Incompatible Interspecies Wives chapter 158

158 - Traitors (3)

158 – Traitors (3)

Ner recalled the last days with his grandmother, Maybelle.

Ner never left the side of her grandmother who was very weak.

She vividly remembers being overcome with tremendous fear.

He was the only one who was on my side in the Blackwood Territory.

When she was young, she held her grandmother’s hand every day and shed tears.

Her grandmother’s prophecy served as armor to withstand her present, but that didn’t mean her grandmother’s presence was unnecessary.

“…Grandma please…”


“I heard you didn’t eat today either… I need to cheer up…”

“My time is up, Ner. “I know.”

Ner cried in response to that resolute answer.

“Without my grandmother… I’m alone…”

She was hoping that if she appealed to her emotions like this, her grandmother would cheer up a little more.

My biggest fear was being alone.

I have no idea how to hold on.

Who should I ask for help?

Who should I talk to?

Who should I share my laughter with, and who should I share my sadness with?

Ner did not want to be left alone.

She was more desperate than ever to be on her side.

“…It may sound irresponsible, but ner…”

But despite Ner’s pleas, her grandmother smiled and said,

“…I am not the one who will protect you for the rest of your life.”

There seemed to be great faith in those words.

It’s as if I feel at ease because I know Ner’s future.

The grandmother continued in a faint, weakened voice.

“You too will meet your partner someday.”


“Even though it may be difficult right now…Even this moment will become a memory that we can look back on with a smile.”

Ner didn’t want to listen to her grandmother preparing for her separation, so she questioned herself like a tree frog.

“…What if I can’t meet you…?”

Despite those words, her grandmother smiled kindly.

She says, holding Ner’s soft hand tightly.

“…Don’t worry. “You are not alone.”






Ner looked at the book opened before his eyes.

You blink and check the information.

Her mistake caught up with her.

While she was frozen and unable to say anything, Berg’s cold voice rang out again.


His earnest voice.

It seemed like he didn’t want to believe this situation either.

“…Please, Ner…Say no…”

It was my first time seeing him so weak.

Covering his face with one hand, he whispers.

Ner felt like his heart was breaking when he saw Berg in pain.

He again caused pain to Berg, who had only given him salvation.

He was having a hard time recently.

He was lonely after losing his brother.

Ner clutched her chest as she saw her partner and husband in pain.

It is said how much he believed in himself.


You will see how much of her heart you gave to her as your wife.

It was said that what Ner returned to him was this diary.

It was the first time since her grandmother that she had hurt someone who had given her love and trust.

Ner whispers, remembering that Berg can’t read.

“…Ah…I don’t know what Arwin said…But this is just my diary…”

“I read the letters, Ner.”


“…So…Don’t try to deceive me.”

Ner blinked his eyes and looked down at the book again.

I can’t believe this reality.

It’s as if her world is punishing her just for her.

There was no problem before… But when she falls in love with Berg, she picks up the book and even Berg says she knows how to read.

How can we believe all of this?

“…Is that all you have to say…?”


Berg soon started shaking her shoulders and laughing.

It even looks like he’s crying.

He finally speaks with his eyes closed.

“…I…Believed you.”


“…At least…I thought we could become friends.”

Ner’s eyes filled with tears at those words.

It seemed like my head, which had not been working, woke up at those words.

The current situation can be seen more clearly.

I instinctively knew that we were on the verge of a breakup.

I could feel that Berg was going to abandon me.


It was a moment when she could miss the one and only love in her life.

It was the moment when the person who had always been by my side could leave.

Ner moved his body in fear.

I couldn’t give strength to my legs.

She crawled on all fours and approached Berg.

There was no need to think about pride right now.

Her knees and tail scrape against the floor.

“Oh…No, Berg….”

Ner shook her head and said nothing.

I tried to forcefully hold on to the crumbling relationship.

“…You…Are mistaken…”


Berg requested.

“Then explain it so I don’t get mistaken. “I…Need an explanation…”

Berg explained as if he really did not want to misunderstand.


But Ner had nothing to say.

Berg waited for her to say something for a long time…. She smiled again.

