I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine chapter 150

Episode 149. Amusement park (4)

Episode 149. Amusement park (4)

The inside of the souvenir shop was full of people.

Rather, the waiting line was longer than the rides.

“That character must be very popular.”

“I guess so.”

A doll of Usagi Mimi’s character standing in front of the souvenir shop at the amusement park.

In fact, during this collaboration period, the amusement park souvenir shop was no different from Usagi’s merchandise store.

It is also said that the scarcity of goods that are sold only in amusement parks has increased.

“Are the real insiders taking everything, even Usakyung?”

“So. I don’t think anyone knows as much as we do.”

I hear whispers in front of me.

“Huh? Usakyung?”

When the white older sister inadvertently said a word that she overheard, the startled otaku men shut their mouths and became very nervous.

Anyway, I don’t care what they say.

“Ah, ‘Usagi Mimi’ is a nickname anime fans call.”

“Really? There are also animations.”

The white older sister nodded indifferently.

“Taeyang knows a lot.”

Kahi noona smiled brightly and gently stroked my hair.

“Is Taeyang very interested in that character?”

“No, just… “

I heard it through Yooyoung.

Actually, to explain it more deeply, usakyung is a word used by otaku.

It is a word created to self-deprecatingly distinguish itself from the so-called “Real Chungs,” Who don’t know anything and like the characters they used to enjoy because they are fashionable.

The reason why I know such an unwholesome word is because I watched an anime at Yooyoung’s house and explained it to her.

When I casually said, “Oh, this seems to be popular these days, but the manga was originally based on it,” The Honmono vomited passionately.

Please know and enjoy the original work. Anyway, real bugs are the problem… I blew a needle that wasn’t like that.

But isn’t Yooyoung also a realist in some sense?

She told me not to breathe if she was so imposing.

“Hmm… Since Taeyang likes it, shall I take a look?”

“Huh? Doesn’t Lee-noona really not like cartoons?”

“Taeyang is watching, so I, ah, want to see you next time?”

“I’m curious too.”


I felt a stinging gaze from the front.

It’s like, ‘Even if we like anime in society, no one is interested in it. Even if he explains it like that, the atmosphere just gets colder. What is that guy?’ It is the look of


I can understand how you feel.

Because I didn’t know how to react when Lee Yoo-young became an avid fan and uttered her passionate words.

These noonas are just responding positively to what I said.

The men who had been talking about usakyung earlier hung their heads and sighed bitterly.

I felt sorry for nothing.

Anyway, while chatting for a while, the line got shorter and shorter.

It seems that the time allowed to stay at the souvenir shop is 20 minutes per person.

Well, you can look around in 20 minutes.

“Come to think of it, what are you all going to buy at the souvenir shop?”

The white older sister turned around and asked.

At first, I came to see it for a while, but it was a bit of a stretch to take a seat in a crowd without buying anything.

“Taeyang, do you want something?”

“Oh, I want to buy one for Taeyang too.”

The lead sister who was away for some reason also said that she would buy it for her along with Kahi sister.

Come to think of it, Juyeon noona also tried to buy me something like Kahi noona.

It felt like Kahi noona was just trying to buy her because she was rich, but I felt like she was taking care of her younger sister because she was older than me.

Well, both are similar.

“Then, would you like me to buy it as a token of friendship with Taeyang?”

“What, I think I should buy something for Taeyang too.”

After that, I don’t know why Yu-Ri noona and Iri-noona all of a sudden couldn’t give me a gift, so they were so impatient.

“Swallow Man.”


A word thrown out by the white noona is bothering me for nothing.

“It’s okay for me, so let’s buy some souvenirs for the older sisters.”


“Hey then… “

Yuri noona turned around and asked.

“We all remember this day… Even if it’s a key chain together… Would you like to buy it?”

It was meant to share a token of friendship with everyone.

“Surely good!”

“That would make sense too.”

Fortunately, it was organized in a warm atmosphere.

Of course, I think I heard the men in front of us sobbing.

After that we were able to go inside the souvenir shop.

“Since there are many customers waiting, it would be appreciated if you could choose the product within 20 minutes!”

The group of 6 teams went inside in order.

It’s definitely like this, so it’s not too cramped.

“If you want to solve the quiz event, go ahead! Those who match all of them will receive a limited edition Usagi Mimi and Usagi Momo set figure!”

Are there any events like that?

I really felt that I spent a lot of money here.

Well, I’m sure they’re holding an event like that because they’re going to make a lot of money just by selling goods.

“Shall we try it too?”

Of course, the motivated older sisters went straight ahead.


“I’ll just look around.”

“Okay! My sister comes with a figure.”

“Ugh… Sun~”

Sister Yuri tried to stay with me, but she was dragged away by sister Lee.

Yuri noona doesn’t want to go. What are you doing?

But when she whispered something, Yuri sister opened her eyes wide and confidently called out to me.

“Taeyang, I will definitely burn you!”

No, you don’t have to come.

Usagi Mimi, I’m not really interested.

The older sisters headed to a place covered by a tent.

It became quiet in an instant when no one was there.

I decided to take this opportunity to look around for other goods.

I do have to buy something besides the key ring I bought with my sisters.

It’s not something I buy because I want to, it’s a kind of ‘insurance’.

“Yeah, because I have to stop Lee Yoo-young from running amok in a strange direction.”

After she was forcibly demolished and Lee Yu-young disposed of her everything, Lee Yu-young’s condition at school seemed very serious.

