I Became the Dark Wizard Who Rules Over the Heroines
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I Became the Dark Wizard Who Rules Over the Heroines

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히로인들을 지배하는 흑마법사가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Dark Wizard Who Rules Over the Heroines

Those who use the power of darkness inevitably succumb to those who are stronger.

Except for me, who gained ‘undaunted will’ through the perk of possession

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  1. IME says:

    this has a good story.

  2. Azeizel says:

    I really like it wonder when it will update

  3. Rader says:

    Well in Summary MC got transported as an Extra in a game. In the game end of Light Magic skill tree gives a skill related to Unshakeable Willpower and MC was given that skill. Using that he found a Void artifact which had the power of Darkness of Universe and he was able to handle it and get the pure power.

    Think it like this, others get Evil power of Demons which corrupt the Warlocks. More willpower means more ability to resist the corruption. MC using the highest skill of a Saint interacted with the most Chaotic power in Universe and absorbed it. Due to this he became a living God of Darkness in human body. He has weak body but has power of Darkness even stronger that Demon King of Hell. Others have to commit sins for contract but he got power of more raw emotions freely.

    MC is currently hiding his powers a bit because a lot of events have to take place in Academy and also because there is a hidden organisation which is easier to beat in Academy instead of outside because even it is not taking risk to attack Academy where Royal Guards are placed just a few minutes away due to Princess in the Academy. MC is a legitimate God, he gains more control over his power as he makes offer more contracts to others. He gets absolute loyalty of heroines as well as ability to use his power more as his sphere of influence increase, and heroines get highest grade Darkness power which is infinite and most supreme in the world.

    1. XAY XAY says:

      Im hooked until u said academy

      1. Rader says:

        Well, atleast this time author offered legitimate reasons for OP MC to be in academy.

  4. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    MC possesses some extra in an Academy game he used to play. His cheat is an infinite SAN value. This allows him to make a contract with a Lovecraftian horror, which no one had been capable of doing without going insane. So he becomes like a semi-Outer god kinda. His goal is surviving the game. However, he has so much power that his body is too weak to use all of it and it’s hard to control. But he can increase his power by having heroines be his dark priestesses instead.

    The author isn’t very good, the characterization is all very shallow at the start. They improve however at around chapter 30, and it’s pretty decent after that. MC still feels like he lacks characterization, his motives and backstory are still all very vague. Readable is all I can say.

    What I kinda like about the story is that in the setting, black magic is relatively commonplace and accepted as a method to gain power. There are warlocks accepted at the academy, you can learn black magic to make a living, gain power by sacrificing animals/death row criminals/bandits, etc.

    MC’s cheat reminds me of Shuraba Player/Underworld Player, which is a much better story imo.

  5. Su 183 says:

    Must read

  6. willianpk1 says:

    quero dizer ate hoje espero essa atualização escrive errado desculpe ate ja tinha pedido no discord mais faz mais de um ano que não atualiza acho que essa novel foi abandonada e uma pena era raro ver uma novel que o mc estava do do lado dos demonios não dos humanos como sempre ash triste

  7. willianpk1 says:

    a até governo to esperando a atualização de the narrow-eyes villain of the demon academy

  8. After all the poison that flows in my veins, I probably want to praise every book that doesn’t poison me? Well, I enjoyed the read – there were no stupid misunderstandings, rather just lies created by the main character for their own purposes. There were no blatantly annoying characters, although some of them would be nice to see more of and have their character developed deeper (yes, Claire, I’m looking at you. How about becoming a more interesting girl? You have potential). The main character doesn’t encounter any difficulties and the story develops quite smoothly, not capturing with any amazing events, but also not having dull plots that you want to just skip – although a paragraph or two of explanations may make you want to skip. In general, the author likes a lot of exposition.

    In the end, I would rate it as “readable”.

    1. Okay, I really want to say a lot of praise about this book, but due to the criticism of previous comments, these praises will just be skipped over. So, I’ve decided to stick with a fairly dry and clear evaluation.

      1. To be honest, I would rather discuss the meaning of the book instead of all this, but it seems that books with a meaning are rare nowadays. Such a precious find is seldom encountered and not valued by those who have found it. Even in the same Uroboros notes, no one paid attention to the meaning of the book, instead only looking at the plot and characters, so in my current and subsequent evaluations, I will probably stick to roughly the same criteria. But if there is at least one book here that has more than five grams of damn meaning… Hehehe, be prepared to see a wall of text about how good this book is.

  9. Read till chapter 9..

    Author tried to make MC smart who uses his brain… The premise felt attractive, but he couldn’t execute properly.

    Its just another Hero Wannabe MC transmigrated to an academy game where is an apprentice dark mage/magician. MC does little and thinks too much. He wants to save the world. I repeat he want to save the world. Characters feel quite awkward…

    One instance where MC wasn’t portrayed smart. He wants to hide his training from people, yet he trains in open training ground where chances of people coming are absolutely high… Makes no sense, who in a sane mind would do that??

    Just some nonsense from me… Ignore it.

    1. Don’t even know what I am writing… Plot felt bland… Just some rant to relieve some pent up frustration of not finding anything good to read for couple of weeks now…

    2. veldra says:

      Please don’t listen to this guy who is not reading at.

