She Returned as a Vampire
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She Returned as a Vampire

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그녀는 흡혈귀가 되어 돌아왔다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis She Returned as a Vampire

We broke up for a while because of frequent disagreements with her who were adventuring together. It wasn’t long before her eyes reddened, and her fangs returned longer.

“Help me… please… I have no one else to lean on.”

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  1. Adore says:

    The start is interesting… Until you get around 10 or so chapter and you find out the MC is clearly unlikable.

  2. Fan says:

    Warning: NTR

    1. Enter says:

      This is not here, stop talking nonsense.

      1. Adam Nas Adam Nas says:

        the fmc kinda emotionally cheat with another man. maybe not an ntr but thats a no from me.

  3. S Risev S Risev says:

    I can’t understand why people say that there is NTR. I read this novel completely and there is no betrayal here, of course she made a mistake with a vile priest, but to say that this is a novel about betrayal, no.I think that this is a novel about the rebirth of a selfish woman into a loving woman. In general, the novel is cool one of the best with the tag regret.

    1. Cero says:

      WTF bro 🤢

      1. somane says:

        what do you mean “WTF bro 🤢”?

        can you speak with words that a human can understand?

  4. Kyryuu says:

    Lo leeré necesito el cuerpo de los 100 venenos

  5. YandereMadman says:

    OK first there is no NTR in the novel the main character is a bit soft but if I’m being honest in real life I’ve seen guys simp over there girlfriends to the point of stupidity even if he thinks she is cheating on him. But at the same time considering the fact that the main character seem to be an average guy and they portray the girl as some out of this world beauty. And in a relationship when the guy is noticeably less attractive than the female he will put up with more than he should because they don’t think they are good enough. Which result in the other half taking them for granted because of there own lack of self worth. I’m only saying this because I believe this is the kind of relationship the author is trying to show but to yandere extreme. All I’m trying to say is give this novel a chance its a good read for yandere lovers and if you hate NTR give it till character 14 and tell me this is an NTR novel.

  6. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

    I finished til ch61

    I genuinely don’t know how to feel about this.

    I will list instead the parts I hate and the parts I like:

    Things I like:

    1. I like that it ended.

    Things I hate:

    1. The MC motives is genuinely comical and confusing.
    -Like he wanted to split with the GF, but somewhat also not wanting it? you kidding me right?
    -I can understand why he would stay at first because he was essentially being “drugged” by the vampire effects, but when the mf became awake he stayed with the girlfriend. This is because of some misplaced sense of responsibility. Like near the end the GF was a…. ughh I dont know how to describe it. She was genuinely an absolute mess.

    2. The FMC is an absolute brain rot of a character.
    – I feel like her whole character exist as a torture porn for the readers.
    – She is literally the best description of an absolute mess
    – I really wanted her to be redeemed at the end so they can both split and pursue healthier relationship, but this mf is actively sabotaging any attempts of a healthier relationship

    3. How it ended
    – I really hate how the it ended basically with the MC losing and the FMC winning despite how insanely bad the girlfriend is.
    – I hate how MC is being accommodating to the FMC who embodies the word selfish.

    If you genuinely want a story where you will want to feel bad at the end, then be my guest read this story. despite on how bad the characters are the story is not bad. Like it is crafted logically and with emotions, I mean it got a visceral reaction out of me so this story about being mentally and physically fked by the GF is working.

    P.S. the reverse R tag is really deserved… please read at your own risk.

    1. Thanks for the review. I’m out.

    2. Adam Nas Adam Nas says:

      im out too. dont want to spend my time for a dissapoinment.

  7. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    For some, I think this story is like a form of fullwishment if you have a girlfriend. After a long relationship, the relationship becomes tenuous, and your girlfriend finds another man who is better than you. You hope she returns to you, full of regret, and becomes obsessive about you. Maybe because of that, this novel is popular in Novelpedia. So yeah, the story has the concept of fullwishment, a feeling of complete satisfaction and fulfillment derived from a story. Of course, for some maybe don’t want the girlfriend back, and just show off to her that you have better girlfriend and more happy now. Everyone have different taste right.

  8. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    Our MC and his girlfriend have been dating for three years. So the MC and his girlfriend had a lot of sex the first year they dated. In the second year, it becomes less frequent, and in the third year, it becomes almost nonexistent. During their third year of dating, the relationship deteriorated; the girlfriend was irritated by the MC’s actions, who were always on guard against missions and never willing to accept dangerous missions. Fights often ensue, and the girlfriend starts to look down on the MC. In the end, the girlfriend goes on a mission without telling the MC and comes back as a vampire. After that, the MC knew that the girlfriend had gone out with a man who was known to sleep with his party members. Then story began when she change to vampire

  9. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    The comment that said the MC didn’t do anything when he was insulted by the man. But that happen, when the MC’s blood was sucked dry by his girlfriend, so he was powerless to do anything. The MC, of course, got mad at his girlfriend and wanted to kick her out and drag her out in the sun, so she turned to dust. But the MC felt sorry for the girlfriend; they had known each other for a long time before becoming lovers. As the story progresses, the MC wants to end his relationship as a lover and pursue a platonic relationship as his friends instead. The girlfriend is feeling guilty. She is addicted to MC blood because of the vampire influenza. Having no one else to rely on, she also begins to suffer from dependency disorder, later becomes a yandere. He was trying to push the relationship with the MC back like in the first year. The story of the novel will focus on the journey of their relationship.

