I Became an Academy Baldo User chapter 177

I Became an Academy Baldo User 177

177 – The Last Possessor (2)

-Knock knock.

I looked up to hear a sound that sounded like a fingernail tapping on the window, and saw a white dove, like something out of a movie, tapping the window with its beak.

There was something like a small wrapped note hanging on the pigeon’s leg, and by looking at it, I was able to easily guess what this pigeon was.

‘This isn’t even the Middle Ages.’

I expected that some kind of magic would be used to send the letter at night, but it turned out to be a much more outdated method of transportation than I imagined.

This was a world where the level of civilization was quite ambiguous, but Jeonseo-gu could still be found only in remote fortresses where wizards or couriers could not come and go.

‘The place is…’ .’

The story goes that if you reach the forest not far from here, the wizard will transfer you using transfer magic.

‘It’s not far, so let’s go right away.’

I finished my shower and meal, and thanks to a good rest, I was able to fully rest my body and mind from training.

Just before waking up, I lightly stroked the hair of Jessica and Yulia, who were sleeping soundly next to me, for the last time, and then got up from the bed with Jinta and Nanga.

“Children, from now on we are going to the last fight.”

[Last? Then you won’t fight in front of the owner?]

“No, I didn’t mean that….”

[This stupid dog….]

While Jinta was scolding her younger sister for being foolish like her older sister, I escaped her mansion under the cover of darkness.

Even if I get caught, I won’t be in trouble, but I still want to avoid worrying the girls in the mansion as much as possible.

If they find out that you sneaked out, they might make a big fuss again.

It’s been quiet these days, but if Jessica finds out, she might get into trouble again and start an uproar, saying he’s going to make a woman.

“… Hey, I’m here.”

When I left the mansion and arrived at the stable, I whispered softly to the Silun monk, who would have been sleeping at this time.

Then, while showing signs of annoyance, Silence slowly raised her body and presented her back to me.

“Even if you’re tired, just hang in there, because this might be the last time.”

Silence tilted her head as if she didn’t understand what I was saying, but followed my wishes and ran over the mansion wall to the agreed upon location.

After climbing over the fence of the mansion and passing through the gate, we arrived at a meadow where we could see a forest if we looked up a little. As soon as we arrived, a green light like a firefly flashed as if sending a signal.

‘… Is it there?’

I ran to the place where the lights were flashing, and sure enough, the puppet that had confronted Marina the day before was waiting near the transfer gate that could allow two people to pass through.

“I thought you would come around dawn because you said you had something to prepare, but you came sooner than I expected. “It’s a waste of time, so let’s go quickly.”

“… Okay, but can I ask you one question?”

I could see the only eye on her face shaking slightly, as if she hadn’t expected to be asked a question.

“If I can answer, I will give you a short answer.”

“Why are you following him? “Determining who is the strongest among the possessed is interesting for us, but it would be a different world for you.”

“It’s a different world…” That’s true. To be honest, I don’t know about Lord Ganryu, but I’m not really interested in who is the strongest possessor.”

“Then why are you following me?”

Ganryu, she is following the person who defeated her, so she is not that strange, but she is not a warrior or anything, so why does she follow him?

I asked this question because I was curious about the reason, but the reason was surprisingly somewhat snobbish.

“He said, “When everything is over and it is determined who is the strongest possessor, I will conquer the world and establish a great sword empire.”

“Then the reason you’re stuck is…” .”

“It’s because I want to assert my power in that empire. “Is there anything that won’t work?”

“…… “There is nothing that cannot be done.”

“Good. “Then let’s go.”

As she stepped towards the front door with her trembling feeling in her heart, the surrounding scenery changed literally in the blink of an eye.

The place we arrived at through the transfer gate was a wasteland where the sunset had colored the sky orange, as if we had traveled quite a distance.

Seeing that there are collapsed pillars and traces of a city here and there, I wonder if this was the place where a city once existed.

Looking at the remains and pillars of the building, the style was quite different from the Academy, and I was able to realize how far we had come.

As I kept looking around, wondering where on earth I had fallen, he spoke from a distance away, with his back to the setting sun.

“This is the place where I was born. Although it has now been destroyed. “It’s far away, but don’t worry, we haven’t come all the way to another continent.”

“You’re here. That….”