With a face that has lost its soul, ‘All I need is the sun. It’s because he’s spitting out strange lines like ‘hehehe’.

She said that she became a very drained heroine because she had one broken hobby.

It casts all the darkness in the world and glares at it with maniacal eyes.

I’m still suspecting that Lee Yu-young is trying to change my mind and is playing a strange situation, but it may not be.

Because if one obsession disappears, you can pour that energy into me, the object of your obsession.

So, I have no intention of leaving Lee Yoo-young in that state forever.

If she wants to take revenge, she should be released to live as an otaku again.

After that, the aftermath to bear,

I think it would be nice to have some compensation for disposing of goods and comic books because of me, so I’m trying to prepare in advance.

I don’t know if they’ll forgive you, but it’s a limited edition, so if you seduce them well, they’ll just pass you by.

I was looking at the goods like that.

Something like a doll or a Nendoroid rather than a lightweight keychain.

“…… But I can’t buy it.”

My pocket money wasn’t enough.

Ugh… Why don’t you ask for a loan?

If you ask me to borrow a bona mana, they’ll just say they’ll buy it for you.

If you said you were going to give a present to Yooyoung, something… In many ways, it will be an atmosphere where you have to do something for the noonas as well.

And most of all, I’m not going to give Lee Yoo-young a present right away.

I’m going to use her when I’m looking at Lee Yoo-young’s condition and making deals.

If the older sisters spoke ahead of time, Lee Yu-young might be mistaken again.

Besides, it’s not polite to give someone else a souvenir you bought with your sisters’ money.

She couldn’t help but roll her head, then turn her head to look at her quiz show booth.

Um… Should I try that too?

The noonas just finished the quiz show and came out.

Everyone was empty-handed.

“Ah! What’s the problem with that!”

“What was the problem?”

“Um… I can’t tell you it’s security.”

“But does anyone know that?”

“Someone was shopping for products earlier.”

“……… “

Well, if the quiz show was too easy, everyone would buy the figures and there wouldn’t be any left in stock.

However, looking at the reactions of the noonas, it seems that they were quite vicious.

Particularly, the older sister of the main character has a very bad expression somewhere.

No, she walked into the souvenir shop and it looked kind of dark.

“Taeyang, my sister will buy you something else instead.”

“No, you don’t have to buy it.”

“Don’t cry Taeyang~ There will be another chance next time.”

“Why are you treating me like a child all of a sudden?”

Noona Lee laughed mischievously and tousled my hair roughly.

It got a bit messy while Gahi noona stroked it earlier, but it’s at the level where I’ll have to fix it again later in the bathroom.

“Oh, I messed up my hair by mistake.”

While saying that, Iri noona immediately put the Usagi Mimi doll hat on me.

“Is this okay?”

“Kyaa~ so cute!!”

“If you press this, your ears move.”

What’s OK? You were trying to cover it up on purpose.

Anyway, the effect was amazing, so Kahi noona took out her phone and frantically tried to film me.

“Kahi-noona is not allowed to take pictures.”

“Ugh… Be sure to buy this! Taeyang, be sure to wear it!”


All Kahi noona wants is for me to love her to the fullest, so let’s just accept it.

Well, it’s because Kahi noona is spending her own money for her personal needs.

“Children, let’s see the key chain sooner than that. There is not much time left.”

At the white sister’s words, everyone immediately started looking at the key chain.

It’s a quiz show… Well, I don’t have money to buy anything else. Wouldn’t it be okay to try it once?

Of course, there seems to be quite a maniac problem.

“Sun, sun.”

“Why Kahi noona?”


Kahi noona held out a Usagi Mimi doll.

“No, it’s okay.”

“Hug me and sleep.”

“……… “

“Only once… I want to see cute Taeyang hugging a doll and sleeping.”

Kahi noona’s breathing was rough.

Looking at me wearing a doll’s hat, my eyes widened as if my desires had risen again.

“……… “

“Can’t it just be once?”

“…… Okay.”

“Hee hee.”

I sighed deeply and turned my head to meet the lead noona by chance.

“The lead sister?”


“Is there anything you don’t like?”

“Oh, no, nothing.”

The lead sister is also… Are you holding on to something you want?

He struggled to choose a key chain, but he didn’t look happy at all.

Let’s ask when you go to a souvenir shop.

“Five minutes left.”

“Oops! No time!”

“Hey, noona, I’m going to the quiz show.”

“What? It’s hard over there.”

“But I have to try it first.”

I went into the tent where the quiz show was being held.

“Can you wait for a moment because it’s a two-person quiz show?”


A pair of two? If you knew it would be like this, would you have gone with your noonas?

“Ah, it’s coming just in time.”

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long and the timing was right for the three women to enter.

“But let’s try.”

“Ummm… I’m not confident, but I only saw it on social media.”

“It might be a current affairs quiz.”

“Are you familiar with current affairs?”

They were rather noisy girls.

Except for the one person next to me who doesn’t say much.



And one of them was startled as soon as he saw me.

Um? Is it a first impression?

Well, it’s because I look a little scary.

“What’s wrong, Seonah?”

“Oh no… nothing.”

Anyway, the number was just right.

“It’s a two-person event, so one person has to do it with a different party. Is it okay?”


“Then who goes?”

And the result of randomly deciding the group.

I was in the same group as Sunah.

Wait, ‘Sunah’?

I’ve heard that name somewhere…

Before long, an extra in Came to mind.

She’s Choi Seon-woo’s younger sister.

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