Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 199

199 - Are you our ruler or our enemy?

199 – Are you our ruler or our enemy?


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Is it because the embarrassment hasn’t gone away yet? The aide looked at me blankly for a while.

She gathered up the thorns of infinite hell once. After realizing that they are still under his control, he asks in confusion.

“This is my first time experiencing this, I am still the master of this barrier….”

“I also just became the owner.”


“That’s why I didn’t point out the last ancient rune. “Instead of modifying it, we replaced it with a new one.”

“Ancient rune….”

The aide asks, tilting her head to the side.

“Flan, do you know about ancient runes? No, I know. “How on earth did you use it to become the co-owner of the unique barrier?”

“We’ll talk about that later when we get a chance. “You are in no position to ask questions now.”


I spoke calmly to my aide.

“I should have definitely mentioned it, but evaluate me when you are ready to take responsibility.”

“It’s responsibility…. “Flan, did you mean that when you told me to tell you everything you know?”

The aide quickly nodded.

“Okay. I’m willing to do that. Anyway, you have been proven. “He deserves to be treated like an honored guest of the void.”

Fortunately, the aide was not a person who unconditionally rejected or denied embarrassment. On the contrary, I was quickly convinced and prepared to leave.

She nodded her head once.

“Flan, we will leave immediately.”

“I would have told you to confess what you know.”

“Yes, I am talking about replacing the explanation with a location.”

Because the look in his eyes wasn’t lying, I eventually agreed. Of course, even if this was a trap, I was confident that I would overcome it.

After leaving the academy, we headed to the foot of a mountain with few people.

“It’s a very secret and sensitive space. “Please understand that it will take quite some time to move.”

The aide carved a large red octagon on the floor. Concentrating with all his might, he applied runes to each corner from night to dawn until daybreak.

I quietly observed her behavior.

It was unfamiliar, but not difficult. There were quite a few things you could figure out if you just watched closely.

I muttered quietly.

“Is this a magic circle of teleportation?”

“Yes, that’s the correct answer.”

“It’s interesting that it’s an octagon rather than a hexagon.”

“As I said, the place is very sensitive. A hexagon isn’t enough. The number of vertices needs to be increased by 2, and a whopping 128 runes need to be filled….”

The aide who was talking suddenly looks back at me.

“… But, this is black magic? How?”

“In the end, the tone is not different.”

“It’s truly amazing, it’s truly amazing…” .”

The aide muttered and refocused.

Because I wanted to shorten the time as much as possible, I did my best to assist. The method was to create a barrier around the area to encourage smooth internal airflow.

The aide looked at me again.

The dark blue hair is arranged asymmetrically and covers one eye, and the one eye that is exposed stares at me mysteriously.

“Flan, what are you doing?”

“This is an environment where you can fully concentrate. “Isn’t that so?”

“So, you are helping me now?”

“It would be closer to a feeling of frustration. “It’s so slow.”

The aide stared at me in silence for a while. Suddenly, I felt like even her time was a waste, so I urged her again.

“What are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing. Just.”


“I think I understand a little bit why Maiev was deceived. “You have a knack for bewitching females.”

There was no specific answer. Because it’s absurd.

The conversation ended like that and the aide focused again. In the end, it was around noon, when the sun was still high, that the octagonal square was filled with runes.


The world slowly turns clockwise and my vision changes completely. Just a dark void of nothingness. This was the destination the aide had mentioned.

She looked at me.

“Is there anything wrong? “It’s hard to breathe.”

I nodded roughly.

It was a completely dark space, but the aide set up light-emitting thorns on both sides. The red thorns acted like streetlights and created a path.

“Flan, let’s walk for a while.”

We walked without talking for a while. The road wasn’t always straight. There were sections that were curved, and there were sections that were woven into a spiral.

Suddenly, an aide called my name.


“What is it?”

“Arrived. But it hasn’t arrived.”

Immediately after the conversation, I could tell that the aide was not joking. This is because the narrow corridors were widened and took on the shape of an exhibition hall.



The lights turn on one by one, and the hallway gradually becomes brighter.

