I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine
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I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine

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집착이 심한 얀데레 히로인의 동생이 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Younger Brother of the Obsessive Yandere Heroine

All the heroines reincarnated into a game with yandere tendencies.
I am also the younger brother of the heroine who mercilessly kills the family members who were fighting in the ending.

In order to protect his family and not die,
he must somehow prevent his sister from becoming a yandere.

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  3. Su 183 says:

    Score 9
    New chapters every week or 2
    400 bookmark
    How do you even read this ****
    I understand stand that everyone has different taste/opinion
    But BUT you enjoy reading this? Really 🤯?

    Anyway if you love and i mean LOVE yandere and obsessive love
    Then this novel is perfect for you 10/10

  4. Rinrin says:

    Wow its the first time i seen incest that literally blood related in a novel, its morally wrong but its a nice change of wind for me

  5. GLMG says:

    Finally, an update. Chapter check:up to 240, I hope I’ll still be here till the end cuz I am really invested in this novel.

  6. Rader says:

    Didn’t read most of the chapters because I was not much interested in this one so just looked through the latest chapter. And god damn, this author really created an incestuous relationship with even parents accepting it.

    Incest as a fetish is fine, but if you want to include it as a happy ending or what not, it’s a bad thing as it’s just leading to bad mutations in bloodline so here this novel crossed the line. Everyone loving MC so much that even her sister crossed the line and became his wife seriously. It would have been fine if they were not blood related, but they are. Quite sad honestly, it’s sad to see so low creativity where a heroine can’t control over carnal desires and MC even after having so many girlfriends want to have more subconsciously.

    1. Daver55 says:

      In some years when they discovered how to remove genetic malformations incest will be legalized, and those speaking bad about it now will be seen just like people hating on the gehys in the past are seen nowadays. So are you ready to get cancelled on Threadx (after X, Y, Z and A failed, Mark and Musk made a deal and so Threadx was born, the deal was named “2 brains 1 jar” in reference at how their brains negotiated the deal in the same jar.)

      1. Rader says:

        Good luck in resolving a genetic defect encoded in DNA over thousands of years of evolution. One of the main reason Evolution or Nature even put so many penalties on Incest is that it’s not good for mutations. More mutations mean more chances at evolution. But if DNA never interact with something different it will have very low chances of mutations.

        So even if Incest gets better and they removed the penalty I will not prefer it, though I will indeed accept it as acceptable behaviour.

  7. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    Wow, there are few stories where they really recognize incest, most of them end up telling you that they are not really brothers, or they simply avoid that route, I like that the author went the harem route, including the sister, all of them. girls have their own charm and it would have been sad if I only chose one and refused

  8. TheDiir says:


  9. Dagonsuznyx says:

    If she has the potential to kill you, then the correct choice would’ve been to kill her and be done with any possibility of her hurting you. Cutting the head of a snake while it is still young is always the best choice. Easy peasy. Also, the trope about abandoned children being obsessed with their saviors is not really an expected outcome. It’s weird.

  10. Padt says:

    There is only one more chapter for it then it completed, hope it not take too long this time. pls noble

  11. I’m glad this got updated. Still missing 3 chapters from what I see on novelpia.

  12. Zzz says:

    Im sure i read this novel a bit before but progress is lost
    Looking at comments it goes downhill do i even take the risk

    1. Zzz says:

      Nvm gonna go get some bleach to wash my eyes

  13. IME says:

    oh its end at ch 240.

  14. Darkzoul says:

    If the mc didn’t know what to do with his yandere harem, the fact that his own sister ended up becoming obsessed with him, even acting as a wall against the rest of the harem, ended up complicating things to the point of no return. I really don’t know how the mc will do to solve things, it’s impossible for him to choose just one of them without ending up kidnapping him or killing the others to monopolize him. The only happy ending for all of them is that they end up sharing it but that’s rare in a yandere xD.

    1. AmicableKraken says:

      How about dowd from fated to be loved by villain? He literally fighting for his life with his yandere harem😂

      1. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

        hahahaha I also read it, but that protagonist is more confident than this one, why? The guy can literally survive even if he is cut in half since he is also changing from being human to being a devil, on the other hand this protagonist is a normal guy who even died being stabbed by his sister on his route xD

  15. k says:

    This is just a romcom with some yandere flavor to it. The pace is so slow, theres barely anything happen in a chapter, just forgetable dialogue get tossing around.
    I dont have complain with the mc since he just a kid, not some dude with previous life knowledge so his stupid action is somewhat acceptable
    Dropped at 55

    1. Hell knight says:

      Wait mc has previous life knowledge right? I mean , it was in chapter 1 and he also goes meet the rich girl on same right

  16. Ninja says:

    His live are on the rope, but he is still weak af. His intelligence is average, his strength is just slightly above average. And wtf is that yandere abilities… They have sharingan lol

  17. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Not a review, just wanted to say this novel turned into a battle rom-com from suspenseful yandere later on lol. Can’t take the premise seriously when the girls have Rinnegan-like powers in the form of Yandere eyes whenever they go Yandere mode. And almost all the heroines are older than the MC who is a middle schooler, take that as you will. MC also keeps trying to reject them but they keep coming back so he stopped doing so at some point.

