The Tyrant Empress is Obsessed with Me
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The Tyrant Empress is Obsessed with Me

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폭군이 날 너무 좋아한다,the tyrant loves me so much
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Tyrant Empress is Obsessed with Me

The emperess will not approve my resignation.

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  1. milky violet says:

    omw to prom, pray for me poisoned brothers ☠️🙏

    1. Clown 🤡 🎪 says:

      Bro you’ve been telling about that prom a week ago

    2. rob z rob z says:

      Best of luck, Milky. May white haired beauties descend upon you. Amen.

    3. milky violet says:

      hmmm low key it was kinda boring, the music was kinda… tame? I mean it got people dancing but I wish they would’ve played some new stuff… like oh, I don’t know I REALLY WANT TO STAY AT YOUR HOUSE!!! I’m kidding but really, I wish they played some better songs alongside those classics.

      Still I had fun, for all my criticisms of it… prom could’ve been better but I mean i had fun. Also mfs need to stop saying “why go to prom when it’s going to be boring/could be making money” ughhh, it’s always the fun people saying stuff like that. No wonder it’s so boring, it’s cause you’re not there!

      1. I hope the had whole welcoming comitte waiting for you at the entrance venerable

  2. I love when novel has a white haired girl and obsession but i am torn when either of those isnt present in novel it fells like one of your balls is tied up by vines and hanging from the tree while other one is about to be bitten of by wild animal you would want to save all of your balls but you can’t

    1. Shiro says:

      We pray for white haired girl

  3. Hablame says:

    Capítulo 100:

    Esta novela es bastante divertida, está empezando a tener unos toques serios con respecto a los amoríos del MC pero es solo una novela que es una comedia

  4. Hablame says:

    Perdón si suena muy ignorante, pero se puede votar en la puntuación?

  5. Su 183 says:

    If you only want something fun to read
    Then this novel is perfect 9/10

    Sadly the MC intelligent 🤓 is ZERO
    His luck is over 9000 tho

    Still it’s fun but sometimes it feels uncomfortable 😖

  6. Des says:

    Wohooo Sushia the cutest

  7. I can sense it is ending soon, great novel, might not be everyones taste but it gets better

  8. Jahe Manis says:

    As someone who reads novels for fun, I give this novel a high score to make me laugh when reading it. At first, I though this novel like other novel in this website with MC as civil servant and FMC as queen, but not. She is not queen (yet) and she disguised herself as MC’s henchman. The plot of this novel may be simple and exaggerated in some ways, such as the MC who is always lucky. But the writer balances it with MC’s plans which always fail even though MC is very lucky. Many funny incidents happened, such as the MC who planned to treat the emperor with tea made from fermented seeds that come out of animal feces (he keep it secret from emperor and other nobles who drink it) and the MC ended up having to drink the tea even though he didn’t want to. When everyone thought the MC would give loyalty to the crown prince, he instead gave it to the emperor, which created many misunderstandings. MC makes donations to future saintess candidates, so he can ask her help him in the future when she become saintess, but instead she builds a cult using his money, make her not qualified as saintess candidates. Everyone say first and second princess as MC lover candidate, but I more like Sushia. Her interaction with MC is more fresh compare first and second princess that obsessed with MC. She like Chika in this series but not smart, always fighting with the MC over trivial things, competing with weird things. When MC wants to sacrifice her to the holy kingdom to train as a saintess candidate and she numero uno him as guardian. In the end he become a priestess in there to escape from his kingdom but again, it fail. It’s funny lol. But they always trying to help each other, even MC begins to see her as a beautiful woman after long time he see her as only annoying/useless subordinate.

    1. Moonlit Walker says:

      Bruh… At least say that what you are commenting is a… F@#KING SPOILER!!!!

    2. Baek gain says:


  9. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    I completely forgot about this anyways just asking are there any romance in this novel? Cause I’ve been reading too much action and getting bored now

  10. Huh, first time seeing quality MTL tag, does this mean that there’s also a person looking through the mtl and fix small errors?

    1. Des says:

      More like the AI translator is more accurate.

    2. k says:

      Wow, its rare to see a fellow Vietnamese on this site

  11. Warrior says:

    Can anyone request update at discord for “reincarnated assassin is a genius swordsman”
    I want to request but for a problematic reason I can’t.

    1. Cero says:

      It’s on booktoki in korean if you’re Interested.

    2. cosmos says:

      there’s also Dao translate

  12. Trashtaste says:

    Yo, it got 10 update

  13. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    Yeah, this is hilarious, if you come in looking for something serious or dramatic, this ain’t it. If you want to have fun reading about stupid luck and a MC suffering from success, this is for you. I would never watch a comedy and expect an Oscar-worthy performance. The same could be said here, don’t come in reading for something other than a comedy and you’ll enjoy it.

  14. Zen says:

    Read till 11
    A novel for children or starters maybe my mind became too mature(corrupted and toxic). MC could have asked for retirement or permission to travel the world or start a farm or something when emperor asked for his desire but nah… Too many non sensible scenarios but such a High rating for such novel is both scaring and questioning my hope in humanity but at the same time it’s really refreshing to see that people do like simple better than complex extravagant one.

