let me know who is your favorite gurls, guys?

    me, Roxanne.

    well, i like “saintess” heroine with pure soul and sinful body.

    btw thanks for the update noble-sama.

  5. CrovoloDesu says:

    Thanks for the update!

  6. techmanOP says:

    Last CHP readed 110

  7. Extra Extra says:

    Been busy with IRL things, and it’s only now that I finally have the leisure to read again.

    Looking forward to reading this after I’ve caught up with ‘Memoirs of a Returnee’.

  8. CrovoloDesu says:

    Thanks for the update!

    If anyone who is hesitating to read this, ignore the comments and judge for yourself whether or not you like this novel, I personally consider it entertaining and I like it. You can see a lot of resentment towards the female gender in the comments, maybe the FMC reminded those guys of someone unpleasant in their lives, when it’s the opposite.

    First of all, emphasize that the current mc does not feel anything romantic about the fmc and only wants the best for her and for the main plot.

    About the fmc, she ALWAYS rejected any romantic approach said directly by the guys, the rest were people she thought were her friends and later she found out that none of those she considered friends approached her just with that one intention which was a shock to her and she feels guilty because she feels like an evil woman for it, she never used anyone or anything like that and she was always clear to anyone who tried to make romantic advances. Her only sin is to put the original owner of the mc’s body in the position of shield so that there are no longer so many boys asking her to be their girlfriend since this caused problems for the original, especially considering that the original did like her, and she likes him, but it takes her a long time to realize it and she has small moments of mental breakdown.

    You could say that the FMC is quite clumsy and a little involuntarily short-sighted, definitely NOT a b*t*h as many comments from guys blinded by resentment against similar but truly bad girls make it seem.

    Psdt: English not is my native language.

    1. Jahe Manis says:

      The problem lies in how the author handle exposition of the story. The author said that the original ML was also the cause of MC’s death and FML then started dating the original ML later, so many readers consider FML is b*tch . Especially if he is dating both MLs. Many readers also said that MC had no self-respect because he wanted to match the two MLs with FML when they gave MC a lot of problems in the original story. Consider that MC is transmigrator or possible regressor. The author realized his mistake quite late and it was already difficult to change the story, so he could only change the storyline at the end by making the MC make a decision, he would not act based on the plot anymore and would solve the problem with the main enemy earlier. Judging from the pacing of the story, it seems like the novel will end quickly because many enemies are defeated quickly. Unfortunately the characters of the other heroines apart from FML have not been developed

  9. amogustimestwo says:

    Ngl extra in romance fantasy is way better than this one.

  10. Rissira says:

    is this a harem? who are the girls if it is? I feel like I might not like the fml so I want to know if there is another best girl in the story. .

  11. Phạm Cao Duy Thuấn says:

    The novel is interesting, recommend reading it. And don’t care about the bad comment about a cuck fetish or something. ~~ This mc is a transmigrator, maybe half. He is just a normal Fml childhood friend NPC until suddenly remembers his past life. That is why there is a conflict in his feelings. The original MC is hinted to be in love with FML, but the MC after remembering his past life is NOT. He is just a crazy fan of this Otome game, and just shipping his favorite characters, and routes in the game. So don’t be too caring about that. Just enjoy how the author makes mc start to develop feelings for fml over gain throughout the story.

    1. I just don’t get it first of all most the comments says it’s bad so basically most people didn’t like the novel so don’t just come and say don’t care about the comments and what fun reading a mc who the whole novel says oh I can’t take this it’s for the fmc I mean f!uck the original story you already changed it by not dying and the worst that you saying watch how he love with the original fmc again you know that she has the worst personality to be in any girl and even another girl mentioned to her in the bathroom what guy like a girl who is all the time be around another guys and be kind to them when sho knows they have a crush on her so yes it’s the most disgusting and what also disgusting is the mc who weak as sh!it yet he didn’t want to take anything for the story sake so my opinion is total garbage story and total garbage author

    2. amogustimestwo says:

      maybe half what?

