Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love chapter 140

135. Eating Out (2)

135. Eating Out (2) (Min Arin’s cover revealed very, very slightly)


If a person who is extremely neat on the outside shows a vulgar appearance in front of me, it may be a bit of a pathetic choice of words, but… It can be said to be a kind of point of shame.

Although Arin is not a person who walks around in an infinitely neat manner, she is still a very cute woman with her own unique immature appearance.

So…A person who is so immature and cute.

The way she caught me standing awkwardly and stuck her nose in there without even taking off her underwear.

Hmm. Although it cannot be said to be completely beautiful, it can be said that it definitely stimulates one’s s*xual desires.

Perhaps it was because it had been a long time, but even though I do not have a strong s*xual desire, I was filled with a certain level of desire, and I had no intention of putting up with my girlfriend being like this.


Well, even if I wanted to endure it, I couldn’t.

Isn’t there an Internet meme like that? It is said that a person being raped can produce three times their usual strength, but a person raping them can produce seven times their usual strength.

I never thought I would face a situation like this in my life.

Arin grabbed both of my arms with both of her hands and laid me down on her bed.

The eyes, which had a unique red color, were much redder than usual, and there was a sense of madness somewhere in them.

“How long have you endured…”

“Yes, that’s because you always make me look bad…!”

“What did I do…?”

“No! How hard was every gym class for me!”

Our strength was almost equal, and even when working at night, the two of us played the role of lying down at a similar rate, but today, I don’t have the confidence to use my strength to put him down.

This is not a particularly bad thing.

But, even if Arin has been exercising a bit lately, could there be such a difference?

I did almost the same exercise, right?

Is this the difference in talent?

I think it would be right to spend this child exercising and taking final exams.

As I was thinking that, I felt like I was being enveloped by something warm.

As if she wanted to start with her mouth today, Min Arin let go of her wrist and took a seat below her.

“Even if the soundproofing is good, you need to be a little careful…”

I first raised a legitimate issue.

Although this situation is good, isn’t it right to be careful?

It’s only getting late in the evening, but if we get caught doing something like this as soon as we get our own room, won’t our trust and reputation go to hell?

“You just have to not make a sound, right?”


“Just the noise… Please bear with me.”

Of course, she probably shouldn’t have expected such an objective judgment from Arin, who was so excited that she was suspicious.

With a more intense feeling today, our night’s work began in the early evening.


I could say that it was almost a squeeze…For close to an hour.

There were numerous kiss marks left on my body, and it was covered in a lot of Arin’s bodily fluids and sweat.

The handprint she left earlier still remained on her wrist, and her hair was completely disheveled.

Arin…Was lying next to me and hugging me, looking as if she had been burned white.

She used to smile brightly while looking at me in that state from a while ago, and I wonder why she is smiling so innocently when there is still lust in her eyes.

I was exhausted, opened the window wide, and returned to bed.

“To ventilate?”

“Because this mess happened.”

“I could have done it a little later.”

“What are you going to do when your mother comes in? Even if the door is locked.”

“No, uh, that’s not it…”

It means you want to do it again. I looked at her with her salty, cold eyes, but I showed a subtle reaction for a moment to the soft touch of her arm, and Min Arin did not miss it.

“Mom rarely comes into my room anyway. Her dad hasn’t come back yet.”

After saying those words, Arin began to take her seat again.

“What’s so good about this lump of fat…”

That’s what she says, but she always knows how to be proud of her body.

This time, she started by wrapping something of mine with her own breasts.


When about a minute had passed since such affectionate behavior began.

Along with a ticking sound, someone’s voice was heard from in front of the door.

A man’s voice.

The familiar, mature male voice I heard last time at Arin’s house.

“Seunggi, are you here? Is Arin with you? Can you open the door?”

“Now, wait a minute…!”

“Yes. Take your time.”

It is clear that getting dressed will be a waste of time, and it will also be a waste of time making up the bedding.

After waiting so long, if a very disheveled man and woman come out of her room together in a clumsy manner…

It should never go on like that.

I shouldn’t give such a shock to the people who provided me with a room like this when I had nothing.

I used my brain several times faster than usual and was able to get the best results.

I quickly put on just my top, straightened my hair as best as I could, unlocked the door, and quickly returned to bed and covered myself with the blanket.

Min Arin …… Hid her body under the blanket.

