I Became an Academy Baldo User chapter 176

I Became an Academy Baldo User 176

176 – The Last Possessor (1)

“Ian, are you okay now? “I don’t know if my body hurts or anything――.”

Ever since I woke up, everyone has been strangely kind to me. At first, I thought it was because I suffered a lot from the side effects of the medicine while I was asleep, but that wasn’t the case.

When I heard the story from Jessica, she said that while I was asleep, my body was cut into pieces, regenerated, and returned to its original state several times.

At first I thought it was some kind of nonsense, but when I remembered what had happened to me while I was sleeping, I realized why things had happened like this.

‘… Did that crazy guy recreate the injury he got there in real life?’

The Sword Master often calls me a crazy person, but when I see this, I can see who the real crazy person is.

“It’s okay now. And it wasn’t because of the drug that it happened, so don’t worry too much about it.”

Hori, who was always smiling regardless of whether I was coughing up blood or not, is now restlessly lowering her head.

If it were normal, I would have persistently asked how the medicine worked or what the side effects were, but I continued to feel downcast.

“Hey, are you really saying it’s not because of the drug?”


“I’m not just saying empty words, it’s really not, so don’t be so downcast. Don’t you want to know how great the medicinal effect is?”

“…… “I want to know.”

You may not notice it because there is no noticeable change on the outside, but my body has changed to the level of a different person from before I lost my mind.

This feeling of power overflowing throughout my body made me feel like I was borrowing someone else’s body.

If I had gone to the world where I faced my alter ego in this body, I would have easily won even if I had not encountered my inner magic and awakened new powers.

It’s a pathetic story, but honestly, my body was so overflowing with power that I felt like I would accidentally kill someone if I didn’t control it.

Others who lacked skills may not know this, but Nana, who had reached the level of a swordsman, probably had a rough guess, and her attitude toward me was much more cautious than others.

“I’d like to go outside for a bit to test my skills.”

“Wait, wait…” . “If you’re going to do it, it’s better to tell Dean Marina and prepare a separate location.”

When she tried to go out to show Hori the effectiveness of her medicine, Nana, who had been listening quietly next to her, stopped her and went out.

“Since this is your first time using your strength, it would be safer to prepare a separate location. Besides, those guys who attacked Yulia might be spying on you.”

“…… “That’s right.”

Now I don’t feel like I’m going to lose to whoever my opponent is, but even so, there’s no harm in being careful.

I wanted to test this power right away, so even though I had been lying down for several weeks, I ran straight to the dean’s office where Marina was located without even showering or changing clothes.

“Student Ian?”

Marina, who was almost buried under a huge amount of old books, was startled when she saw me, but she quickly regained her composure and asked:

“… “I wondered what would happen when that strange phenomenon happened, but it seems to be okay now.”

“Yes, I guess it happened while I was asleep, but I’m okay now. “But even though it’s sudden, can I ask you a favor?”

When Marina said she wanted a place to test her strength, she willingly gave her the training ground she had used the day before.

If this is a training ground, if you control your strength, it will not collapse and, above all, you will be able to prevent the enemy from spying on you.

The weather has become chilly, so it’s not as cold as the last time I trained, but I shouted to Jessica and the others before putting my hand on the hilt of Jinta’s sword in the chilly underground training room.

“I plan to stay a little further away and adjust accordingly, but honestly, I’m a little unsure.”

The distance between me and these women was already far enough, but I had no choice but to be more cautious as I could not easily guess how much stronger my power had become.

As Jessica and her companions widened the distance between them, I placed my hand on the hilt of Jinta’s sword and stared into the sky at my target.

Maybe it was because I placed my hand on the hilt of Jinta’s sword, but suddenly the scene I saw right before I left that world kept coming back to me and I had a hard time concentrating.

The technique of distorting space and time, which was so beautiful, and interfering with space, was not completed with that.

Completion means cutting, not distortion. However, at the time, my body and skills were immature, so it didn’t go as I wanted and ended up being cut.