    1. I decide for this one. cause its one of the few novels in noble that are extremly popular based on stats. readers taste or distaste are never taken into consideration if a novel will get updated or not. stats decide that (and also donations 🤑)

      1. kkkkkk says:

        How can I delete comments?

        1. rob z rob z says:

          How can I undelete them? Σ(-᷅_-᷄ ๑)

  12. I hate this. Mc is already boyfriend of the heroine in the beginning. He broke up with her because of his cuckold fetish.

    1. Not due to fetish, its due to *reasons*.

      1. Brain dead reasons, which author has succeded to convince me at this point with his writing skills. So I don’t want MC and FL to end up together at the end. It will bring bad taste in my mouth.

      2. nobel says:

        His reason is if he accepts FML confession, the other ML will hate him and want help him against enemy. In summary, MC is just coward.

    2. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

      You probably did not read properly. The MC broke with the female protagonist because, first of all, their relationship is just fake. Second, the MC did not personally “love” the protagonist so he broke up(because hes a transmigrator) the third, He wants to follow the original story, protagonist x ML. So how is that having a cuckold fetish if in the first place, she’s not a real GF lol

  13. ꦗꦏꦧꦺꦴꦭꦺꦴꦠ꧀ says:

    Summary of recent chapter:
    FML: Noo, MC with another woman. No. I don’t want that. I only him in my side in the future. 10 years at least.
    FML’s frenemy: You’re pathetic

  14. Daver55 says:

    What a waste of time. It was so long since I felt like that with a novel. It started decent and was promising. But then. The MC turned into an “i can’t eat this apple cuz if i do da plot will destroy the world” type of MC. Also no other female interested in him, not even the villainess who looked like she was being built for that in the first chapters… only the childhood friend, aka the female protagonist of that world is interested in him. A woman the MC saw getting fked by who knows how many other dudes when he played the game. Author pushing for this ship when MC pushes her to “get close” tho other dudes, for me, gave this novel a lowkey cuk drift.

    1. 김설현 says:

      For now, one of the main ML still hasn’t given up on FML, and the other main ML has started to interest FML. So only 2 ML in the original game. I will salute the author if he dares to create an ending with a reverse harem like the original game, with a different, adding MC in her harem, just because it’s rare to have a novel with a reverse harem. If a man can have a harem, why a woman can’t?

      1. Daver55 says:

        Because the other way around is unnatural. 1 man can get pregnant 100 women “at the same time”, 1 woman can’t get pregnant by 100 men “at the same time”. One is peak evolution big brain move, the other is human debauchery.

        1. Poor says:

          Although I in fact agree with your argument, the girls can have multiple pregnancies, tho they said is straining for the body and is of high risk depending of the organism. Also there are mechanisms in the body to reduce this situations there are always ythe cases of twins (from different ovum)

          1. AmicableKraken says:

            The fact you accept reverse harem just tell how messed up your common sense is

          2. SenatorArmstrong says:

            Nah hes right, Heteropaternal Superfecundation can happen at a 1/100000 chance. Basically the female gives birth to two babies both with differing dads. The female really has to be a wh*re for this since shes given a small window of time to do this for it to occur.
            And the only technically good Reverse Harem I’ve read is Bakarina, which isn’t even a full harem.
            Also this novel is still sh*eeeeetttt.

      2. Fan says:

        Women having many man is wrong, because it’s against GOD.

        1. Mahala says:

          We even accept fantasy, transmigration, magic why won’t we accept reverse harem?? And for your knowledge you also accepted , that why you are reading this. This is novel not your real world so chill man, don’t question others mentality😂🤣

      3. SenatorArmstrong says:

        The first reason why a harem is established is purely to allow a lineage to prosper. Thats why higher powered individuals like nobles, kings, sultanates, etc practice it.
        Novel-wise, its simply because I don’t want to read a reverse harem. I’m not a woman, simple as that.

