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I Killed the Academy Player

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아카데미 플레이어를 죽였다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Killed the Academy Player

I kiIIed the player.

He was one hell of a f*cker…

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  1. Darking says:

    Whats the future of this site will be? Is noble going to continue translating novel outside of novelpia? Even the discord seems very quite…

  2. k says:

    Even though I cant remember anything about this novel, Im still glad it got fully mtled, a good end for this website

  3. TheSinglesLord says:

    Truly the end of an era. No more novelpia novels.

  4. milky violet says:

    I know this site won’t be fully shut down. Just no more novelpia novels, but I just can’t help but harbor a profound sense of sadness. I’m going to miss what we had, and farewell to my comrade poison testers.

    Idk I might come back once in a while to drop a wild rant but for now, may the white hair guide you all.

  5. Ryuu says:

    I will miss you guys if this site is gone. I knows this site in 2022 and it was with me when i had covid. At that times I was scared that I thought am I going to die when it was hard for me to breathe but after I found this website I was happy that I forget about my pain after I found a korea novels from novelupdate site here… it give me a strength to live on.

    If one day other site made korea novel mtl site i will come back to this site and check whatever if noblemtl update new novels again.

    Novelmtl… thank you for sharing us your collections and.

    Farewell and take care.

    p.s my covid is already gone and i’m healthy now.

    1. Sephir says:

      isn’t it noble

  6. Insufferable says:

    Been a good fu**ing run boys.

  7. I’m gonna miss this site and milky violet’s delusional but crazy ideas 😭

    1. Noah Lambert says:

      what happened bro?

      1. Jahe Manis says:

        Many assume noblemtl will be shutdown due DMCA. No novel from novelpia will uploads here. I heard they complained alot recently, that’s why many novel have been withdrawn

  8. Noah Lambert says:

    Can someone request the remaining chapters for the novel “This is Not a Game”. Its a really good novel, hope it gets updated soon..

  9. Suherman Joshua says:

    Many novels get taken down; it’s better to convert this to an ePub file than to risk any issues

    1. Extra Extra says:

      Yep, I started doing this with all my favorite novels here the moment I heard the bad news.

      Do it while you still can.

  10. Extra Extra says:

    So no more Novelpia novels will be uploaded then? 😭😭😭

    1. Extra Extra says:

      I’ve spent thousands of hours on this site enjoying the novels here.

      Ah well, it’s been a great run 👍

    2. Luckyzero says:

      I see, this might be the last novel mtled from novelpia…..

      Pretty sad if that’s the case but I guess that’s what it is

      Gotta thanks the translators and Noblenim for all the novel that I read here then

  11. amogustimestwo says:

    looks like there’s no new novel today

  12. asf says:

    Like many other kr novel
    This has a decenr first half
    The 2nd half just falls appart
    Author just rush it to oblivion

  13. Zhen Wu says:

    This is not the latest update? Why is Ongoing?

    1. milky violet says:

      site got busted 😞

      I enjoyed sharing my white hair worshipping and delusional sparks of genius with you guys, but now I must migrate to greener white hair pastures.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        yeah true. I better get packing. Look at all my bookmarks and leave. Maybe even just by novelpia pro and use DeepL or google. Anyway I haven’t seen my favorites get updated for a while.

        1. milky violet says:

          man I’m actually so sad 🙁

          I won’t have a place to comment my weird stories and white hair worshipping anymore. Hah, I’m just sad it ended so soon. It was bound to get busted at any time, but man…

          1. gege says:

            you’re fkcing weird already even without the story 💀

          2. milky violet says:

            Preposterous accusations!!!

  14. Krepin says:

    Thank you
    Thank you for real dude
    Those paid chapters were hassle

  15. RealEason says:

    guys this got a manhwa but alista doesn’t have blue hair 😭

    1. RealEason says:


  16. Zephyria says:

    We need update! *__*
    I’ve already visited Discord and pressed the button a few weeks ago.

  17. requesting final update for this novel. currently updated till chapter 250, novel completed at chapter 289.

  18. Extra Extra says:

    Requesting a final chapter update for this novel

    The latest MTL is at Chapter 250
    I’ve yet to start this novel because after checking raws, it’s already complete at 288 Chapters + Author’s review (Chapter 289)

  19. its hereeeee thanks for the update!!! i was waiting for so long

  20. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Fckin finally it’s back on the menu

  21. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    10/10 I like the plot and overall part of the novel, especially the MC’s mentality is the pretty much my favourite type of MC. His denseness is a bit much but other than that I like his character a lot.