‘Can I do it again?’

With such a question in mind, I focused all my attention and fired a true strike into empty space.


After she took her step, what was heard was neither the familiar sound of air bursting nor the friction sound of the sword rubbing against the scabbard.

It was my first time hearing it, but it was a refreshing and beautiful sound that made me feel like I had been waiting for this for some reason.

With that beautiful sound, a small line appeared in the air, disappeared, and was pulled forward by an unidentified wind pulled by Jessica and her group who were far away.

“Ugh… !! Uh, what happened? What kind of wind suddenly blows in an enclosed space….”

Everyone was looking around, not knowing what was going on, but I knew very well what the phenomenon was and what it meant.

‘… ‘Space was cut.’

Today, for the first time, I cut something that most swordsmen would not even dare to imagine cutting.

And what that meant was that the technology I had longed for could finally be reproduced in reality.

“I want to be alone, so everyone get out.”

From today until the day the technique is perfected, we will begin closed training.


I suddenly looked up at the sky and saw clouds torn by the cold wind floating leisurely in the sky.

I wanted to devote myself to training freely like that cloud, but I was forcibly dragged out by Jessica, asking if I would be confined to the training center until the first day of the new year.

In fact, the technology itself has already been completed, but I am not sure because I have not yet met someone to test the technology on.

Time passed while I was stuck at the training center, and while I was concentrating on training, a new letter arrived from Elaine.

The letter was one piece and concise, but perhaps because it was already expected, there was no particular shock or emotion upon reading it.

[Defeated, soon returning to the academy with his father.]

In fact, this defeat was almost already predicted. Although Elaine is strong, her strength is like an unblooming bud that is still developing.

It is strange that Elaine would win against a contemporary swordsman who was so close to perfection as a swordsman.

“This came a few days ago, so it must have arrived near the academy by now…” .”

“Yes, it is around here. But it won’t come anytime soon. “I plan to send Ganryu to arrest him so he can’t interfere.”

It was an elderly man who looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s who answered my self-talk without anyone knowing.

The man, whose hair seemed to be going gray in just a few years, sat down next to me without permission.

“You know this is private land, right?”

“I just confessed that I was spying on the Sword Saint. Is that the first question you ask? By the way, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but don’t you think the security at this academy is too lax?”

“That’s… There was a good reason for that. “They said they wouldn’t give us any budget from above.”

I know this man.

Today was the first time I met him face to face, but when I heard the strength I felt from him and his words, I was able to naturally recognize who this man was.

“I thought he would definitely have a great sword on his back, but I didn’t expect him to come with bare hands.”

“Because I didn’t come here to fight. “If I bring a sword, I might start here without thinking.”

“Um… “That makes sense.”

I’m just staying still because I have bare hands. If I had come here with a weapon, I’m not confident I would have responded as gently as I did now.

“This is my first time talking so calmly with the same possessed person, so I feel a bit strange.”

“Most of the time, if you come into contact with them, you either kill them or let them go, so this is the first time I’ve talked to them so calmly.”

Now that all the other possessors are dead, we, the only people in this world who share the world called Earth, spent a long time sitting on the bench in silence.

For a considerable amount of time, no words were spoken between us, but strangely enough, it felt like we had a connection even without words.

“… “I’ve given it a few weeks, so I guess my body has gotten used to it by now, right?”

“Okay. “I adapted to the fact a long time ago.”

“Good. So when would be a good time to join? “If it’s good to fight today, I’ll bring the great sword right away.”

“It’s a bit like that right now, let’s do it tomorrow. “I have some things to prepare too.”

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“Of course. Then, I will write the location of the duel tonight in a letter and send it to your room. “Just take care of yourself and come out.”

Once the matter was decided, the possessor of the great sword got up from the bench as if he had nothing more to say.

There was no need to talk any further than this while we were going to fight to the death tomorrow.

‘… Then, I guess I should get ready too.’

The fight between possessors that has been going on for hundreds of years will finally come to a conclusion tomorrow.

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