The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me chapter 82

82 - Ruse and Intrigue (7)

82 – Ruse and Intrigue (7)

“Kayla! Unfold the veil!”

With my command, Kayla’s magic circle lit up.

A wall of fire spread in the direction of our back.

If you’re an ordinary monster, you won’t even dare to approach it because it will be consumed by the flames.

But this time the situation was different.

“My lord! Something is wrong!”

The demons started running after seeing the flame barrier.

Of course, the flames spread to the body of the monster.

But the demons began to rush at us with bodies on fire.

‘Damn it… !’

Most of the monsters living in swamps are weak against fire.

However, it was a different story if he ran with the fire still on.

I quickly wrapped my arms around Celica’s waist and raised the shield.

“Calm down! First of all, protect Celica!”

Kayla was aware of the situation and quickly reaped the flame barrier.

Immediately, she wrapped a flame whip in both hands and swung it at the enemy.

The corpses grazed by the whip were cut in half with their bodies set on fire.

After the lower half of her body had been cut off, the upper half of her body struggled through the swamp, her arms struggling.

Fortunately, it didn’t last long before it sank, but it had terrifying vitality.

“Everyone pay attention! There is a guy who handles necromancy!”

A spell that controls the body. Necromancer was a taboo that was not often seen.

Among ordinary shamans, few mastered necromancy.

Not only can you not learn it, but it is because it is a spell directly banned by the kingdom.

Only demons, among them, were able to handle necromancy.

“I know.”

Erina calmly grasped the situation.

Having already dealt with countless demons, she showed no sign of embarrassment.

Of course, I have already encountered enemies controlled by necromancy.

Reaped the electric shock to the longsword and maintained a combat readiness.

“Don’t come too far forward. I’ll take care of everything.”

As soon as Erina finished her words, she ran out in front.

Using the acceleration of her run, her feet also spurted a drink, and a huge sword wind blew.

The wind pressure emitted from the longsword was no different from a sharp blade.

The heads of the monsters were cut off in an instant, and the bodies that had lost their heads fell to the ground.

‘As expected, if the head is cut off, the corpse cannot move.’

Necromancer was a tricky spell to deal with.

This is because no matter how many times she kills her, after a few seconds she recovers her stamina and gets up again.

However, even necromancy is not something that can raise corpses indefinitely.

There was no point in raising a corpse with a severed head or missing limbs using necromancy.

“Kayla. Aim for the head!”


Seeing Erina’s appearance, Kyla also started aiming for her neck relentlessly, as if he had caught on to her.

I couldn’t stand still either. Endlessly she held her sword, checking the mob of enemies.

Released her magical energy and froze her sword to make her an ice block.

The originally sharp blade has turned into a blunt ice club.

Numerous ice picks were wrapped around the club’s surface, increasing her power.

‘There’s no need to cut off the head.’

I wasn’t good enough with a knife to cut off each head like Erina.

It was much easier to crush the face altogether.

With the shield strapped to his back, he held up an ice club with both hands.

He swung his blunt weapon at the approaching Lizard Man corpse.

His head was blown off like a baseball bat, his neck was broken and his body flew through the air.

The corpse wriggling on the floor sank into the swamp.

That’s how I started dealing with the innumerable legions of death.

A lizard man rising from the swamp and grabbing his ankle.

A group of wasps flying from the sky.

Even a pack of wolves from the plain appeared.

“This is an elite soldier! Be careful!”

At Kayla’s cry, she raised her head and looked around.

Lamia, a monster that throws out a spear with a hideous snake’s tail, turned to me.

The empty pupils were locked in darkness.

Looking at the exterior, the snake’s tail, which should have been in place of its legs, had already been cut off.

Maybe two days ago, she seemed to be the one I met in the swamp.

Aiming for an opportunity to attack while dodging the random spears.

Then, noticing her strange feeling, he wrapped his arms around Celica’s waist.

“Serica. Hold tight to her wand!”

“Yes, Neet…! Wow… !”

With Celica’s scream, her body flew up.

At the same time, poison fog began to spread from where I was.

If it had stayed that way, both Celica and I would have been poisoned.

“My lord!”

Kyla swiftly whipped out her flame whip.

