The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall chapter 49

The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall 49

49 – 3-12. Godyangnam does not appear in this episode.

The weather has become quite chilly.

It seemed like winter was slowly coming.

The temperature is such that if you stick your hand out of your sleeve, you will immediately want to put it back in your pocket.

“[I never thought he would suddenly ask me to hold his hand…]”

“[Because it’s dangerous to slip…! That’s it…]”

But it was a different story if there were two people instead of alone.

‘It’s warm…’

Hands touch.

A similar situation to when she held her mother’s hand one day.

But a different, incomparable sensation of heat formed in my hand, different from that time.

A heart that keeps beating.

Even though the scenery is the same as usual, there are strangely sparkling appearances.

Without realizing it, my steps became lighter and I even started to hum a song.

“[Oh, now that I think about it, I think I’ll probably go back around February next year.]”


I felt down in an instant.

‘No… Of course it is.’

Unless you immigrate, you will return to your home country.

And some crazy man will immigrate to Russia.

Amman Even if Russia is good, no one will immigrate to Russia right now. At least there weren’t as many as men.

Not only is immigration not going to happen, but even if it does happen, they will just be taken to the military. Which crazy person would come in?

So, it is right to return to your home country as time passes.

That’s true, but….


Is this relationship coming to an end?

The feeling of something falling down.

Yu said with a smile as he unknowingly grabbed the hands that were joined with strength.

“[Next time, Rina, please come to Korea. I will provide her with a place to sleep and food.]”

“[!,…So…That’s not me!]”

“[It seems difficult to even pay for a plane ticket…?]”

“[Ha! How many times does it take to try!]”

“[Approximately 160,000 rubles (1.6 Million won). One stopover.]”


I think I am a beggar.

‘A plane ticket alone lasts almost half a year…’

No, it’s okay though.

After going to college, you can save money by working part-time, right?

“[….A place to sleep and something to eat. You promise, right?]”

“[If you just come, I’ll take you to a 100,000 ruble (1 million won) restaurant.]”

“[Well, I didn’t expect it that far?!]”

“[It’s a joke.]”

“[…If he says it, it doesn’t sound like a joke.]”

“[Actually, it’s not a joke.]”


What should I do?

I really want to hit that guy right now.

When she clenched her fist with a certain sense of anger, Yu smiled and took a step to the side.


I don’t know the speed of people.

Yu continued to smile with a friendly smile and the guide (date) for that day came to an end.




After returning home.

I once looked into the cost of a flight key ticket myself.

I heard the plane ticket from Russia to Korea costs ── 160,000 rubles?

‘…There’s another seat in front of me?’

Huh? Is it an illusion of my eyes?

For a moment, I was so embarrassed that I thought Yu was yelling at me, but when I thought about it, it could have been natural in some sense.

“This was a country where war broke out…!”

War broke out.

All the men tried to jump out.

In a way, it is natural that the price of a means of getting out is rising rapidly.

Eventually, the level of difficulty increased by one level, but it was still not at a level that I couldn’t handle.

‘Part-time job…I have to work hard’

No, part-time work was not the only solution.

In the end, even if you make money through part-time work, you won’t be able to stay in Korea for half a year like Yu.

In order to stay in Korea for a little longer, I needed a different method.


For example….

“Studying abroad… Is possible, right?”

Of course, in this case, the amount of money spent varies from place to place.

So, rather than studying abroad, being an ‘exchange student’ seemed more likely.

In that case, there would be no problem with the visa, and in the case of residence, it would be enough to go to a university that provides dormitories, and there would be no problem with lodging and lodging if you worked part-time locally.

‘If I make money like that, I can buy Yu food…And clothe him…’

Of course, it was a delusion that was very far from reality.

In reality, it is urgent to enter university right away.

But I couldn’t give up this delusion, this imagination.

Sweet and fluffy, like cotton candy and marshmallow.

“And if you come wearing the clothes I bought you… hehehe…!”

What should I do?

It’s fun. It’s more fun than you think.

Even though it was just a delusion, I felt like I was becoming happier.

Wear the clothes I gave you

Eat the food I gave you

And as I imagined Yu smiling and thanking me, the corners of my mouth kept turning up.

‘…This is why Judo…’

Did you buy it for me like that?

Among the sweats hanging in the closet, you can see some mismatched dresses, t-shirts, and feminine clothes.

