The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall chapter 50

The Engagement Was Broken Off at the Wedding Hall 50

50 – 3-13. Godyangnam doesn’t know. That this white horse is a virgin.

“[I am a virgin.]”

“[I jog every morning, so I’m not in bad shape.]”

“[My breasts are also pressed by clothes, so my friends say I’m on the big side.]”

“[I have a bit of a bad fashion sense…But that’s what happens when you take it off anyway, right?]”

So, uncle.

“[Please buy my virginity.]”


It was difficult to answer.

No matter what I answered, it seemed like it would be the wrong answer.

In the midst of confusion, Rina continues speaking.

“[Looking on the Internet, there is a woman who put her virginity up for auction and received about 10 million rubles (100 million won).]”

“[But since I know you and am close to you… I’ll give you 100,000 (1 million won) rubles.]”

Blurred eyes.

Lina says with a bright smile.

“[What do you think? I’m a virgin and an active high school girl. I heard that men like young b*tches. And if it’s still unopened, I said everything I had to say.]”

She speaks for herself and continues to smile as if she finds it funny.

A dangerous smile. And I know what to do in this situation.


“[I will buy it. I will not buy it.]”




“[Is it okay to buy Rina for a day?]”

“[…….I will sell it to you as many times as I can.]”

What not to do.

At least I knew that I shouldn’t go as far as telling him to quit.

I gave Lina her hand.

“[Ah, but next time I buy it, I’ll get it for half price!]”

“[…..I should use it often.]”

The hands we held were so cold.



“[Is this your house?]”

“[This is the accommodation provided by the company.]”

“[Large companies are large companies…]”

I look around blankly.

I left him to look around and rummaged through the cupboard.

There are some things I bought just to keep them.

‘It remains a perfect fit.’

Max Coffee Doubong. A biscuit sold at the supermarket.

I immediately poured water into the coffee pot.

I turned on the electricity and turned on the switch.

“[So…When do we do it? I’d rather do it right now.]”

“[Please wash up and come out.]”

“[…I’m not dirty?]”

“[Warm water comes out, so you can use whatever shampoo or conditioner you like.]”

“[…….Okay. I just need to wash it. If I wash it.]”

I grumble and go into the bathroom.

I quietly waited for the water to boil and listened towards the bathroom.



The sound of water running in the shower.

The sound of washing one’s body while scrubbing.


“[I washed everything. That’s enough now, right?]”

Rina comes out after barely 5 minutes.

He rushed over, dripping water on the floor, and tried to loosen the towel wrapped around his body.

“[Please re-enter.]”


“[With warm water. Put it on your head in the shower. Count to 100 and come out.]”

“[….What are we going to do now?]”

A voice that seems to ask if you are playing with yourself.

I calmly answered Rina.

“[I don’t like hugging cold women.]”


“[This is my preference. Any complaints?]”


They say it’s a taste, but what can I do?

In the end, Rina goes into the bathroom again.

This time the shower kept running.


“….It’s done.”

The sound of steam boiling from the pot coincided with the sound of the shower.

The temperature is enough to make you think it’s hot.

I poured water into the Max coffee I added earlier and mixed it.

Steam rose and a sweet yet bitter scent rose.


Normally, I would have eaten the whole bag.

I took out a small front plate and put biscuits on it.

This completes the preparation. I picked it up and placed it on the table in the living room.

All that’s left is to wait.

“[….I counted to 100.]”

“[Wipe it well because water drips.]”


The eyes gradually change more and more subtly.

But I didn’t care. Because this is the shameless side.

“[I cleaned everything. It’s clean now, right?]”

“[There is moisture left on my hair.]”


Are you playing with yourself?

I answered with a hardened face towards Rina, who was becoming more and more irritated.

“[After it dries, it turns white.]”


I will do it eventually. Are you going to do it?

So don’t talk nonsense and just do as you’re told.

Rina is strangely led and led.

I smiled quietly in my heart.

‘…I was like this.’

I’ve always been the victim of it, but I’ve never tried it myself.

Is it true that everything is an experience?

“[Come sit here. Eat this while her hair dries.]”

“[….You do this when the hair is completely dry?]”

Rina asked several times whether she was anxious or because she was annoyed.

I turned my head towards Lina and asked.

“[If you’re not going to do it, why are you bringing me home?]”

“[That…Isn’t it…?]”

“[Then come and sit down. My neck hurts.]”

“[….Are you bragging about being old?]”

A harsh word that came out suddenly.

This is a good sign. Because it means your personality is coming out.

Lina hesitantly approached me and sat next to me.

“[…It’s coffee?]”

“[This is something we often drink in Korea. Try it.]”

“[In Korea…Hmm.]”

A strange nasal sound.