I tried to aim for her neck, but Lamia struggled and didn’t give me a chance.

However, she didn’t miss the moment when her body became disorganized.

As I blew off the head with an ice blunt, the head of the snake attached to my hair screamed.

“Damn it… ! sh*t!”

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He spat out curse words and hit Lamia’s head repeatedly.

After confirming that even the tremors in her body had subsided, she was able to put her ice club down with a sigh.

I was finally able to take down all of her corpses.

There were still corpses clawing at my feet with terrifying screams at the bottom of the swamp.

Raised her foot and trampled her fingers as she struggled.

With an unpleasant sensation, bones were crushed and an unpleasant groan was heard.

I confirmed that even the weak resistance felt under my feet had disappeared and my breath had stopped.

As all the corpses fell, the black mist that surrounded us also began to dissipate in all directions.

The heavy cries of the corpses ceased and sunlight returned through the trees.

This meant that the raid was finally over.

“Everyone is fine… ?”

“Yes. It’s okay.”

“I am fine.”

“I’m fine too!”

Fortunately, no one was hurt. This is because the response was quick for a sudden surprise attack.

But even after winning the battle, there was no joy at all.

On the contrary, it was full of bewilderment and confusion.

Why the hell did these enemies appear?

I have never seen an episode where an enemy dealing with necromancer appears in Helen Village.

Once again, the development was going in an unexpected direction.

Black Fog. And necromancer. The number of enemies who used this unusual spell was few and far between.

‘No way…’

I always had to keep the worst-case scenario in mind.

If the culprit who attacked us matches my expectations.

Winning right now could be difficult.

But I didn’t panic anymore. No matter how much I thought about it, the answer didn’t come out.

Now the priority was to go back to the village and tell them what happened in the swamp.

“Let’s go back to Helen Village quickly! Hurry up and move!”

“Yes. All right.”

Unlike me, Erina started tidying up her surroundings with a calm tone.

There was no picture of them moving around busily while packing their things in a hurry like Kayla and Celica.

Even though she was suddenly surprised, she did not look surprised or embarrassed at all.

She grabbed Erina’s arm just in case.

“Erina. Are you okay…?”

“Yes…? Oh, it’s okay! There are no injuries anywhere!”

He tried to reassure me with a lively voice, as if he thought I was worried.

But she didn’t say it out of concern.

She was much stronger than me in the first place. There was no reason to worry about her.

Erina still showed no signs of panic.

Right now, even with the last request, he couldn’t find Cerberus, so he was terrified.

However, with this request, on the contrary, he maintained a calm attitude.

‘Why are you so calm… ?’

Come to think of it, from the beginning of her request, Erina has always maintained her composure.

It was in contrast to the constant and sensitive appearance of him trying to find Cerberus like last time.

In the past, I would have worried too much about myself or trembled with anxiety.

But this time it was the complete opposite.

I didn’t complain about anything even though I couldn’t find anything for three days and returned without income.

‘What the hell are you thinking… ?’

I wanted to ask Erina what she was up to right now.

But she swallowed back the screams that filled her throat.

I couldn’t listen to him anyway.

There is no solid evidence, only my feelings.

“Why is that? Shouldn’t we go back soon?”

Erina smiled lightly and tilted her head.

It was an extremely normal action, but I felt a sense of incongruity.

‘Did you know about the attack in advance… ?’

How the hell did you find out?

Why didn’t you tell me?

And the moment she found out, goose bumps ran down her spine.

‘You didn’t say you would protect me… ?’

If my assumption is correct, it means that Erina deliberately put me in a dangerous situation.

“…It’s nothing. Let’s hurry up.”

I took my eyes off Erina and grabbed her weapon.

Unleashing her magic, she melted her ice blunt weapon and returned it to her one-handed sword.

I wiped the water from her blade and put it in her scabbard.

I fixed her backpack and checked carefully to see if anything was missing.

During that time, Erina never took her eyes off me.

“My lord. The preparations are complete.”

“Yes. We need to move as quickly as possible, so everyone, make up your mind.”


“Yes! I will work hard not to fall behind!”

Kaila and Celica both started following me with serious expressions.

They also knew that the current situation was strange and felt anxious.

But Erina only followed me with a subtle smile.

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