“….Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk…”

That smile contained so much pain that Ner began to shed tears.


“…What were you thinking while you were by my side all this time?”

Berg asked curiously.

That question pierced Ner’s heart deeply.

I felt like I was suffocating and suffocating.

He asked next.

“When I was working on our relationship…Were you laughing at me on the inside…?”

Berg began to doubt all the actions that had saved Ner.


“Was it just waiting for the day to betray you… to please me…?”

Tears were flowing endlessly from the sides of Ner’s eyes.

It drips away even without blinking.

Sadness and fear coexist. If it were a dream, there would be no nightmare like this.

Berg laughed.

“I was really… Deceived, Ner.”


“I thought you really wanted to be with me.”

Berg’s words implied separation.

He, who I thought would always be with me, speaks as if he will leave.

Ner’s wish to live happily his whole life is broken.

Being loved by Berg…The future of sharing love is fading away.

Ner felt his blood turn cold.

My whole body feels numb.

She ended up grabbing Berg by the leg of his pants.

He said, holding her with all his might with both hands.

She places her forehead against Berg’s leg.

She holds on tightly to her mate, unable to let go.


She looked up at Berg and said, without even hiding her tear-covered face.

“…I really…Want to be with you.”

She hastily revealed her feelings.

“I was wrong. Berg…I was wrong…Wait…I guess I went crazy for a moment…”

She quickly wipes away her tears and tries to speak rationally.

Pick up the diary lying behind her and say.

“This…This is what I wrote in the early days of our marriage…Ugh…I was so scared…I was scared when the mercenaries said they were human…Huh?”

Berg was looking down at her without any answer.

Ner is unable to get used to that cold appearance and falls into confusion.

Berg, who had been looking at her for a long time, chuckled at her as if she was dumbfounded.

“When was the beginning?”

All those scenes were becoming engraved in Ner’s mind.

“…..How long have I been afraid? “She started writing this diary when she met Arwin.”

Berg, who gave her endless time, asks as if he understands her fear at first meeting.

People ask me how long I have been writing this book.


“…How long have you been afraid of me…!”

Berg had been considerate of her since her first night. She did not force anything after that. Since she was having a hard time getting on her saddle, she helped her, and when she was dozing off, she climbed on her horse with her and offered her arms.

He complimented her on how pretty her tail was and stood up to her brothers who were bullying her. She stepped on everyone, even the vice-leaders of her mercenary group who insulted her.

Ner also remembered all of that.

He had no reason to be afraid of him.

“I should have done more!!”

Berg shouted in frustration.

It was a voice filled with anger.

Soon, he continued to laugh like a crazy person.

“This….A feeling of betrayal….”

From noble mtl dot com


“…I used to believe that you were naive…So I tried to treat you more carefully…But behind your back…”

Ner, unable to say anything, slowly stood up while holding on to Berg.

Then, she stretches out both of his trembling hands and buries herself in his arms.

It smells like the person I liked.


I forced myself to feel him, letting out incomprehensible sounds.

Wrap your tail around his thigh.

Berg did not react in any way.

He didn’t even hug her dearly like she used to.

She just stood there quietly.

“Hmm…No…It’s not like that…Berg…”

Ner continued to shed tears as she hugged him.

Why does it feel like I’m about to lose this warmth?

Why can’t I shake the thought that this might be the last time?


Berg easily pushed Ner away.

The arms and tail that were tied to him are released.

He lost his dependability and warmth, and a chill came over him in an instant.

Ner, weak, fell to the floor again.




At the same time, the tears from her eyes scattered to the floor.

A feeling of loneliness came to Ner.

It was a feeling I had forgotten when I was with Berg.

Feeling alone.

I had forgotten how cold it was…


Ner could not understand what had just happened.

Even though I was shedding tears, it felt like everything was a lie.

I can’t believe this is reality and not a dream.

Berg, who had always treated her with care, pushed her away.

Even this was my first experience.

Berg asked her that question.

“……Did you end up like this because of that fateful partner?”


Ner sheds tears and cannot believe her ears.

A story comes out that Berg might not have known.


“…Because your species only loves one person…Is that why it was like this?”

“Be….. Be…..”

