I Can’t Die Today Because You Are Too Weak chapter 54

I Can't Die Today Because You Are Too Weak 54

The tall and handsome domineering male president was beaten to the ground with a sack on.

He resisted desperately and kept throwing various skill items or scrolls, but to no avail.

Who can escape from the hands of the dark lord? Not even the King of Light, not to mention that the male president is just a weak master-level adventurer.

In the current world of miracles, there are not many people who are qualified to add the prefix “weak” to “grandmaster adventurer”, and Liszt happens to be one of them.

Liszt threw the absolute defense of the eighth-level magic on the male president, so that the male president would not die suddenly.

He kicked wildly at the male president’s butt, and Ye Luo obviously understood it, and greeted Xia Sanlu with his fists and feet.

All in all, how to humiliate, let the male president enjoy the greatest “pleasure” in the shortest time.

In the end, even Bing’er came to the male president and quietly kicked him.

The torture lasted about half an hour, and at the end the male president didn’t even bother to struggle.

“I took this woman away!” Ye Luo said fiercely, “If you’re not convinced, come to Lingbo City Chanming Pavilion to find me!”

The surroundings finally quieted down, and the tormented male CEO could see the light of day again.

He grabbed the sack and wanted to see the sun again.

“You still want to come out?” An impassioned voice suddenly came from the side, “Call me!”

Then there was another slap-ping-pong beating.

The male president was almost beaten to tears, there is still no end to it!

The poor male CEO was tossed for three hours before Liszt finally left with satisfaction.

“Is this… Shi Niang?” Ye Luo exclaimed, “Teacher, Shi Niang is too beautiful.”

“It’s not my wife, it’s Bing’er,” Liszt corrected seriously.

“Teacher, you are really capable, can you teach me?” Ye Luo said in awe.

“It’s not that the teacher doesn’t teach you, it’s that you don’t live up to your expectations.” Liszt shook his head, “When you don’t lick the dog, you will learn it.”

“I like someone, so I want to try my best to be nice to her, even if I lick a dog?” Ye Luo said.

“Forget it.” Liszt nodded seriously.

“What do you think?” Ye Luo was very unwilling.

“Forget it.” Bing’er also nodded seriously.

Ye Luo suddenly slumped, and his outlook on life, world outlook, and love is undergoing a severe impact.

At the age of Ye Luo, he yearns for the most romantic, likes to move himself the most, and is most willing to give unconditionally.

He was poisoned by romance novels and romance TV dramas, and felt that if he liked someone, he wanted to treat her unconditionally.

He has never seen what love really looks like, how can he know that love is never a one-sided effort, but two people are desperately running towards each other.

“Teacher, have we succeeded in grabbing a relative?” Ye Luo didn’t bother with the issue of licking the dog anymore.

“Of course not.” Liszt shook his head. “Actually, the real kissing has just begun.”

“Students…don’t quite understand.”

“You don’t need to understand, you just need to watch my performance,” Liszt said.

Ye Luo looked at Binger, Binger also shook her head, she also didn’t know what Liszt wanted to do.

“Teacher, what should we do now?”

“Wait for the rabbit.” Liszt used teleportation magic to bring the two to the Chanming Pavilion in Lingbo City.

As the name suggests, Limbo City is a large city sitting on the ocean.

There are four giant magic stones in the four corners of Lingbo City. It is these four magic stones that make Lingbo City become Lingbo City.

The ground of Lingbo City is transparent, and when you look down, you can see the vast expanse of blue water.

In the middle of Limbo City, stands a simple western-style minaret. The minaret has nine floors and a huge cross at the top.

This western-style minaret has a nice oriental name: “Cicada Ming Pavilion.”

When “Miracle” first launched, in order to encourage adventurers to fight monsters and upgrade, the development team released the naming rights of many landmarks.

The naming right of Chanming Pavilion just fell into the hands of the eastern adventurers, so it has a name that is incompatible with its appearance like “Cicada Pavilion”.