Carefully lift the glass and blow some air.

And then, as soon as I took a sip, my eyebrows furrowed.


Yes, it’s sweet.

It is a bag of coffee filled with sugar and cream.

This is someone who went to great lengths to make it sweet, but it would be even weirder if they didn’t make it sweet.

“[Try this.]”


When I give him a biscuit, he stuffs it into his mouth.

After chewing and chewing, the sweet taste has subsided, but now he looks like he is thirsty and has a strange expression on his face.

“[If you’re thirsty, can’t you just drink it?]”

“[…No water other than this? Water?]”

Naturally looking for water.

At a time like this, at a moment like this, Jiyeon Kim said.

“[….I rode it because I thought about it, but it didn’t suit my taste?]”


“[Sorry. I’ll bring water.]”

“[No… Well… It’s okay if you don’t be so harsh…]”


That’s usually the case.

“[Okay. Then, finish eating.]”


“[What do you do if you don’t eat it?]”


And I also belonged to that ‘normal’ category.

Thanks to this, I got into trouble often.

‘Anyway, it’s strangely fun.’

Jiyeon Kim I felt like I knew why that b*tch kept torturing me.

…No, cancel this statement. I just want to live without knowing.


Cheap sweetness and strangely assertive bitterness.

Even the dryness of the dry biscuit covering it.

Meanwhile, the coffee is so hot that I can’t wait to drink it…

“[Isn’t it delicious?]”


I asked a question with a smile.

Subtle eyes.

“[…Can I be honest?]”

“[It’s okay.]”

“[It’s so bad.]”


Well, it’s hard to suit the tastes of young children.

‘But what can I do?’

I’m sorry, but we only know these things.

As a father who was raising a daughter, it would be possible to buy something like a macaron and put it in her mouth, but if you ask me, it seems closer to ‘this side’.


For example, this is it.

‘When a colleague not only lost all his assets through Bitcoin but also incurred debt…’

At that time, the state of that guy and Rina seemed to overlap.

So I brought him home and fed him MAX coffee.

“[Really…Really tasteless…]”

I don’t know how to comfort a little girl, but…

“[But it’s still worth eating, right?]”

“[…..I eat it because my uncle gives it to me.]”

I know how to comfort people who are tired and struggling.


Slowly. I devoured all the warm coffee and biscuits.

Rina puts down the glass in both her hands and lowers her head.

I quietly patted Rina on the shoulder.


People are really strange.

It’s definitely hard, like I’m dying.

Despite the fact that it is so hopeless that we cannot see tomorrow.

“[…What are you doing now?]”

Once something enters your mouth, your mind relaxes.

If you drink something warm, your stomach will relax.

When you fill your stomach, even a little space appears that you didn’t have before.

And when a person has some time to spare, when the tension is relieved even in a small way.

“[Now…What are you doing?…!!]”

It explodes.

What has been hidden.

What has been pressed down begins to come out.

And like a crack in a small dam,

The emotions coming out of small cracks gradually grow to the point where they cannot be controlled.

“[Now… Do you pity me? You look pitiful when I say I’m selling my body? Don’t pity me. Do you think pity will make you any money!]”

Spit it out.

They don’t even know what they are saying and just spit it out.

If you spit it out and spit it out like that, pouring out your whole heart, it becomes a little better.

‘Originally, alcohol is perfect.’

But you can’t give alcohol to minors.

So, it is MAX coffee. A magic potion that makes everyone in the know spit out only the truth they already know.

It would be the icing on the cake if a convenience store chair was added to this, but that would have gone too far.

“[You bastard! You’re a bastard who’s going to get torn apart by a bear! You’re going to get hit by a car while drinking vodka!]”


I listened silently.

I listened quietly.

“[It’s done.]”

And at the end, Rina speaks.

“[If the uncle won’t buy it, I just need to find someone who will buy it for me.]”


This is beyond my expectations?

Rina just approaches the door.

If I leave like this, what should I do after that?

For a moment, my mind went blank and my thoughts became complicated.

“[…..It sucks, really.]”

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Come back inside.

To be exact, toward the bathroom.

Now that I think about it, I had only wrapped myself in a towel after taking off my clothes to shower.


Something must be done now.

But what should I do? What should I do…

[Show it with your actions and attitude, not with words.]

‘With actions and attitudes?’

But what? What on earth should I do?

[Oppa…You really don’t know? What do I want?]

‘Why are you here, Ji-yeon Kim?’

What is it?

What on earth do you want to say?

The sight of two people passing by like a mirage.


[Stay by my side…]


Voice of Assistant Manager Lee.

At that moment, I realized.


“[Get away from me! You bastard——sigh?!]”

What I should do.

What I must do.

“[─Please stay by my side.]”


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