My childhood friend the hero was genuinely angry
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My childhood friend the hero was genuinely angry

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소꿉친구 용사님이 제대로 빡쳤다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My childhood friend the hero was genuinely angry

“Your Highness the princess. Do you really want to d*e? How dare you banish him?”

The princess, who arbitrarily banished a member of the hero’s party, made my childhood friend the hero genuinely angry because of her actions.

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  1. Hell knight says:


  2. Truck says:

    Poison. Very bad poison. Every character in this novel is so uninteresting and 2 dimensional.

  3. Manchester Black says:

    Thanks to for poison testers. If several of you say that it seems written by a 16-year-old boy, it is probably because it is so.

  4. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    You know, comrade, why do people still eat junk food even though it is said to be unhealthy? Maybe because it tastes good, it’s addictive. Just like this novel, one of the many trash harem stories that still attracts many people. Maybe for self-insert because the MC is in the story, or maybe because you want to read the harem from another story angle once again.

  5. Luckyzero says:

    Wow, For the first time,

    I’m seeing the comment section being this long yet the generous poison testers are all agreeing that the novel is bad;

    without anyone refuting or giving a single con about the novel

    atleast in some badly rated novel there are some comments that persistently defended the novel

  6. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Wow, this novel probably has the harshest and most unanimous bad reviews in this site so far, the others still have a few good point mentioned in some of the reviews but this one, none. It’s quite impressive actually.

  7. Juneau says:

    There’s nothing really going about the story, you can just read the last paragraph/other half of the chapters and still get the same plot infos.

    Characters are way too inconsistent, stupid, naive or rash.

    Mc(Mage) supposed to be the strategist of the heroes party, dense enough to think everyone trynna out him, thinks way too low about his power despite beating the hero once

    Princess/letia(hero’s friend) exiling him for property damage and such things cuz he’s a commoner and due to hero’s gaslighting she also thought he’s weak and hated by the hero

    Mob characters worships MC like a god and yet no one helped him out with the prosecution
    The king and the emperor are just designs and more of a damsel in distress asking to help their kingdoms

    Other kingdom princess/lucy(mc’s wife)
    Barely shows up and rushed romance

    Hero/Chloe gaslit MC and push and pull him
    or something even though she got confessed to before by the MC

  8. Juneau says:

    Poison novel japanese manga copy paste

    Strong Mc but unaware of his own power due to the gaslighting of his tsundere childhood friend(Hero) who loves him a lot and trynna do push and pull strat, Mc got exiled from the heroes party by the nobility supremacist princess (hero’s friend) who thought mc is weak and hated by the Hero

    Mc goes to another kingdom, saved it and married the princess.
    Hero found out that he got married, Hero went insane tried to kill everyone, goddess took her powers
    Princess got exiled by the emperor (was sick) for poor decisions

    And that’s all for chapter 50

  9. Reafan says:

    Aaa poisonnnnnnn si dumbbbbb its pike read random clich jp novelllll

  10. Poison Tester says:

    Thank you for the reviews, I’ll pass 🙂

  11. Misib says:

    The only thing he is missing.. Is how 0 sense the whole novel makes… Its from beggining to the end… The novels makes 0 sense… We know sometimes author have to force…. But.. Here nothing makes sense… So u dont even believe their “feelings” are “real” nor u ferl pity, joy or anything, just feel how forced and poorly writtrn the whole plot is… It start forced and still keep being forced, it lacks any real simple logic.. U just dont believe a world where everyone is dumb…. They delete from their behavior ANY common sense, like when princess get exiled, guess what she is doing? She is eavesdropping the king….. She WANST even supposed to be in the empire , the castle much less eaveadropping, there is no guards too right.. Yeeah everything is lacking any common sense… As aome regrets are common to start a little forced… But here FORCED is the way author want….

  12. Yandere lovers says:

    About a month ago, all the added novels are rubbish. I couldn’t get past 20 chapters of each novel

  13. 3&kk in 3&kk in says:

    for the sake of your braincells, DO not read this.

  14. Insufferable says:

    @Marl Malone you are a badass.

    Also, going through all that… do you need a therapist?

  15. A lot of people in this story have some form of mental deficiency. Most of these stories written by these Korean authors are starting to give me migraines. The only reason I even read this was because I was bored on the 4th of July.