  10. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    I know not everyone enjoys kind stories, but human all have different tastes, right? The novel is not long, ending at 61 chapters. Lucky Noblemtl uploaded them all. Translation can be understond. Story is unique because most focus, what happen if you found your girlfriend become vampire.

  11. Jahe manis Jahe manis says:

    The novel not really bad

  12. sasd says:

    poison pure poison, the most poisonous novel on this site

  13. Zzz says:

    Yeah avoid this if you want to keep your sanity intact

  14. More like a LAME yandere.
    Only exists to justify her cheating.
    This mc is fcking obnoxious.
    Bro 80% of fantasy writers are beta simps .
    These kr writers are one way or another equal to jp beta simps

  15. Normalrationalhuman says:

    Looking at this objectively, the fmc is a parasite who is using her past relationship with MC to get his blood LMAO

  16. I have got a head splitting migraine after reading this. Gosh this is Hardcore Yandere, True Yandere

  17. Feng says:

    Cucks have to be the worst thing that exist in the human male race. Like dogs dogs is actually a praise…I can’t even find words to insult cucks 😞😞😞

  18. I dont want to shame anyone in this site bit damn there are over 20 people bookmarked this s***.
    Tells us there are c*cks among us lol

  19. Blanc says:

    This novel is not my ☕👌

  20. Mythica Djinn says:

    Wtf was this logic behind cheating?
    Just cause she had space to let another man’s**** inside or something? Lol
    Idk why they apporoves of such beta male wns in the first place.
    I guess the the audience group for this one are all females or beta simps themselves relieving their fantasy in fiction bu consuming it

  21. Mythica Djinn says:

    Yeah and apparently prople do read them in Korean.
    We call them cck simps

  22. Just skimming through the chapter names and reading few chapters, I feel like vomiting.. 🤢🤢

    How can u even write all that nonsense… Anyone with same mind cannot come up with such plot…

  23. Poison tester says:

    Bruh, just from reviews I can guess that is toxic relationship. And wth with reverse rpe tag 🗿

    I will pass because I don’t want to get suffer.

  24. Insufferable says:

    Oh wow such an ambitious take on an everyday ordinary issue that plagues many couples. Dependence and trust issues. Along with the mutual abuse they inflict upon each other as both broken people pick up the pieces and rebuild, licking each others wounds.

    Haha except this is about a joke about a simp and mind fuc**r vanpire lady who emotionally cheated on him with a man well known for laying with taken women. And afterwards feeling guilt after encountering a tragedy to her life and realizing that only the simp mc will ever fill the emptiness that she tried to fill with another man in the first place. Read on as she realizes how trash of a human being she is and tries to keep hold of a man that she thinks will be the only one insane enough to keep her genuinely with mind fu*k and yandere levels of manipulation and despevration.

    Best punchline ever is it actually works out.

  25. Authors will literally do anything to make the cheater seem as pitiful as possible so the MC pity them and become lovers again instead of just making the MC move on.

    Like dawg, it takes a lot of love to stay with a cheater… and I’m pretty sure you don’t have that, just make them move on lmao.

  26. says:

    Omg insufferable has suffered

  27. Insufferable says:

    Just the review alone dealt damage to my psyche.

    …this novel is too strong.

  28. rob z rob z says:

    Read the first 15 chapters and skimmed some of the rest. Absolute poison – read at your own risk.

    MC and FMC are adventurers who have been dating for 3 years. FMC starts going out on adventures with a nampa character who has a history of NTR’ing (referred to as a priest IIRC, but he’s not really). MC says he doesn’t like those adventures, they are too dangerous. FMC calls MC a coward and goes out on adventures with just her and the nampa anyway- it’s not consummated NTR, but it’s basically emotional NTR – FMC has internal monologue at one point saying she had an “empty spot” and let the nampa character “fill” it.

    After one adventure, MC in his house, and door starts banging in the middle of the night. MC doesn’t want to answer it, but banging keeps going on. MC finally goes to the door, its FMC saying “Only you can help me.” MC soon learns she turned into a vampire. Like the simp he is, he cuts open his arm and starts giving her blood. Seemingly next day, nampa shows up looking for FMC, calling MC a coward and basically insinuating he was FMC’s lover (he was overstating the case). FMC is wracked with guilt, know its her fault that MC would doubt her, and starts going off the rails into psycho-yandere territory (not quite School Days, but not too far off). MC continues to be a beta simp the rest of the series, although admittedly part of it is due to her vampire powers. that can eff with his mind – however, by the end, his mind is cleared out and he is still a simp.

    In short, if you want to read about a beta simp MC who gets emotionally NTR’d by a b#tch girlfriend and then completely messed with by her after she turns into a vampire, this is right up your alley

  29. I would review but I’m trying to get back into Pokémon Unite after an 6 month hiatus.

  30. Goblinator says:

    what do we got here boys,another hybrid savior/victim complex beta,why do they keep rolling these types out of the factory.

  31. says:

    ,But I am quite put off by the rope tag*

  32. says:

    Okay, first of all, I am surprised that Noble uploaded a reverse rope tag like wth, and second of all, maybe I will read this because of yandere, BUT I am quite put off in the mildest/tamest way I can say because of the filter, and finally, though off-topic, I hate piano recitals with all my heart.

  33. Workout says:

    Someone has a little obsession with vampires

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