  15. 1-70 is good. But with the new update, it becomes bad, authors dont know how to write good characters. He used lazy writting to describe how cool mc now, how rich he is,… ,
    Except for that, why he didnt spend that time to write more about villian, their goals, pasts, ways of life ,idk wht author spend almost an entire chapter to remind us ishiwon is chaebol and mc is rich asf from stock ( stock is not money laundering)
    The fml be like:
    I can keep by my side a bunch of guys but u cant. Cuz im jealous
    Author did try to whiten her but still a big no for me.
    Too much plot armors is also a huge downfall.
    I will drop this, not my cup of tea

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      I agree that MC easily gets rich by trading in the stock market. I’m not too fond of novels with the message that trading can make you rich overnight. Many of my friends lost their life savings during the pandemic because of trading. MC also uses all the money from his late parents’ inheritance for trading. It would be better if the author made the MC lose all that money, thus making the MC think that stock trading in his new world is different from in games. After all, what kind of Otome game has trading markets in it? I’m also disappointed that the writers didn’t develop the main villain in the first arc and killed her too quickly. She is an interesting villain, saint candidate, genius, and rich, close acquaintance with several main characters in the story. At least the author didn’t make her repent and fall in love with MC like other novels. As for FML, well, she’s an otome protagonist, so the author made her dense FML, and she realized she liked MC when she thought MC died. You read until chapter 70, in the last uploaded chapter.

      Spoilers: She confessed and got rejected. The MC is too cowardly, and like other protagonists who enter the game, he is afraid of the future changing if he accepts her confession. I don’t like that MC still forces FML and the other 2 ML in the story. Without realizing it, his actions make FML increasingly try to avoid other male characters, and slowly, she becomes yandere. At least the author doesn’t make other female characters fall in love with MC. For now, only his childhood loves MC. I hope this ends with a fake harem and 2 ML games end with another FML game.

      1. Suherman Joshua says:

        For now, I will continue reading this novel, but if it gets worse, I will stop.

      2. I got a bit hit in my stock during pandemic, but that’s a rare case. Thanks for your opinion, i have also read chapter 84. Turn fml down is fine, he doesn’t even love her. I just dont want author turn this one to a braindead novel. We got a new villainess

  16. Sephir says:

    was going to comment is noble addicted to break ups then i saw update but at the end isn’t it the same?

  17. Cero says:

    Oh, so soon an update on this novel 😯

  18. Dagonsuznyz says:

    The background of yodahee is not important. What she went through to hate heroes is not important in the slightest. She just needs to be killed. Not only killed, but humiliated before being killed. Someone needs to beat her down, record the beating, then torture her, record it too, and then once her endless pride falls, expose her as the retarted monster that she is to the whole world and finally end her miserable and worthless existence.

    Oh the novel is ok though. 11/17

  19. Yuki says:

    Summary of this novel:
    MC: I’m so weak and useless! I will use this super rare relic magic sword with powerful combat to face enemies
    Main villain: Ba-bakana!! He managed to block my attack and return it. Is he a legendary vigilante
    Ori ML fiance: He must be hiding a secret if he is weak. Must get him as my subordinate hehehe.
    Ori ML: Trully, you are my biggest rival.
    MC: Why is everyone paying attention to me
    MC: No, why my childhood friend loves me, she must be love ori ML and must pair her with ori ML, so we can save the world
    FML: What do you mean, I realized I like you more than anyone else
    MC: Whaaat! no way, what about the original plot. No. I don’t like you anymore and now I like ML’s original fiancé.
    Fiance ori ML: Whaaat!!! do you love me? but I never saw you as a potential lover, but why is my heart beating?

    1. Extra Extra says:

      Yes, this novel has a misunderstanding tag and leans heavily on them (so far).

      Even so, it’s a decent read so far 👍

  20. Rader says:

    Full of cliches but Author control them quite well. MC is kinda down bad with increasing misunderstandings again and again as he feel that it will be a pain to explain everything, quite realistic actually.