    ~ Let’s start with our MC, the main problem of this entire story. The MC is a reincarnated individual, but he must’ve been a special level of dumbass in his previous life because he can’t seem to comprehend the concept of gratitude, something that only toddlers would struggle to grasp. He saved the lives of the people of the Empire but can’t seem to understand why they express gratitude for his service and sadness for his leaving. He solved a drought for an entire kingdom and can’t seem to grasp why they are so thankful. He destroyed a Magical Mountain overflowing with Magical Beasts like it was nothing and can’t comprehend all the praise he gets. He becomes the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, becoming the most competent Prime Minister the Kingdom had ever seen, and can’t seem to understand why his popularity continues to grow. This guy even beat all Four Heavenly Kings and doesn’t grasp why he is idolized. He is an almost universally revered figure across the continent besides mainly from the nobles who wanted to kick him out of the Empire. Everywhere he goes, he is treated with the upmost kindness and respecy, yet he keeps trying to justify why he shouldn’t be treated nicely by saying he’s a “criminal banished from the Empire.” Nobody gives a crap about that besides you, stop shoving that point down our throats! How was this guy the assumed leader and strategist of the Hero Party, yet can’t even understand basic human emotions? Though still bad, it would’ve been better if he was just naturally born into the world because the fact that we know he’s a reincarnated individual makes the MC seem like an incompetent human being. Low self-esteem having ass. The only good thing he has done is that he finally accepted the feelings of the Kingdom’s Queen and kissed her.

    ~ The Saintess. She suddenly comes in calling the MC’s act of saving the Kingdom’s drought through magic an act of blasphemy against her Goddess. When she tries to turn the people of the Kingdom against our MC, they start throwing stones at her and call her a witch for trying to accuse the MC of being a sinner. Then she starts a fight with our MC but when she tries to use Goddess Advent (the ability to access power directly from her Goddess), she is pulled into a space by her Goddess and the Goddess scolds her for trying to attack and label the MC as an evil pagan wizard. Come to find out, the Saintess didn’t even investigate anything, all she heard from the Church was that there was an evil pagan wizard in that area and she immediately assumed it was the MC. The Goddess decides to forgive her and tells the Saintess to apologize and if the MC doesn’t accept her apology, the Goddess will abandon her. So the Saintess’s idea of an apology is to get on her knees while naked and beg for forgiveness. Obviously being the beta he is, the MC immediately accepts the apology, and the Saintess immediately asks the MC to impregnate her according to the words of her Goddess and give her 5 children. After the MC locates the actual evil pagan wizard, who turns out to be his former classmate who was always 2nd place, he very easily makes quick work of him while inwardly monologuing how much weaker he is compared to the other members of the Hero Party, and the Saintess instantly falls in love with the bozo. The Saintess relinquishes her title to her younger sister and makes it her new mission to get impregnated by the MC for his supposed superior genes. She’d even go as far as trying to r*pe the MC in his sleep. Is it really worth it to raise a child who might grow up to be as mentally challenged as their father?

    ~ Empire’s Princess. After the MC, she is the most annoying one in this story. She kicks the MC out for being a commoner and believing him to be a useless mage. This immediately backfires once the Hero returns and finds out the Princess kicked out her childhood friend. At the same time this is happening, the Demon army decides to attack the Empire. Everything pretty much goes to s*it, with the Princess antagonizing the Hero for kicking out the MC and her not realizing how powerful and important the MC. This leads to the King taking away her status as a Princess and banishing her like she did to the MC. The Princess decides to find the MC and tries to seduce him after discovering how much the Kingdom has changed because of him. The MC hears her out and decides to make her a farmer, one of the few good things he did. She is pretty much a narcissistic gold digger.

    ~ The Hero. The Hero is the childhood friend of our MC, and she is a yandere. For some inexplicable reason, she decides to gaslight the MC by calling him a useless mage as a prank. Obviously, 99% of the people don’t believe it, except our resident dumbass MC and the Empire’s Princess. She’s a massive yandere who has kept all woman away from the MC. When she finds out the MC was kicked out of the Empire and is engaged with the Kingdom’s Queen, she loses her damn mind and decides to eliminate everything that stands in the way between her and the MC. This leads to the Goddess taking away her powers. The former Hero decides to confess her feelings to the MC anyways. If she was honest from the beggining, none of this nonsense would’ve ever happened.

    There are characters that aren’t annoying, like the Queen of the Kingdom for example. In the beginning, after the MC was kicked out of the Empire and arrives at the Kingdom, she is still a princess ordered by her father to get closer to the MC since he wants our MC to be his son-in-law, though he won’t force his daughter to marry him. The Princess interacts with the MC and is initially skeptical, but after she sees him use magic to effortlessly end the drought, she becomes very interested in him, until she falls in love with him after living with him for about a month after lying that she got into a fight with her father. She’s not annoying, but just like everyone else in this story, you have to question her mental capabilities considering she fell in love with a man with the emotional understanding of a rock. Eventually, her father abdicates the throne to her and she becomes the Queen. She spends her days trying to seduce the MC and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Surprisingly, the MC does understand that she likes him, but his low IQ having self can’t seem to comprehend why she likes him, as well as why the Former Saintess likes him as well. However, just like the Former Saintess, she also considered trying to r*pe the MC in his sleep, but she changed her mind at the last moment, which means she at least has a semblance of sanity.

