I Became an Academy Baldo User chapter 178

I Became an Academy Baldo User 178

178 – The Last Possessor (3)

My stomach is hot.

I felt an eerie feeling throughout my body as the sharp blade, heated to the limit by friction, cut through my skin, cut my internal organs, and severed my spine.

As the burning pain spread all the way to my lower body, where I shouldn’t feel any sensation anymore, I remembered something from the past, although it wasn’t a flash.

The countless lives I have killed…. Among them, there were those whose bodies were torn in two like me now. Did they also experience the same pain as me?

I don’t really have any regrets, but I feel a little sorry to think that they must have experienced the same pain as I am now.

After reminiscing about the long 500 years, the place we arrived at was a place covered in blood everywhere, a place called hell.

The surrounding area was full of high-rise buildings that could not be seen in the world of the novel, but perhaps because 500 years had passed, I did not feel any sense of nostalgia.

Well, even if 500 years had not passed, there were things like blood and flesh scattered around, and in this situation, it was impossible to relax enough to feel nostalgic.

‘Is this hell?’

Considering what I have done so far, it is not that surprising.

A lot of blood has been shed so far for the day when I will meet the main character.

I don’t really have any regrets about going to hell like this, but I do regret getting Dr. And Ganryu involved.

“Don’t worry. Things like hell only hinder the soul’s journey. “No matter how bad you do, you will never go to a place like hell.”

I looked up at the sound of an unfamiliar yet somewhat familiar voice, and there I saw a strange man standing in a blood-stained puddle, not soaked in a single drop of blood.

“… “Are you a sword master?”

“Yeah, maybe because they’re all people who read web novels, they’re good at this kind of development.”

It wasn’t because I read a lot of web novels, but if it was a mysterious man who could read thoughts that I encountered in places like this, the Sword Master was the most likely candidate.

“That’s true too. “This was short on my mind.”

“… “I want to ask you something.”

The choice of Ian Bartow as the master of this world was fully understandable from the previous fight.

I have accumulated experience and power for 500 years in just 20 years, but although my skills and personality are slightly flawed, who among web novel protagonists does not have that?

I have no complaints about him being the main character, but I couldn’t understand why I was possessed a second time.

Like Kim Thor, he was not the first to possess and laid the foundation for those who came next, nor was he like Gintokang, who possessed the main character at the closest time and had the opportunity to meet him.

I continued to wonder why I was possessed at an ambiguous time like 500 years ago.

“Why did you possess me in a time 500 years away from the original? “What on earth did I lack compared to them?”

“…… “It’s a pestilence.”

The Sword Master sighed and wiped his face, looking somewhat tired rather than angry.

“First of all, the main character, Unwoon, I have never really thought of him as the main character or center of this world.”

“What? Then, when was the time of possession…? .”

“There is no particular meaning to the period of possession. Because the period of possession is when you write the least amount of bullsh*t in the comment section.”

“…… What?”

For a moment, the shocking remark made me wonder if my ears were wrong, and what Baldojae said before he died came to mind.

That guy is treating us like idiots.

“You are not treated like the same idiot. That whip-wielding guy realized reality in the end, and at least he lived according to my intentions, so he was a better guy than you guys. Ah, that’s how Leifi ended up living in accordance with my will.”

“…… What do you mean?”

“Okay, first of all, the reason why Baldojae was sent during the original work was because it was the most difficult time. “I sent it to you to give you some trouble.”

I said that and lamented that most of those hardships were eliminated thanks to your hard work, but such trivial facts did not reach my ears right now.

What was important now were those words that made all our hard work in vain.

“…… What does that mean? “Why did you turn me into an idiot who has been doing stupid things for 500 years?”

“Nothing much, I was just living a normal life without being obsessed with weapons or anything like that.”

At first, he was just a mean person who told me to go through a lot of trouble.

However, after some time had passed and I thought about it calmly, I thought that sending him to another world was too harsh, to the extent that he caused a bit of a fuss in the comment section.

“So I gave you bodies where your talents could blossom. And my purpose slowly changed along with it. “By letting go of strange beliefs and finding ordinary happiness.”

“Then what you wanted from us….”

“I was just going to throw away the strange beliefs I saw in the comments section and just live a normal life. As a result, no one lived like that until the end.”

“…… hahahaha.”

It may not have seemed funny to others, but to me it wasn’t a funny situation at all, but I burst out laughing because I was so helpless.

The laughter continued without stopping for a while, but the laughter, which seemed like it would continue forever, suddenly stopped as if an emotional brake had been applied, and my mind became cold.