  22. Zzz says:

    Also i read first hundred or so chaps at genesis

  23. Zzz says:

    This novel is very gud all characters are fun

  24. kk77 says:

    far too civil! throw some slurs at each other you nerds. also all my homies and me hate paywalls.

    as for the novel, um, it’s… okay i guess… Looking at the popularity and reception i went into it with some expectations, but there’s really nothing special at all, considering? for one, the mtl’s fairly rough. on top of that, it reads very slow; there’s a lot of chaff in and between sentences. maybe that’s partially the mtl, but definitely not all of it. and it’s not exactly that the pacing’s slow, no, a lot of things are being said and done – but not a lot actually happening. there’s little to no plot progression, romantic or character development except for very specific, limited cases. some who’ve read might question this here, but if you take a few seconds to really consider it, you’ll see it’s not at all without basis.

    another very important point: mc’s denseness. okay, dense mc, whatever. it’s tiresome enough at this point to almost not even be worth mentioning. just bite the bullet and either focus on development from the fmcs’ side, enjoy fun chracter interactions, or follow the actual plot (gasp).
    oh wait there’s none of that
    to top it all off, mc’s denseness is being used by the novel, as harem-bait. nearly 200 longass chapters in, from what i can tell there’s practically zero romance, never mind harem. even the faux-harems of the world will at least have something, if only as gags or setups. here it’s all: has crisis, saves girl, they fall in love, and… nothing. some simply refuse to confess because… reasons??? others will be like “what is this strange frustration i feel seeing mc-kun get married in front of me, oh, and also i want F^&% him… if only i could put a name to this alien feeling??” – i mean what kind of shoujo manga NTR bs is this. not that it matters, because some will actually come forward and straight up propose marriage and mc just… has no reaction – not even in a lolololdense-misunderstanding way; no he’ll literally ignore it with no elaboration.

    …probably because mc isnt even written to be a real character, but i dont wanna dig into that rn honestly. will say though, it’s really annoying how we usually only get to see mc’s most useless and stupid thoughts which doesnt help with that.

    originally this was going to be a much more exhaustive objective critique, but i decided to cut all of it, and leave only the somewhat more subjective and shortened version of the denseness rant; it would have been too nitpicky otherwise and i dont really wanna do that. Not without sufficient instigation, that is.

    the thing is, i was reading this novel, the whole time thinking that it’s good and that i was enjoying it – but every chapter was a slog – and 120 in, i suddenly realised that it isn’t and i wasn’t. and the more i looked back on it, the more problems i found that i had with it. i even jumped ahead to latest chapter and didnt feel i missed anything at all. and of course, there was a fkn kiss jebait and of course mc has no fkn reaction to it bcs why would he right?? omfg im almst triggered againbut whjatever. ultimately, im left rather confused as to what collection of criteria made this academy ‘harem’ novel be considered ‘good’, and all the others – some with far more interesting premises – ‘trash’. i jus dun get it :/

    tl;dr uhhhhh apprntly ppl seem to like it so maybe u will too, but as for me even if i didnt quite hate it i thot it was kinda lame n dropped at ~120 cz its annoying to read a story tht goes nwhere spinning on the spot

  25. @rob z – It’s literally a memes , a joke for laugh and giggle, if you don’t understand it , just don’t mind it.

  26. rob z rob z says:

    @Rader – is wuxiaworld really official, i.e., the licensee of derivative works and distribution rights in the US from the original rights holders?

    @leonhart theobald and insufferable – can you explain what the “solved math problem on p@@rhub” and Fakku causing doujins being taken down refer to? I get the basics of what PH and fakku are (sort of), but not how they apply here.

    Turning to this novel, I am a fan of it and I am sure many of you have read the free chapters so know what the deal is. The two big problems are the MC continually being dense (so no romance except maybe for one character who disappears) and the whole will it / won’t it harem thing.

  27. Sephir says:

    might aswell take some mtled translation and translate them lmao jk but it could work to a certain extent ig

  28. Rader says:

    For everyone on this debate of piracy or what not here.

    [Some text got deleted]

    for projects like NobleMTL even if they are not charging money for the MTL they do earn some from cash, maybe enough to run the site. Money lost here for the Original author is minimal as to create a competing product they will have to hire translators and editors for specific languages. Cost to do that may not be enough to change their model, for now. So for the MTL versions they have greater tolerance. Way more than translations.

    Overall, enjoy MTL. If you care so much about morality or what not remember that not every company is like Nintendo and release lawyers like wild dogs on every piracy site. Piracy is unspokenly accepted to a large degree in our society. Why it is so? Don’t care, and you should not care too.

  29. Sephir says:

    @Suherman Joshua
    i mean 87% of genesis tl things are mtled on noble or panda so well idk

  30. Sephir says:

    nah noble too good he can’t be taken down

  31. Pakboss says:


  32. Insufferable says:

    Now that you mention it, FAKKU has caused many doujins I like to be removed. Fu*k FAKKU.

  33. uhhh… I actually don’t have much opinion on this. I just find it funny because it give the same vibe as “someone solved math problem on p**nhub comment ” meme. If I say anything offended ,I’m sorry.

