Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love
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Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love

Read full chapter Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love, Light Novel Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love english, LN Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love, Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love Online, read Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love at Noble Machine translations.
남녀역전 고딩 순애물
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love

Fresh High School Love Story

Author’s Note: The characters in the work are not actual high school students, but adult actors portraying high school students.

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  1. Hated Author KR says:


  2. Eshya says:

    This is ideal pure love romance on reversal gender role. Recommended🥰

  3. Zero says:

    Honestly, this is as close to what I expected from a genre revelsal novel. Pure love, MC not weak minded, Fmc not tsundere and harem for god’s sake. Recommended.

    – By the way, why is it complete? The novel continues according to the last chapter, right?🤔.

  4. Dyna says:

    Although the MTL quality is pretty bad in some chapters, some of them even being close to unredeable, it is a solid read about two pretty different people enjoying each others company and learning how to love and be horni. Pretty good 8/10.

  5. NiTwo says:

    Its soo Good, its not poison I repeat its not poison!!! There are no annoying tropes and unnecessary love triangles. Its pure love to the fullest. Oh the gender reversed world its nothing like the other annoying ones where mc makes harems no face slapping no making audience reacts just by acting like a man, nope the characters here have some depth to them. The theme of gender reversal here I could say is not used just for the sake of having a popular trope but instead complements the dynamics of the mcs. And also I love how the story is told in the perspective of the two of them no one is really dominating each other and they pair quite well. Also the characters are not shallow you can see their flaws and circumstances and not just something like since I got transfered to a reverse gender world I could do anything trope. Nope the mc is flawed just a guy doing his best living and making it more realistic. The fmc is not tsundere or kuudere or anything like that. and those are the things that make this novel so good for me. Definitely reccomended

  6. Zzz says:

    I was about to read a novel so fit for my inner voice but i saw this forbidden gender reversal fruit
    It is sinning time baby

  7. Always wonder, how gender reversal work
    Atleast in isekai you have excuse like women have more magic power than man.
    But if the setting in modern time I cant think any reason for it

  8. Aint no way author just put that note, is this highschool TV drama but in novel form.
    I guess I need to check this one out

  9. PerlicaLover1 says:

    So are you guys gonna give a review or nah

  10. How tf does some act as a 16-18 yr old in a novel ☠️

  11. Reii i Reii i says:

    I am going in and If I die from cringe ,plz give me the best yandere shot you have

  12. Bocchan says:

    nahh bro i ain’t readin that it hella suspicious title

  13. Shadow says:

    @Forgotten One My advice for recovering from ntr ambush is reading as many good regret novels as possible, then going to pure love. Makes you feel like there’s something like karma in life and the Traitor will suffer in the future and then you can just discontinue and forget about it.

  14. TheBoredOne says:

    @Forgotten One that sucks man. I also hate ntr, gave me a trauma when I was a teen.

  15. Insufferable says:

    @Forgotten one, as a lover of pure single line love, I understand.

    The pain of an NTR ambush is debilitating and sometimes even crippling to the psyche.

    Stay strong comrade, and march on the dangers of wrongly tagged mtl novels with too few comments and reviews to warn you of poison.

  16. Insufferable says:

    Seems pretty good few chapters down the line, mc personality is unique and fun. Heroine pov is also fun.

    But holy he*l, the mtl of this thing is hot garbage. I know, mtl, dont have any expectations. But just a little warning to those who are not used to hoing through these riddles.

  17. Forgotten one says:

    Yesterday i read a NTR novel without NTR tag…
    As a “pure love” fan, I get very powerful “imotional damage” that i can’t even sleep properly at night….
    I have been reading every “pure love” novel i could find for minimize the aftermath of “immotional damage”…
    Fortunately “Nobel mtl” upload this novel….
    I feel like i am healing…
    Uggh 😭😭😭, yesterday was too much…
    I am still crying even though I am a man…😭😭😭..

  18. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    My common sense 💀

  19. Memomo says:

    I like pure love but not school life

  20. Wok_Fuccboy says:

    Is this poison?
    But what the hell the synopsis mean!?

  21. Guest1 says:

    Please can you add becoming professor moriarty’s probability..

  22. I’ll pass, even if it’s good, this synopsis is suspect… Screams Poison… And takes away the immersion in the story, at least for me.

  23. Insufferable says:

    Pure love novel with faint hints of toxins.

    No, for the glory of the single heroine lovers I must get in

  24. That author’s note remind me of those crimes disguised as “it’s just a prank bro”

  25. NiTwo says:

    The title and synopsis screams poison but the 1m views tag is tempting.

  26. Sephir says:

    No, the title scream poison.

  27. Forgotten one says:

    WHAT THE !!!
    (I smell poison from the synopsis) whisper….

  28. Sephir says:

    Btw i thought the schedules were strange.
    I understood that it was bc i was in china

  29. Forgotten one says:

    I am first this time…

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