Overpowered Archmage Doesn’t Hide His Talent chapter 200

200 - Let's kneel down and pray

200 – Let’s kneel down and pray

Our gazes continued to meet in the air for a while.

It was the aide who broke the silence again.

“The period of time this space was maintained is my lifespan. “I’ve never seen a person like you, how on earth do you know?”

At that time, black energies gathered here and there in the air and began to take on the shape of a human body. The aide lightly raised one of his hands.

“Please do not intervene. “I am a guest.”

She looks at me and says.

“I ask for your understanding. These guys are not used to outsiders coming in and out. Especially if the outsider is human.”

“No need to worry too much.”

The aide smiled as if he was satisfied with my answer.

“Then, back to the main topic, we have been keeping an eye on you for a long time. Of course, we also conducted an investigation.”

“Do research.”

“Flan, first of all, you are young. I had the blood of a knight, and barely passed the Academy…. “It doesn’t make sense for you to know the ancient rune language.”

I could quite understand the aide’s feelings.

One day, without warning, I became possessed by this body. If you were observing me, your questions would naturally increase.

She asks me.

“Just ask outright. “How do you know the ancient rune language that we haven’t revealed yet?”

As I quietly listened to the story, a sneer escaped from my lips. Because there was one word that particularly bothered me.

“You keep using the word public since a while ago.”


It was this word. The aide continues.

“Don’t say you heard it through Maiev. Even among the blood demons, the princess and I are the only ones who know the existence of this space.”

“Okay. “I didn’t hear it through Maiev.”

“It also makes no sense to discover and study it. Although they left traces of some ancient rune languages on the continent, they were never the rune words you used right before your eyes.”

The point was simple.

The blood demons have been controlling information about magic and ancient rune words on the continent, and they are puzzled because I used an ancient rune language that has not been made public.


If everything that unfolded before my eyes was true, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. For example, aren’t wizards who pride themselves on having surpassed their limits actually playing into the hands of blood demons?

In the end, I expressed my honest impressions.

“I think you’re arrogant.”

“Are you arrogant?”


I nodded without hesitation.

“Isn’t this saying that humans who were born on the continent and did not acquire unique abilities were treated like experimental subjects?”

“Flan, that’s not a bad thing. “Thanks to you, those who should have been eliminated are living proudly, aren’t they?”

The assistant continued calmly.

“Everyone’s point of view may be different, so I will not take issue with remarks that are considered arrogant. “But Flann, you must give me an honest answer to my question.”

Anyway, I looked at the bookshelves around me. I soon became frustrated, so I mentally took out all the dozens of books and opened them.

“Destruction, harmony, manipulation, summoning…. “Did you guys intend the big branch of magic as well?”

“That’s right. For now, I want you to put aside other things and answer first. “If the person concerned refuses to answer, we have no choice but to find another way.”

“For example?”

“There are simple methods and there are elaborate methods. You can use them all. But one thing is certain: we will keep trying until we get the information we want. Therefore….”

The aide rubbed his chin with his hand.

“Flan, the people around you could disappear overnight.”

Although the words had a threatening nature, they were not in a threatening tone. So exactly, the aide was speaking calmly as if telling the obvious truth.

So I also answered calmly.

“I will not leave it like that.”

“Really? Another interesting answer. Plan, there is no human being we miss. He records every birth.”

“Is this a story I really need to hear?”

“Okay. You have a story that is different from others. Giving up his unique abilities to save his fiancé…. “When we looked for it, we found out that, as expected, it was our special target.”

It was absurd. What a privilege.

“Preferential treatment?”

“There was discussion about whether to bestow a more powerful fire rune than the unique ability ‘Remaining Flame’. “In order to create a hero among humans, narrative is important, and you had enough narrative.”

The aide closed the books that were floating in the air with a thud. Push them into the bookshelf.

“But it was scrapped during discussion. Do you understand why?”

“Perhaps there is no longer a need to give it.”

“That’s right. I defeated the Knight of Burning Flame with the flames I had learned on my own. “It was something no one could have predicted.”

The aide took a step closer to me.

“Flan, now tell me where you learned the ancient rune language. If you cooperate, I will also cooperate. If not, I have no choice but to dispose of you. Because even in the void there are procedures.”

With this, the aide prompted me to answer three times, but I still focused on satisfying my curiosity.

As I looked at a few more books, I could feel that the aide standing next to me had a slight change in energy.

The aide’s face, which had been expressionless until now, showed a slight hint of nervousness.

In fact, it is natural.

Those who know nothing are happy when they realize just one thing, but for those who know everything, not knowing even one thing is considered an eon of pain.

“Aide, when you ask me to tell you something. Of course, there is also an attitude that matches it.”

The aide asked back as if it were absurd.

“Flan, are you asking me to ask questions in a low-key manner?”

“Only then will I have room to worry.”

“Are you confident? “It’s ridiculous.”

The aide’s tone gradually became sharper.

“Flan, I hope this conversation can be resolved without a fight. “Hurry up and tell me what you know.”



“This is exactly the attitude…. “It’s arrogant.”

I faced her gaze without avoiding it.

“It seems like you think of me as an interesting test subject, but if you want, I can tell you which side is superior here.”

“Why are you choosing the difficult path? “I have lived for many years, but there has not been a single person who has maintained a sober mind while watching the despair of those around him.”

As the aide raised his red aura, I spoke.

“No matter what method you use, you won’t be able to get the answer you want the moment you proceed. There is no other way than to look good to me. Likewise.”

I skimmed one of the bookshelf with my index finger.

“… If I wanted to, I could destroy this entire space. Aide, can you handle it?”


The aide was furious.

“Wouldn’t the Void have been that cautious? This space is just for viewing. There is also a separate space for records. Even if you destroy it, nothing will change!”

The life she exuded was incredible.

But after a while.

“Whoa…” .”

The aide took a deep breath and calmly gathered her energy. She looked at me again with her gentle eyes.

“Plan, because this is my first experience, it is difficult to choose my attitude and words. I ask for your understanding. Anyway, I hope you will come forward in a cooperative manner.”

“What if I don’t cooperate?”

“For example, you could spread magic that would turn the continent into hell. “Isn’t this something you also don’t want?”


“In the worst case, it could kill you.”

At the aide’s words, I burst out laughing without realizing it.

“It’s impossible to kill me.”

“Flan, why are you so confident?”

“If I die…. “Who on earth can study ancient runes that have not yet been deciphered?”

The secretary’s eyes widened.

“… !”

She blinked several times and then rolled her eyes around as if she had experienced something completely unexpected. She probably looked like she was trying to calm down.

I added calmly.

“There’s nothing that surprising, right?”

“Flan, what…?” .”

“It’s obvious. On the surface, they say they haven’t revealed the ancient rune language, but in reality, there are probably some things that even you haven’t researched. “Did you think I didn’t even know that much?”

Finally, the final blow was dealt.

“Aide, how much ancient rune language is left?”


“I assure you that it will not be completed without me. “It’s something only I can do.”

I checked my collar and stood more confidently.


As always, I had my own way this time too.

Cooperation is basically two-way communication.

But what I want is one-way communication, so I want submission, not cooperation.

“If you wish to complete the ancient rune, kneel down and pray.”

This was the only way we could live without conflict.

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