Incompatible Interspecies Wives chapter 159

159 - Traitors (4)

159 – Traitors (4)

Arwin did not understand many things at the same time.

How on earth did Ner find that vial, and how does he know about Mel’s tears?

The moment I brought up the topic of Bardi alcohol, I felt like everything went wrong in an instant.

Arwin felt his heart sink.

Her eyes, which had hardened and widened, slowly rolled and looked at Berg’s profile.

Berg stopped, staring straight at Ner.

The situation was so embarrassing that she stopped getting angry at Ner.

Arwin didn’t know what she should do first.

Her head is all messed up as the situation unfolds in an instant.

It was a situation where I immediately took on Ner’s hatred.


Arwin said something inside her pocket made a noise.

With a slow gesture, she took out something… And the leaves of Berg’s world tree were revealed.


Arwin’s weakly trembling eyelids checked the leaves of the World Tree.

The leaves of Berg’s World Tree have dried up and become crumbly.

The condition seemed to be twice as bad as the world tree leaves of Arwin in the past.


I could clearly see with my own eyes how broken Berg’s heart was.

In the 170 years of her life, Arwyn has shown how much the being she cherished most has suffered.

Arwin blinked her eyes and looked up at Berg.

It was difficult to move as if there was a stone on her head.

As he raised his head with such difficulty, Arwin’s body trembled.

Berg was staring at her helplessly.

“…………What does that mean…?”

I can feel that he is very tired.

You realize that your patience has reached its limit.



“…Stop it now.”


“…Don’t even do this to me.”

I felt that he did not want to believe what Ner said.

Just as much as Arwin, Berg seemed to want the drug not to be poison.

He seemed to want to trust her.


But it was Arwin’s job to give trust…And that was impossible in the situation where the drug came out.

Arwin’s heart broke as if it were being torn apart by that hopeless situation.

Arwin could not make eye contact with Berg as much as she did.

I closed my eyes and blinked.

In the meantime, Arwin was not this afraid of his father or the elf elders.

It was probably because I didn’t have any affection for them at all.

But Berg was different.

I never imagined that I would feel this way toward a short-lived servant whom I had looked down on all my life.

It may be because she loved Berg so much.

It may have been because she did not want to be hated by him.




“Poison… Arwin…?”

Arwin eventually shook his head. It seemed like I had to do everything I could.

“…I…I don’t know anything.”


“…It…Isn’t mine.”

Ner said to Berg.

“Don’t believe it, Berg. Just by looking at the medicine bottle, it’s made of elf…! “Mel’s tears are a poison unique to elves..!”

Arwin caught his breath and looked at Ner in an instant.

She walks over to her and extends her hand.

“…Give it to me, Ner. “I don’t know what ‘Mel’s tears’ are, but that’s not it.”

Ner grasped the poison tightly in an instant.

Then she shakes her head.

She was rejected by Berg, and he looked right at her, her tears streaming down his face.

“Don’t lie. “These are Mel’s tears…”

Arwin swallowed her saliva and looked back at Berg.

She then says.

“I…I’ll try it, Berg. “You just have to drink it to prove it…?”

Mel’s tears alone are not toxic.

From the time Nergavardi alcohol was mentioned, there was no way out… But before Mel’s tears mixed with Bardi alcohol, all I had to do was take the vial from her and pour it into her mouth.

But her struggles were in vain in an instant due to Ner’s cries.

“Berg….! “It’s not poison if you just eat it.”

Arwin looked at Ner.


I am so desperate that I even pray to my rival.

But no matter how Arwin she was, she knew that Ner would not stop.

It was Arwin who exposed her diary.

Ner spoke without even looking at Arwin.

“It becomes poisonous only when mixed with Bardi alcohol.”

Berg lets out a hollow or absurd laugh.

Ner continued nonetheless.

“It’s a poison that makes it look like a natural death.”

Berg was watching the scene helplessly.

It was the first time for Arwin to see that solid being in so much pain.

At that sight, Arwin started denying it like a fool.

“…No…No, Berg…”


“Don’t believe it. Berg…”

“Do you need proof…?”

At those words, Ner pushed Arwin away and went back down to her warehouse.

Ner’s hurried steps echo lightly in her house.

