Male and Female Reversal High School Pure Love chapter 139

134. Eating out (1)

134. Eating out (1)


Whether Min Ah-rin had such lustful thoughts or not, reality did not follow her heart.

Min Ah-hyun, who usually worked like a workaholic, didn’t leave the house these days, and Han Seung-gi wasn’t brave enough to do something like that in such a situation.

Min Arin resented her mother, who had become more domestic these days.

She felt like her triangle of conscience was stabbing her own heart when she said she was bad, but she still thought this was too absurd.

She could tolerate it in a day or two, but after two days had passed since she went to the gym, it became even more so.

Of course, Minah-hyun had no way of knowing such feelings, and she had no time to be interested.

Her overseas business trip plan was quite long, and her own vacation was included in the schedule.

Now that she had suddenly returned to the country early, considering her schedule, she had no reason to go to her company to do her work.

If she had been her usual personality, she would have just gone to work to do anything…

Minah Hyun said she had to do something important now.

“Ah. Could you please move the bed a little more to the left?”

“Yes. Is this enough?”

“Yes, yes. It’s perfect.”

Time when ‘our son-in-law’ and his girlfriend are taking classes at school.

At home, sturdy women were moving furniture.

The place where the furniture is headed is the storage room.

The room where I had put all my belongings away was now neatly decorated.

The wall changed to a dark color, and the accumulated dust disappeared.

The taste that he mentioned during his meeting with Han Seung-gi not long ago was reflected exactly.

When no one was at Minah Hyun’s house, she was redecorating her room without their knowledge.

All I could think about was having to keep ‘my son-in-law’ at home.

For her daughter’s happiness, for her daughter’s first relationship, who was single at birth… But she thought. In fact, it seemed like the bigger reason was for her personal happiness.

A partner in fishing and mountaineering, and the best son-in-law who values his daughter so much.

He thought that if he created a room full of his tastes, he wouldn’t even be able to think about leaving.

A room larger than my two daughters’ rooms.

The overall color combination is full of his taste.

A faint scent of wood flowed from the new furniture. Min Ah-hyun’s bed was designed with consideration for the newlywed couple, even though it looks a bit big for a single man.

It wasn’t clear whether the modern-style interior was Han Seung-gi’s taste, but Min Ah-hyun had the ability to easily see through the inner thoughts of a high school student pretending to be an adult.

“The work…Will be finished by tomorrow, right?”

“Oh, of course. I guess I’ll just have to finish it up tomorrow, right?”

“Please do it perfectly. I will make sure you get paid properly.”

Tomorrow happens to be my husband Shin Hyeon-jun’s return day.

All plans were going well.

Until now, I’ve been hiding the remodeling of the storage room from the kids, but tomorrow I thought it would be perfect to show them the new room, introduce my husband to Seunggi, and even go out to dinner to celebrate.

As Minah-hyun came up with a list of famous restaurants, she started laughing.

I was looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction Han Seung-gi would have if he was served delicious food, but the people who were moving the furniture proceeded even faster because of that eerie and fishy smile.

‘I’m sure honey will like Seunggi too.’

Minah-hyun recalled a phone call she had with her husband Shin Hyun-jun not long ago.

[Why is there no news? What happened? Is Arin okay?]

‘Oh, we were having a good time with Seunggi.’

[We…? …Anyway, is Seung-gi staying at home now?]

‘Yes. ‘The situation looked very bad, so I told him to stay here.’

[Really? How is the kid? Personality and such…Seunggi gave me a really good impression, but still.]

‘Ah! Our Seunggi is a really thoughtful kid! I have a good understanding of current affairs and have considerable economic knowledge….’


‘Last time, I made side dishes for him and he was so good at cooking. Ah, he acts very rude even to adults…’

After praising Han Seung-gi for five minutes, he ended the call in a tone that made him feel tired, but there was no way there was anyone who wouldn’t like my son-in-law.

…… It was Min Ah-hyun who was thinking


After that, she spent time sitting at her dining table imagining Han Seung-gi’s reaction when she showed him this room, holding a fishing rod with her son-in-law and catching a big fish, and taking pictures of flowers while hiking with her son-in-law. . How much time has passed like that?