Every time I went somewhere, he would buy me food and watch me eat with that smile.

At the time, I was confused as to whether they were treating me like a beggar or just eating well and looking good, but now I know for sure.

“…That’s a good thing.”

I didn’t think it would be a waste of money to spend on someone I like.

Whether it was a few thousand rubles or tens of thousands of rubles, I felt like I would never regret it if the person was happy to receive it.

Well, I didn’t actually earn any money and I didn’t spend it, so in the end it was just my imagination…


“Ahi?! Write…Hueh?”

Just imagining it is enough to make me stay up all night.

It was clear that it was such a sweet dream that I didn’t want to wake up.


I decided.

Simply traveling for a few days and nights won’t make you satisfied.

If you’re going to do it, you should stick it all the way to the head. As a woman with Russian black bear blood, it is not appropriate to compromise vaguely.

“Now all I can do is study.”

A resolution that feels strangely strong.

Lina’s determination soon had a positive impact on her studies.

There is no need to say anything about Korean.

Mathematics literally eliminates problems by transforming time.

In the case of English, the skills I developed while dealing with Hyeonseong were naturally able to be applied to the test.

Grades for other subjects also began to gradually rise as if they were being led by other subjects.

“If you keep going like this… You’ll be able to go wherever you want.”

“Thank you, teacher!”

“But you know that if you mess up on test day, it’s all in vain, right? Don’t accidentally break the vodka bottle.”

“Yes. I will keep that in mind!”

In fact, the effort was already being made.

To leave this country. The efforts I made to leave a place called Russia.

However, at that time it was just a will that arose from anger, disgust, and validation, but now the direction of the effort was different.

‘If it continues like this!’

I can go see you.

I can go see Yu in person.

That type of hope, improvement and goal.

To run away. Studying to leave

Studying to get closer and meet each other.

Humans show a stronger sense of accomplishment when they move toward hope than when they move to escape despair.

This current situation is probably a representative example of this.

And this positive influence began to have an impact in other areas as well, not just grades.

“Ruina Je…Were you always that pretty?”

“If it’s because you want to break your head with a vodka bottle, I can break it for you.”

“No. That’s right.”

“…..Use. Possible.”

People who live with hope smile.

“Prince Lina~! You look even cooler today!”

“I told you not to call me a prince.”

“Ah, but are you really saying it’s cool?”


People who smile naturally also look better.

A good smile gives off a good aura and naturally begins to spread the hope one has to others.

“Everyone is saying a lot these days that you seem to have changed!”

“…I don’t think anything has changed.”

That’s the point.

“So…Do you have a boyfriend these days?”

“Oh, that’s not true?! I’m crazy and I’m with a man…Ugh…Ugh…!”

“…No way.”

A woman who is loved.

“Could it really be…?”



And the woman he loves becomes beautiful.

This was especially true for women who changed from ‘girls’ to ‘women’.

“I’m back~~”

Ever since I had hope, each day changes.

The time once spent meaninglessly is transformed into meaningful and shining time.

Every day goes smoothly.

It felt like I was truly at the peak of my life.

‘No, it’s still far away.’

This is just a process.

The biggest peak was over there in Korea.


You can do it.

You can definitely do it.

I had the skills and confidence.


“Huh? Mom, why are you looking like that?”


“Dad…I think he’s alive.”

“? What is that? The government is providing subsidies as compensation for warfighting?”

The world is so dirty

“Your father took all the money out of the bank account.”


The best moment

They provide the worst reality.


“…Is this right here?”

I haven’t seen Lina for the past two months.

It’s time to focus on your studies or something.

I must have been concentrating so hard that my dark circles had darkened so much that all I could say was to take it easy.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed as I had done more than enough things that Nova had asked for, but it was okay.

These days, I’ve been working from home, healing, self-development, and shouting ‘Let’s go to Mars!’

A message suddenly arrived.

They say they want to see it at the park they were at before….

‘It’s not even morning, it’s 9 PM?’

It was somehow strange.

Should I say it feels like right before something happens?

I was quite nervous and went to the park bench I often went to.

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After seeing Rina for the first time in a long time, she looked more gaunt than I thought.

She looks as if she is dry and twisted.

A completely withered body with dull eyes.

“[You have a lot of money.]”

Lina says:

“[Please…Buy me.]”

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