But each sound, Arwin’s heart sank even more heavily.

Ner brought a bottle of Bardi liquor from the warehouse.

It was a drink that Berg loved endlessly.

It was a drink that Berg fell in love with after Arwin gifted it to him on the first night.

At first, he said it didn’t suit his taste, but… It was the kind of drink that he came to like after Arwin gave it to him on the first night.

With everyone standing still, Ner, who was sobbing endlessly, prepared a glass.

But soon, as if even this was difficult, Ner stopped.

The act itself seemed painful.

-Tok… Todok….

Ner’s tears fall into the glass.

Ner, who was looking down at the glass for a while and shedding tears, soon opened Mel’s tears.

And then Ner drops a couple of drops of Mel’s tears into her glass.


Soon, even the Bardi liquor that Berg loved so much was poured into the glass.

After finishing the drink, Ner looked at Arwin and said.

“…Now prove it.”

Arwin looked at the glass quietly.

To her, whose lifespan was the most important thing, Ner’s provocation was her provocation.

“Now drink it…Ugh…And prove your innocence.”


Arwin instinctively looked at Berg as if asking for help, but Berg’s eyes also began to show despair and…Doubt.

Berg, who had trusted him no matter what he did, was no longer able to trust Arwin.

Arwin felt her heart growing cold.

Every time I took a step further away from Berg… The light of the world went out one by one.

“…Try drinking it…!! You tried to kill Berg!! “Tell me Mel’s tears aren’t there!!”

Ner shouted.


Arwin eventually fell to his knees without realizing it.

Given her long life, she, who tried to assume a more noble posture than anyone else, falls to her knees.

Berg groaned at her behavior.


It was the kind of moan that made her realize that something she didn’t want to believe was true.

She also sees life draining from his eyes.

Arwin spoke first.

“I know it looks weird… Berg… Ha, but… I didn’t mean to use it on you.”

In response to those words, Berg asks lifelessly.


“…Now…For suicide-“

“-You were the one who said that lifespan is the most important.”


“…You said you wanted to travel the world. You were the one who said I was the final gateway… But… Committed suicide…?”

Arwin senses that the lie is not working and tries another excuse.

“…I am protecting my body in case I need to use it in the distant future…”

“…Was it for self-defense?”


Berg chuckled.

“…………I already heard from Ner, Arwin.”


Every time Arwin heard Berg’s voice, he felt his heart sinking.

I was sinking deeper and deeper into a swamp that I could not escape from.

Berg asked with a painful smile.

“….He said he wanted me to die. “During the Celebrien expedition.”


Arwin’s eyes slowly turned to Ner.

Ner covered his eyes with his hands and was shedding tears.

-… Talk.

Arwin felt a light tap on his thigh and looked down at her.


At the same time, the tears that had formed in Arwin’s eyes fell onto his thighs.

Tears were flowing.

I didn’t know when the tears began…And how long it had been since they lasted.


But that puzzlement was short-lived and there was no time to pay attention to it.

I can’t believe the words that came out of Berg’s mouth.

Did Berg already know that?

Did Ner already talk about that?

Why on earth didn’t Berg show anything?

How long had he been enduring it alone?

Nevertheless…. Did he affirm himself?

Was he talking about love to himself?

At the same time, Arwin confirms the character of the man I love.

……I felt even more distant from him.

Berg says:

“You gave me Bardi liquor from our first meeting…”

Only then did Arwin realize that the pain in his chest was gradually getting worse.

I realize that the worst pain is not yet to come.

“…If you weren’t trying to write it to me…Who on earth were you trying to write it to…?”


“……..All the circumstances point to me. “Arwin.”



Nevertheless, Arwin tried to come to his senses.

He believed that somehow it could be resolved with words.

I wanted to believe that it wasn’t over yet.

There is no way my relationship with Berg would end like this.

I can’t be this far away from the man I wanted to be with, even to the point of giving up my life.

She eventually tried to reveal everything.

In the end, choose the truth.


Arwin whispered, but she spoke clearly.

I did not avoid Berg’s eyes.

“…..I’m sorry, Berg….I’m a bad bitch…”


“But… I did it because it was hard, Berg… I did it because it was so hard…”

Arwin began her explanation, hoping that Berg would understand her feelings at least a little.