“Sir, teacher…?”

“Huh? Why are you doing that?”

“Well… I’ve already put all the furniture in, and I’ve roughly finished cleaning. I think I can finish it tomorrow if I just finish it quickly…!”

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“Is it all over already?”

He looked satisfied as he looked at the work being completed suspiciously quickly and the room being organized to a suspicious degree.

The work was completed much faster than I expected, but that’s it. I thought so.

What was important was not the time of work.

A weapon has been created to bind the son-in-law.


When something unexpected happens, it becomes impossible to express it in words.

Something unexpected is, for example… Coming home from school and finding my own room, or the new room being better than the owner’s children. You could say things like that.


What is happening?

Normally, if I received something, I would have said thank you properly, but today I didn’t have time to do that.

I stepped into the new room.

The first thing I noticed was the cool wooden flooring and the bright interior even without the lights on.

I thought I had gotten used to these little things while staying at Min Arin’s house, but when I heard that this was my room, it felt so new.

If it were my room, the default values would be flooring and walls that look like they could grow mold at any moment, and windows that can’t be opened properly because of intruders.

Besides, what is this luxurious-looking wallpaper?

Aside from the fact that it’s a dark color to my taste, isn’t the material itself different from regular wallpaper?

The smell of the room was also like that.

The wood scent of the new furniture mixed with the scent of the diffuser placed on the desk gave off a pleasant smell, and even this felt luxurious.

Why is the bed so big?

It’s the perfect size for two people to use.

Well. Good things must be good things.

Anyway, I tried to refrain from using the word burden, but I can’t do it this time.

There are degrees of receiving, and sleeping in someone else’s house isn’t enough, so setting up a home in someone else’s house is not enough.

I wonder if anyone would just accept this.

My mother’s answer was simple.

They even made us a room like this, but it would be rude not to live here.

It’s a shameless act that ignores one’s sincerity.

I don’t know if that logic is reasonable, but every time I tried to show that I was burdened, I saw the way he sighed, and I couldn’t even say that I was a burden or anything.

Of course, this was my feeling up to this point…

Arin didn’t seem to be very interested in my feelings.

She had only been living a healthy life for a few days, but Arin now seemed so distraught that it was interfering with her daily life.

He wasn’t this crazy about his s*xual desires, but how did he end up like this?

Even when she slept, didn’t she sleep with a little hug in a healthy way?

She gets more upset every morning, but I don’t know what’s going on. Did I even talk in my sleep?

Anyway, my mother left a few words and left the room for the two of us to look around the room some more.

‘This room will be well soundproofed. Even if I played a song very loudly, I couldn’t hear anything.’

No matter how Arin looked, she seemed to be obsessed with those words.

After the door closed, she locked her door.

I felt like I could feel some heat next to me.

“I’m anxious…”

“But…! They said it’s soundproof! I think Mom went to rest too…!”

I thought it was a bit strange for the bed to get wet from the first day the room was opened, but…

He has the eyes of a s*x offender, so it’s hard to say no.

As soon as I gave her a knowing look, Min Arin hugged me tightly and started kissing me.

Well, what’s going on?

I guess I just need to finish it quickly.


“Oh honey. Oh, you’re at the airport now? So it’ll take about an hour?”

Min Ah-hyun answered the phone with great satisfaction.

Her message was that her husband, Shin Hyun-jun, had returned to Korea.

Maybe it was because she had been paying a lot of attention, but her plan today was working out perfectly.

It was so delicious to see my son-in-law, who always pretended to be an adult, embarrassed, and it was also nice to see her playing with her daughter as soon as her room was opened.

‘They said it’s well-soundproofed… So you’ll be able to play comfortably at night, right?’

I will be busy working now anyway, but soundproofing is an important issue.

She didn’t know what those kids were doing right now, but she knew that they would do something like that at night.

Minah-hyun smiled like a psychopath murderer who killed people, and she went back to the living room and confirmed the reservation at her restaurant.

The anticipation of how delicious Han Seung-gi’s reaction would be, and the joy of being able to see her husband after a long time.

I never expected that two high school students would start dating as soon as I showed them their room.

She was enjoying such pleasure.

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