  15. TheDiir says:

    I understand why the rating is so high, there are godly chapters here, but after that, it’s just ordinary.

  16. Read up to ch. 51:
    I’ll admit, I’m biased for this review for I am a big fan of luck based protagonists. This novel is all about an MC who wants to retire from his government position because he has future knowledge that the kingdom will fall. However, in his attempts to foil his career (enough to get him fired, not too bad to get him jailed) his position simply gets higher and higher. How? How can someone try to fail and succees? By sheer luck and coincidence. This reminds me a lot of Cid from TEIS or Boss Pei from Losing money as a tycoon, it’s just a really lucky guy and I love it. If you dislike the idea of an MC being carried by the universe, you won’t like this novel.

    As much as I love lucky protagonists, even I’ll admit most novels that use this trope tend to make bad novels. This novel does it well by focusing on the people around him (like TEIS and Losing money). That’s where the comedy lies, the dichotomy between him trying his best to fail and the people around him looking at him as a competent and righteous government official. Ofcourse, it’s difficult to do this without good characters, and this novel focuses on a few of them.

    The main sub characters in this novel are the royal family. The easygoing first prince, the obsessive 2nd princess, and the mysterious 3rd princess. The latter two are obviously in the Harem (I personally wouldn’t mind the prince being in the harem too but alas Koreans don’t like that). The “tyrant empress” obsessed with the MC mentioned in the title is the 3rd princess who, in the future is supposed to become an evil empress. Atleast, she was supposed to.

    Welcome to the 2nd act of the novel. This is when the MC realizes his actions have changed the future and that the kingdom will no longer fall. His actions have had such a positive impact that the entire kingdom has been given new life. The main goal is now no longer retiring and running away, the main goal is making sure his Job becomes easier. As of chapter 50, this part is only at the beginning, and I don’t expect it to be as good as the first part, but I’ll stay positive and see what happens next.

    Overall, this novel is for those who enjoy people suffering from success. This isn’t a Korean hyper competent MC, this is just a stupid guy trying to low his job but ending up helping everyone around him. I love these stories because I personally find them funny. But If you want a more proactive Mc and one who really built their own skills and traits, you won’t like this one. Personally, just have fun with this novel and it’ll give you all the fun in the world.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Just one correction – MC actually is competent if he tries. Indeed, when he keeps being successful despite intentionally trying to fail, at one point he receives some advice that says “do the opposite,” so he tries to succeed and becomes massively successful. You also see his competency in some of the other events (e.g., the investigation into the disappearances in the recent update), and that he does have a clue as to what he is doing (as opposed to the people of the Empire).

      In fact, this novel gives a little of the feel of the saying “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

  17. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I caught-up with the latest chapter and this is a good dumb fun read!

    I’m looking forward for more haha

  18. Good novel
    No serious plot going on , there is no saving world or sacrifice or anything, just a guy trying to escape from empire but cannot due to plot
    I think upto 14 chapter you may find it repetitive but later the author gets better with writting and I was hooked by the end of it.
    All char are good and I think this will be harem but not completely sure

  19. Komaru says:

    This is mostly a comedy series. Don’t take it seriously and it’s fun. Even the way he lucks his way to things.

  20. Dagonsuznyz says:

    This is peak fiction. Everything about this novel is great, the plot, the characters, the hoes everything

  21. simmy says:

    ok this one was pretty fun will be coping for an update tho

  22. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    It’s a fun pure slice-of-life comedy. The MC suffers from success from random luck that thwarts his schemes of getting fired. The character interactions are cute. You know how it’ll turn out and the punchline to the joke is obvious, it feels weird to expect realism from a pure comedy story. Setting and characterization feels consistent to me.

    MC hits his head and remembers from his past life that he’s in a novel. He is a government official in the sinking ship that is the Empire. The only way to leave his position without being hunted down for treason/knowing state secrets, is to either reach retirement age, die, or get fired. Unfortunately, MC knows that the Empire will be destroyed in the coming years by a rebellion, so his only recourse is to get fired. But somehow, MC has the Midas’ touch and when he picks the worse option, luck turns it into the best option. to make it even worse, the future Tyrannical Empress, the reason for the Empire’s destruction, secretly became MC’s assistant after being attracted to his supposed competence.

    The obsessive love build up is slow but the yandere qualities are obvious, MC’s overpoweredness comes from his luck, which he can’t control.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Nice summary. Its well paced, and the high quality mtl is a big plus.

      One caveat though – as much as I like the novel, it is currently suffering from one fatal flaw: the MC is so convinced the empire is going to its downfall based on his knowledge from the original world, he doesn’t really update that viewpoint in spite of all the highly significant changes he has made. Thus, even though its clear that the bases for the empire’s downfall have significantly diminished, the MC is still wedded to the idea of needing to escape. It’s a stupid trope from these types of transported to / reincarnated in another world novels.

