Childhood Friend of the Zenith
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Childhood Friend of the Zenith

Read full chapter Childhood Friend of the Zenith, Light Novel Childhood Friend of the Zenith english, LN Childhood Friend of the Zenith, Childhood Friend of the Zenith Online, read Childhood Friend of the Zenith at Noble Machine translations.
CFZ, Childhood Friend of the Zenith Under the Heavens, The Zenith's Childhood Friend, 천하제일인의 소꿉친구,the best childhood friend in the world
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Childhood Friend of the Zenith

Childhood Friend of the Zenith Raw mtl
Instead of struggling meaninglessly, he acknowledged his place.

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  1. Luis says:

    Dejando de lado la traducción, es una novela entretenida, el MC era un villano pero uno que se arrepintió de sus malas acciones

  2. k says:

    Mass update pls, there nothing else to read atm

  3. LuxX says:

    And personally, I still feel that the novel’s mtl is not that difficult, at least the author’s writing style is quite easy to understand. It’s much better than Nano Machine’s mtl, the only Murim mtl that gave me up.

  4. LuxX says:

    Good story and need more updates! The advice here is to read the good translations first and then move on to reading the mtl, if you are a professional it will be easy to read them. Also suggest to look in the wiki of the novel, it will be easier to read. And again, stay updated!

  5. Chaos Zero Chaos Zero says:

    Bro I am gonna cry 😭😭😭😭😭 please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 update this novel 🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Octopus says:

    Heavy update pls

  7. Ken Ken says:

    damn i really enjoy this one, when is the next update i saw in novelpia there are 593+ chapter already

  8. Pipasex says:


  9. Yahde says:

    please up, already 500+ in raw

  10. A says:

    Can you please add new chapters? This is one of my favourite series

  11. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    The story is pretty good but the pacing slows down a lot during the Volcan sect/plum blossom sect arc. It’s important in that it shows mc and his character development but it’s way to slow and dragged out. I dropped the story chapter 99. The story pacing ended up getting slower and slower, it feels like reading a chinese webnovel that’s pay per chapter priced by word count. The author just keeps dragging things on.

  12. Spearhero says:

    Hmm I’ll try reading it

  13. Oojhay says:

    Please can you pick up The Hunter who does not age is too strong

  14. Abs says:

    Really good, it’s a shame that this mtl is particularly bad, but well, as the friend above says, one of the best novels currently so we can adapt but I’m not going to lie that it sometimes gives a headache , otherwise the story and the harem are really good

  15. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Do the girls from the MC harem remember their past life?

  16. Kim Party says:

    I need an update on this one, simply one of the best novels currently. Engaging and addictive drama (the beginning is very fluid and knows how to leave you with expectations, the middle is an 8.5/10 and then it gets solid 11/10), characters 10/10, MC simply amazing, and the suspense is crazy (I get goosebumps always when something is revealed that the MC has no idea even regressing 💀)

  17. Bellmond says:

    To the comment above me: Asf

    Yes, kinda meh if you didn’t read up to a 100 chapters cause if you did you know most of what you said are not true

    1. The only FMC who has a unique constitution is Bia, to say all the girls is an exaggeration
    2. It’s in the tags, read the tags!
    3. That changes in the plum blossom arc where the MC finally resolved himself to face his fate head on, in other words “Character Development”.
    4, Of course there’s no training arc, he’s a regressor he has experience if he’s not OP what did he regress for? The only thing that need training was his body and that he did in the plum blossom arc. What’s up with training arcs anyway, just because an MC is on a training arc the world and villains won’t wait for him to Finish his “Training Arc”

  18. asf says:

    Kinda mid
    The girls are super easy. Theyre made to have constitution that can only be solved by MC.
    Its a harem novel first than it is a murim novel
    MC got no purpose events just happens along the way
    MC is overpowered. Fights are always in his favour. He never really have training arcs or such like other murim does
    At the end of the day its just harem with a lukewarm MC

  19. TheDoor says:

    Who aa this web is such an a god

  20. LazyRa🇮🇩 says:

    This is regressor story type, background story take place ancient china murid with little bit of hunter/gate element

  21. Aaron V. says:

    Dropped at Chapter 52. I really wanted to like this novel, but even among MTLs this one is too difficult to read to enjoy.

