I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga
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I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga

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모르는 만화에 빙의했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga

I Was Possessed By An Unknown Manga novel mtl

“Scramble Love” was a Japanese hit love comedy manga with more than 10 million copies.
I was possessed by a manga I had never seen before.
Or, more precisely, I became a sidekick with no importance.

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  1. Nohay K Nohay K says:

    Who does the mc stay with?

  2. Dawn says:

    Please FIX the Chapter!!!!

  3. Forgotten one says:

    I want “pure love”

  4. bruh says:

    The entire harem pretty much manipulated the government into creating bigamy laws cause “birth rates too low” around chap 270+. Abe smiles

  5. bruh says:

    70% romcom/slice of life, 30% fighting. MC bangs every girl in his harem cause main wife started a harem plan for the MC.

  6. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    Stopped at chapter 43, novel seems to be a mix of martial art and comedy but more martial art. First dozen chapter may be comedy love but later seems to be more focused on fight and so on. Not my cup of tea.

  7. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    MC also helped the heroine like teaching her how to cook, helping her choose new clothes (with another heroine, blond girl) ‘cuz blond girl asked him to do so if not no meeting with her dad.
    I thought this novel will be about a MC trying to live a normal life in a comedy manga while being smart enough to try avoiding flag but all I had here is a second comedy novel in a comedy manga. Just following different POV.

  8. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    End of chapter 22, I started reading ‘cuz with all these review I thought it wouldn’t be as bad as I think. Still it was a mistake, I thought the story would be smthg like MC will be smart enough to “try” to avoid these comedic situation even more when he literally read ton of comedic Manga when he transmigrated into the manga. Next, his sort of relationship with one of the heroine (blond cat-like girl) seems pretty forced and he seems also clueless about her “fall in love at first sigh” comedic event. Btw MC idk if it can be called push over but he can’t refuse the blond girl request with just the reason of her dad being MC favorite author and her already aggreing him to have him meet her dad (sub-condition is him following her “order” like helping a heroine to try dating the OG protagonists). Now ’bout one of the heroine who fell in love with the OG protagonists (like in a comedy manga), it seemed really stupid to me that MC let her confess even though he should know that relationship doesn’t work like that with just “I love u”, ok I accept then go we’re a couple. Wow? Like u just met like not long ago, seems like MC IQ became lower as he transmigrated in this comedy manga.
    Anyways for now it’s so-so

  9. Luiz Felipe says:

    In this new cover the protagonist looks very beautiful

  10. Oooh it’s finally updated, thanks for the update Noble

  11. R says:

    Oh wow, this got updated. This was the first novel I read on noble. Thanks for the update.

  12. says:

    Wow finally got updated thought noble forgot about this novel huh, but never mind glad it got updated again truly thanks noble.

  13. very good I liked it a lot, he is my favorite protagonist a lot the personality needs to improve a little outside that’s great, the harem I really liked both heroines and their personalities are amazing,I highly recommend

  14. Corrr says:

    Praying for an update

  15. The lenged says:

    @admin chapter 96 same with chapter 95, please fix it that problem mo 😂😂😂

  16. Krulcifer Fal Fairia says:

    Caught up, can i ask for update? Please 🥺🙏

  17. It feels more like JP light novel with a Gary Stu protagonist who excels at almost everything, especially his growth like ability. But this is meant to be like that, I know it I can feel that the author intended this novel to be like that. It’s good honestly, but just ain’t for me / I was just not in the right mood, I guess?

  18. Ramius says:

    Please update new chapter

  19. There are some chapters missing but apart for that is a good novel

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