Liszt took Binger and Ye Luo to stand on the rooftop of Chanming Pavilion.

The three just stood there.

“Teacher, the scenery here is really good.” Ye Luo couldn’t help but say, “But are we just waiting like this?”

Liszt thought for a while, standing here and waiting was very masterful, but it was really boring and uncomfortable.

So he decided to be comfortable.

He purchased the right to use Chanming Pavilion, and in the next seven days, Chanming Pavilion will be owned by him.

He can do what he wants here.

Level 8 Magic Tristalo’s joke.

Level 9 Magic Virtual Reality Rhapsody.

The coming of the tenth-level magic and music god.

The rooftop of Chanming Pavilion was originally empty, but suddenly there were a lot of things.

That’s stereos, stands, microphones, stringed instruments like trumpet, tuba, saxophone, and wind instruments like piano, violin, accordion, etc.

All things related to music, everything.

Liszt used advanced magic to reproduce real-life music equipment.

“Teacher…this…what is this going to do?” Ye Luo was confused.

“Sing, tell me your dream.” Liszt pushed Ye Luo in front of Limai.

“How to sing?”

“Say the name of the song, and the instruments over there will automatically play the music, you just need to sing along with the accompaniment,” Liszt said.

“Will it be loud?” Ye Luo asked.

“It won’t be very big.” Liszt replied, “At most, it will spread throughout Lingbo City.”

“Such a loud voice? Then I won’t sing.” Ye Luo was cowardly on the spot.

“Hey, with your guts, you shouldn’t be able to catch up with the flowers, so let’s play on the side and let me come!” Liszt said.

His aggressive tactics were successful, and Ye Luo certainly had to prove that his guts could definitely catch up with Hua Kai.

“Who said I didn’t have the guts?” Ye Luo said, “Why don’t I have a song!”

“Dangdangdangdang!” As soon as the words fell, the musical instruments behind them played music on their own.

“The sky really wants to rain, I really want to live next door to you, standing stupidly downstairs in your house, looking up and counting the dark clouds…”

Under the blessing of magic, Ye Luo’s singing resounded throughout Lingbo City.

He was a little nervous at first, but the more he sang, the more he entered the state. Liszt’s magic also had the function of adjusting the sound, and the final result was very good.

Liszt didn’t lie, the largest area that Ye Luo’s singing could cover was Lingbo City.

But below Limbo City is the ocean, and sound travels much more efficiently in liquid than in gas.

Then dog ears are better than human ears, and I don’t know where to use them.

So some dog man woke up from his sleep and put his ear to the water and listened.

Wang! Seems like someone is singing? This dog emperor also likes to sing!

The dog man landed on four legs and ran quickly towards the source of the sound, so happy that he threw his tongue out.

It was very fast, and it didn’t take long for it to come to the rooftop of the Chanming Pavilion in Lingbo City.

What’s wrong with Ye Luo has not finished singing at this time.

He kicked Ye Luo aside with a dog’s legs and said, “I sang so much that the king of the dog was about to fall asleep, let me give you some passion!”

“Premeditated!” He waved his fist.

The accompaniment sounded, and the dog man was carried away with Limai, every word and every sound howling impassively and horribly.

“She’s not uncomfortable anyway, as long as she’s free, she won’t care about my feelings!

“The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons”

The barking of dogs spread throughout Limbo City.


In real life, in a well-decorated office, a good-looking secretary is reporting to work.

“How is the situation in Lingbo City?” asked a tall and handsome domineering president.

“Someone is singing in the Chanming Pavilion.” The secretary said one by one.

“Sing?” The male president was stunned, “What song?”

“It’s a dog man singing premeditated, next to the swordsman boy you mentioned.” The secretary replied.

“Premeditated?” The male president was stunned again.

“It may be suggesting that you should let go when it’s time to let go. A twisted melon is not sweet, and if you force it, it will only become a licking dog.”

“Get out!”

The male president was so angry that he almost vomited blood.


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