    Too many names and series-specific terminology that doesn’t mesh well with the MTL software, to the point where reading chapters and keeping track of everything going on becomes utterly confusing.

    This is one I’d recommend waiting for an actual English translation for.

  22. tx46 says:

    More chap Update please!

  23. The mtl is quite rough in this novel, I read until chap 66 and stop
    Good novel thou if you can tolerate

  24. OraOra says:

    What the “unrequited love” tag about?

  25. Alors 33 Alors 33 says:

    It’s a bit hardcore, MTL wise, since a lot Sino-Korean terms are mixed in and MTL doesn’t like that, but it’s pretty damn good otherwise.

    Please, could you update Kind Administrator?

  26. Luciano Sambane says:

    I read the original and compared to the Mtl , it’s way better in terms of translation. Plum blossom sect was being called Volcano sect or something.

    The thing that I’m most confused is in the naming of places, events and people. Also when describing martial techniques and levels it gets confusing because to describe them it’s required to name places, factions and people.

    I don’t really mind the bad grammar I just need the names of things to stay consistent not having to guess the names and places they referring to.

  27. hehehe says:

    Can someone tell the novel,

    its about MC transmigrate? I forgot most of it, there one things i remember that he buys body awakening or something, but the price to much so he buy the lowest one but even he already buy and using on his body he must train to get the result. So doing all the exercise that system told, and then before the result came up he basically get called by the professor to demonstrate something, and after he doing in, the efect of body awakening is happend, he became handsome, lean, muscle and tall, so he lie to everyone that he using artifact to hide his face, I want to read the novel again but forgot the name of the novel

  28. John Cena says:

    Kinda mid

  29. Shinigami Shinigami says:

    Do FMC remember their past life?

  30. Misib says:

    This one is good, i recomend reading the 12 tranlasted chapters, and then coming here.

    1.The brain hurt a lot, lots of info are lost.

    2.very good story. appears it has regret too, i wont explain who and why.

    It is a good reading, but the poor brain.

  31. So exactly how big is his Harem? Does it affect main plot?

  32. ExNovelist says:

    Wrong comment

  33. ExNovelist says:


  34. Perfect I searched for the chs

  35. NOOOO FUCKINGG WAYYYYYY HOLY DHSHHSHSHSH they actually did it- they!!

  36. Jackysito says:

    Sypnosis I took from a NU review:

    Gu Yang Cheon is the heir to a respected family despite not having a reputation that befits his station. Circumstances cause him to eventually defect to the Heavenly Demon Cult where he rises in stature and becomes feared throughout the central plains. It is at the end of a long war between the Righteous and Demon sects, wherein the Heavenly Demon ends up dying, that our protagonist becomes regretful of his life choices once he is at death’s door. Fate would have him return to his childhood where mere minutes after regressing he once again meets the girl that would not only become one of his dearest companions but would go on to become the zenith of all martial artists.

  37. My Mynnn My Mynnn says:

    Any review? What is this novel about? Jezz this is why you should make a proper synopsis.

  38. willianpk1 says:

    por favor traduz as versões mtl dessas novels re:life player e i become the tyrant in defense game ambos tem também manhwa e são muito bons vale pena traduzir mtl as novela tem mais de 300 capítulos merece ser traduzido

  39. lol I have seen like 1-2 ppl repeatedly spamming on many other books to upload this one and it’s finally done, hope it is good, also happy new year to all

  40. Kaushik says:

    Aayyooooooo lessssss goooooo babbbbbbyyyy

  41. Curious One says:

    Is the setting modern, western fantasy or moorim?

  42. Raj says:

    Plzz can you translate ‘Doctor player’ novel
    It’s my personal favourite plzzzzzz……

  43. Raj says:

    These people are god……

  44. Krulcifer Fal Fairia says:

    Unrequited love tag tho, what is this about?

  45. let’s see if it’s really good

  46. That’s impossible….

  47. Zen says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Been reading those 12 free chapters repeatedly for quite sometime… Happy New Year 🎊

  48. Darius says:

    That’s what i’m talking about.

  49. Lucky Zero Lucky Zero says:

    *Gasp* You’re actually translating this

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