The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me
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The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

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내가 만든 캐릭터가 나에게 집착한다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

i quit the game

But the game character remembers me.

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  1. milky violet says:

    This obsession could be solved if the MC just came inside of Erina. Like omg bro, I despise r18 scenes in novels, but there’s literally nothing else you can do.

    1. milky violet says:

      Oh but then she might get pregnant and now you’re a dead beat father for leaving. Hmmm, alright well maybe tease her then. Be more shifty, I want to see someone get devoured

  2. asf says:

    This one is horror killer yandere genre
    Conversation between MC and the yandere FL is awkward and stiff since the goddess reveals the plot like 3 chapters in in his dream..
    Its just become uncomfortable to read
    Author shouldve taken his time and do a big horror surprise after the clueless mc become close to her or even fall in love for her..
    Imma drop it just because

  3. Reii says:

    There is nothing to read anymore, is this the end of the road?, I have consumed nearly everything. After tasting some novels like lotr and some amazing poison here. every generic and cliche novels feels bland. I wish I could wipe my memory and experience all the amazing things again…I guess I will go back to LoL and then maybe my boredom will be cured by witnessing some good old toxicity.

  4. Moonlit Walker says:

    I want someone to take me out too…
    On a date or some assassin with a sniper…
    Anything works

    1. reiii says:

      47 will do both

  5. Velcon says:

    @Fluff hunter Amen brother, If the is even a Yandere in a harem is should be a bloodbath.

  6. Fluff hunter says:


    1. Harem Yandere’s aren’t even real Yanderes, they’re just very obsessive

  7. says:

    Female heroines*

  8. says:

    (There are SPOILERS also not a review, just my thoughts )
    Honestly wow this is such an ‘good’ novel if you left out the drama part then it is kinda alright since erina well considering mc left her for months or years alone, going insane and finally killed everyone because of her wishing to see the mc again also most fmcs are yandere even the goddess and there are subtle hints that the goddess is a bit out of her mind for the mc well considering she got heavily tortured by erina until she bring back the mc to her world and regress the entire world to it’s original state though second round though she wants to see the Mc too and I think one of the main reason why she agrees and finally I am Very sleep deprived reading this for 8 hours straight since I am a slow reader so I’ll give my final thought which is I truly like this novel since there are yandere and hope to see more truly but probably months before this get updated again.

  9. says:

    If you read the comment that Milky Violet made in “Academy Life of a Career Hypnotist”, you will agree that he should stay away from Yanderes

  10. says:

    Milky Violet once again shares his thoughts on Yanderes


    I hate scary things
    I love yandere
    I love obsession
    2 pros and 1 con I’m going in

  12. A good story with a funny plot and enjoyable characters, but am I the only one who feels like the MC got used to fighting really quick? Outside of that, start reading if you wanna see some crazy yanderes.

  13. from your reviews, it seems a little creepy?

  14. Reiai_Sēji says:

    I good yandere is someone who can literally kill you with love and I’m all down bad for it


    I want a girl who would literally kill me…
    Well I like reading stuff like that but ofc girls like that actually scare me

  16. Y’know personally, this would never happen to me.

    If I were to have a yandere I would flirt with a bunch of other women just to annoy her and watch her get flustered that her special possession is going to be taken away. Then I would go to bed and get stabbed in my sleep while I slowly watch as I’m dying the yandere saying “blah blah blah yandere crap you’re mine mine mine too many women disgusting hate hate hate bs type crap”

    See told ya, it wouldn’t happen to me. I would die before I juggle yanderes.

  17. Y’know it’s not that bad. Besides the constant juggling of yanderes it’s mostly cute… if you ignore the constant bickering between two characters and every single interaction between all three of them which has to be resolved by the MC lying by the skin of his teeth.

    God it’s actually scary now that I think about it but hey! It’s still a bit cute.

  18. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    The story is just exhausting, it’s one of those high tension stories that makes you feel too stressed out reading it.

  19. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Holy smokes chapter 6 is just scary LOL. Isn’t this a scary story? Is it a slaughter fiction?

  20. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Holy sh*t! Chapter 1 is straight up a horror story.

  21. well I was going to write something that would make a plot for a novel happen but I’m not because, 1. I’m too lazy and 2. I’m too lazy.

  22. Rader says:

    We have an extreme Yandere here. Our MC a gamer created a female hero for his playthrough. Game itself was managed by a goddess who invited Players to act as managers of heroes. So our MC not only designed the appearance of heroine but also controlled all her actions. In reality she became a puppet.

    When MC work was done as she killed the Demon Lord Goddess removed his access and moved to another playthrough and so on. But Heroine didn’t like it, she went insane because her owner was not there. She thought that it’s because there is no Demon Lord so she killed off Hero party, Empire, and every thing in her way. She slaughtered whole world but even then he didn’t appear. In the end she invaded Heaven and started killing the Goddess.

    Goddess told her that her owner would be sad to see this. Upon realising that Goddess knows about MC she beat up the Goddess to half death state and forced her to get MC in this world and restore the world line because she was embarrassed for the damage she did in the deal that she will also lose her memories, but she messed up the deal like a real Yandere and tried killing Goddess again because she didn’t want MC to be connected to another woman.

    A real psycho Yandere.

  23. S Risev S Risev says:

    Add the harem tag in the original (Korean version) it is

  24. S Risev S Risev says:

    Shouldn’t there be a harem tag here, it just reminds me so much of Yandere’s harem (English is not my native language)

  25. Caliber says:

    Must for poison seller…

  26. Redom Redom says:

    Wow this one sounds quite promising😊,
    but it doesn’t have any Romance tag, is it not romance ? It is just MC trying to run away from the yandere? I hope mc starts liking her mhm then it would be great 😋👌
    I’m diving in after I get some free time

  27. Insufferable says:

    I can smell the iron in the air just by the aura this novel gives off.

  28. If you love a bloodthirsty yandere heroine, this is for you, from the prologue, the heroine killed her friends , college and innocent just to get mc to use her again, and you can guess what’s going to happen next

  29. @poncho says:

    Spoiler MC created a female hero charater played the game and the game ending was trash so he stopped playing but plot twist the hero or heroine he created became yandere and killed all her comrades, burn the village down because she cannot hear MC commands anymore
    Mc also gets into the game so good luck MC

  30. Shadow says:

    Where are the poison testers?

  31. says:

    God, I love yandere, especially ones that can kill me😫😭.

  32. I came too fast again 😂🤣,
    The story seems promising let’s wait and see

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