“I stopped because I thought it would take a long time.”

“… I see, but then what happens to me now? “They say there is no such thing as hell.”

“Like all souls, we will go back into the cycle of reincarnation and gain another life.”

“…… “Then I know it’s not my place to ask for anything, but can I ask for just one thing?”

“What is it?”

“…… It doesn’t matter what world it is, just make sure you don’t meet the Great Sword in your next life.”

…… I’m sick of it now.

“Strangely enough, when I told them the truth, everyone said the same thing. “Should you have done it this way from the beginning?”


“…… Finished.”

The thought came out of my mouth without knowing whether it was a sense of accomplishment burning in my heart or something else.

With this, the fight between the possessors that had lasted for 600 years finally ended, but seeing the corpse cut in two did not really feel it.

[Master? Are you okay?]

“Huh? Oh, it’s okay….”

After coming to my senses, I brushed off the blood on Jinta’s blade and returned it to its sheath.

Then, not knowing what to do next, I stared blankly at Bisward’s body, which had been cut in two, when I felt the presence of someone behind me.

“… As expected, it happened like this.”

The wizard, who was also called a doctor, had sad eyes as if he had anticipated this outcome, but there was no surprise in his eyes.

“If I had made one wrong move, I would have died, but you said that you knew.”

“I did not predict this result based on any specific basis. “I just had a feeling that it would end up like this.”

“Okay, so what are we going to do? Are you planning on avenging the dead boss?”

“… ….”

When I put my hand on the hilt of Jinta’s sword, she glanced at my hand and shook her head.

“It would be a lie if I said I don’t have the desire to do so. But at least I have no intention of getting revenge on you.”

She said that this was a duel with the consent of both of us, and that it would be an insult to Bisward to intervene later in a fight that had already been decided.

“… “Is it okay if I ask you one thing?”

“Tell me.”

“I would like to collect Bisward’s body. “If you do that, I promise I will never appear in front of you again.”

“If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter. “It’s not like I have a grudge to the point of damaging the body in the first place.”

“…… Thank you.”

With those words, she opened one of her transfer doors and walked towards the setting sun with Bisward’s body.

I couldn’t even offer a word of comfort as I saw his back look so pitiful and walked towards the front door.

“…… It’s all over. “Let’s go now.”

As we returned to the academy on the back of Silence, who was leisurely grazing grass, the veil of night had disappeared and the morning star was lighting up the earth.

I went through the gate just like I did when I came, climbed over the wall, and tried to quietly enter as if nothing had happened, but I was caught by Jessica who was waiting at the front gate.

“You woke up early?”

“Thanks to someone, my side got cold. So who did you go to meet? “Is there another woman I don’t know about?”

“It’s not like that. “I just ended a long-term relationship.”

After getting off the horse, I motioned to Silence to return to the stables and returned to the mansion with Jessica.

“Hey Jessica, should we just rest at the Academy today?”

“Yes? “What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“I just suddenly wanted to get you pregnant. Oh, should I get Hori pregnant as well as Julia?”

“… “What kind of perversion are you talking about out of nowhere?!”

Jessica says it’s random, but in fact, what I just said was something I had been putting off for fear that one day I might die from Bisward.

I was pretending not to be, but the truth was that I was afraid. The fact that one day I might be defeated by him and lose my life.

But now that I have ended my relationship with the possessed person, I have nothing to fear.

If there was one thing to fear, it would be to leave in vain, leaving nothing behind like Bisword.

‘… What did she think at the end?’

No, if you met the Sword Master after death, the real end would not have been the moment you were cut by the sword, but the moment after.

What he thought when he faced death and learned the whole truth is surely something that only the Sword Master and he know.

“Ian? Why is it like this all of a sudden? Standing blankly without saying anything….”

“No, it’s nothing. “I’m going to wash up and go in, so Yulia and I can take off our clothes and wait.”

“Yes? That was meant as a joke―― Wow!!”

When I grabbed Jessica’s butt as she tilted her head hard, almost as if I was hitting her halfway, Jessica realized that I wasn’t joking.

“Oh, no…” ! How long has it been since the new year? !!”

“If you keep pushing me, I’ll give you Julia as your first child.”

“This trash… !!”

While gritting my teeth, I thought as I watched Jessica’s back heading toward the bedroom.

Now let’s live looking forward rather than looking at the past.

And I will leave the Baldosul that I held in my hand to future generations so that it can continue to be passed down even after I die.

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