“Berg…I was tortured by the World Tree for 170 years. Because they were born with a long lifespan… They had a much harder time than the average elf…”


“170 Years…! I’ve endured only thinking about freedom… I’ve lived without trusting anyone… Yes. It is true that I accepted the marriage with this in mind. “I foolishly thought that if I could kill just one short-lived species with poison, I would be free.”

Tears flowed down Arwin’s cheeks again.

“…I want to see the outside world so much…”

170 Years of torture was not an easy time.

From noble mtl dot com

The information that helped me endure that time was the story of the outside world written in the book.

I waited for that and hoped for only that.

– Tak!

Arwin reached out to Berg and took his hand.


I take Berg’s hand and place it on my cheek.

This is how he expresses his wish to cherish himself.

It was something she would never have done if she had had the high self-esteem of her past.

“…I was blinded by that greed, Berg…When I didn’t know the warmth that was you, I thought that was the only way…”

Berg was looking down at her with his dry eyes.

It was the look Arwin used a lot when she looked at Berg in the early days of her marriage.

I realize now that one look in my eyes hurt so much.

“It’s not that everything about me was a lie… I’m so happy spending time with you… I couldn’t even imagine that such happiness could exist… When I was trapped in the estate…”

Berg’s eyes tremble for a moment.

Arwin felt that his story was reaching him.

But that is only for a moment.

Berg says:



“…I don’t know now where…You showed your true side to me.”


Berg asked, placing his hand on Arwin’s cheek.

“When I risked my life for you under the World Tree… Did you want to kill me then too?”


“…When I put on a ring while looking at the sea in Dems Village. “Did you want to kill me back then too…?”

Berg asks if he was thinking about betrayal even at the moment when his smile and laughter were shining in the beautiful sunset.


“…Even when I stayed by your side when you woke up from a nightmare. “When I taught you how to shoot an archery…even when we shared warmth and hid under a tree together…”

He began listing the memories they had together.

The more this happens, the more severe the pain in Arwin’s chest becomes.

Her memories, which she could not forget even after hundreds of years, were becoming polluted in Berg’s memory.

“When we drink bardi together. When you spend time in front of a fire. When you asked me to give you time…!”


“At some point…! “I thought you wouldn’t kill me…!!”


He raised his voice and relaxed as if his heart was loosening.

Then he laughed and asked, empty-handed.

“…Behind the smile you showed me…You were thinking about killing me…”

Arwin felt the strength leaving Berg’s body through his hand that touched his cheek.

Arwin’s flowing tears wet Berg’s hands.

She tried to come to her senses somehow.

I feel him slipping out of his grasp.

As things continued, Arwin’s impatience only deepened.

She held Berg’s hand tighter.

“Now…I am definitely sincere….”

My voice comes out shaking.

Arwin began to appeal to Berg her thoughts that came to her in the moment.

“….Berg. “I decided to make a covenant…?”


“It’s late, but I’m ready now…”

A covenant that must be pondered every word.

A covenant to pledge your life to Berg.

Ready to show her sincerity with that noble promise.

It was her own thought that she repeated hundreds of times and chose her words one by one.

It was the first oath she had ever made in her life.

Arwin whispered, taking in her trembling breath.

“Berg…Until my life ends-“

“-No need.”


Berg cut Arwin off and took his hand away.

It seemed like the sound of her heart falling to the floor was heard.

I get rejected before I can say the words I’ve been preparing for a long time.

Arwin froze as she felt pain for the first time.

No more severe pain than this has she suffered from the World Tree for 170 years.


… Couldn’t believe that such pain could exist in the world.

Berg continued.

“…………..I don’t need it anymore, Arwin.”

Arwin could not form words due to the pain she felt in her heart.


Berg quietly closes his eyes and opens them.

Then she looks back and forth between her and her ner.

“…They were the ones I tried to love the most.”



“…It was you who wanted to give my all.”

He gradually hardened his expression.

Berg’s warm smile disappears.

There was only a man standing in front, broken by betrayal.

“…One of them tried to harm my family…And the other tried to kill me.”

He said, seemingly resigned.

“The reward for my efforts…Is this.”

Berg let out an uneven sigh.