“Good. Then.”

Her heart was pounding as if it would break again.

What on earth is Berg talking about?

Now there was only one person who was important to Ner.

But why do you say things like that?

Berg whispered in a low voice.

“…Go find that person.”


She wanted to be with Berg for the rest of her life, so why is she telling her to go find someone else?

Ner, who was pushed by Berg, did not have the courage to hug him a second time.

I feel like my heart will break if I get pushed away again.

Still, he couldn’t bear not feeling his warmth… So Ner stretched out his hand and desperately grabbed his dirt-covered shoes.

“…Did you…Tell me to…Look…And go…?”

I ask that unbelievable question again.

This was the first time that the word ‘go’ was difficult to understand.

I’ve heard this story hundreds of times from my brothers… But I can’t understand what Berg said.

I can’t accept the situation where he pushes me away.

Just a moment ago, she felt warmth by his side.

But who would have thought that a breakup would come so suddenly?

“…Where am I…Going…?”

Ner stuttered and asked.

She was alone all her life.

“My… Seat… Is… Next to you… Where am I… Going…?”

Ner recalled the many nights he shared with Berg.

I think about all the happy emotions I felt around him.

Does this mean I can never feel that feeling again?

It was impossible to imagine life without Berg.

I couldn’t even imagine how painful life would be without him.

“We…We are a couple…We are the most precious thing to each other…”

Ner rummaged through his head in desperation.

We squeeze out words that can persuade Berg and change his mind.

Tears are flowing together.



“You promised… Ugh….”

Berg closed his eyes and continued to breathe deeply.

“….We….When we got married, you promised….That you would give me everything…Huh…Huh? “We will teach our child a wise life…”

“…I guess you forgot.”


“….Your love was the price.”


Berg no longer seemed to believe that she loved him at all.

He closed his mind due to the huge shock.

Ner was only now realizing that fact.

“…Get out.”

Berg spoke as if he had finished speaking.

The person I love announces the end of their relationship.

He says that just the other day, he stroked his head.


Ner was facing her worst fear.

He said, taking deep breaths continuously.

“…Go before you get more angry. “Because it’s the limit.”


Ner froze in silence at those words.

The brain constantly tries to understand the situation but fails.

The dream will not break.

Without time to plead any further, Berg orders them to leave.

Before she knew it, she was talking to Berg.

“…….Don’t abandon me.”


Tears are flowing like rain.

“…..Don’t abandon me, Berg…”

She begged for love more miserably and earnestly than when she had begged for love from her brothers in the past.

“…I….There is only you….In my life….You were the only light…”

Ner looked up at Berg.

Right now, there would not have been anyone more beautiful than Berg in her eyes.

Her own husband, the man she loved.

“…………I love you.”

Ner whispered with tears in his eyes.

There would never have been a more inappropriate moment… But those words left her mouth naturally.

“…I love you, Berg…Please…Please don’t abandon me…”


“Don’t do this…Please…Don’t do this!!”

Ner wiped her tears, sniffed her nose and appealed to Berg.

“I was wrong…Huh? Honey…No, honey…”

I even try nicknames that I have never called before.

Like this will make a difference.

“…I will spend my whole life paying back…I will do everything you tell me…”


I kept wiping away my tears and trying to force a change in the mood.

Try speaking brightly and in a slightly higher pitch.

“Uh…We…We decided to have a child too.”


“Berg…I am now…With you and the child….”


“My child… Will be cute… I mean… Hey…”

But I couldn’t get any response from Berg.

If it had been like before, she would have hugged me tightly and smiled at those words.

Berg just stood there coldly.

And the more he reacts, the more I realize how the situation has changed.

Is it really the end?

Ner slowly looked back without realizing it.

The culprit that caused all of this.

Arwin’s figure was there.

I was quietly watching Ner’s situation.



The two gazes meet.

Ner began to bloom with such extreme anger that it felt like tears of blood would flow.


A voice mixed with tears.

You clearly realize who the person who separated you and Berg is.

I have no choice but to find out who brought the diary to him.

Arwin planned all of this.

I can’t believe she stays by Berg’s side like this.