  18. Ali 99 says:

    الرجاء اضافة رواية
    I Became the Academy’s Kibitz Villain

  19. Extra Extra says:

    Dropped this at 150.

    The MC’s actions to handle the girls’ obsession with himself, whether they were the correct actions or not, just got really grating and exhausting to read. The MC’s gaslighting was the final straw.

  20. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    An update of only 25 chapters? how they leave me wanting xD

  21. GLMG says:

    yes, another update. Last read was chapter 149. I hope this will still get uploaded till it reach its ending. I’m gonna see this all the way through.

  22. k says:

    How the hell this thing get a update

  23. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I have just finished ch 150, and I’m genuinely fuming right now.

    I liked the MC’s personality at first, he was willful yet principled.

    He wanted to live without the expense of those around him.


    at around 140+ he started to become such a piece of trash that I am genuinely rooting against him right now.

    I hope to **** he gets a redemption in future chapters.

    1. yameth says:

      what happen

  24. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I like this novel mainly because of the protagonist. He is really smart. He is smart enough to identify the problem and makes a plan to solve them. He mainly succeed in said planning and the only reason he fails in some of them is because of unexpected variable or sheer dumb luck.

    It is fun reading on his plan develop as well as how miserably in can sometimes fail.

    I am also genuinely hoping that he succeeds in his plan of rehabilitating the yanderes.

    I also like how is not dense at all and is willful enough to establish lines with the yanderes.

  25. Rader says:

    I can’t read much for this one because it lacks fantasy or action, it’s a modern day novel based on protagonist which has arch type of NTR protag who would steal Wives or GFs while even making original MC some sissy or what not. MC is in a novel setting with a lot of Yandere heroines and he is kind of stupid as he actively interacts with them instead of staying away from them.

    Just get buffed up with this new body and learn martial arts, grind and stop the sister from Yandere. And if she does become one subdue her and send her to hospital to think about how severe action she was going to take by killing her only family as a teen. MC has strong Hardware but he is an Otaku, that too worst breed of Otaku who would spend all day and money to get JPEGs of some Anime waifu or some body pillows of them. He is thinking like an Otaku even after getting possessed in an Athletic body and it feels forced to be honest. He says in the beginning that he wants to run away from Yandere but it feels as if he want to create a harem of Yandere girls.

  26. says:

    I’m tired of always coming here and hoping to find a good story, but rarely finding something worth my while. Can anyone recommend me something really great? It can be any genre. (I’ve read everything on this site already.)

  27. Manchester Black says:

    How will it have a score of 9 if they have uploaded it a day and a half ago?

  28. bruh says:

    a Golden Sun character is basically the “Blonde Bad Boy who steals yo wife and girl” character in Korean Fiction. Archetype as a character built to be tall, quite muscular, and intimidating (basically the delusional figure of an alpha male you would see in fiction), a type of character you would see in an NTR Doujinshi.

  29. The novel’s plot revolves around the yandere harem and modern school youth drama, as its title implies. Oh yes, this genre can also be called Shotacon because the MC is a middle high school student and the 5 heroines are high school students, and only 2 heroines are from middle school.

    In summary, this novel tells about the efforts of Kim Taeyang, MC and siscon, who realized that he was reincarnated in the Yandere dating game as little brother of one of heroine. He tries to avoid the route that ends with him and his family being killed by his older sister, Kim Hayan, and the heroine character named Choyuri. The MC tried to make the original male protagonist, Seonwoo Hyung, end in route aside from the two heroines, despite the fact that Choi Seon-Woo can ended severely, such as being isolated in island, disabled, unable to move, chained, etc. Unfortunately, the original MC has fallen in love with Choyuri, and the currenly chapter end with him declaring war on Seonwoo Hyung to win Choyuri. The female character who falls in love with original MC is only the Tsundere childhood friend Seong Ju-yeon, who was rejected by the him, but now starts to take an interest in MC. In addition, the MC’s attempt to make the other female characters [Lee Yoo-young and Choi Ga-Hee] fall in love with the original MC had the opposite effect, where they fell in love with the MC due to a series of misunderstandings. Besides the original heroine, other female characters are obsessed with MC, Min-Iri, and Ha-Eunju.