    Another character that isn’t annoying is MC’s former classmate Latika. She barely has any magical prowess, but she is a person the MC believes can kickstart the Industrial Revolution in this fantasy world.

    The most pitiful person in this story is the Master of our MC. She’s just a timid wizard who was chosen by the Hero to be the Master of the MC since the Hero knew she was too timid to try anything with the MC. The Hero eliminated all the other female wizards she felt would threaten her relationship with the MC, leaving our MC’s Master as the only one left from the ashes. She’s so scared of the Hero that she acts indifferenly while teaching the MC, leading the MC to believe that she doesn’t care about him. She also believes that if the MC were to find out how weak she really is, he’d be mad at her. This is the only time where the MC not understanding something somewhat makes sense. But the MC having the emotional capacity of a rock can’t understand how smart he is. He is type of person who solves all the hard problems his Master can’t figure out thinking it’s some sort of test, and gives her credit for “helping” him figure it out.

    Overall, I’d give this story a 4.5/10 after reading 50 chapters. The MC gets better after the first 35 chapters, but it’ll be hard to bear witness to such a dumbass for that long.

  16. kk77 says:

    thank FK i got here late on this one

    it looks sus AF but i might’ve actually gone in anyway

    been getting a bit too bold recently @_@;;

  17. mr joster mr joster says:

    this novel is ridiculous

  18. No she didnt walk bro. Since all these guys have the intelligence of a goldfish and since she is a goldfish, she just swam to the kingdom

  19. Shadow says:

    (Croaks and dies from excessive poison)

  20. Misib says:

    i read up to 50 so i can say its POISON, above all things people are complaining its true, nothing in this novel will make sense, not worth even to pass time, the girl in the illustration right now is THE PRINCESS btw, i will give u an real example o why its bad

    EX:Princess will follow mc out of empire, then by WALKING THEY JUST GET THERE.

    u may be asking yourself, wahts the problem… a princess just walk normally hundreds o killometers on foot….. a princess who never walked…. as for why she is leaving the empire… i cant say cause its spoiler… but the whole novel got 0 exact sense…. 0…. i love regrets, everyone who know me know that, but this one is just impossible its like author just want to give shallow motive to everything happening… like in chapter 1 princess expell mc from the most dumbass reason possible mc 1×4 the heavenly guys and wins…. if ANYONE COULD WIN AGAINST THE MOST OP guys from the demon king…. why would IT BE EVEN A DANGER….. and lack of senseis something u will see 100% of the time… author even stoped to write…. then he came back… and there is still 0% sense in what he did….

    its just hard to explain other than 0 logic… even walking got 0 logic… like people just travel hundreds of killometers in foot and travel half the continet… even this basic part author misses hard…. i cant explain more cause it would be spoilers….

    like cf… she is thinking of going back to marry mc this time……. and the tank keep saying “what would u do if mc is already married….” oh….. true… i need to stop lying and gasligthing everyone… even goddess authorr use her as stupid moves when a certain thing happen instead of goddess talking… she just dont say anything and just DO … ahh its hard to explain, in KMTL its on poison thread already.

  21. I can confirm. Everyone is so stupid that it should have had the gag tag

  22. Padre damaso says:


  23. IwantemBed says:


  24. Zzz says:

    Nahhh im skipping this one

  25. Ryuu says:

    I can get those items if I possessed the dragon born in Elder scrolls. Seeing that it takes too long to make it. I rather kill dragon and get vampire girl waifu.

  26. Insufferable says:

    God Killer Poison Recipe:

    15 grams of Troll fat
    1 full vial of Ogre foul breath
    16 grams of dark fairy dust
    5 stalks of bloodeater mushrooms
    7 strands of elves reaching the end of their lifespan
    Greed essence from a lascivious king
    18 gallons of undead dragon saliva
    18 gallons of undead dragon blood
    708 archmage souls