He nods his head as if he has come to enlightenment.

“…………..Now I think I know why Adam didn’t like other races.”


Ner, who was nearby, couldn’t hold back his tears when he heard those words and began to sob loudly.

She approached Berg, stretching out her hand like a child.

“Berg….! Please…!”

– Tak!

But Berg firmly pushed Ner’s hand away.

Ner, who was pushed away, looked at her arm as if she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Berg said.

“…Don’t touch it.”

As if looking at filth.

There was a huge gap with the original Berg, who usually looked at treasures.

“Don’t put your hands on my body again.”

Arwin, who was stretching out his hand, also froze at the situation that had just happened.

The words not to touch her like a dagger stabbed into her chest.

Berg never once refused their help.

He was the one who always smiled and accepted me.

But now… I couldn’t find that kind of kindness in him.

What was taken for granted did not become taken for granted.

Does this mean that we can no longer feel Berg’s warmth?

Does this mean that he cannot be loved?

Berg chuckled.

“…I was foolish.”

Ner and Arwin could only watch quietly.

“There was an irreducible gap…I didn’t see it. I was born in a slum… I was a human race. “You were nobles… and of a different race.”

All of Berg’s efforts and attempts to narrow the gap somehow disappear through the minds of Ner and Arwin.

Memories of him hugging me, comforting me, and fighting with me flash by.

At the same time, Berg said:

“From the beginning, we…We couldn’t mix.”

Berg’s words that he will not make any more efforts.

He said he was tired of you guys.

The husband’s words declaring giving up.


Arwin could feel tears flowing down his cheeks once again.

There are probably more tears shed now than over the past 170 years.

And I knew that there would be more tears to shed in the future.

She was right.

If you fall in love with Berg, you know that life after breaking up with him will be painful.

But what I didn’t expect was that… That time came 60 years early.

“…Just let me stay by your side, Berg.”

Ner was already whispering faintly.

She pleaded, looking blankly at Berg’s face.

“…If you tell me not to be seen, I will hide.”


“…If you tell me to clean the house… I will clean it. “If you want to treat me like a maid, do it… Just… Ugh…”


“…Just let me stay by your side.”

Arwin, who could not stay still, also spoke.

“…You may not believe me when I say this anymore, but Berg…”


“…I will help you. “I will be helpful to the Red Flames in the future…”

I promise to protect what he cherishes most.


Arwin quickly wiped his eyes with both hands and said.

“You have to pick one, Berg.”

Berg looked down at Arwin.

The eyes are so cold that you can feel the chill.

Arwin said as he faced the pain.

“Se…Celebrien will be able to help you. Oh, you know. “I’m unusual among elves, so I can ask my father for a lot of help.”

Arwin stuttered his words uncharacteristically.

If he didn’t need his own existence, he hoped that his background would at least be needed.

For that reason, it was nice to be by his side. I can’t imagine being abandoned.

I was afraid of waking up in the morning without Berg.

The Red Flames needed the power of nobility.

After the war, it was clear that the mercenary groups would be checked and exterminated one by one by the nobles.

Of course, the Red Flames can now avoid that disaster… But the need for noble power has not yet changed.

They needed a clear guarantee.

Ner also joins those words.

“Be…Berg. Blackwood…Ugh…Can help too…Huh? Please…Please me…”

Berg whispered in a low voice to the women’s sobs.



While Arwin was questioning him, Berg looked up at them.


He continues his words slowly.

“I may need to receive the power of one of the two families… I don’t know.”

Berg, who considers the Red Flame Order as his top priority, says.

Arwin felt a very small spark of hope bloom in his heart.

“…But know one thing. “Even if one of you stays with me…”

Soon, Berg looked at them with his cold eyes and spoke.

“I… Will never love you.”

He coldly extinguished Arwin’s hope.

That familiar saying.

This is what Ner and Arwin also said to Berg.

Berg said those words this time.

-Cow wow wow….

Arwin felt pain as if he was torn apart.


Ner also loses the strength in his legs and falls down.

“…It hurts…”

Ner whispers as if talking to himself.

“…I hurt…Berg…”

And as if seeking her help, she muttered.

But Berg did not comfort them.

Leaving them alone with nothing left, he headed outside.

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