The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away
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The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away

Read full chapter The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away, Light Novel The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away english, LN The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away, The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away Online, read The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away at Noble Machine translations.
악녀에게 집착받는 호위기사는 도망치고 싶다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Escort Knight Who Is Being Obsessed Over by the Villainess Wants To Run Away

The greatest villainess of all time, Elijah de Bevel.
I decided to run away from her who was trying to kill me…
but her reaction is strange?

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  1. Suherman Joshua says:

    8/10. Good novel for readers who like pure romantic stories. Both ML and FML have good character development. FML, who doesn’t know anything about MC, falls in love with him and starts to be obsessed with him, but as the story progresses, her obsession starts to decrease and she appreciates MC as an individual she loves, not an item she must have. MC overcomes the fear of the future with FML and accepts FML’s character for who she is. There are some extra chapters about ML and FML’s life after marriage when they have children, I hope noblemtl will also upload them too in the future.

  2. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    Just learned that the novel is already finish just want to thank the mtl team for picking this up it was a rollercoaster of a read hoping to see more of author’s work if he still making stories after this one cause this novel was one of few novels that made me cry and smile at the same time like what I read back then the “kidnapped dragons”. Just wishing if there’s more stories like this if not another novel from the same author

  3. Dark Zoul Dark Zoul says:

    The story has a bit of a weak start, but then it becomes more interesting when the fmc begins to depend on the mc to the point of starting his path as a yandere. Although the author ruined it a little with so much drama in the middle, in the end everything calms down and fills us with pure chapters of love and sweetness between the mc and fmc, even showing how they study about parenthood when they find out that they will have a baby. There are very few stories that focus so much on romance when they finally become couples, even touching on the topic of parenthood.

  4. cosmos says:

    i went uptill 89… i couldn’t survive

  5. TerriblyArrogant says:

    Skip-read the majority of the novel. Review here:

    The MC writes a bad review in a game and gets possessed inside the game.

    We start off with the MC being a beggar being selected as an escort knight for the villainess.
    He tried to get out of it by making eye contact and being defiant but failed miserably.

    Then he’s moved to escort knight school and apparently has to compete with 200+ other people to win over the position after 9 tests.
    Inside the school, the lady visits(multiple times) and the MC is afraid for his life because the lady only took him because he was interesting(& kill him if he’s not ☠).
    So, he has to do risky things to keep her interest.

    The arc of Knight School goes for 70+ chapters and is kinda like martial arts novels, a bit stronger opponents collide(w MC) and he defeats them.
    Another thing, during the knight school arc there are challenges(events) set by the lady but when she was supposed to set the prize reward to $10k she sets it to $100 in case the knights ran away with the money earned.

    Reading upto this point, I was kinda pissed.
    I didn’t want to read long chapters about a fake academy MC went to and danced like a monkey.
    I thought MC was an exclusive knight already hired and the story starts from there(from description). What’s with this long 100chs prelude?
    I thought it would be an academy novel where MC becomes a knight then goes to the academy with the lady and reading comedic situations of him trying to run away.
    During the entire Knight School arc, he doesn’t try to run away.

    And as other people complained – the author is always saying the fml is a villainess but MC doesn’t take the butterfly effect into account.
    And doesn’t take the situation in front of him(aka reality) into account.
    Did her personality change?
    Is it possible to change her from a villainess?

    If these things weren’t enough🤢 the ending arc…
    There’s one twist after another in the ending arc.
    Even professional soap opera writers would bow down their heads to show their incompetence.
    The author went from fantasy to full-on drama in 0.3s. Also, stupid drama.
    Even skip-reading was unbearable. Dropped off here.

    TLDR: Not a comedy novel. MC isn’t an exclusive escort knight(there’s a knight school arc with MC and 200dudes). Boring. Not recommended. Waste your time reading something else.

