The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall
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The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall

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결혼식장에서 파혼했다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall

I can’t handle you.

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  1. I read most of the novel. The drama is weird and unfulfilling. The misunderstandings don’t make sense and the story takes place mostly at work and around the office. It’s painfully boring.

  2. This novel has an obsession with associating “Western women” with promiscuity as if that’s all people do in there. Weird.

    1. Bboth says:

      But isn’t it kinda true tho.

      1. I mean, while it is true that people have more sex here, I wouldn’t say Western women are necessarily have loose morals. For example, Japan and Thailand both have an average 10 sex partners for an individual in their lifetime. The same number as the US and higher than France(8) and Germany(5). Indonesia too has the same statistics as Germany. World average is 6 by the way. In more conservative countries, such as India, rural women have surprisingly more partners(1.8) than their urban male counterparts(1.7).

        People from South Korea and China, although have few sexual partners in their lifetime (both 3), are more prone to prostitution and marital cheating. Especially in Korea, %20 of young men pay for sex monthly. Korea also have an affair industry, though it has been on the decline.

        1. Fan says:

          But Western civilization promote it for the sake of ‘liberalism, secularism, communism, FREEDOM’.

  3. Guys, you cannot love someone else without loving yourselves first. Respect yourself, so that you can be respected. Human beings are greedy and selfish, not all, but enough to make the statement true. Therefore you have to have solid boundaries and experience to judge people, especially your romantic partners. Life is not one of those fantasy novels where you live happily ever after with the first person you fall in love. But this doesn’t mean you always have to suffer. Be tactful, kind and considerate, yet don’t be a doormat. Know your worth and know when to stop. It’s okay to be not ready, just work on yourself and build your character. Unlike the regressors in these novels, or Insufferable who will surely find himself in a novel one of these days, we only have one life to live. Maximize your happiness, because only you have the power to do that.

    1. Deer Deer says:

      What’s wrong with living out your fantasy of finding your first and forever love with your first love? It’s about pursuing the dream you’ve always had. Some people get too caught up in reality and become anxious because they don’t want to accept the world as it is, flaws included. In my opinion, if someone wants to make their fantasy a reality, it’s better to let them try, as it can be a beautiful thing. Life can be overwhelming, so please allow others to pursue their dreams and be considerate even if you disagree

      1. Deer Deer says:

        Ummm, I think I misunderstood the meaning here… but never mind, I hope that helps

  4. k says:

    This seem like poison

    1. It is poison. I felt all the characters are brain dead. Author must have tried to add some dynamics to the emotions, but it was a total failure. The flow seems like kind of weird and tangled and makes no sense. No proper character development nor any proper plot. Just some random scenarios and events following in sequence.

      1. Though not deadly, it is potent poison. Can give you lesions, discomfort or might even paralyze your brain for few weeks. Or in worst case you might even get ED… better to die.

  5. Oh brother regret has to be the worst genre ever. Wahhh wahhh why don’t you regret something better like the ambitions of the past slowly fading from your grasp, desperately clinging onto those grains of sand as it slips through your finger instead of lost romance or something.

    1. Well I was going to write some more on how dogsh*t regret novels are, but since my crappy area and service providers suck balls, I want to commit every set of illegal activities in righteous fury.

      1. Kian says:

        Everytime I see you it somehow seems like you’re slowly getting more and more, I don’t know, unstable? unhinge? You alright?

  6. Pikussa says:

    Seems like a poison🤧

  7. Author please focus on drama between MC and his ex wife, i don’t give a F about company situation
    I was on my edge after he cut his relationship with his in-law but the next chapter literally about company scandal, way to blueball me author. I don’t give a F for that.
    you think just sprinkling some of his past in the last of chapter is enough to clench my thirst for drama, hell no. Honestly ots just boring after that point

    1. Spoiler alert:-
      Hmm… I think you are misunderstanding (or maybe I am the one misunderstanding) the guy that was taking care of that bi*ch in the last parts of the later chapter is actually another guy (MC’s rival who ntr’ed mc) who’s slowly experiencing what our mc experienced/suffered. It’s just what I understood. Maybe I am misunderstanding :>

    2. Spoiler:-
      Wasn’t the MC’s punishment given to that guy was to stay with the bi*ch?? And he(his rival) misunderstands that mc has ntr fetish???

    3. Brother, do you not realise this is mtl site? The author ain’t gonna check this site. He probably don’t even know. Go to official site and write a review their on the novel if you actually want to request something from author.

  8. Insufferable says:

    The question is; can we handle this novel? Let’s find out in the next episode of I will not read this until someone else poison tests it and reviews.

    1. To think you would wait for someone to test it instead of doing it yourself. Huh.

      1. Insufferable says:

        I have very little patience and courage for regret novels.

        Regret novels are like battlefields. It can be the road to your basecamp and become safe, or it’s a minefield that contains all the sadism crazed humanity can offer.

  9. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Yes, we can’t handle you

  10. Jack says:

    Oh no poison???

  11. Cero says:

    Poision. 😰

  12. Busy Poo says:

    Siuuuuuu second

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