Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love chapter 138

133. Estrus (3)

133. Estrus (3)


Arin seems to have become more strange today.

Of course, in my very objective evaluation, that look is quite cute and attractive, but…

Even so. Usually, when I exercise, I tend to focus only on the exercise, but today I can’t come to my senses even while exercising.

It’s not me who hates this situation.

A situation where my girlfriend gets excited and strokes and touches my body.

Isn’t this a situation that most men consider ideal?

He even has a girlfriend who looks like this.

Still, I’m worried that I could easily get hurt if I don’t concentrate while exercising.

Right now, it’s okay because the weight isn’t that much and I’m in control of my mind, but when it’s Arin’s turn, there could be a problem.

Anyway, despite my worries, Arin’s exercise guidance was back on track, and it seemed like Arin’s concentration had also returned to some extent.

It is Arin’s turn to return.

The exercise Arin wants to do is the bench press.

Arin adjusted her weight and positioned herself lying on her device with a somewhat confident expression.

As I was watching it, I once again felt that this was a world in reverse.

Because I was a high school student, it wasn’t an overwhelming weight, but it was definitely a weight that even men of the same age in the previous world would have had a hard time lifting.

It is clear that even adults will not be able to lift this weight easily.

I took a seat next to Arin’s bed, thinking to myself that it was amazing.

I don’t have expert knowledge in fitness, but I do know how to assist with the bench press.

In this way, it is important to be in a position to quickly respond when a problem arises.


“Uh…Are you okay? If your physical condition is abnormal, don’t force it.”

“…No…That doesn’t matter…”


“Oh, no…”

If you think about it, standing in this position allowed us to look at each other’s faces in opposite directions.

It felt a little different since we never saw each other like this…

Arin isn’t the type of person who can’t concentrate because of something like that, right?

I said I was fine.

And even if a problem arises, I am not so weak that I cannot handle it.


“Oh, wait a minute.”

Seunggi said those words and leaned forward.

I don’t know why, and I didn’t even have time to pay attention to such things.

The place where Seunggi was standing was right above me.

So. If I raised my head, I could make eye contact with Seunggi, and if I raised my head any higher… This means I was in a position where I could face Seunggi’s lower body right in front of me.

This was my first time working out with a man, so I never imagined something like this would happen.

The shorts stuck to Seunggi’s legs a little, perhaps due to sweat.

It wasn’t that the outline of ‘it’ appeared or anything, but the fact that ‘it’ was right in front of my eyes was not a situation I could comfortably accept.

I was barely ignoring it, but Seunggi just bent down and ‘it’ landed on my head.

Of course, the clothes and underwear blocked the texture to some extent, but they didn’t stop me from drooling.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but it feels like something heavy is being placed on my head.

It feels like the unique, dirty smell that I’ve been smelling almost every day these days is wafting out.

Seunggi immediately changed his posture, thinking he had seen something wrong, and as soon as I saw Seunggi finish preparing, I lifted the bar.

The experience just now didn’t seem to be something I could calm down even if I wanted to, so I was thinking of finishing the exercise quickly before my mind breaks even further…

It seems like that wasn’t a good choice either.

“Arin…? Are you okay?”

“Uh…It’s okay…”

A simple action of lowering the bar and raising it again.

It was okay at first, but when I lowered the bar the second time, the force wasn’t applied as I expected.

Was it a problem that I lifted a little heavier weight than usual because I wanted to impress Seunggi?

Once it got loose, no matter how much force I applied, the pole wouldn’t budge.

I started to feel so embarrassed.

Pathetic mistakes of not even focusing on failing to control the weight.

I hated the idea of showing the results right in front of Seunggi.

But at that moment, I suddenly felt my arms relax.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Seunggi lifting the heavy pole and putting it back in place.

Does that sound that easy?

Of course, there is a difference in posture, but I knew that Seunggi’s power was amazingly strong, but still.

I could see the muscles and veins I had touched earlier on his arms as he held the bar.

“Arin, are you okay? … Please sit down.”


I couldn’t raise my head, so I stood up, avoiding his gaze, and Seunggi came and sat down in front of me.

A situation where people are sitting facing each other on an elongated bench press machine that allows people to lie down.

You can’t see it because you’re avoiding your eyes, but you probably aren’t receiving a lot of attention.

How foolish I must have looked.

As I was lowering my head, I heard Seunggi calling my name.

I could only tremble and not respond, but Seunggi continued what he had to say.