  6. Kyryuu says:


  7. TheDiir says:

    Oh that cliffhanger finally

  8. zakoo says:

    Noble being the savior with today update. the cliffhanger we were was reducing my sanity slowly

  9. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    When next update??

  10. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    When next update

  11. Clown 🤡🎪 says:

    It’s one of many bro there’s also “incompatible interspecies wives”, and that’s it I think

  12. TheDoor says:

    this is one of the best novel on this site

  13. milky violet says:

    Can this mf just run away already, Jesus.

  14. Hell says:

    Well i read till chapter 40 and said that novel fail is name. It clearly say to run from yandere but in this novel , the MC choose to make the yandere

  15. Hell knight says:

    Well i read till chapter 40 and said that novel fail is name. It clearly say to run from yandere but in this novel , the MC choose to make the yandere

  16. Rodney says:

    Come on, in novel.pia it’s in the chapter 140

  17. k says:

    I dropped this, the mc always talking about not wanting to get the yandere attention but he keep doing things that make he stands out the most without any thinking

  18. Clown 🤡 says:

    When next update

  19. kirby says:

    i’ve read until chapter 57, i dropped it, while its interesting, there’s a repetition that drags on with Mc, that i’m sure will be resolved later, but it annoyed me:
    Mc is stuck with “OMG how can she be different from the game”, and this goes on and on, and he lives in constant denial in how the fml can be different from the game even with 2 things he recognizes:
    1- its a game world so stuff can be different
    2- she’s a kid and people change

    and being only knowledge from a game makes it even harder to accept for him to be so dense/stubborn with the knowledge of it, if it was a return/time travel i would get that would be hard to accept the difference even more if there’s trauma, but like he said he watched in a videogame screen there’s no trauma involved.

    at the start you get it why he decides to run away, but later he continues with this idea for no reason just because in the game she’s evil, the author seems stuck just to create drama. when this plot point becomes tired/dumb then the author creates the future reading stuff just to justify Mc to be dense and continue his main plan that to leave, thats the only thing that Mc has as a clear objective and motivation, since chapter 1, and there’s no development in this plot point/objective in 57 chapters, it drags on.

  20. IwantemBed says:

    The sugar doses are steadily rising and boy do I love power couples

  21. Reader 004 says:

    Spoil me before I read this please!

  22. Luiz Felipe says:

    I’m reading the newly updated chapters and honestly this is the best novel currently on this site

  23. We need more good academy novels !?

  24. says:


  25. says:

    Bland novel 👎

  26. Sectne13 Sectne13 says:

    it’s decent, have good chemistry but is too slow-paced. not for me

  27. rob z rob z says:

    Shelwyn, Teezy – you all are absolutely right; this novel seems to have great potential; very interesting so far. 8/10.

    Quick summary: MC is a possessor of a character in a game world, who awakens at the moment when he is assembled with a group of guys all of a similar age who are candidates for training as an escort knight for a young noble lady. MC does not have any memories or know anything about his character’s background, other than than that he may have been a beggar. The noble lady in the game is an NPC, but in the game she was the only NPC that was unkillable – super powerful, psychopath, killed her family, and likely to kill you – she also has a tendency to kill all her escort knights. So of course, MC wants to find a way to not get selected without being so offensive he gets killed-and fails, in fact impressing himself upon the noble lady. He then joinsa group of several hundred young men training for the position of escort knight and undergoes various adventures (think like Ender in Ender’s Game), all the while trying to figure out how he can ultimately escape with enough money that he can survive. However, in so doing, he starts to learn about the noble young lady, who isn’t that crazy yet, and the terrible family circumstances under which she suffers – which the readers can readily tell are what turn her psychopath – and starts to interfere with them (as one example, her tutor was literally named the Maquis de Sade – he does not end well). And just as the first set of translated chapters end, we start to learn the character the MC possessed was more than meets the eye.