    Anyways not a bad novel at all. It’s a Solid 7/10, can even reach 8/10 but not beyond it. There are some novels which could get 8 or higher ratings but due to a few bad elements they stuck at 7. And here we have a novel which was mediocre since the beginning and is providing good entertainment as an Average novel, a Solid 7/10.

  21. Suherman Joshua says:

    Yes, this novel is not as bad as the comments say. I admit that the story is full of clichés and is similar to other novels. The opening story is also not very strong, some arc is not. Interesting & too full drama, especially the stalker arc, that part is too long. But there is part that interesting in the story. We have MC realizing that he is FML’s childhood friend character in the game. She originally fake FML’s boyfriend but wants to end their fake relationship. MC is weak and only good at strategy, but thanks to his knowledge of games, he managed to get several weapon items, which then some people misunderstood that MC was actually strong and was just pretending to be weak. FML is confused about his feelings for MC and begins to be suspicious of MC’s secrets. MC caught the attention of the female main villain because MC thwarted her plans several times, but she still didn’t know who the culprit was. Ori ML still has a portion in the story and is interested in FML but it looks like it will only end as unrequited love. MC now pretends to like FML’s rival and tries to match FML with original ML.

  22. Extra Extra says:


    TY for the update

  23. IME says:

    This is good.

    most of the comments on this site sometimes make me hesitate to read….
    but now I don’t care and just dive into it

    1. SenatorArmstrong says:

      Correct mindset honestly. Sometimes comments make me not want to read sh*t but when I dive in its not as bad as they made it out to be. Probably cause I lowered my expectations, but mostly cause I just now have fun reading MTL garbage and would just stop and read if I’ve had enough. Some people have unrealistic expectations here for sub-par Korean novels, or are just hive mindedly taking in the opinion of others as their own.
      Though this novel does suck.

    2. Same. It’s better to dive in if you are crazy and don’t mind consequences. Although I am crazy too. So atleast you have me behind you. But for now I ain’t reading anything. My mtl mastery is high yet I have decided to stop reading novels now. Atleast not much. Sometimes I check them out when m too bored. Most of the time i just draw.

    3. Yeah, I used to be like this, but then I realized that most of the trash ones that the comment made is actually decent, like someone saying 2-3/10 but actually it’s 6-7/10.

  24. Good read, with dynamic characters, and a solid plot. Except for MC being tooooooo weak and him acting like a wing man, the other elements are quite interesting..

    Well, the world building is almost neglected and power setting is a mess.

    I would rate novel 8/10..

    Would definitely recommend it.

    1. techmanOP says:

      Future me star from chp 50

  25. Extra Extra says:

    Despite my issues with the MC, it’s surprisingly a decent to good read so far. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    The interactions and developments between the characters are the highlights here, and I’m curious to see how things will play out between the MC and the OG FMC.

    Here’s hoping for more updates.

  26. Dagonsuznyx says:

    The MC is weak, and the story is boring.

  27. Jahe Manis says:

    This novel is like The Novel’s Extra, but worse. Except the MC is the protagonist’s female childhood friend, everything is almost the same. Original male protagonist who is seen as quiet, cool and talented. Rivel’s original male protogonist is naughty and goes around as he pleases. Original rival female protagonist who is a rich child and daughter of a famous guild. The original rival female protagonist thought the MC was a genius who was hiding his talent and strength, so he started to be more interested in the MC than the original male protagonist and wanted to recruit him as a guild member. It’s similar, I find this kind of plot in many novels with the topic of hunters. The title is an otome game, but I didn’t find any otome game elements in the novel. Worst of all, the author depicts the original female protagonist in the original story, knowingly liking the MC but being able to hook up with many men. I think the author doesn’t know what kind of otome game it is.

  28. Hell knight says:

    I read up to chapter 50. I enjoyed few chapter at first but later, it comes down in level. Basically if you are new to this generate read to ch 25. It’s good to there. Then, it will go down to absolute downgrade as everyone misunderstand mc (should i make seolhyeon am exception ? ) . Then, the ofmc will break down and turn dark and story will move for worse . And as it is an otome game, the mc will try to match the ofmc with other dude and gives of ntr vibes too. Anyway first 25 chapter are good so give it a try.