The wide wall was pure white, and on it were countless murals with no boundaries.

The aide muttered.

“There is no need to walk from now on.”

She quietly traced the mural with her hand.

“Because when you look at the mural, you automatically enter it.”

“It’s quite interesting.”

My gaze slowly turned towards the mural.

Because it was so large that its size could not be guessed with the naked eye, mana had to be applied over the cornea.

As soon as I looked at it, the mural began to move.

The clothes of the humans in the group are shabby. They woven leaves, etc., Draped them as clothes, lit a bonfire, and looked endlessly amazed.

I muttered quietly.

“Human…. “Is this before civilization developed?”


As we admire the mural, the wall moves and passes us.

The murals were generally done in chronological order. People established rules, established formalities, developed civilization, and continued learning and research.

The aide asked quietly.

“Flan, did you notice what kind of mural it was?”

“It’s an average record so far.”

“Starting now is important.”

Then, at some point, the so-called knights finally showed their unique abilities. Those who were left out later realized the existence of mana and learned magic.

“Plan, can you see it? Humans have always developed themselves in their own way…. It’s nothing compared to unique abilities and magic. “It was a leap forward.”

“That’s right.”

“It was indescribably groundbreaking, but humans did not have to pay any price. “A miracle happened.”

The aide’s eyes seemed wet with sentiment.

On the other hand, my reaction was calm.

“What was supposed to happen just happened.”

“If you take it for granted, it may be nothing, but the more you think about it, the more it becomes a big deal. Isn’t it? “Why was this miracle given?”

The aide raised his index finger and pointed at the ceiling.

“Plan, the answer lies in this mural.”

Murals began to flow from the sky. This time, the mural depicted blood demons rather than humans.

The blood demons always moved in an orderly manner.

When humans marvel at fire, when they establish regulations, and when they establish various organizations…. Always.

The aide said.

“Plan, what is discovery? “Isn’t discovering something not yet known discovery a discovery?”


“Then where did the ‘still unknown’ come from? “No human being wonders about this.”

The mural was depicting blood demons infiltrating the human world. They placed magic books and other things in the human world.

By then, I felt like I understood what the aide said.

“Do you want to say that magic was passed down from a blood demon?”

The aide smiled.

“That is actually true. “Knights’ unique abilities arose naturally, but this is not the case with magic.”

If this is true, there was a distant difference between the previous world and the current world.


In the previous world, magic was a unique product created by humans. However, according to what the aide said, this means that the magic of this world is nothing more than the blood demon’s plan.

The aide muttered.

“Now is the beginning.”

From noble mtl dot com

The hallway fell backwards, as if a partition had collapsed. I quietly looked at my surroundings.

The circular exhibition stand rose in a stepped manner, and books, objects, etc. Were stored inside. It was so large that its height and size could not be guessed.

I asked the aide.

“What is the name of this space?”

“Just as I don’t have a name, there was no need to give this space a name. But if you ask if it’s not there at all, that’s not true.”

She spoke her words slowly.

“There is a name given by others.”

“It’s somewhat expected.”

“… “History, that’s what humans call it.”

“As expected.”

The emotions were complex and subtle.

If what she said is true, it means that the humans of this world have been in the hands of blood demons for a long time.

“Flan, did you tell me to reveal everything? Good. From now on, I will tell you the most important things, and I also plan to ask you the most important questions.”

The aide placed his hand on one of the bookshelf.

“It’s an ancient rune language. In fact, it hasn’t been put into practice.”

The pupil, with only one side exposed, turns to me.

“I didn’t reveal everything to the world. This is a top secret even among blood demons. “It’s not in the princess’s plans for the continent to utilize the power of the ancient rune language.”

A mysterious light appeared in the aide’s eyes.

“I never disclosed it…. A human who understood the ancient rune language appeared. “It’s incomprehensible.”

The strangeness was half mixed with anticipation and hostility.

“Flan, how on earth do you know the ancient rune language?”

A heavy silence fell.

“… “Are you our ruler or our enemy?”

She asked that.

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