Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 198

198 - Write, eun, gun, de… ?

198 – Write, eun, gun, de… ?

The gaze of the blood demon came out of thin air and met.

“Maiev, please return to the dormitory.”

First, Maiev was sent back first. She must have been anxious as she left, so I looked behind her several times.

And I looked at the blood demon in front of my eyes.

Short hair with asymmetrical navy blue bangs that cover one eye. She, whose identity is still unknown, broke her silence first.

“Flan, it just turned out well. “Because I was looking for you in the first place.”


At the same time, she fired her magical bullets at her. It was heading straight for her lips, but she blocked it with one of her hands.

“Don’t mention my name carelessly. This was a warning, but the next one is not.”

I continued coldly.

“Who are you in the first place?”

“I have no name. Because it’s a life that doesn’t need a name. But there is a position. The Void’s aide, the princess’s secretary…. “Is it to this extent?”

The aide continued quietly.

“Flan, don’t be too cautious. “I plan to check a few simple things and then return to the void cleanly.”


“Okay. Oh, of course.”

The aide laughed very faintly.

“It doesn’t seem like they are doing anything called vigilance in the first place. I’ve never met a human like you before. “It’s a different species again.”

She turns her head halfway and looks behind her. He gestures lightly and mutters.

“We will talk for a while. “You wait with your life and vitality suppressed.”

Then, eight red eyes appeared in her thin air. They blink as if they understood the aide’s command.

I looked at the aide once again.

Definitely the highest level of blood demons I’ve ever met. I said quietly.

“You can suppress life and vitality.”


The aide lightly accepted what I said, but suddenly asked a beat late.

“… Come to think of it, what kind of reaction is that? Until now, no human has pinpointed this part.”

“I just felt that it was great in its own way.”

“In some ways.”

“All living things evolve in a favorable direction.”

I continued calmly.

“Blood demons are no exception. “It would have evolved in a way to eliminate unnecessary fights to avoid fratricide.”

“That’s right.”

“Therefore, you are inevitably beings who show off your life and vitality. “Isn’t that so?”

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The aide was suddenly concentrating on my story.

“Flan, that is correct. “There is no need for blood demons to fight each other because they can gauge each other’s strength based on their energy.”

“Being able to suppress the instinct to show off that is imprinted in your genes means that you have reached a great level. “That’s what I mean when I say it’s great in its own way.”


She looked at me for a moment with her eyes narrowed. Then he rubs his chin seriously.

“I thought it was something I said without thinking…. On the contrary, it was something that could be said because of a high level of understanding. “Plan, who taught you about blood demons?”

“I always learn only from myself.”

The aide let out a very faint laugh.

“This is a really absurd answer, but I like it. “Thanks to our conversation just now, my thoughts have completely changed.”

She turned her head half way behind her again. She gestures slightly, and eight red eyes appear in the air.

With his back to them, the aide’s eyes turned to me again.

“Flan, there is no point in asking and answering trivial questions or wasting time with you. “Do you know a little about black magic?”

Even though I heard it, it wasn’t an innocent question. There were many meanings contained within, and I wasn’t the type of person who couldn’t figure it out, so I responded right away.

“If you are willing to take responsibility, be willing to try it.”

The Void aide nodded his head once, looking like he was dozing off, unable to overcome his drowsiness.

At the same time, the surrounding world began to change completely.

The boundary between the ground and the sky is blurred and everything is black. The world began to be filled with blades without a sound.

The aide disappears out of nowhere, and only eight red eyes emerge from the black space. They said

“Plan, I have no hard feelings towards you.”

After a while, something rushed towards me from all directions. The moment I opened and closed my eyelids, a dark red thorn lay in front of my cornea.

I could see eyes beyond the thorns.

“Are you not resisting? Or did you fail to react?”

“There is no resistance or reaction. “It’s not worth it.”

“Then we will check whether that is true as well.”


The dark red thorns extended significantly, but they only pierced the air. There was no damage to my eyes. As always, ecstasy is ultimately a battle of mental strength.

Red eyes blinked.

“This is a great spirit. Confirmed.”

The black vision clears and the world returns to its original form. The red eyes tried to disappear like dust scattering, but I caught them with my mind.

“… “Plan?”