    In a large Witch Cauldron that has been used for 1700 years, let the Greed essence and troll’s foul breath linger inside the cauldron, trapping it using 2 circle magic. Mix equal amounts of undead dragon blood and undead dragon saliva, forming the base. Use the extractor to extract the corrupted blood off the bloodeater mushroom, let the blood drip from above the cauldron exactly 1 drop every 3 hours. Stir until exactly 80 drops of corrupted blood and finally add all the troll fat that has been pre liquefied. Stir again for the next 900 drops of blood and add and finally add an elf hair through the blood dropper, letting the next drop of blood soak in the elf hair before dripping. The blood dripping will turn to silver. Once the elf hair dissolves, add another one within .098 seconds or the poison will explode. After all the elf hair is dissolved, discard the dropper and collect the last 17 drops of corrupted blood and place in a beaker. Mix the fairy dust in the beaker and use a 9 circle magic to forcefully mix them into a corrupted fairy blood. Note that the cauldron must be stirred halfway in alternating directions every 70 seconds. After 10 years, the stirring must stop and the poison must be contained with 8 circle magic every quarter year. The poison, after the decade stirring, must have the color of the lich kings dead skin and burn with resentment.
    Add then the archmage souls into the cauldron, using archmage circle magic to contain the conflict and forcefully trap the souls into the cauldron. This process will last for 19 years, with the archmage spell being re casted every month. Finally, the poison can be compressed into a single vials worth using a 9 circle magic. The vial in which it will be transferred to must be made from glass casted from the sands of time, and inside it will be the corrupted fairy blood. Once the poison is added to the vial, gently physically shake it to mix it with the corrupted fairy blood. It will melt the glass within 10 days so make sure to poison your god of choice until then.

  27. So here’s the rview-

    Just into 18 chapters and all i can say this novel is the extream kind of poison which will cause your braincells to deteriorate so further advancement is not adviced.

    – In this novel EVERYONE is dumb with ia lower than
    a monkey literally. The quality of writing itself is
    pretty poor and lackluster and seems like written
    by 16yr old in his mom’s basement.

    – MC is the dumbest wizard i have ever seen in a
    novel consisting hero party theme and a
    wimp/wuss who supposedly just cant ARGUE back
    to the instigators of this false charge farce wnd
    the royal family is dumb and retarded along with
    king and princess . I dont even know how the
    empire is still standing despite being ruled by
    such retarded creatures.

    – Talking about mc’s dumbness again cause he JUST
    DONT KNOW why the empire guards and some
    other royal family of another kingdom loves and
    idolize him despite knowing he himself took down
    all 4 heavenly kings of dk army. I mean how dumb
    can you be and downgrading yourself as a weak
    wizard who’s unworthy of hero party even tho you
    fcking took down 95% of the whole dk army which
    are 4 HKs.

    – The saintess is again one of the dumbest saint i
    ever came across in a hero party theme novel .
    She equals or more dumb than ntrr saintessess .
    She thinks mc doing rain magic for drought is
    blasphemy to her goddess cause a commonner
    isn’t worthy to do such miracles other than

    – And the goddess herself forgave her for literally
    trying to kill of kingdom citizens cause they
    defended mc so, so goddess is also in the
    restarted list.
    And ofcourse saintess falls in love cause she
    misunderstood mc blah blah blah

    – As for romance both mc and kigdom prince are a
    couple of 15 yr old pubescent boy and a girl. And
    blushes and cringes every damn moment.and to
    top it off ofcourse mc is the densest **** in the
    novel . So he wont pick up on the signals so
    romance also sucks ? Well might not for you who
    likes to sdult male and female blushing like 15 yr
    olds .

    So to conclude its absolutely obnoxius for readers who dont like dumb and poor quality of writing and also characters dumber than trees.
    So maybe read it for curiosity or kill time .

    Final ratings : 4.5/10 if I’m being generous .

    Aah i almost forgot the king is also an idiot shown to forgot he’s in pajamas when he heard mc is coming to his kingdom and came to boarder to check up on the guards. Lmao

    The whole story in a nutshell is D.U.M.B💫

  28. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    How apt that the one who question where the king is first is the Carrot King

  29. Ryuu says:

    hello… it’s me… I was wondering am i too late to reply…

  30. Andriy says:

    Protagonist (Commoner) is cool, princess is a dumbass entitled royalty who hates commoners, childhood friend is classic (she regrets rejecting Protagonist love and now she likes him but Protag is married now), she lost her powers because of trying to kill the princess because the princess exiled the protag but she would probably not have done that if the childhood friend did not say protag is useless / worthless. Overall as of now its 7/10 for me.

    And yes it is refreshing thus the refreshing tag.

  31. Refreshing is a tag?? Lol

  32. Carrot King says:

    Chapter 2 (Complain, Continue reading )
    HOW CAN a princess banish a Member of a hero party? Where is the king? a princess doesnt have that much power right?? where is the king!!!

  33. Insufferable says:

    Hello 👋how 🤔😍😄☺

  34. ali dd ali dd says:

    Salut !






    Nǐ hǎo!



  35. Aqib Ali says:

    Hello 👋

  36. Fyk says:


  37. Zero says:

    Hello 😀

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