    Mythincal Djinn – awful take, and misunderstanding novels sure as hell aren’t poison in and of themselves. Misunderstanding can be good or bad, but many of the misunderstanding novels on this site are much better than the generic harem / shounen OP MC crap of which there is way too much out there.

    In fact, we all ask for poison testers, but there seems to be very little agreement on what constitutes “poison”. There are only two categories of novels that I would submit should be absolute poison:

    (1) weak, pathetic, beta MCs
    (2) MCs that get off on being NTR’d

    No justification whatsoever for these genres. After that, there are a number of things that should in the majority of circumstances be considered “poison”, but there may be grounds for disagreement

    (1) MCs that “hide their powers” because “reasons”
    (2) dense / hearing impaired MCs (i.e. never hears the girl’s confessions and asks “what did you say”?)
    (3) excessive tsunderes
    (4) unconsummated harem (i.e. harem where the MC never picks one or more of the harem members and leaves it ambiguous or ends up a eunuch)
    (5) NTR where the MC just bends over and takes it

    I also personally find any wuxia BS that mentions dantians, cultivation, transcendence, heavenly demons, or any of those tropes to be poison, but understand others feel differently.

  28. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    I read to chapter 51. The story is really good. It’s. A bit disappointing since it’s short but a solid read.

  29. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I wasn’t going to read it but it has more than 1 million views on novelpia and is first in the monthly ranking, I’ll give it a try 💀

  30. Big Blackclock says:

    Nahh… No way it’s a harem. If any other girl really tried to get closer to(seduce) mc in the future. fml is definitely gonna slaughter that girl and everyone related to her.

  31. Blanc says:

    Is this really not a harem? Right

  32. Ngl thought an actually blind villain would be banger. Too much of these fake handicap novels, nah give me actual handicap stuff.

    No cheating too, no mana sensitivity and I’m so good at hearing I can practically see! I want actual blindness and clever ways to maneuver around it. Y’know since I’m an obsession yandere addict, I guess we can throw that in too for some extra challenge.

    Yandere just comes back with a different voice each time MC rejects her ☠️

  33. They also translate novels that are requested on their discord…

  34. caliber says:

    Hey Noble could you plz translate ” The bird that drinks tears “, I got the raws but Google translate made it worse and if anybody reading this have any idea, tell me.

    And this novel is getting krafton game adaption and has a trailer released, Currently I am not getting many quality obsession or yandere novels, So might as well try this ..

  35. Luiz Felipe says:

    This novel is good the slow pace doesn’t bother and honestly I prefer it that way

  36. says:

    Also reading novels/books for about 5–6 hours straight.

  37. says:

    Yo don’t blame me since like tian said it is only noble that upload novels from novelpia and he likes obsession judging from the 15 pages worth of mtl novels and 6 pages of yandere novels plus I have nothing to do except studying/practicing pieces on the piano, study for 2-4 hours and commenting on this site.

  38. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    noble uploads popular novels from novelpia, it doesn’t have much to do with the weirdo above

  39. Hash2O says:

    Slow paced, boring and all + I hate the guy above who spend his days wishing for obssessions, yandere and all the obvious flags, thanks to this dude this website only updates and upload poisons

  40. No i wont believe you.

    Any misunderstanding is poison.

  41. Teezy S- Teezy S- says:

    Believe me this novel is pretty gud !

  42. flar says:

    QD your comment is gold i have been here for a year yet i find your comment to be spot on

  43. Q D Q D says:

    Omg this is a combo of obsessed + running away, I can’t believe it 😱😱😱
    What next? I became a blind villain teaching at the genius academy which belong to my betrayal childhood friend?

  44. fallen gr fallen gr says:

    I read all Chapter it s good not great tho

  45. says:

    Also damn only 17 chapters wth hope the chapter length is long.

  46. says:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, obsession and please not an academy novel for the love of god, but eh possession, misunderstanding and no yandere tags kinda put it me off to get interested in this novel, but maybe I’ll try since I have nothing to do.

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