City of Backstreet Nymphs chapter 109

109 - 109 – The Nymphs and the Darkness # 1

109 – 109 – The Nymphs and the Darkness # 1

109 – The Nymphs and the Darkness # 1

A bizarre summer vacation with bizarre games and ninja raids.

In many ways, there was a lot of talk and a lot of trouble, but it ended well with a good feeling anyway.

“Uh, now when I go back to Korea, I have to deal with the accumulated T-class cracks without a break, right? Totally hate it. I just want to live on this island as it is.”

Cha Yu-ra stretches and relaxes while traveling on a private plane.

Seo Ye-rim snapped at Cha Yoo-ra, who was saying that in pain.

“If we don’t do it, who will? Even though it’s petty, pathetic, and difficult, and no one recognizes it, it’s what we, the S-rankers, have to do.”

Seo Ye-rim was an S-class Awakener and his pride was very great.

It must be something I should imitate.

Illinois spoke to Seo Ye-rim.

“This is truly amazing… ! In that sense, don’t forget to raise that Illinois allowance to 100,000 won a day… ! Also, I apologize for pinching that Illinois cheek and ask for compensation… !”

“Ahh-. Okay. Stop it It’s my fault. Sorry. Are you okay? Uh?”

“Of Calls… ! That Illinois is a nymph with a heart as broad as the land of America… ! It means that you will do whatever you want to fall give… !”

Illinois and Seo Ye-rim also seemed to have reconciled well again.

It was a good thing in many ways.


With that feeling, we spent all our time in Telos Land and headed back to our private plane.

Lee Jin-ah admires the plane with the red carpet on it.

“Since I’ve been living there, I’ve been on planes like this all over again. Hail also. Did you see this Beverages in the refrigerator. With alcohol. Can I drink this?”

I was also curious.

If you drink, they won’t ask you to pay extra.

But the nymphs had already taken things out of the refrigerator and were eating them.

At that time, Oinoi was very angry.

“The Telos company says they don’t know why they changed the straws of this Caprimoon drink to paper… ! Paper straws can’t pierce drinks… !”

“This Koris also likes plastic straws… !”

Oinoi and Corris didn’t seem to like the paper straws.

It’s not easy to pierce Caprimoon’s thick packaging with a paper straw.

Soon, Ahn Young-eun, Seo Ye-rim’s secretary, laughed.

“There is a lot of talk about protecting the fortress environment. A company like Telos is trying to spread good influence by taking the lead. Nature protection. It’s good.”

“Why don’t you know that protecting us nymphs is nature conservation… ? These paper straws are an insult to the nymphs… ! It’s just natural hate… !”

Nymphs were fairies of nature.

It is safe to say that it is the real nature itself.

Does the paper straw that nature’s elves dislike become a naturopathic object? Paper straws to protect nature are actually destroying and harassing nature!

“Even if that Illinois throws ribs trash on the floor, it’s not polluting the environment… ! Because nymphs like that Illinois are nature itself… !”

I want to make sense, but if you think about it, it was a very reasonable story.

Then something flashed in my head.

“Is it Illinois because it makes sense?”

I said lightly.

Then Yuuri, who was riding next to the plane, exploded.

“Hanghanghang! Senior, you are really, really funny!”

Yuari laughs with a strange laugh.

I felt proud.

Honestly, I think it was a rather funny joke.

However, Seo Ye-rim hated it.

“… I’m really angry. So what’s in that bag? Aren’t you uncomfortable? That’s what you keep holding on to.”

Seo Ye-rim seemed to be curious about the bag that Ki Seung-jae handed over as a gift.

I was also concerned that there was something in it that Ki Seung-jae was so confident about.

You could beat me if you had this.

I think it’s a bluff, but it wasn’t like a bluff.

“Setting a password that even the Telos security team can’t solve. Where can I go to solve it?”

I felt good in many ways because it was sure to be a very expensive item.

Lee Jin-ah, who was sitting in the front seat and combing Koris’ hair, said.

“There is someone I know who is good at hacking things like that. He may leave it to him.”


“Anyway, he said he wanted to meet you.”


If Jinah Lee knew her, she would be a member of the gangsters of the underworld.

Why would such a person want to meet me?

Lee Jin-ah added an explanation.

“I heard you found a strange creature. Let’s say this is a creature that reacts sensitively to people’s mana and emotions. Ha-ildo, you are an expert on dog squirrels and other otherworldly creatures.”

It was an interesting story in many ways.

A creature that responds to magic and emotion.

How did they look like creatures from another world?

I wish there was a cute corner like Kkongkong, Kkungkkung, and Angangyi.

Or maybe it’s as big as Kalinoi?


Soon, Lee Jin-ah held out her cell phone to me.