“I wouldn’t have allowed you to return yet.”

“Our purpose today is not combat.”

“Me too.”

The red eyes quietly focused their attention on me, perhaps because my answer was unexpected. I asked quietly.

“Who owned the original barrier a little while ago?”

“It belongs to the aide. “He left immediately after activating it, and we only observed as ordered.”

“That’s right.”

I looked back at the unique barrier that had just unfolded. Before long, my mind was filled with lines and circles.

“If you return, please convey this to your aide.”

“What do you mean?”

“This part of the magic development was disappointing.”

I used the air like a blackboard.

After drawing the magic circle of the unique barrier, the explanation continues by gradually painting the crystal points with blue mana.

“This part, this part, and this part.”

There were three correction points in total.

“If this part is corrected, it will not simply end in illusion. “It is possible to make it a reality.”

The red eyes were concentrating on the explanation without even blinking. It would have to be that way. Even though there were only three places, the difference was big.

“It was quite interesting. “Please return now.”


After a moment of silence, red eyes asked me.

“Hey, Plan.”

“What is it?”

“Is this why you detained us?”

“Then what other reason could there be?”

I calmly added a word.

“The magic is insufficient. “There is no reason more important than this.”

“Oh, yes. It’s no different. “It’s my first time doing something like this.”

The red eyes dispersed leisurely this time.

I quietly watched it.

Actually, there were 4 problems discovered…. The last one required a different solution.

Not a simple point, but a slightly rough solution.

Rooftop of the nearby academy building.


The aide rubs his chin and waits for the red eyes to return. Those beings were called hands and feet because they were carried out by aides and performed duties like hands and feet.

Because it was a plan that always brought unexpected results, even the aide was curious about what the results of the evaluation would be.

She divided the evaluation into three categories.

If you are hit by a unique barrier, step 1, if you resist the unique barrier, step 2, and if you understand the unique barrier, step 3.

‘It’s true that step 2 is great, but….’

If you want to have an audience with the Princess of the Void, you have to go through three stages.

Just then, the red eyes returned before the aide’s eyes. Without any reports of any kind, they were just talking among themselves.

“It’s definitely a different species. How do you understand the structure of black magic? “Human.”

“Time was only a moment. “Isn’t it difficult for even blood demons to recognize the magic circle in an instant?”

The aide laughed at the reaction of the Sioux tribes.

Because it was my first time seeing this scenery.

“Post the report first.”

“Ah, aide. Sorry.”

From what happened inside the barrier to being pointed out the three parts of the magic circle. The red eyes reported the situation in detail.


After receiving the entire report, the aide smiled once again.

“I only pointed out three parts. “Step 2.”

This was the result of the aide’s plan.

The red eyes blinked.

“… “Step 2?”

“Okay. “There’s no need to take me to the princess.”

“I don’t quite understand.”

“I planted a total of four flaws in the unique barrier.”

The aide began to manifest his own barrier. It was a demon cave that had the name of infinite hell and could produce dark red thorns without limit.

“You made three great points, but the last one was the most important. “Because it is related to the ancient rune language.”

With the power of the ancient rune, the once black thorns begin to turn red.

“The ancient rune language is like this─”

It was the moment I was about to continue speaking.

Card deukdeuk─!

The thorns began to move like elaborate gears. It began to comb out like an animal’s fur and create a certain shape, and this was not the aide’s will.

“Use, eun, gun, de…” ?”

The gap between what the aide said gradually widened and then stopped completely. The attendants nearby also blinked and watched the situation.

As if creating a road, thorns rise up on both sides at regular intervals. In the middle of it all, a man was walking.


Everyone just observed the situation blankly.

“However, I never ordered the aide’s return.”

It’s confusing that the unique barrier has been violated, but Plan’s words continue.

“I am also very interested in ancient runes, so if you confess everything you know, I will allow you to return.”

He was not unaware of the existence of ancient runes. He didn’t just know it superficially, he even ‘used’ it to interfere with the infinite form of hell.

This means that there was even research into ancient runes.

In that respect already.

Flan had come a long way from satisfying the conditions of being an aide.

“Step 3. No, step 4… ?”

The aide muttered without realizing it.

Because it was my first time experiencing embarrassment.

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