      1. Later he will reconsider his point of view, but the premise will not change because for unclear (obvious) reasons the witch will say that the main character will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor if he stays in the empire.

  23. milky violet says:

    Bruh saw this crap on novelupdates

    So instead of giving a basic review or delusional comment about this novel, I will be giving a dose of random things.

    Sorry I can’t think of anything

    1. Daver55 says:

      Man, I’m sure I already read a story with this plot and I thought it was in NV thanks to your comment, but no, they just started translating it so WTF, where did I read it…

      Wait now that I’m writing this, I think it was a manga? Dude wanted to run from a tyrant too, but she could read his mind and the reasons MC wanted to leave so she would resolve the problems and MC couldn’t leave her side.

  24. Zer0 says:

    This is like that ProZD meme where the villian does acidental hero stuff and keeps trying to be seen as a villian while others can only see him as a hero

  25. D1Grandmaster says:

    So far, the 9.5 rating and obsessive love tag looks very interesting. Dropping this though if this novel has another one of those Mcs who are dumb, naive and only achieve success through luck without any hard work.

    1. D1Grandmaster says:

      Eh, I just read the first few chapters so far and the Mc is indeed dumb and naive and most of his success is due to luck. However, I’ll continue reading because it’s just a comedy about how Mc wants to resign but the empire doesn’t let anyone to resign and if you run, you will be pursued and be executed so Mc is trying to do a bad job doing his tasks so he gets fired but he ends up succeeding very big. I’ll only continue reading to see if the Empress is an actual horrible human being or secretly a kind person or a crazy person who gets obsessed with the Mc over his achievements and success or because Mc became kind to her. (I regret writing this comment because I should’ve just continued reading more chapters instead of wasting time on this comment but whatever)

      1. D1Grandmaster says:

        I just read 22 chapters and the novel is unfortunately not focused on the obsessive love (it will probably change in the future chapters because the current emperor is still alive but he is about to die and the second princess is currently the only one obsessed with the Mc so she will probably become the empress) I’m dropping the novel here because the second princess(the heroine i think) is kinda boring so far and the whole novel is just overall very boring because Mc always succeeds on whatever he is doing due to luck so the author is just adding random dogshlt in between before the real plot begins where the second princess becomes the empress and she becomes obsessed with Mc. I honestly don’t think it’s worth it to read so many chapters just for that part because I doubt noblemtl will even update this mid ass novel when there’s already so many mid novels and they’re still focused on uploading new mid novels instead of focusing on updating older 9 star ratings.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          Obsessive love starts around the 30s and it becomes a clear love triangle, with two girls desperately trying to claim the MC and the MC trying to escape.

    2. Mattigician says:

      Another? Please, he’s the only one!

  26. Insufferable says:

    Initial impressions give similarities between premise with that one chinese novel about a guy that gained a system of earning money as he loses money in his conpany but fails everytime as his outlandish projects are always a success.

    1. Insufferable says:

      So that means the luck tag is meant for the comedic aspect of him doing stupid things to get fired just for it to backfire and end up nailing him a huge success in his deadly career. Cool.

    2. biggey says:

      what is the name of this chinese novel? now im interested

      1. Insufferable says:

        Losing Money To Be A Tycoon. I believe it’s the trend setter for these kinds of suffering from success novels.

        1. It is clearly an urban novel, so is there racism and contempt for foreigners in it?

          1. korro says:

            No. It’s not nationalistic.

    3. Nightune says:

      Oh, I watch that too once….

  27. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Obssessed!? I would like to introduce my down to earth feeling and accept you to be part of my life shades

    For centuries, humans have used the stars to guide them on their journeys and when i look into yours eyes i know here is exactly where i need to be. 😎🌹

    1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

      Where you need to be?? In circus??

    2. Insufferable says:

      You know, I would’ve blushed if I read this a few years ago. Too bad though, a few years ago I should still be a minor so all you’re gonna get is a special fbi vip visit.

      1. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

        I mean you don’t need to blush in order to fall in love 😎🌹

        1. Insufferable says:

          I’m squirming right now. Too bad though, it’s not the good kind of squirming but rather the worm squirming type when they are sprinkled with salt

          1. Memomo says:

            wait how do you know that a worm squirms when sprayed with salt 🤨

  28. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    No munchkin, harem, academy and reverse gender Means 50% chance to be a good novel

    1. IME says:

      are you serious? 80% of best novel in this site is HAREM, ACADEMY, MUNCHKIN

      1. Salty1 says:

        Munchkins novels are generally bad the only one i liked is the one where the guys can steal other ppl skills by “unlocking” lock he created

  29. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    quality mtl tag, this is serious

    1. Insufferable says:

      Pretty serious.

  30. Obsessive tyrant empress? Well hello🌝

    1. Isnt there already novel about empress who don’t approve resignation in this website.
      He got send into academy iirc

      1. Insufferable says:

        Don’t have high opinions and expectations for novelpia authors title naming creativity

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