Ner’s personality wasn’t good enough to stand still after being attacked.

Ner asked, looking at Berg.

“…You…Are going to be with that bitch…?”

“…Stop it and get out, Ner.”

Enduring the pain of the words of farewell, she continued her words, shedding tears.

“….What do you think Arwin was different from me…?”

Berg’s expression frowned.


“Berg…! “That bitch is worse…!!”

Arwin also asks from behind, just listening.

“…What do you mean, Ner?”

Ner roughly pushed Arwin, who was standing next to her door, and started walking.

There was still a chance.

Anyway, the Red Flame Order requires the power of nobles.

Berg had to make a choice between himself and Arwin.

He won’t be able to let them both go.

So, if Berg gets more tired of Arwin… There might still be a chance.

She hurries down to the warehouse.

She found Mel’s tears that had been hidden.

That small medicine bottle that is still fluttering.

At the same time, Ner brings her book that she received from the saint.

If this liquid were not Mel’s tears, everything would be over… But she was a Ner who could bet everything on it being Mel’s tears.

In the room he turned around, Arwin and Berg were looking at him.

Ner looked into Berg’s eyes.

I continue to look into the black eyes of the person I have come to love.


I knew he would be hurt, but Ner was that desperate.

There was no way he could leave Berg, who carefully stroked his head and whispered to him that his tail was pretty.

She couldn’t bear him not being in her life anymore.

So Ner held back his tears and picked up the medicine bottle.

The small, transparent vial sparkled in the light.

“…You. “You know what this is.”

Ner asked Arwin venomously.

Arwin’s eyes open wide.


The look of embarrassment was evident.

Still, I can’t say anything because I’m worried about Berg.

Through that appearance, Ner became more confident.

Berg looked back and forth between the vial and Arwin.


Ner continued his explanation.


His gaze directed at him.

That gaze was what I needed to live.

I can’t bear being thrown away.

“Arwin…Do you know why he gave you Bardi alcohol from the first night…?”

Arwin then also shouts, his expression distorted.


From noble mtl dot com

Ner said.

Showing poison.

“This is an extreme poison called ‘Mel’s Tears.'”

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  1. LuxX says:

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    “Subject 1 is about to fail, It seems like things are getting more and more dramatic…”

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    The room, which was filled with the whispers of transcendent beings, suddenly stopped at the question.

    “… We should hurry, things will go too far to stop if we don’t intervene.”

    This special meeting, which was attended by special beings that had great influence on the world, had a very strange content as it focused on a lowly being.

    But no one had any hasty opinions. That represents an important part of observing the creature in question, along with the interesting relationships around him.

    After a while, a clear voice broke the silence that prevailed around the room.

    “So what about subject 3? Since her duties have been completed, isn’t it time for her to step in seriously?”

    The noble, pure voice lit up the whole room, but everyone present knew that those words contained an undisguised mischief.

    Many noble beings began to think seriously at that voice, but were quickly interrupted from their thoughts by a cold voice, filled with loneliness.

    “You seem to be viewing the situation cheerfully, ‘Lady of Innocence’? Haven’t you forgotten that you were the one who broke up their relationship?”

    “Oh, what about you, ‘Poor Lonely Boy’? Wouldn’t things have come to this if you were serious about completing your work? Or are you just too shy after playing alone for so long?”

    1. LuxX says:

      “I don’t want to do it arbitrarily, just to cause pain to others.”

      “What’s the point when it’s all over? From the beginning you should have—”

      The argument quickly stopped under the sudden pressure. Everyone paid attention to the person who did it and became careful after considering that person’s identity.

      “Enough. We won’t argue stupidly because we don’t have time for that. And now…”

      The room quickly fell silent as they all listened carefully to the voice. Focused entirely on a person with black hair, wearing a white shirt branded ‘KR’.

      Now, everything will depend entirely on the person’s will. Regardless of whether it is bad or good, they must accept it. Because he is ______.

      The end.

      I don’t know why I did this, maybe I was just too fed up with regretful and dramatic situations. Please Please just read lightly or just skip it. I’m a sensitive guy so it would hurt me a lot if I was harshly criticized.

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