In order not to look awkward, stick to me as much as possible.

If you look at it from a third party’s perspective, it was quite an ugly sight, as if someone had been caught in an affair and was in a hurry to hide himself.

If you had thought a little more, you would have realized that doing something like this would only make things more suspicious.

The situation was not favorable.


“Seunggi, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you? Do you like the room?”

“Yes, yes! Ah, hello!”

This is my first time feeling this nervous.

I could hear the perception of me worsening as I sat still in bed even though an adult came, but perhaps this was for the best.

I resented my father’s kind smile today.

“I guess you were sleeping? Your hair is very messy?”

“Ah, yes! I’m a little tired these days…”

“Yes, you can rest comfortably. The window is open. I think it smells a bit strange because it was a room that was used as a warehouse.”

“But it’s okay because a lot of the smell has gone…Ahahahaha…”

Unfortunately, the conversation continued whether I complained or not.

When asked about not being able to see Arin, the answer was that she must have gone to the bathroom.

The response was that they were very grateful for providing a room in response to the flood damage.

He gave me a strange smile once in a while, wondering what was so good about him, but he didn’t have time to worry about that.


Because Min Arin betrayed me.

Because I felt the warm and soft touch of my tongue.

No, I said it should be roughly attached to the leg. What is this?

“I’ll go out? If Arin is having a hard time, I’ll tell her.”

“Yes, yes! Thank you!”

Luckily. Not long after that act of betrayal began, my father left a message saying he would go out to eat today, locked the door, and went out.

I lifted the blanket and looked down at Min A-rin, who was smiling awkwardly.

“I, I, I just! I think you’re too nervous… So I’m asking you to relax…!”

No matter how out of my head I am, I’m not the kind of person who can fall for such a flimsy excuse.

You said you would go out to eat later…

And it seems like my stamina has recovered a little bit…

I felt like I needed to use some strength now.

“Su, is it Seunggi?”

Min A-rin looked up at me with an embarrassed expression as she tried to sit up but was pushed by me again and made her lie down.

This time, I have to take the top spot.


“I guess…I’ll continue to live here, right?”

“Arin is already doing something like that. Well done, honey.”

“You’ll like our Seunggi, right…?”

“Of course. But is it already our Seunggi?”

“No, I don’t know, Seunggi is really thoughtful and that kind of guy, right? Last time, he brought up fishing first…”

My husband Shin Hyun-jun closed his ears.

I knew that Seung-gi was a deep-hearted child and got along well with Arin, but it was a little difficult to listen to his son-in-law’s boasts that were more extreme than his love for his children.

That’s because most of the content contained a lot of Min Ah-hyun’s tastes, such as fishing and mountain climbing.

Shin Hyun-jun is just that. He just loved seeing his daughter find the right man and be happy already.

When I was young, I had a hard time because boys avoided me.

You brought a boy who has a deeper heart than most men.

Seeing that the relationship had already progressed like that, I thought that marriage would go smoothly as well.


The way he was trying so hard to hide something was cute because he was a high school student.

For a businessman who is very quick-witted, the acting of Han Seung-gi, who was just a college student even before his return, did not work at all.

“I’m completely in love with Seunggi.”

“My son-in-law… No, um, anyway. He’s amazing? I heard he was interested in computer engineering the other day, so I talked to him about it…!”

“I guess that’s the case if you are.”

Shin Hyun-jun was bored yet curious.

He was the best student in the whole school and forced his daughter, who only liked sports, to study.

A student who grew up to be more polite than anyone else even in a difficult family environment.

A true man who cares so much for my daughter.

Of course, Shin Hyun-jun himself thought that his affection for Han Seung-gi was quite high, but his wife wondered what on earth she felt that made a person like that.

‘I’m going to ask some questions when I eat out today…’

I just thought that her wife’s reaction might have been a bit unusual.

After all, he was a stranger until not long ago.

No matter what, I didn’t think he would be treated so lovingly.


Still in rough stage

You’re walking around with something in your mouth so you can’t get hit!

I think you need to have a smart Seung-gi by your side.

Did you exercise at the gym? You’re sweating a lot.

Something like 126. Anyway, it reminds me of the bad b*tch (5) episode…

I think everyone knows, but the main character in this picture is a 27-year-old actor.

I’m just playing someone.

I worked hard to raise the level with the artist.

Will I get fired?

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