  34. Insufferable says:

    I see. So you are part of the industry. Then that means anything I say as an outsider means virtually nothing then. I have very little knowledge of what machinations go on this industry. And I also have very little opinion on issues on anything in the first place. Thank you for clarifying though, and I also kinda see where you’re coming from in your perspective. What with the service providers exploiting their monopoly and what not.

    I strive to live with transparency over anything that may cross my life, especially towards issues that do not affect my self, resulting in a lack of empathy towards said issue. So I apologise for hastily marginalizing you. And I also did not say anything with any judgemental intentions but with pure speculative and objective approach.

  35. @Dagonsuznyx …No, I say mtl site because I don’t want to say “pirated” it literally rip off profit for the author. That why I find it funny for law and regulation talk in here. Don’t misunderstand , I’m not accused of anyone , I take free stuff anytime.

  36. Dagonsuznyx says:

    “Passion projects” include mtls my guy. There is no contradiction as MTL is free and is not done for profit. However, your lack of reading comprehension is highly concerning. It is because of people like you that are bending over backwards for any service provider that even simple services such as Netflix and Hulu are expensive as they are now.

    Insufferable, I translate lesser known English comics to French, for no profit as it is unethical and illegal. I do this free as it is illegal and unethical to exert money for unlicensed work. If you want money, then go and do a normal job. Passion projects are not supposed to make you rich anyway.

  37. Talking about law, taxes and regulation in a mtl novel site…You never know what you will see in your life eh. This make my whole day, so funny.

  38. Finally! It’s out!.
    (Read until ch93 on genesis)
    First of all, this is not a BL novel. Second the MC is not a goody-two shoes but just a very sympathetic guy. He is strictly on the side of ‘good’ and will help whoever he recognises to need it.
    He’s pretty dense(although that changes later on) and the FLs …some of them *cough potato girl cough* could be better written, but they’re pretty satisfactory as a whole.

  39. Constellation of Dietznatch Onyourchin says:

    Let’s goooo, the rizzler lork coming

  40. Plot:
    In that novel, the MC possesses an extra from a game in which he used to be a veteran, but someone also possesses the protagonist. In order to reach the ending and defeat the final boss, they work together, but the person who possessed the protagonist turns out to be a violent homo yandere. In order to monopolize MC, the Homo yandere protagonist actively kills each and every side cast member. A yandere imprisons MC before he confronts his final boss after MC discovers this. The yandere eventually loses to the final boss and the MC regresses for some mysterious reason. Regressing, MC decides to kill homo yandere and take up the mantle himself to save the world.

    Though MC is morally good, he is not self-righteous. He is a very rational person. Unfortunately, he also comes across as dense in romantic relationships, but he gradually improves on that aspect. MC gradually grows from weak to strong. In spite of his apparent advantage, he struggles a lot during fights. One of the fun parts of the story is when the MC makes plans, then backup plans, but something gets muddled with other factors during implementation. The supporting cast also has a significant influence on the storyline. The novel does a great job of featuring heroines in harems; none of them are left out for now.

    The author of this novel may have used generic elements as a basic of story. In some scenes, the author is estimated to have plagiarized almost entirely, and he got backlash for that accident, which made him posted an apology later. Nevertless, he succesfully provide stroy with enjoyment and entertainment to its readers. I still enjoy reading this story.

  41. Shadow says:

    The MC possesses an extra in a game he was a veteran in, but someone also possessed the protagonist of that game. They work together to make sure they reach the ending and defeat the Demon King, but the person who possessed the protagonist of the game turns out to be a violent homosexual/male yandere. So right before they go to defeat the Demon King, the protagonist decides to imprison the MC and kills all other characters and goes to defeat the Demon King himself, but he dies. The timeline then resets with the MC having knowledge of the violent homosexual and kills him as soon as he regresses (MC is not into BL thankfully), so now he has to save the world by himself.

    There is character growth throughout the story. MC made plans then backup plans, but still during the implementation phase something gets twisted somehow due to other real life factors, and he has to improvise in real time, so he struggles a lot in fights. The action sequences is definitely top notch and the flow of the plot is excellent. The side cast aren’t just for show, and actually have major impact on the plot.

    Atleast 93 chapters have already been translated for free on another site so try reading that first.

  42. Reader says:

    Please spoiler

  43. Insufferable says:

    Oh wow, never thought I’ll see this novel ever on this site

  44. Nightune says:

    I’m gonna read this fast…. Before it might get taken down

    I don’t know if It’s true, But I remember someone saying that sword pilgrim is translated here and taken down

  45. I was surprised Noble chose this novel. Genesis has taken and translated this novel to 113 chapter that 93 chapters are free and you have to pay to read the rest. I think Genesis always complains if a mtl website takes the novels they translate.

  46. Poison Tester says:

    Good novel but chapter 1 is disgusting.

    Last read: chapters 92( you can read tled version in novel update)

  47. Mrvallet says:

    no chapters? looks like I came too soon

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