    Regarding character writing, Kim Taeyang is written as a male tsundere character, often rejecting heroines who try to get close to him for fear of the yandere ending, but not too hard, creating an ambiguous relationship until the last chapter. This romance is a bit slow at the start and takes a long time before the other heroine falls in love with the MC. The conflict and competition between the heroines are also quite interesting when they realize their feelings for the MC. Based on the writing of the story, there are several possible endings in this story:
    1) Normal ending where the MC chooses only one heroine, possibly Lee Yoo-young, based on the story development and the original story in the game the MC plays before reincarnated, and the other heroines respect the MC’s decision
    2) Harem ending, MC chooses all the heroines
    3) Fake harem ending, the MC doesn’t choose any heroine and stays single forever, possibly accompanied by his sister who stays single, but doesn’t cross the line as brother and sister
    4) Incest ending, MC chooses his sister and keeps their relationship a secret or goes abroad and falsifies identity to get married (After all their parents look to support it if this happens lol)
    5) Bad ending, the MC is killed by his harem or killed by the original MC who hates him

  30. rob z rob z says:

    I also should explain what I mean by “play through a yandere game in hell mode.” As the title reflects, the MC is transported into a yandere game world where he is not the protagonist, but the little brother of one of the heroines. However, if his sister is the “winning” heroine, she kills her whole family, including the MC. Moreover, in a number of routes, the story MC ends up in a bad end due to the winning heroine. So the story focuses on the MC’s efforts to get the game protagonist on one of the heroine routes that doesn’t lead to a bad end for the MC.

    The frustrating thing for me (which I just have to accept because of the genre) is that this is one of those novels that seems to have a strong intervention by “fate”, such that the MC will break a flag between the protagonist and a heroine that leads to a bad end, but then miraculously, the flag ends up getting re-planted.

  31. rob z rob z says:

    Gladiator_02 sums it up well (based on being 50 chapters in), with the exception that I have no idea what a “golden sun” protagonist means. However, I don’t see why this MC gets the shade above that he does. Is it because he’s not the typical beta, otaku, loser introvert MC? Sure, he may look like a nampa, but he’s simply doing the best he can to play through a yandere game on hell mode.

    I also disagree that the novel comes across as more Japanese as opposed to Korean for one key reason. and is it a fundamental difference between Japanese and Korean novels. In Japanese novels of this sort, misunderstandings always end up screwing over the MC for various reasons. By contrast, in Korean novels, a number of times misunderstandings inure to the benefit of the MC, as they do here.

  32. -_- says:

    5/10 the way the first two yandere candidates are introduced & the reason they fall for mc are just extremely simplistic.

    Yandere #1 falls for mc because he says “I like anime. Oh, btw I hate soccer.” “Heh~ but only a real soccer fan would recognize the mascot on my keychain?” “Ah, shet.”

    Yandere #2 falls for mc because… he’s out on a walk searching for Yandere #2’s dog. He wants to find the dog, lead the og protagonist to it, then og protag-kun will escort the dog to Yandere #2, thereby earning her love. But the dog starts following mc around, Yandere #2 runs into him, and she’s like “Omg tysm.” “Np bye-” “Wow, surely this must be fate. Please, come over to my mansion so I can treat you to some tea snacks.” Mc says sure, like an idiot.

    As for Yandere #0 – mc’s sister – well, she’s already fallen for mc since ch1. As for why I couldn’t care less to find out.

    1. That dog girl didn’t fall in love with mc at first she went on trip with mc and his sister to mall where mc saves her from car on road then mc saves her from some guy hitting on her and mc grilles good food then she likes cute guys so when she sees mc in bear costume she falls in love then

  33. Same. I just can’t get past the golden sun protagonists and their non uniqueness

  34. says:

    Meh I pass couldn’t get pass chapter 1, but it is not bad of a chapter, but It is not for me since probably in the future it will have some inseki vibes or something like that in the future chapters. Plus I really don’t like golden sun protagonist even if it is not ntr.

  35. Kirill Popov says:

    I can’t stand harems anymore.

  36. For me it’s interesting so far. I mean it’s good to take a break from academy or hunter stuff once in a while. The japanese romcom light novel similarity comment is not wrong but what’s bad about that? There are other novels who do the same thing.

    -Modern day setting

    -Golden sun protag (but not an ntr character)

    -Yandere (possiblity) characters

    -Death flag from the start

    These things are what captured my interest so far. I didn’t read it that far yet though

  37. Weirdo says:


  38. Byul Yi Byul Yi says:

    I’ve read until Ch. 5 and all I can say is I don’t like it. It felt more like a JP webnovel than a KR one to me, in a bad way. I can’t say anything else per se because I only read a minimal amount to even judge the whole novel itself, who knows if it might get better in the latter parts, but what I’ve seen during these few glimpses are enough for me to know that it’s not worth it.
    To our hungry comrades: you can dive into it, but thread with caution.

  39. Natx gg Natx gg says:

    I see yandere so…..

  40. Byul Yi Byul Yi says:

    Oh, another wild game. Will the meat of this one be scrumptious, or it will just be a poisonous flesh like any other? Let’s see…

  41. says:

    Oh yeah before I go reading this novel. Please I hope there is no inseki or something like that in this novel please then again there is no tag about that in this novel so probably thank god?

  42. says:

    Also finally a ‘decent’ synopsis surprising and it’s 9 star rating then again I really don’t trust rating unless it’s 9.3+ rating.

  43. salty1 says:

    is it good ?

  44. says:

    Wth is that cover💀 That ain’t a cover art, but a wall of text that is not translated🗿.

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