  29. CrovoloDesu says:

    Read up to chapter 50. It really was an unexpectedly entertaining read, especially the last few chapters where the FMC becomes a little schizophrenic. I recommend this reading, more chapters pls.

    psdt: the mc is average-well, he is certainly somewhat dense (I don’t know if I should call him dense since even his childhood friend doubts whether or not she really has feelings for him) but I wouldn’t say that he is beta or anything style, he simply knows that he is not OP and that the configuration of the world is difficult, so he seeks to ensure that his childhood friend obtains the necessary support to overcome the difficulties, and as both he and she (both of them are struggling with the feelings of she) do not have romantic feelings, the MC simply supports her and tries not to interfere too much since originally he should not have much relevance. He also does everything possible to obtain benefits but not modify the main plot too much in order to continue reaping benefits from his future knowledge in the medium term, knowing that what he does will definitely have a butterfly effect, he just doesn’t want to make that effect too crazy so It has to be measured in when and how much to act.

  30. Zzz says:

    So first of all i am so biased towards hero-villain novels(in a bad way)
    I hate it.

    For this novel the plot is boring af and character interactions are meh too. Idk i read 32 chapters feels like wasted time

    2/10 not recommended. Only 2 points for it being ok mtl and not gibberish. Story is bad translation is ok

  31. I read it not too far, but honestly, this story disappoints me. Literally everything is done poorly – the world is uninteresting, reading about things unrelated to romance is boring because they are not the main focus, and reading about the relationships between the characters is even more boring because there is no spark. Honestly, the main character should have just left the academy and gone on a journey to find strength and a small harem of girls with white hair – then at least this book would have played on the love for the feeling of power and cute girls.

    1. No, of course, ideally I would like to see a worthy book with an interesting idea, lively characters, and some message… But this work needs to at least reach the level of a typical potboiler.

  32. Dragon Reader says:

    I’m really enjoying this novel.

    It was the owner of the original body that was in love with the childhood friend, not the protagonist that transmigrated into the game. Not to mention, the childhood friend hasn’t even started dating any of the other guys in the novel, and its even moving in the direction that she might actually decide to choose to pursue the MC over any of the original otome game love interests, so why are there so many people complaining? Its not NTR.

    Does the idea that heroines are actually you know, PEOPLE, that can even POTENTIALLY fall for someone outside of the main protagonist really bother these people that much? Just how insecure are you to self-insert that much?

  33. Read up to ch. 50
    It was meh-mid, i kinda like the story except the part where MC is beta japanese MC harem.
    He dense af, forcing his childhood friend into loving one of original male lead.
    He was her fake boyfriend, they broke up because MC fear the wrath of original ML, but he never consider her feeling and always force her to going out with another guys.
    She never indicate that she like another guy but he always say like, “oh I hear rumor about you two going out ” Or “how about going out with him, cause reason”. Its annoy me the f ton. Its hurt when someone you Like did that to you, he keep bring it out even tho she said no everytime.

    1. I kinda get it why he decide to brake up, but forcing her to like another person cause she like them in the game? *spit on MC face
      Its not a game any more, its your life now, they are real people with their own feeling.

    2. Don’t get me wrong, i like the story a lil bit, but i guess i put too much personal feeling into this

  34. milky violet says:

    ahhh I want a cultivation yandere so bad

    some white haired jade beauty master or senior sister

    ah yes, just a naive ambitious young lad getting manipulated into possessor mode

    1. Yandere lover 69 says:

      Then I can recommend this novel my master is an yandere it’s a cultivation yandere novel

    2. Join my sect I will make sure you have a junior, a senior and a dao partner with white hair

  35. rob z rob z says:

    15 chapters in and so far, MC sucks. Japanese beta MC. Some crappy tropes (i.e., girl says something and guy says “What did you say”)? Will give it a little more time and write a more thorough review but this is not reading like a Korean web novel so far.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I think you mean:
      FL: Kirito I love you!
      **Wind blowing**
      MC: What did you say?