“Touch this.”

And then Seunggi extends his arms towards me.

When I touched his arm with an awkward hand, I again felt the hard yet soft touch that I had felt before.

When I slightly raised my head and made eye contact with his behavior, Seunggi was looking at me with a cute gaze.

Then he opened his mouth again.

“Let’s take a break and try again.”

“Huh? Well, that’s…”

“I use some strength too. I won’t let you get hurt.”


Seung-gi throws out a somewhat strange line telling him to trust himself.

I have always thought of myself as a feminine person.

No matter how Seung-gi is, he has always lived with the thought that if a dangerous situation arises, I will protect him.

But what kind of situation is this?

Instead of giving my boyfriend peace of mind, I ended up working out under his protection.

This is a situation that is far from being called feminine, and seems to have abandoned femininity.

But instead of feeling bad, I try to laugh.

Femininity and all, I want to entrust my body to my boyfriend and be hugged by him.

I want to feel those strong muscles with my whole body.


Now, even s*xual orientation was becoming a thing of the past.


Seunggi left the room for a while.

It was an excuse to go to the bathroom for a moment, but I know that it was meant to give me time to collect my mind.

I was sitting on a chair nearby and drinking water under his consideration, when suddenly the person who was exercising over there started coming towards me.

The man who came closer to me was wearing quite revealing clothes.

From Noble mtl dot com

Below he wore men’s leggings, and above he wore tight-fitting sportswear.

Sometimes, there were people who wore clothes like that to get a closer look at their muscle movements, but it seemed like it was just… A way to show off their bodies.

“Did you come alone?”

A man who asks such questions.

When I mentioned that I came with a friend, he asked if that was true and sat down next to me.

I tend to get a lot of criticism for not being tactful, but I could at least understand what this person had in mind.

I too am someone who has picked some numbers.

The only people who approach me are bullies, so I’ve never given them my number.

This person had a small tattoo on his forearm.

Just because you have a tattoo doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person, but there’s an overall impression.

No, it’s done.

Besides all that…I felt quite uncomfortable with this person right now.

He didn’t really have any desire to talk to a man other than Seunggi, and it would have made him even more uncomfortable if that man had dark intentions towards me.

But this man ignored my hint of rejection and continued talking to me.

It’s inconvenient.

Like that, I have no interest in this person at all.

Even if you take a quick look at his arm muscles, they are very poor compared to Seunggi.

I wonder if he is a person who exercises properly, let alone assists with exercise.

I feel like my eyes have become too high after being with Seung-gi, but what’s wrong with that?

The face seems to be decorated in its own way, but it is a shame to compare it to Seunggi.

You must have received good reviews from other women.

But what can I do when I am a person who only cares about winning from morning to evening?

Everything about this man was bad.

The ‘masculine’ movements that seem to emphasize vulnerability, the tone of voice, and the faint, unpleasant smell of sweat.

He has a shabby body, but he doesn’t seem to have a single advantage over Seunggi, and that voice seems to think that he will naturally be interested in him.

However, as I stood up to express my stubborn refusal, I felt a superior body, incomparable to that of that man, hug my shoulders.

There wasn’t much difference in height, but my body leaned against his.

Maybe my subconscious made me lean on him.

As it was, Seung-gi started talking to the man.

Of course, it doesn’t seem to have been quite easy.

Maybe it was because of the man’s pride, but he didn’t back down easily even after seeing us.

My tension, which had risen thanks to Seunggi, began to gradually decrease, but before I could even feel it, I suddenly felt a hand grabbing my chest.

“Hey, Seunggi?!”

Seunggi placed his nose on the back of my neck.

It’s as if he doesn’t care about my embarrassment.

As if there was no one in front of us.

Maybe our lips touched.

“Let’s not wash up today and just go in.”

“Uh, ah, huh?!”


The cold voice I first heard from Seunggi.

No, rather than cold… A sticky voice full of lust.


The man in front of us suddenly disappeared.

Well, I wasn’t particularly interested in it.

It’s been a long time since I threw away anything like ‘femininity’.

Thoughts like this began to appear in my mind.

This means Seunggi is flirting with me.

If you think about it, it was like that.

In a way, weren’t Seunggi’s actions today intentional to excite me?

If that’s not the case, there’s no reason to keep flirting with me like that.

So…Even if I attack Seung-gi, that’s what Seung-gi wants, right?

I didn’t think rationally.

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