I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 3

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 3

The big guy was beaten all over the floor, looking for his teeth and running around.

He never dreamed that the Dark Lord could turn a safe zone into a battle zone.

The menacing army of darkness poured directly into Bussi City like a tide, followed by a one-sided slaughter.

The only reason the boss didn’t die in place was because he was well equipped so he ran fast.

If you encounter a tiger in the wild with your friends, but you can’t escape the tiger, what should you do?

It’s simple, you don’t need to outrun a tiger, you just have to outrun your friends.

“help me!”

Some adventurers reached out to him desperately before dying.


There were also adventurers who roared in anger and unwillingness.

The boss doesn’t care whether they stretch out their hands to growl or throw eggs. At this moment, life is the most important thing. He runs fast with oil on the soles of his feet.

But the big guy’s way of survival was finally stopped.

He was blocked at a certain crossroads. In front of him was a flaming dragon, on the left was a skeleton warrior in bloody armor, and on the right was a scarecrow that looked somewhat cartoonish. As for the back…the back was amazing.

Behind is the dark army rushing forward like hungry wolves!

In the end, the boss chose to flee to the right, at least the scarecrow over there looked friendly.

“Fiery Charge!”

The big guy burst into flames, and the whole person rushed over like a meteor, and came to the scarecrow’s side in an instant.

Sure enough, the scarecrow’s action is relatively slow!

Seeing that he was about to escape, the boss secretly rejoiced, and he really made the right judgment.

But he soon stopped laughing, because he found that the flame was still there, but he could no longer move forward half a point!


He looked in the direction of the scarecrow subconsciously, and at some point, the scarecrow had come to him!

And the reason why he can’t move forward is because…

He was caught by the scarecrow.

The scarecrow grabbed the big guy and looked at him sweetly with a friendly, cartoonish smile.

“You… how are you.” The boss broke into a cold sweat and smiled reluctantly.

Before he finished speaking, the scarecrow opened his mouth, and behind that friendly cartoon smile was a bloody mouth full of fangs!

“Cross Gale…” The boss was terrified, and he instinctively launched his skills to resist.


Before he could use his skills, the whole person was thrown into the mouth by the scarecrow…

Mmmm, crunchy, chicken flavored.

The city of Busi fell.

Not a question mark, because there is no suspense; not an exclamation mark, because it is not intense.

Two hours later, except for the NPC, almost all the adventurers were dead, waiting to be resurrected at the nearest safe zone respawn point.

There are still very few survivors, and the growth value of these survivors is above “100” – this is the only surviving condition for this dark turmoil. If the growth value is above “100”, it is an excellent game genius.

Liszt knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to take revenge on the system for blood washing the Adventurer Continent, but this could not be at the cost of “delaying his killing time”.

Therefore, those good seedlings who may “send him home” in the future cannot die in this dark turmoil.

The number of adventurers who died was 30,000, and the survivors were only in their early thirties.

Just in Busey City, Liszt has harvested 30,000 lives!

There are falling equipment everywhere in Bussi City, and there are twinkling sparkles, and the ground is full of small stars.

In order to ensure that the equipment was not affected by the effect of “Dark Lord’s Greed”, Liszt did not participate in the battle and did not enter the city of Busey.

Those genius adventurers who have survived can choose by themselves and take whatever they like, until the packages and warehouses can no longer hold it.

The city of Busy could not quell Liszt’s anger, the army of darkness continued to move south, the dark lords were invincible, and more adventurer cities fell!

Among them, the adventurers in Buxi City are the worst. According to the game settings, after the characters die, they will wait for the resurrection at the rebirth point in the nearest safe area. The resurrection time is one hour of the game time.

The problem is, it’s not wrong that this place was a safe zone before, but after the arrival of the dark lord, it is not a safe zone…

What’s worse is that “Miracle” is a virtual reality game, it doesn’t mean that you can disappear in an instant when you go offline…

After going offline, the role of the adventurer will be taken over by artificial intelligence to continue activities.

The adventurer of Buxi City was finally resurrected at the nearest resurrection point. Just after resurrection, he saw the desperate dark army again, and then the familiar waiting for resurrection interface…

This really doesn’t even give you a chance to escape, and doesn’t even have time to go to the warehouse to store equipment.

How many times have the cities fallen, and how many times have the poor Bussey adventurers been killed…

In the second half of the slaughter, if you see a group of people in the occupied city wearing shorts and vests who are obviously not low-level, running around with despair on their faces, and they can’t drop their equipment when they die…

There is no doubt that it is the poor adventurers of Bussi City.

If curses can kill people, then the initiator “Lao Na doesn’t love Shi Tai” has probably been killed a million times. If it wasn’t for that genius’s suggestion, they would have saved everything that could be saved.

At that time, in order to “grow money and experience in the safe zone at the fastest speed”, they equipped all the best equipment.

Even if the doomed death cannot be avoided, at least the loss will not be so heavy, right?

As for the big guy…

The boss came to life, and the boss was killed.

The boss came to life, and the boss was killed.

The boss came to life, and the boss was killed.

Later, the boss was made a rookie.

After dying ten times, the boss finally gave up his resistance and chose to go offline to “escaping reality”.

This kind of life-and-death torture, watching the pain of being a rookie from a big boss…

Can people bear it?

After the dark turmoil ended, he went online again, looking at the empty package, at the shorts and shorts on his body, and at the title of “apprentice-level adventurer” on his head, he could only cry without tears…

He has the heart to die – tell me, why are you messing with the dark lord? !

There are 86 large cities in the Adventurer Continent, nearly a thousand small and medium-sized cities, and countless villages and tribes.

The dark turmoil launched by the dark lord this time has affected a total of 32 large cities, and a total of 31 large cities have completely fallen!

The thirty-second large city, named Rob City.

Thirty-six adventurer warriors came forward. They sacrificed blood outside the city of Rob, and summoned the creation god of light to repel Liszt’s army of darkness!

Hehe, of course this is a dream…

The fact is that when Liszt broke Rob City and killed 14,000 people, the “life counter” he summoned came to him.

“Master, the number of souls you have harvested has reached the preset number!”

“Stop the war!” Liszt gave an order, and the fierce dark army immediately quieted down, “Withdraw the army!”

Liszt withdrew, the darkness receded like a tide, the army of darkness returned to its territory, and the lord of darkness also returned to the castle of terror.

If you say kill one million, kill one million, never too many, never too many.

As a dark lord, you have to do what you say.

After entering the castle, Liszt took off his armor and put on comfortable casual clothes under the service of a beautiful maid.

Liszt asked the maid to step back and returned to the bedroom on his own.

The decoration of the bedroom is completely different from the weird but majestic style of the horror castle. It is too simple inside, only a bed, a desk, a clothes rack and a wardrobe.

In the real world, Liszt’s bedroom looks like this.

In this dark turmoil, Liszt only took two days to complete the blood-washing adventurer’s continent, conquering 31 large cities, and harvesting one million lives.

But he didn’t feel how happy or excited, all he felt was emptiness.

The door was knocked.

“Come in,” Liszt said.

Luna pushed open the door, and the six pairs of sacred wings that spread out behind her back, symbolizing light, swayed gently. With a graceful figure, she walked towards Liszt with a smile in her eyes, charming and charming.

Now, someone has come to fill his void.

As a dark lord, you have to do what you say.

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