    2. Daver55 says:

      Yeah, full of annoying JP troupes. Like loli who loves her “onee-sama” and thinks bad of MC cuz he’s getting close to her “onee-sama”. They are the reason I hate yuri people in straight manga and why I drop any work who has them inside. I mean dunno if she gets too annoying at some point here, but her archetype is a red flag so I put this on hold.

  36. R says:

    Typical academy extra NPC possessor/reincarnator. MC’s mindset in the first few chapters is too awful though. Dense, cowardly, cuck.

  37. I don’t know bout others but I enjoyed this

  38. NathanDrake says:

    It’s a fun read

  39. VelconTill says:

    I will have to admit, this is cringe but its readable cringe. I say if you have nothing better to read or ok with lots of misunderstandings, its an ok read. The Childhood friend tho is a problem, her brain needs to get checked(she is not a bad person, just dense and dumb). I give it a 6/10.

  40. Luiz Felipe says:

    I’ll be honest, this novel is cringe poorly written And for some reason all the female characters are a weird copy of yoo yeonha(TNE)


        The novels extra* TNE. It’s pretty good all things considered, and it’s finished. You should check it out

        1. rob z rob z says:

          I would caution you about that. There’s some great stuff in TNE but the ending sucks. It’s 476 chapters and you get to the end and its just a letdown. Jee Gab Song (the author) doesn’t know how to write endings (the end of the Villain Wants to Live sucked hard) – he needs to take lessons from Yuzu or Chwiryong.

          1. Daver55 says:

            Man, Villain wants to live, loved the vibe of the novel…. but the ending was rtrded af, the author just doesn’t know how to write endings, like really, he always tries to pull some “tragic” or bittersweet endings but the past settings he wrote about in the same work just doesn’t make them work so the endings just look dumb, not tragic or whatever, but dumb.

        2. Blue Bro Blue Bro says:

          From the middle till the end, TNE went downhill. It was the first korean webnovel I read and a huge letdown for me.

        3. SenatorArmstrong says:

          It sucks. The story was good but then it fell off half way. Continuous nerfs to the MC, forced events, eventually becoming exhausting to continue to read.
          >”LETS SPEND A GAZILLION TRILLION CHAPTERS HAVING MC PULL AN ITACHI (he literally did this btw) DESPITE BEING CAPABLE OF EXPLAINING WHY HE DID “that” BECAUSE “she must become stronger, let her hate me” HAHAHA”
          I wouldn’t be as harsh if the novel presented itself as something that shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it tried so hard to “act like it’s deep” despite having one of the most predictable patterns. Honestly the Villain That Wants to Live is exactly the same, and even more exhausting as the author tries to make everything into a tragedy, but I liked a certain arc so meh.

      2. Daver55 says:

        “To Nut Everywhere”, it’s a secret organization. Up or down, they are around there, at the same level as the masons or templars. Hmm. Better explanation. Do you know Skyrim?.. Well, ofc you do, everyone does! So they are kinda like the Dark Brotherhood. Not killing thus just kinda like them. So anyway, the members have a smiling nut printed somewhere in their possession to be seen, then you go near them and say the phrase “To Nut Everywhere”, they will smile at you, you smile too, then help each other nut.

  41. I think it’s good. I read up to ch 50 and i was able to reach without being bored (except the villain side chapters). I think it’s worth giving a try

  42. Raven says:

    Dropped at 12ch nothing original, not worth to spend time.

  43. milky violet says:

    Anyways I find it boring, they should amp up the obsession before. I don’t really care about academy practical tests, I came here for one thing. Which is obsession.

    I also hate betrothed heroines, that’s like casual NTR’ing even if they don’t mutually love each other. Oh yeah the fiancé is getting lovey dovey with my childhood friend but I don’t really care, she’s not main heroine.