A video was playing, showing a black, gooey liquid being poured onto a white mouse in a glass case.

The black liquid soon covered the surface of the mouse like hot, sticky tar, and the mouse struggled for a while before dying.

“Are you dead? What is that liquid?”

“I think it’s a parasitic organism. It seems to be a symbiotic water. Whatever it is, it is not a creature or substance of this world. But what’s even more surprising is this.”


As the video continued to play, the rat that had been covered in black liquid and died stood up.

Then, they started running around inside the glass bottle, apparently escaping the movement of a creature called a ‘rat’.

– Kleureung… !

Just then, the ghost spider stomping, which was sitting quietly on my shoulder, made a ferocious noise.

Then, he jumped into Jinah Lee’s cell phone with a pop.


“Aww, that’s a surprise. Bang bang, why is this guy suddenly like this?”

Lee Jin-ah dropped her cell phone on the floor.

I was also surprised.

I never thought that benign spider stomp would show a belligerent attitude first.

# # #

“… ….”

Tsubaki was silent on the plane back to Japan.

Reiko chattering next to Tsubaki.

“Sorry. If we had won soccer, we Japan would have been able to win by going to overtime. Then I would have been able to steal the seed! Even the squirrels!”

Reiko regretted not being able to take Hail-do and the dog squirrels away from Seo Ye-rim.

Now I have no choice but to promise next year-.

“But Mr. Ildo. The eyes looking at me were absolute love itself. It is clear that I fell for Reiko’s charm. That’s not natural Because I’m pretty! Tsubaki, don’t you think so too?”

“… ….”

“What do Korean men like?”

With that feeling, they arrived in Japan.

Headquarters of Gwangeukyeon.

Tokyo main.

An anachronistically antique castle built in the 21st century.

After entering, Tsubaki knelt in front of the 21st century samurai and ninjas exuding a truly profound atmosphere and finished the report to the president.

“These are the stories that have gone wrong.”

“I see. In the end, bringing the headquarters to Japan failed. 「S. Even with ninjas and mind readers, they couldn’t win. Not winning is the same as losing!”

Gun spear Yagami.

He was the man who actually ruled Japan today.

His face with a beard was very threatening, and he was a man with dragon tattoos all over his body, befitting the name Dark Dragon (巖龍).

He asked Tsubaki.

“So Tsubaki. How did your engagement go? Reiko and Seo Yerim. Which of the two women do you really want to marry? Shouldn’t we somehow proceed with the engagement?”

Saying that, Yagami’s face was very distorted.

Yagami was not an Awakener, but his spirit alone made cyborg samurai and ninjas in the 21st century tremble in fear.

However, Tsubaki spoke to Yagami.

“President. I will not be engaged to Reiko or Seo Yerim. I am not a man I like pretty things, but I don’t like women rationally either. In fact, it has been like that for a long time.”

“What? You, who raised me like a son until now, say that? You?”


His face turned red like fire.

Soon, people around me opened their mouths and shouted.

“Do, young boy.”

“Please take care of yourself, young boy! Hurry up and apologize to the president!”

They thought Yagami was angry.

So, I thought I should cancel Tsubaki’s story, but Yagami shouted “Quiet!” And the surroundings fell silent.


Said Yagami, a tendon rising from his forehead.

“Tsubaki. You are a woman Why did you think that?”

“I came to know that I am a woman after meeting Haildo. Haildo, he turned me into a woman in the bath that day. And I said I would take ‘responsibility’!”

“Haildo… ! Is that Haildo of the dog squirrel? That guy, Tsubaki, turned you into a woman—!?”

Yagami’s face turned red as if it were about to explode.

She clenched her knuckle-like fists and her body trembled.

Even so, Tsubaki stood up without being intimidated and said.

“Father! I am also a woman! No matter how much your father orders you, you cannot be engaged to women!”

“You…. Saying that to me now….”

Everyone thought.

Yagami would get angry and go wild.

But Yagami was thrilled differently than people expected.

‘My daughter has finally found her correct gender identity! She was raised without a mother, so I thought she would grow up weird growing up among nasty men! I don’t know what the heck happened…’

Yagami was on the verge of tears.

Could it have something to do with the guy called “Haildo” That Tsubaki was talking about?

“Tsubaki! You bring Haildo to me! I’ll have to see for myself what kind of guy he is! Until then, do not set foot on this Japanese soil! Get out now!”


That man might turn his daughter into a real woman-.

Yagami thought so.

‘Now I have the face to see the face of my wife, Fuyuki, when I cross the three provinces! Tsubaki is interested in men! This is my first time! Don’t miss this opportunity!’

However, the people around me heard this and thought the same thing.

President Yagami.

He sure wants to kill Haildo!

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