      Firstly the mc is using a super strange source of power which is regarded as abnormal to other black mages hence evenh though he can show off his power in a reasonable stance he can’t go all out cause they will question what demon he made contract with plus attract more trouble from the lady who want to kill her.

      Secondly, side characters are smart and not one dimensional . They know to use what they have to their advantages and even tries to kill the mc and nearly succcesful with how they put their bait. They even force mc to overthink cuase anything can go on

      To conclude. The plot is better than most brain dead and isn’t “Bland ” stop spreading misinfo cause you clearly wanted the mc to be a targeted of everyone and even losing his cover/support (Princess) by showing off an insane power which he doesen’t control.

      1. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

        Did he rules over the heroine?

      2. Sephir says:

        Nah the guy above is right read through 20-30 chaps ur average junk food, no better no worse.
        Incoherence a bit everywhere,
        Relationships are skipped hard, the ‘kind girl trop’, the Mc thinks he need them(cuz important character) even though he solo trashes every antagonist.
        In the first chaps, he says that he cannot beat the proud girl and then proceed to clap her the next few days, a lot more for example the behemoth storm thing, we’re talking about the life of a princess but strangely no strong characters that are supposed to protect her are here only Olivia who isn’t the brightest for this situation by far.

        So yeah, mid maybe a bit higher but no more than that

        1. Veldra says:

          What are you on? The reason in the first place mc wasn’t able to beat them was because he didn’t know how to control his power and one wrong move he blasts through or kill everyone by accident.

          The relationships are not even skipped.
          He tried to stop the first girl from becoming a dark mage which failed terrible during the behemoth raid . The girl wanted to prove the mc wrong because the mc showed her despite being a commoner he could do it . She failed but became mc worshipper because she became a dark priest. She is kind girl who was supposed to obtain happiness not in the dark magic and yet it has happened. She is in short mc sword currently.

          The Duke daughter who is contracted the strong devil was super smart and even started considering early on the mc hid his power m due to the terrible hierarchy in the dark magic user circle she didn’t consider mc no matter what power he hid to be stronger and yet she viewed him strong enough to be his personal follower. After her defeat she admits ger wrong and even consider mc her a rival and same and they become partners later during the investigation.

          The princess is someone who is portrayed as a good person who hates all types of evils yet she doesn’t hate mc for taking the dark path. She hated herself that the kind girl become a dark priest cause she didn’t intervene and thanks the mc for being alive and considers him as a friend and ally. They relationship is still as friend so I don’t know how hard it for you to call them bland.

          And also Olivia had literall knights and the behemoth was a new born not actual insane one . Mc literally said if they had backed him during the fight it could have been finished. There is a reason there was a clear instigation to make them not go on site cause the princess in terms of power is good enough.

          1. Sephir says:

            Bruh, ur give me headaches, I’m talking about the fact that he trashes the proud girl so hard that even if he didnt knew how to use the void, he would one tap her, it’s not about killing everyone, he said it himself the he couldn’t beat her, same with the behemoth but at the end, he trashed them without any decent counter-part.

            The Mc is just way too op but the author is nerfing him and overrating the antagonists, he makes him dumb and is trying to search for excuses so that he doesn’t use his’full power’, he could’ve literally one tapped the behemoth but the author choosed to milk it and go with’OK I’M SERIOUS I’LL KILL HIM AND I’LL SUFFER A LOT, proceed to get nothing and one tap it’
            This novel is dull although better than ur average munchkins academy still stays in mid.

  10. TheDiir says:

    Writing bad

  11. k says:

    Seem like another poison, its hard finding something good these days

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      everything you think is poison, I like it, I’ll keep waiting for you to comment on future novels to know if I’ll like them or not

      1. Rader says:

        Lol, there are some here who say that every novel is poison. Only S grade ones which are just exceptionals are given a free pass.

  12. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    When’s the next update for the “the escort knight who wants to run away is being obsessed by the villain” cause I think it’s been a while since Ive last seen it

    1. Cero says:

      That one needs a good update.

    2. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

      Meanwhile I’ve been waiting for Flashing Genius to update for quite some time too.

    3. Poison Tester says:

      Yeah, we’re got cliffhanger, Hope noble update some good old novels. I still waiting the last arc for breeding uncle.

      1. Cero says:

        What novel si that?🤔

        1. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

          Just write the name on the search box and you’ll find it no problem, because it’s the only one with ‘breeding uncle’ on the title

  13. Nightune says:

    A munchkin novel, atleast for me it’s easily readable as long as the mc isn’t that much dumb… The only drawback is that I get bored quickly

  14. Insufferable says:

    Why does it seem that “overpowered protagonist” is leagues better than the tag “munchkin” even though they’re practically the same.
    Anyway I like protagonists with “unbending will” or some variation of the passive skill so imma read.

    1. Nightune says:

      Correct me If I’m wrong since this is just my unverified opinion….

      I think munchkin is a term used by korean for overpowered protagonist or if you translate op to korean you’ll get a korean word that literally sounds like munchkin…

      I thought of this since before, when I still haven’t read a single korean novel, in the japanese web novel and almost all translated novel that I found readable, I didn’t found the term munchkin before korean novels and manhwa become famous

  15. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    well… let’s see, I’m desperate to read something

    1. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      by the way, I really like the cover

  16. Zreomurderer says:

    Yess harem

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