When I hesitated for a moment because I didn’t know what to call him, he gave me a sloppy look and laughed.

“Now that I think about it, Tongseongmyeong is still there. I am Bisward. “You can tell without me saying it, but I changed the big sword into a pun.”

“With naming sense….”

I also felt this way when I heard the names of other possessed people, but there are many times when I wonder if the names could have been more sincere.

I’m glad that my name is similar to Baldo, which has the most beautiful sound in the world. It’s scary to even imagine what my name would be if I were obsessed with something else.

“… “I have been waiting for this day for 500 years.”

“520 Years. No, is it now 521?”

Ignoring my point, Bisward continued his speech.

“Except for you, the other possessors were truly pathetic.”

Whip lost his faith with just one defeat.

He survived until he became a demon. A ninja who could barely attain that level of power.

Rapier lost his faith and ended his life just because of a girl.

“… And a fighter who was bald.”

“Being bald has nothing to do with beliefs.”

“Once the impure mind was released, the hair, which was a part of his body, left. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be bald.”

“Is that so??”

I thought he was a stupid guy because he liked to swing a big sword in an ignorant way, but now I see that he was quite an eloquent guy.

“On the other hand, what about you? In just 21 years, you have become this strong and now you stand before me with a power that is equal to or perhaps even greater than mine. As God intended, we were finally able to prove who the real protagonist was and who was truly right.”

“…… About that. “Was that kid really thinking about that?”


“I know this because I met him once, but he didn’t seem interested in such things at all. “If that was going to be the case in the first place, there is no reason to send it in 100-year increments.”

At first, I had the same thoughts as Bisward, but wouldn’t it have been better to send them to the same era to determine who was truly right?

More than anything, it was difficult to think that the Sword Master, who treated all of us equally and as inferior idiots, could have done something like this.

“That guy… You met in person? Oh, no, it doesn’t matter either way now. If I defeat you, that guy will have no choice but to come out too!!”

Saying that, Bisward put both his hands on the ground and pulled out two great swords from the ground as if he was kicking them out of his scabbard.

The two great swords, which looked huge even for a Visward who was a head taller than me, gave off a sinister aura just by looking at them.

[…] Master, that is a magic sword.]

“I know….”

Even a fool would recognize this ugly demonic energy that seems to be staining this wasteland black.

Since it is a magic sword, it may have some special ability, but I don’t want to know what it is or wait for it to be shown.

I took my stance and held Jinta with the thought of ending everything with just one attack.

“It’s okay to come first.”

“I see, then I will do it without hesitation.”

When Bisward raised his two great swords high, it felt as if the space had been distorted by an enormous pressure.

If it’s pure strength, his strength is at least as good as mine, but not inferior.

We cannot proceed in the same way as before, giving flesh and taking bones. It would be better to think that if you touch it even a little, it will be fatal.

‘… ‘Use that skill.’

It was my first time using this technique in real combat in front of someone as strong as him, but surprisingly, I didn’t feel anxious.

Rather, the corners of my mouth gradually rose even though I knew that this was not the time, as I thought that I had finally met a strong enemy worthy of this technique.

“I’m going.”

Visward struck the ground with leg strength that was as superior as his physical strength, and came right in front of me in an instant.

In an instant, he saw Bisward approaching right in front of him and took a step forward with his left foot, but Bisward seemed to have expected it and while he was jumping in with all his might, he turned his body and took a step back.

Then, of course, my sword split the air, not Bisward’s, and Bisward turned again with a smileless face and tried to cut me, who had already drawn his sword once and was now defenseless.

I knew.

If he had been watching my fight, he would have guessed my gap and dodged away.

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This technique, which the swordsman learned last time from his teacher, cannot be escaped even if he avoids or blocks the first blow.

As evidence of this, Bisward’s body, which must have been avoiding the body, began to gradually be pulled forward as if it was being pulled by something.

“What…?” !!”

At the same time that Bisward’s body was pulled in, and as soon as the first blow missed, I turned around and my second attack split his body.

Even if he avoids the fangs of a dragon running through the sky, his freedom is taken away by the swirling storm and his body is torn apart by its claws.

The name of the technology is….

“Cheonsangyong Island.”

The swordsman’s secret will that I finally obtained the moment I made the sword that cuts through dimensions into my own.

I finally succeeded in making it mine.


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