    Should’ve just added in a white haired orphan mafia boss that’s the main heroine

    1. milky violet says:

      white hair novel ratings scale:

      1- no white hair
      2- white hair but not main heroine
      3- white hair but absolute dogwater use of it
      4- white hair but mediocre use
      5- generic white hair use
      6- white hair is the first yandere
      7- white hair is main heroine
      8- white hair is cute
      9- wawawawawa
      10- the MC has white hair?!

      1. Ryuu says:

        Do grandma white hair count?

        1. milky violet says:

          grandma and grandpas don’t count, they’re the wholesome nice guys you don’t want to touch… just ignore what they did 50 years ago before they were old 😬

  44. milky violet says:

    I absolutely hate misunderstanding, it’s such a piss genre now.

    If I were a possessor, I would be straight up honest.

    “How do you know this” says the stupid dumb female heroine #82

    “I’m just simply better than you dumb idiot, maybe you should go lowtiergod speech”

    and then I’d say that I’m not a regressor, possessor, reincarnated person, prophet, Saint, or any of those whimsical ideas you may have, I am just simply a superior breed of human compared to you.

    1. Manomito says:

      Extraordinarily based.

    2. Ninja says:

      Tokubetsu na ningen daa

  45. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:


  46. milky violet says:

    omfg dude my wack ah internet and service did not deliver my comment, so I’m just gonna be delusional now.

    I was cooking in my thoughts before I fell asleep, and I think I would’ve had a new banger idea if I could recall it. Something about yandere and that bad r word that usually involves sa.

    1. milky violet says:

      But anyways I’m thinking about yandere sister (original btw), and then yandere childhood friend (original btw), and then yandere another heroine (super original)

      This one will be dark, so I’m going to briefly explain the CF and incest: basically… manipulation

      then the other heroine will play the long game and not do anything while the MC vents to her, so she’s basically manipulating him too but smarter. Of course she missed the feast but the thought of the future life is too shiny to care about that.

      Oh god, it’s already too dark for me. I want to add comedic twists but there is a certain level of respect I need to add to these types of novels that I know I will fail to meet.

  47. I actually read this novel’s preview on novelpia. So let’s see if it’s good

  48. The heroine of the otome game is a yandere? What nonsense! Oh wait… Am I not behaving like a yandere myself while playing visual novels, preferring only one route and rejecting the stories of other girls?

    Well, there’s nothing to read anyway, so let’s dive in.

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      can you recommend me one? i’ve never played one before

      1. IME says:

        tbh yandere girls are more likeable in novel than in a game for me.

      2. Any visual novel from the “Key” studio. Seriously. But I recommend starting with “Clannad”.

        1. I would also recommend reading “Saya no uta”, but it is a very specific work.

  49. Eyepatch says:

    Even though it is a reverse harem game, there are enough girls for our MC to form a harem .

    1. Daver55 says:

      Because most women are also into lesbi things so they are ok with having other women around in those games, they too can be part of their harem.

  50. Eyepatch says:

    Even though it is a reverse harem game, there are enough girls for our MC to form a harem

  51. reikk says:

    Since there is nothing to do, I can only embrace the poison

  52. Insufferable says:

    By law of covers, this one jas 60% of being good, 20% being plain bad, and 20% being a niche story that attracts only select readers.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Nvm I realized that having 5 other men rivals (of course the girl is yandere so it’s unlikely that anything will happen) is quite uncomfortable to read. Does that make me a beta somehow? Maybe but I just don’t want to read these kinds if novels since I’m miserable enough already. Imagine not having enough money to buy a ticket for Ado’s world tour!! I hope the heavens take pity and Ado goes to my country and perform here and I’m able to afford it.

      1. Reiiii says:

        Be comfortable that you are not into worser rabbit hole, Hehe

      2. milky violet says:

        i know I like to simp for white haired women but I think I’ll simp for Ado. She is an exception.

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